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Chapter IV Continuation

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The amount of payment is captured for the purpose of inserting it in the sales report. The IP (Internet Protocol) address is also stored for the recording for monitoring the visitor traffic of the website.The performance level of the system that is expected from the system is high because the system can deliver what it is asked to do and have an easy way of navigating through it.PIECES CLASSIFICATION OF SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSNon-functional Requirements TypesExplanation


The system is designed to respond to the users immediately. In case of an error the system automatically display the appropriate response to it. In the case of reservation the confirmation letter would be automatically be sent to the clients email. It is expected to cope up with the different demands for it.


Upon reservation the client would input the necessary information like the name, contact number, address and etc. In the admin page the admin would have to input his/her username and password. When the admin has successfully logged in and he/she wishes to add, edit, delete products he/she must input some necessary information in order to search or add the necessary information. The system only sent the confirmation letter and the admin upon the request would have a report ready to be printed out. The information must be true because in the case of wrong information the system wouldnt respond into it and would display also wrong information.

Control (and security)

The administrator has the sole privilege to access to the information of the clients and the administrator cannot control the information and change it hence, the administrator should handle it with confidentiality. The treats information valuably and the clients are rest assured that there information would be kept confidential and inaccessible. Upon the request of the administrator the database could be backed up for the purpose of archiving.


The system is designed to have less user interaction and duplicated processes is well addressed and considered to be important. The system does not waste any resources because it is internet based and it only requires a computer and an internet.


The users of the system are everyone and everywhere in the world people could access the website for them to see it. Users are treated equally and they are considered as potential customers. Users guide for the employee and staff of the business is available for them to smoothly use the system. It is available through the internet and does not require to be distributed manually to the users. Capstone documentation is required to justify the businesses need for the specific system and address the cited problems about the business.

Table I: The PIECES Classification of System Requirements Table I show the different requirements that the system would respond to. It is divided into 6 partsCAUSE AND EFFECT ANALYSISPROBLEMS, OPPORTUNITIES, OBJECTIVES, AND CONSTRAINTS MATRIXProject: Online Transaction Management System of Husai Health and Beauty Haven Inc. of Tacloban CityLast Updated by: Bandoy, Brix aAl D.Canono , Ezrah Jobel P.Galapon, Ma. Tess Edliene R.

Created by: Bandoy, Brix aAl D.Canono , Ezrah Jobel P.Galapon, Ma. Tess Edliene R.Date Last Updated by:

Date Created: October 10, 2012



Problem or OpportunityCause and EffectsSystem ObjectiveSystem Constraint

1. Old fashion style of advertising the business.

2. Unavailability of services due to over reserving.

3. Time consuming reservation system.

4. Mode of payment lack security.

5. No website deployed in the internet.

1. The system requires for more information, because of this the system could have the accurate information about the client2. Service scheduling is divided into 3 different schedules; it would address the problem of over reservation in a particular time or day.3. Confirmation letter is being implemented, to ensure the security of the transaction and be able to be entertained in the reserved date.

1. Limit the over reservation of service in a particular time or day.2. Give the clients an another mode of reservation3. Have a fast and secured reservation4. Give accurate reports about the sales of the business5. Boost the business revenues

1. The clients browser should have the up to date version of Adobe Flash Player2. System improvement should always address the current demand of the business3. Always give the clients an easy and secured process

