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Center for Manifestation's 11th Year Church Anniversary & Pastor Appreciation

Date post: 13-Mar-2016
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Our Year of Excuseless Maturity
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The Center for Manifestation is a bible believing,bible teaching, spirit filled, non-

denominational church. The central focus of the ministry is training believers to help them to

achieve total life prosperity, and total life healing.

Manifestations Worldwide Inc. is the incorporated name of the Center for Manifestation, as

God has promised that the scope of the ministry in soul winning and training would be world

wide. Manifestations Worldwide is a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation.

As odd a it may seem, CFM open its doors as a church on July 15, 2001 in a store front garage

transformed into a salon, and bookstore in the front, and a sanctuary in the rear. After only a

few months Dr. Mark T. Jones Sr. moved the church to another preexisting church facility, and

the church quickly outgrew that facility in a year and a half.

At present, Manifestations Worldwide is based in East Tampa, on its campus comprised of

8 parcels of land, and six buildings. The church has grown from the original 20 members to

well over 1700 partners. The worldwide focuses of Manifestations Worldwide reach into

Africa, Asia, and Europe physically, and to the rest of the world through radio and television


This is the season for the manifestation of the sons of God!

Dr. Mark T. Jones Sr.

Manifestations Worldwide Inc.



Dr. Mark T. Jones, Sr. Senior Pastor - Apostle


As we embark upon our 11th completed year of ministry, we have great cause to celebrate considering all that God has done for, and through us. We have seen great and mighty things manifest by the hands of our magnifi-cent God. However, there is so much more that God has purposed, and promised to perform.

I am sure that the key to access to the greater glory, and greater realms of provision and manifestation is SIMPLE MATURITY. The bible calls this kind

of maturity, "perfection". Now, before you get riled up by my use of that word, perfection means that we operate according to our design. It does not mean "elite", nor does it mean "superior".

Believers let us endeavor with all of our hearts to press into that place of full maturity, common faith, and fervent expectation, as these three will yield great and mighty things in this next season of our partnership.

Dr. Mark T. Jones Sr.

Manifestations Worldwide, Inc.


“Where a burning heart and a flaming sword come together for manifestation”

Monday Night

July 9th 2012

Emcee: Chianti Price

Opening Prayer – Mary Ibitoye

Praise and Worship – CFM

Worship Expression - CFM

Offering – Prophetess Marilyn Smith


Worship Medley – Sonia Miller

Introduction of Speaker

Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin Benediction – Apostle Mark T. Jones

Tuesday Night

July 10th 2012

Emcee: Laconya Williams

Opening Prayer – Prophetess Marilyn Smith

Praise and Worship – Harvest Time Ministries

Worship Expression – Harvest Time Ministries


Offering – Minister Leola Tillman

Worship Medley/Selection – Sennetra Priester

Introduction of Speaker

Apostle David A. Boyd

Benediction – Apostle Mark T. Jones


July 11th 2012

Emcee: (Chianti Price)

Opening Prayer – Michelle Guess (tentative)

Praise and Worship – Genesis Worship Center

Review of previous night (announcements)

Introduction of Host of Manifestations Got Talent

Start of Talent Show

Pastor Deon Douglas


Special Selection ( Michelle Guess)

Offering - Mary Ibitoye

Continue show

Announce Winner



July 12th 2012

Emcee: Loneryl Reid

Opening Prayer – Meshell Lavernge

Praise and Worship – Legacy Church

Worship Expression – Legacy Church


Offering – Prophet Jason Edwards

Worship Medley/Selection – Antonio Miranda

Introduction of Speaker

Dr. Mark Chironna

Benediction – Apostle Mark T. Jones

Be sure to join us tomorrow night for a Night of Praise & Worship

Psalm 92:13-14 13 Those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God.

14 They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing.

The CFM Seasoned Seniors

Deacon Curtis & Mother Mae Frances Graham


Anne Winston

Mother Kathleen


Sis. Betty



Mary Wynn


Sandra Barr

We want to say “Thank You to our

Apostle Dr. Mark T. Jones, Sr. Through

your teaching & instructing us in love, we

are growing and maturing. In our senior

years we are able to understand from the

impartations of God’s Word why we were

created and placed in the body.

We are truly flourishing and glorify-

ing God and leading others into the king-

dom with our lives and testimonies of


Proud to be examples of Excuse-less


Praising God for 11 years of Manifesting

God’s Glory!

To the man and woman of God who has inspired

our dreams and who are as sweet as our cupcakes!

Shaqwana Morrell and Chelus Reed -Owners



Congratulations Apostle Mark!!! May the Lord

continue to broaden your border and use you to

effectuate change in the lives of his people!!

