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Case Studies
  • 1. http://www.AxisTechConsulting.com Copyright 2013 Axis Technology Consulting, LLC Driving Business Architecture Challenge Business architecture focuses on driving organization, governance and standard processes (including methodology) that drive alignment between technology initiatives and the overall business strategy. 1 Solution The team kicked off with a business strategy alignment effort. Then the team performed an extensive requirements analysis and information architecture effort involving the user community from conception to testing. The team developed a target state comprehensive user experience model, including use cases and interface design. This was done through interview, workshops, context inquiry and focus groups. Development of a prototype and usability analysis followed. Impact Organization was able to successfully implement a web strategy that aligned with the overall business strategy. Clear guidelines were created to drive future requirements. A sustainable process was put in place to support changing environment.

2. http://www.AxisTechConsulting.com Copyright 2013 Axis Technology Consulting, LLC Minimizing Residual Risk Challenge Chaos in US financial markets lead to a financial crisis, forcing dramatic & rapid change. Enterprise Control Functions were loosely organized & impacted by different regulators. 2 Solution In reaction to these forces, the organization had to rapidly identify solutions and/or processes to cope with multiple regulatory demands. Established a risk appetite and control strategy for the organization that is clearly defined and actionable Empowered ownership with risk and control accountability and management and leverage champions to expand community awareness Data consumption, provisioning and ownership identified Strategic technology and supporting processes were put in place to meet the requirements. A control framework with a centralized hub that links rules, policies, procedures, processes and controls was implement. Compliance Risk management Line of Business Quality Control/ Quality Assurance Audit Impact Going beyond the technology and taking a holistic approach to operational risk was critical to creating a sustainable Strong Risk Management program 3. http://www.AxisTechConsulting.com Copyright 2013 Axis Technology Consulting, LLC Understanding Data Lineage Challenge A large financial institution was dependent on third party vendors for clearing and servicing for their wealth management business. The information was often delayed impacting a large part of the organization. 3 Solution Developed a comprehensive current state analysis of the technology, people and processes that existed between these large financial organizations. Documented the feeds, the source systems, the owners, the transformations and the challenges/opportunities within the flow and supporting files, data and quality. Identify the critical path for the data to key business users in finance, risk, compliance and compensation. Analyze report usage and identify priorities and redundancies. Provide findings for SLA changes, appropriate communications and initiatives. Impact Financial institution was able to take findings and renegotiate the contract with the third party and get more competitive SLAs that would meet business user requirements. 4. http://www.AxisTechConsulting.com Copyright 2013 Axis Technology Consulting, LLC Managing Entitlements Challenge The existing environment had overly complex entitlements that were based upon severe technical limitations and arcane definitions that were meaningless to both business and technical staff. There was significant over- entitlement and poor quality of data and processes associated with mandatory entitlement reviews. Additionally, lack of a risk based approach in the management of entitlements had resulted in n a single point of failure. Solution Entitlement management program implemented: Targeted changes to the technical environment to overcome limitations Clear definition of roles and entitlements of those roles Simplification of those roles, profiles and IDs so people managers understand entitlements Process enhancements to systematically update, add and remove entitlements Impact Created a simpler risk based approach to handling security handled across complex legacy environments. Eliminated the single point of failure 4 Business/User Entitlement Administration Axis Project Team Profiles Roles IDs Definitions& Realignment Processes& Entitlement Management QualityAssurance &Data Integrity Interpret and transform Implements Functional Knowledge 5. http://www.AxisTechConsulting.com Copyright 2013 Axis Technology Consulting, LLC Aggregating Risk Challenge Demonstrate to the regulators the aggregation and detail of the companys counterparty exposure within 24 hours of a request. Solution It was determined through a cost / benefit analysis and review of the companys maturity level, that they would not be able to respond quickly to the required ad- hoc reporting without creating a fire drill and risking incorrect data. Therefore a permanent daily solution was implemented that would be able to meet future ad-hoc requests. 5 Impact The team pulled together company-wide detailed trade information across 7 Lines of Business, covering 20+ products from 50+ systems of record for daily processing. Data was not being consistently calculated or reported so common definitions needed to be established. Completeness, filter and field definitions were unique for this request, creating a new view of the data. 200+ people across the company implemented this solution separate from the main portfolio of projects in 4 phases over 4 months while working hand-in-hand with audit. The solution was later integrated into the mainstream regulatory reporting. Issues impacting other regulatory requirements were identified as a byproduct of this effort and remediated. 6. http://www.AxisTechConsulting.com Copyright 2013 Axis Technology Consulting, LLC Implementing Data Governance Challenge There was inconsistent regulatory and financial data being delivered across the company with questionable sourcing and quality. This data was being used for high profile regulatory and financial reporting. Solution 6 The data governance structure was put in place with accountability at all levels of the organization. Put in place policy that requires metadata to be established and key data elements to be consistently defined across systems. Identify approved provisioning points and technology feeds that need to comply with provisioning architecture. Established standards (e.g., data quality) and measured businesses using variance from the standard in a dashboard. Created a central governing organization with line of business liaisons that ensured ongoing support. Impact Data management policy implemented across the fortune 500 financial institution. Guidelines enabled more effective merger / acquisitions. Making consistent data available across the business and providing guidelines and standards on where to obtain it Measuring and reporting against data quality standards, performing root cause analysis and remediation. Maintaining standard system characteristics and element definitions (data dictionary mapped to common business language). Ensuring impacted data is destroyed in accordance with records retention schedule. Communicating the status of compliance with the policy. Multi-generational plan for achieving compliance with the policy. Creating or utilizing structures and routines to ensure policy compliance. Policy Requirements 7. http://www.AxisTechConsulting.com Copyright 2013 Axis Technology Consulting, LLC Creating an Advice and Planning Strategy 7 Challenge A large financial company was trying to hone their strategy for Advice and Planning and develop an offering that appeals to existing and prospective customers through a variety of delivery channels. Solution The team assessed the customer landscape looking at service, and relevance. Key demographic, customer capabilities and required features were identified based on the service requirements. Information was socialized and then leveraged for process innovation and product selection / design for these customer offerings. Customer interactions were adapted to appeal to the different profiles. Impact Advice and planning strategy was designed to appeal to the spectrum of customers in ways that were the most effective. 8. http://www.AxisTechConsulting.com Copyright 2013 Axis Technology Consulting, LLC Developing End State Vision 8 Challenge A leading provider of private student lending and securitization sought to reassess their existing short- and medium-term Strategic Plans - and two stalled reenginnering efforts - in light of a fuller understanding of their strategic context. Solution Defined the "Big Picture" of the multi-Customer, Channel, and Competitive Landscape in which they operated. Highlighted the need for Customer Segmentation by value proposition to improve profitability, product and channel offering targeting, and competitive position. Reenergized stalled Reengineering efforts by refocusing on strategic, prioritized needs of the business model and technical architecture. Highlighted need for Scenario Analysis to proactively identify and address competitive threats, as well as those posed by demographic, legal, regulatory, channel, and other trends. Impact Integrated and comprehensive view of the strategic context informed the enterprise's End State Vision and drove new focus for "in-flight" reengineering efforts. 9. http://www.AxisTechConsulting.com Copyright 2013 Axis Technology Consulting, LLC Defining Global Customer Strategy 9 Challenge The organization had a large portion of their sales and assets coming out of Asia, but their technology and operations still reflected a North America-centr

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