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Principles of Marketing

Principles of MarketingChapter 5- Mobile MarketingMobile MarketingAnother paradigm shift in technologyThe internet allowed us the ability to find information and interact with anyone in possession of a way to access the internet.

Mobile MarketingMobile marketing has taken both of these benefits and made them a perpetual part of an everyday existence (for better or worse).

Mobile MarketingThere are currently more cellphones than humans on the planet and the number doesnt seem to be on the decline. If anything, there is the possibility that it will continue to grow.How many of you have currently or have had more than one cell phone at a time?

The Woz- At least 5 cell phones

Why the Mobile PhonePhones today literally have everythingThis was on Twitter a while back. This is a 1991 Radio Shack ad that every piece of technology* can be found even on a basic smartphone.

For MarketersThere are seven key features that make the mobile phone a powerful tool:The mobile phone is personalExample: How many of you would allow me unlimited access to your phone right now? Messages, photos, social media access, etc. How about your laptop? So it is easy to see that the mobile phone is totally engrained in ourselvesFor MarketersThe mobile phone is always carriedThe holy trinity: Keys, wallet, phone (notice that one of these can actually be used to replace the other two)For MarketersThink about your phone. What percentage of the time is it within three feet of you? For MarketersThe mobile phone is always carriedIn 2007, it was found that 91% of people had their phone within three feet of them 24 hours a dayThe key is that it is so easily accessed, it is an almost immediate recognition and/or response. Cruise liberationFor MarketersMobile phone is always onI turn off my laptop and computer, but the phone is always there. Ever-present. A low, dull, quick sound- much such a sound as a watch makes enveloped in cotton.For MarketersBuilt-in payment system- As long as there is a connection, payments are impossibly easy. Not only as a buyer, but seller as well. I have on my phone at least three methods of making payments and two ways to receive payments. For MarketersIs available at the point of creative inspiration-If nothing else, think of how great an ability you have with a camera on your phone. Over 200K photos are uploaded to Facebook every minuteevery minuteFB has said that they have about 6 BILLION photos uploaded every month. Old rule of thumbWith the photographs, you can aid in campaigns by sharing photos, stories, etc. and in vast numbers. For MarketersAccurate measurementAny campaign, etc. can be tracked to a unique number (just like TopHat)As always, more and better data always makes we marketers happy

For MarketersCaptures the social context of media consumptionSince you have a unique identification number, we can track the interactions between your number and others to model behavioral patterns to better elicit a response (whatever we want that response to be)For MarketersDrawbackSize- They are getting to a nice equilibrium point, but there is still a market to go a little larger to a tablet or laptop

Reaching consumersMessaging- sending messages via MMS or SMS to an audience that has previously opted-in to receiving such thingsThis is not as prevalent as the book would imply simply because there are soooooooooooooooooo many other alternatives that are much betterWhich are you more likely to give out: a cell phone number or an email?Mobile WebStill developing technology mostly because people forget about it (but its getting better)Most websites are mobile-enabled, but sometimes a website just doesnt naturally fit the mobile context (looking at you, myolemiss)

Mobile WebTailoring mobile websites for better contentUnderstand why the user is coming to the websiteIts no different than going to a store. If I go to Kinnucans to buy a shirt, putting the checkout counter in a difficult to reach location or not having staff could lose you the sale.If I go to your website, it needs to be equally as easyMobile WebMake my task easier (i.e. save me time)There is a reason I chose to use my phone, I wanted to do the thing right now. If I wanted to spend a lot of time doing that thing, I would have waited. Little tips- better code, easier layout, less clutterMobile WebMake the location a key component of the websiteI am most likely on the go and using my phone, so use my location for better results. Yahoo and Quiznos Some tips from the authorsUse GIFs for movement, not other formatsNever use tablesUse enough links (for easy navigation)Keep it portrait oriented (depends now)Keep images small Avoid transparencyUse Java and Ajax sparingly (or not at all HTML5)Getting users onto the mobile webWAP Push- a message with an active link to do some action (hyperlink)QR Codes- Scan to get to a destinationNot as widely used as once though would be possible

Mobile URLsThe main point is to make it easier. If you need to go to www.totallylegitwebsiteforstuffyouthswillliketotes.org, that is probably something that is not going to work well for mobile, so a code or a shorted URL will always be better. URL shortening programsGoogle URL ShortnerBitlyBit.do

Augmented RealityCombination of real and virtual in real timeCan be for reviews, games, and other purposes that still need to be determinedHas anyone used this technology?Games and review

Planning to go mobileWhat are you wanting to achieve? Like all things, you really need a solid plan in place to make sure your decisions have a goal in mindKnow your audience and what their use will beHave to know what needs to be in placeHow will it be accessedHow does the mobile side fit into the entire planIf you dont assess what you need to do, nothing will be successful. Humor MeDiscussion in TopHatFor Next TimeRead Chapter 6

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