Table II: The Cause-and-Effect Analysis Table II shows the different problems that the system would encounter and what is the cause of the problem and its effect to the system. System objectives are also being laid out in order to what the system is being expected of and the system constraint is laid out in order to set what are the parameters for the system in order to be updated or enhanced in the future.Requirements Documentation1. IntroductionThis document includes all the requirements which we gathered in the working group. This document is organized into three sections: The General Project Description, Requirements and Constraints which includes the functional and nonfunctional requirements and Conclusion.1.1. PurposeNowadays, physical beauty is very important in all cultures. The importance of physical beauty has increased among all people as our media has set new parameters of beauty that is physical beauty. All magazines and televisions and even advertisements in the internet show consciousness of physical appearance and beauty. Desire for physical beauty has been polishes and enhanced by media programs.To pamper and take care of ones self, beauty and health clinics exist. Skin and body care is not just hype of todays world. Prevailing even during the ancient days, it has always been a way of life. Grooming has at all times remained a pleasure, both with the royalties and common masses. Because of the market is now flooded with beauty and health care clinics and each promises varying services, and it is available in more places than ever before. Although there are hundreds of clinics on the market, the one thing that is very important is the satisfaction and contentment that a clinic gives to its clients.Husai has been one of the pioneer health and beauty clinics in the region, giving the public an affordable and convenient service. Many people go to Husai to avail of their services but due to limited equipment they cannot cater to the clients needs. More so that they offer a manual reservation system. Some clients utter that the system takes too long and will require much time and effort.The system will help the business advertise for more clients to avail of their products & services and to lessen the time and effort needed for reserving the businesses services.1.2. BackgroundThe Husai Health and Beauty Haven Inc. is a health and beauty clinic that offers a wide array of services for beauty and health in not just Tacloban City but the whole Region 8. Located at 4th floor Uytingkoc Bldg. Avenida Veteranos Street, Tacloban City Philippines. The business softly opened at the month of August 2005 and officially opened in September 3, 2005. Husai derived from a waray-wary word husay means beautiful. A fung-shui expert suggested, omitting the word Y and replacing it to I that would become husai. 1.3. ScopeThe proposed Online Transaction Management System of Husai Health & Beauty Haven Inc. consists of the history of the business, a gallery, its mission, and its whereabouts. PayPal integration is also included for online reservation purposes. All clients that would like to reserve a service must undergo a process of entering the required information. A database is used for storing records of the clients and the reservations.1.4. Definitions, Acronyms and AbbreviationsAutomated. This term refers to make use of by automation. In this study it means the service that decided to automate process for greater efficiency of Husai Health and Beauty Haven Inc.Business. This is an organization engaged in the trade of good, services, or both to consumers.Client. This refers to a customer, a recipient of goods or services in return for monetary or other valuable considerations of their business.Database. This is a collection of information that is organized so that it can easily be accessed, managed, and updated the list of their clients.Integration. May refer to the system, the process of linking together different computing systems and software applications physically or functionally, to act as a coordinated whole.MySQL (Standard Query Language). This is commonly the worlds used relational database management system that runs as a server providing multi-user access to a number of database.Online. This term is frequently used to describe someone who is currently connected to the internet.PayPal. This is a global e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the internet.PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). This is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.Security. Protection against attack from without or subversion from within. Anything of material value or usefulness that is owned by a person or establishment.System. An organized, purposeful structure regarded as a whole and consisting of interrelated and interdependent elements (components, entities, factors, members, parts). These elements continually influence one another directly or indirectly to maintain their activity and the proposed system, in order to achieve the goal of the system.Transaction. This term refers to business computing. Which means the act of obtaining and paying for an item or services.Website. Is a site location on the World Wide Web. It contains information about an organization or anything the publisher wishes to show.1.5. Referenceshttp://www.capterra.com/reservations-software?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpchttp://www.local.com/y/results.aspx?keyword=Beauty+Salon&cid=8484http://www.capterra.com/salon-softwarehttp://www.24-7pressrelease.com/press-release/health-and-beauty-pllc-looks-forward-to-the-remote-access-capabilities-provided-by-the-waiting-room-solutions-family-care-electronic-health-record-ehr-and-practice-management-system-pm-176358.phphttp://www.sassable.com/articleshttp://www.articlesbase.com/womens-health-articles/with-reservation-book-your-massage-packages-6034099.html2. General Project Description2.1 Functional RequirementsThe system based on the research is focused mainly on the reservation of services and purchase of products. Husais system is more on the face to face reservation and it requires clients to present themselves or call Husai to make a reservation. It requires resources and more manpower to man these jobs.3. Requirements and Constraints3.1 Functional RequirementsThe proposed Online Transaction Management System of Husai Health and Beauty Haven Inc. is very fit to be implement on the business because it provides not only the number one problem that is the lack of website of the business and also the other mentioned problems that the researchers managed to get in its research about the business.3.2 Nonfunctional RequirementsThe system must provide an excellent experience to the clients. It should have an error free navigation and up to date features. Showing to the public that the business has a client friendly approach in order to entice more clients. 4. Conclusion4.1 Outstanding IssuesHealth & Beauty services has been the priority for some and because of the demand for it, beauty and health businesses must cope up with the influx of this, so drastic changes must be implemented in order to give the customer the comfort they need to avail the services of the business.The researchers believe that clients who are availing Husais services through the internet will have the fastest, accurate, secured and easy way of availing the different services that Husai is offering. The researchers recommend that the Official Website of Husai Health & Beauty Haven Inc. with PayPal Integration would be used in order to be at par with the changing needs and wants of the clients throughout the world.Design of Software, Systems, Product and/or ProcessThere are several SDLC frameworks that have been made to guide the processes. The proponents used the Iterative Model. Development begins by specifying and implementing just part of the software, which can then be reviewed in order to identify further requirements. This process is then repeated, producing a new version of the software for each cycle of the model.For each cycle of the model, a decision has to be made as to whether thesoftware produced by the cycle will be discarded, or kept as a starting point for the next cycle (sometimes referred to as incrementalprototyping). Eventually a point will be reached where therequirementsarecompleteand thesoftwarecan be delivered, or it becomes impossible to enhance thesoftwareas required, a fresh start has to be made.The iterative lifecycle model can be likened to producingsoftwareby successive approximation. Drawing an analogy with mathematical methods that use successive approximation to arrive at a final solution, the benefit of such methods depends on how rapidly they converge on a solution.The key to successful use of an iterativesoftwaredevelopment lifecycle is rigorous validation ofrequirements, and verification (including testing) of each version of the softwareagainst thoserequirementswithin each cycle of the model.In the requirements phase the researchers did some research and interviews to come up with data that is relevant in the development of the system. In the design phase, the researchers used some softwares to create designs for the project and also put in some codes so that the project would run. Implementation & Testing, the researchers scheduled some dry runs to see if the system is fully operational. Lastly, is to review the system in order to assess what is needed for the future development of the system.