You are doing an amazing work and we support

you wholeheartedly!!!! Minister Ebou & the Minstrels of Worship

Congratulations and God’s

Richest Blessings upon Pastor

Mark Jones, Lady Jones and

The Center for Manifestation

Family as you Celebrate your


Church Anniversary and

Pastor’s Appreciation.

“O Give thanks to the Lord; for he is good: for His

mercy endures forever.” Psalms 136:1


Many Blessings,

Henry “Shake”, Cheryl, and JaMia


The CFM Hospitality & Bereavement Ministry

*To serve the needs of members and friends that are in bereavement, or

that are facing difficult circumstances.

*To minister to those who come into The Center for Manifestation and

to receive them in the compassion of Christ.

This ministry serves under the direction of Apostle Mark T. Jones, Sr.

as he reaches out to families that are in distress.

Committed to serving with Excuse-less Maturity!

Sis. Betty McCray

Hospitality / Bereavement Ministry Team Members:

Pastor Anthony Mapps

Pastor Vincent Shannon

Deacon Daryl & Sheryl Anderson

Valerie Rodriguez

Denise Jones

Sylvia Johnson

LaShonna Jacobs

Jimmy & Wendy Pettis

Brenda Shaw

Cynthia Myles

Francina Campbell

Mother Kathleen Ransom

Theo Lane, a truly talented singer/songwriter. He performs with a style that is unique and versatile. Theo knows what a live audience appreciates. His music reflects the heart and soul of mankind with an

awareness of present-day realities showcased within the genre of Christian Neo Soul seasoned with

an R&B twist to captivate your special guests! (Anniversaries, Banquets, Birthdays, Celebrations, Church Services, Community Events, Conventions, Family Reunions, Fund Raisers, Funerals, Grand Openings, Picnic, Proms, Weddings...and more.) For Booking Information, please contact Willie Bar-ton, Manager (941) 565-4725.

Visit us at www.TheoLaneMusic.com. Follow Theo on Facebook and Twitter!

Sisters Made of Clay, Inc. wishes to thank Apostle Mark T. Jones for supporting the call to

reach those struggling with sexual perversion and releasing us under the tutaledge & mentorship

of Bishop Kamia White & Reviving Souls Ministries. We are excited about empowering and

enlightening those who are seeking healing and the truth of God's Word concerning this subject


“This is our year of Excuse-less Maturity”

Po Box 290878

Tampa, FL 33687

[email protected]

(813) 690-8346

There is no need to minimize

my words when I say I have

found a treasure in the

earthen vessels of Mark and

Connelisa Jones: vessels of

honor, vessels of love, and

vessels bold enough to be-

lieve that God can do the

impossible in and through

His people. The Center For

Manifestation is just that; a

place by definition, that you are allowed to be made

clear or evident to the eyes or the understanding, so

that the real you may emerge. In other words, you

become what has not been made plain to the naked

eye, whether to you or others around you. With that

said, the season for the manifestation of the sons of

God remains at hand!!! From the beginning, I have

admired the persistence and truth that has allowed

us, the people to be free to be ourselves. I person-

ally have gleaned and can only be honest enough to

stay that I would not be half the woman I am today

without the careful attention of a mother and father

in this house of God. I have found family, love and

most of all hope for what is to come. I truly believe

the best days are ahead of us and eye hath not seen,

nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of

man, the things which God hath prepared for them

that love Him. For though we might have ten thou-

sand instructors in Christ, yet we do not have many

fathers; for in Christ Jesus you have begotten us

through the gospel.

Love you much!!!

Happy Anniversary!!





Keith Pickens Stephon Carter Pickens

Ke’ontae Pickens Miles Pickens

Our Preschool is designed to promote

Early learning education on a higher


CDA offers activities that promote

Language, Literacy, Mathematics,

Science Spanish, Physical Health and

social and emotional development.

Our curriculum is based on learning

theory that would facilitate your

child’s education and expectations on

a higher level.

Creative Dwelling Academy

Hands on Learning Experience

VPK, active learning and phonics are

all age appropriate for 2 thru 5 years

of age.

Music and other Fine Arts Programs,

Science, Arts & Crafts and Computer


Independent learning of child’s choice

Creative Arts and Creative Play


Daily Bible Devotion

3905 E. Regnas Ave

Tampa, FL 33604

Phone: 813- 988-4444

Fax: 813- 988-1818

Cell: 813- 481-3553

Our Staff:

Cassandra Merritt

Cynthia Burks

Charles Johnson

Mary Johnson

“I am Thankful to be a part of a blessed ministry and to have an Apostle who imparts words of wisdom. Our family owned and operated childcare business is a positive effect of the instructions I receive from the teachings I am submitted to.”

Congratulations to you and Lady Lisa for 11 years of ministry and service to God’s people.


Contact: Michelle Guess

(813) 241-6919 ext. 15

Email: [email protected]


Contact: Michelle Guess

(813) 241-6919 ext. 15

Email: [email protected]