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Chap 5: Hard Drives. Chap 5: Magnetic HD Chap 5: Hard Drive structure

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  • Chap 5: Hard Drives

  • Chap 5: Magnetic HD

  • Chap 5: Hard Drive structure

  • Chap 5: Solid State Drives

  • Chap 5: SSD

  • Chap 5: Hard Drive Interfaces2.5'' (for laptops usually)

    3.5'' PATA (older)

    3.5'' SATA(newer)

  • Chap 5: PATA

  • Chap 5: PATA Jumpers

  • Chap 5: Slow PATA

  • Chap 5: SATA

  • Chap 5: Fast SATA

  • Chap 5: SCSIID# 7

  • Chap 5: Hard Drive ConsiderationsCapacity: How many GB/TB?Spindle speed: 7200RPM? 10000RPM?Cache/Buffer: How many Mbs?Interface standard: PATA? SATA? SCSI? USB?

  • Chap 5: RAID Not RAID - Spanning or JBODRAID 0 StripingRAID 1 MirroringRAID 5 Striping with parity (3 Disks minimum)RAID 10 (1+0) Striping and Mirroring (4 Disk minimum)RAID takes special hardware or software. Windows has RAID support in software, but it would be better to use RAID hardware.

  • Chap 5: Tape BackupsCan hold tons of data and are very inexpensive!Can be very slow 6 TB for $30

  • End of Chap 5!We made it!

  • Chap 6: Supporting Input/OutputBASIC PRINCIPLES:Devices are controlled by softwareSome devices need special applicationsA device cannot be fast that the port it is inProblems can be solved by updating driverSometimesInstall only one device at a time

  • Chap 6: Device Manager

  • Chap 6: Device/Task ManagerTo access Task Manager:Press Ctrl+Shift+EscOrPress Ctrl+Alt+Del and select Open Task Manager

  • Device/Task Manager Group ProjectGroups of up to 5ANSWER AND EMAIL TO [email protected] What is the name of your computer?2. Who manufactured your hard disk drive?3. Who manufactured your CD/DVD drive?4. What type of keyboard is installed?5. Which network adapters are installed?6. What processor is installed? How many cores does it appear to have?7. About how much RAM is in use on your computer?8. Which process is using the most memory?

  • Chap 6: Connections and speeds

  • Chap 6: Connections and speeds

  • Chap 6: USB connectionsThere's a lot of em. There will be a really cool picture here when this slide is ready. The picture will show all the different USB connectors. It's so cool. But this slide isn't ready yet. Instead, here's link to me playing the saxophone:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1r77N5gOPxY

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