DesignImplementation & TestReviewRequirementsStartCompleteFigure I: Theoretical Illustration of a Software ModelTo further illustrate the existing systems process. Figure II in the next page shows the schematic diagram of the Conceptual Framework of the Study. This shows the Online Website of Husais Health and Beauty Haven with PayPal integration concepts and processes as well as the results on applying the proposed system.This also illustrated below represents the variables which have been considered as the tool and answers for the development of Husais transactional system. Looking at Figure II, the study made another secured mode of payment for the clients.

Old fashioned style of advertising of the businessUnavailability of services due to over reservingReservation for the different services is time consumingLack of another secured mode of paymentNo website deployed in the internetA modern style of advertising for the businessA current list of reservation to be able to determine the availability of the businessAn easy and understandable reservation process for the clients to be reserved immediatelyAnother secured mode of payment for the clients aside from having to pay personallyProvide a website for the business

Online Transaction Management System of Husai Health and Beauty Haven Inc. of Tacloban City


Figure II: The Conceptual Framework of the Study

Figure III: The Schematic Diagram of the StudyFigure III shows the flow of the system, where the data is being transmitted. Also, the input and the output of this will be placed here. The client starts to input necessary informations using a computer then afterwards the system will send the data to PayPal and to the server to interpret it, and if the transaction is finished, PayPal it will send the data to the server. The server afterwards will send the data to the client and to the business itself.

Development and TestingDevelopment and testing aim to observe people to discover of improvement. Usability testing generally involves measuring how well test subjects respond in some areas: Efficiency and accuracy.The proponents run some dry runs to find what if the passing and displaying of information is correct. We studied also the different elements if it is necessary to be included in the system.Security TestingThe proponents tested the system for loopholes and see to it addressed accordingly. We used the browser plug-in SQL Inject me to see if system is prone to the web attack called SQL injection.Unit Function TestThe proponents set some parameters for easy tracking of error and also a grouped coding is used to give chance to debug it in the fastest time possible.System TestThe proponents conducted the systems test of the system to see if the system is really in compliance with the specified scope.Description of the PrototypeHomepage SnapshotThe homepage this is where the user first open their web browser, it automatically brings you to this page which is also called start page.

Gallery SnapshotPhoto gallery is a collection of images or photos that is uploaded to a website and available for website visitors to view.

Services SnapshotServices page, where they can view and select the available services of the said business.

Reserve SnapshotReserve page, where they can see their selected reservation of the services and fill-up the information that are applicable.

Implementation PlanUpon implementation the system is open for future development. The business could request the researchers to further enhance the proposed system. The projected maintenance of the system is once a year. The system basically is like other websites it can be easily operated. When an error occurs the business is obliged to contact the researchers in order to solve the error and make the system running again. The business requested that the system should have an admin page in order to monitor the sales and reservations of the system. The system is customizable only in part of the products and services listing. When the domain rental had been expired the business should renew it, in order to continue operation of the system. Implementation is all about the success follow operation of the system. There is nothing wrong when an error occurred in the system because it is only normal but it should be corrected to prevent it from occurring again. Enhancements is essential in the continuous operation of the business and should be left unattended the system must retain the appeal and enticing effect of the system. Success in the development of the system is not a one way process it should be worked in order to prosper


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