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Catechism glossary 2010

Date post: 11-May-2015
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Catechism glossary
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  • 1.ABRAHAM:

2. ABRAHAM: The man of faith andpatriarch of Israel with whom Godmade a covenant which promisedhim land in which to live and manydescendants, a great people for whomthe Lord would be their God. 3. ABSOLUTION: 4. ABSOLUTION: An essentialelement of the Sacrament of Penancein which the priest, by the powerentrusted to the Church by Christ,pardons the sin(s) of the penitent 5. ACOLYTE: 6. ACOLYTE: A liturgical ministerappointed to assist at liturgicalcelebrations. 7. ADORATION: 8. ADORATION: Theacknowledgment of God as God,Creator and Savior, the Lord andMaster of everything that exists. 9. ADULTERY: 10. ADULTERY: Marital infidelity,or sexual relations between twopartners, at least one of whom ismarried to another party. 11. ADVENT: 12. ADVENT: The liturgical season offour weeks devoted to preparationfor the coming of Christ atChristmas 13. ALMSGIVING: 14. ALMSGIVING: Money orgoods given to the poor as anact of penance or fraternalcharity. 15. ALTAR: 16. ALTAR: The center and focalpoint of a church, where thesacrifice of Christ on the cross ismade present under sacramentalsigns in the Mass. 17. AMEN: 18. AMEN: A Hebrew wordmeaning "truly; it is so; let it bedone," signifying agreement withwhat has been said. 19. ANAMNESIS: 20. ANAMNESIS: The"remembrance" of Gods savingdeeds in history in the liturgicalaction of the Church, whichinspires thanksgiving and praise 21. ANAPHORA: 22. ANAPHORA: The EucharisticPrayer--the prayer of thanksgivingand consecration--which is the heartand summit of the celebration of theMass 23. ANGEL: 24. ANGEL: A spiritual, personal, andimmortal creature, with intelligenceand free will, who glorifies Godwithout ceasing and who serves Godas a messenger of his saving plan 25. ANGER: 26. ANGER: An emotion which is notin itself wrong, but which, when itis not controlled by reason orhardens into resentment and hate,becomes one of the seven capitalsins. 27. ANNUNCIATION: 28. ANNUNCIATION: The visit of theangel Gabriel to the virgin Mary toinform her that she was to be themother of the Savior. 29. ANOINTING: 30. ANOINTING: A symbol of the HolySpirit, whose "anointing" of Jesus asMessiah fulfilled the prophecies of theOld Testament. Christ (in HebrewMessiah) means the one "anointed" bythe Holy Spirit. 31. ANTICHRIST: 32. ANTICHRIST: The "deceitful one"referred to in the New Testament, 33. APOSTASY: 34. APOSTASY: The total rejection ofthe Christian faith 35. APOSTLE: 36. APOSTLE: A term meaning onewho is sent as Jesus was sent by theFather, and as he sent his chosendisciples to preach the Gospel tothe whole world. 37. APOSTOLATE: 38. APOSTOLATE: The activity ofthe Christian which fulfills theapostolic nature of the wholeChurch by working to extend thereign of Christ to the entire world 39. APOSTOLIC SUCCESSION: 40. APOSTOLIC SUCCESSION: Thehanding on of apostolic preachingand authority from the Apostles totheir successors the bishops throughthe laying on of hands, as apermanent office in the Church 41. APPARITION: 42. APPARITION: An appearanceto people on earth of a heavenlybeing--Christ, Mary, an angel, ora saint. 43. ASCENSION: 44. ASCENSION: The entry of Jesushumanity into divine glory in Godsheavenly domain, forty days afterhis Resurrection 45. ASSUMPTION: 46. ASSUMPTION: The dogma whichrecognizes the Blessed Virgin Maryssingular participation in her SonsResurrection by which she was takenup body and soul into heavenly glory,when the course of her earthly life wasfinished 47. ATHEISM: 48. ATHEISM: The denial in theoryand/or practice that God exists.Atheism is a sin against the virtue ofreligion required by the firstcommandment of the law