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Chapter IX BIBLIOGRAPHY AND REFERENCES Agharkar, S.P. 1953. Medicinal plant of Bombay State Gaz.Sec.A. Ahire, Mahendra, Savaliram Goga Ghane, Vinayak Haribhau Lokhande, Penna Suprasanna and Tukaram Dayaram Nikam. 2011. Micropropagation of Uraria picta through adventitious bud regeneration and antimicrobial activity of callus, In vitro cell division biology-Plant, 47: 488-495. Ahire, M. L., Ghane S.G. and Nikam T. D. 2009. Seed viability and influence of presowing treatments on germination and seedling development of Uraria picta (Jacq.) Dc. Seed sci Biotechnol. 3 (2): 48-53. Airi, S. Bhatt I.D., Bhatt A, Rawal R.S,and Dhar U. 2009. Variations in seed germination of Hippophae salicifolia with different presoaking treatments. Journal of Forestry Research, 20(1): 27−30. Allen, O. N. and Allen K. E. 1991. The Leguminosae. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press. 672-673. Almeida, S. M. 1990. The Flora of Sawantwadi Pawankumar Scientific Publisher, Jodhpur. Amarshingham, R. D., Bisset N. G. Millard A. H. and M. C. Wood. 1964. Phytochemical survey of Malaya, Part III Alkaloids and Saponins. Econ. Bot. 18 (3): 270. Anand, A. Srinivasa Rao C. Latha R. Josekutty P.C. and Balkrishna P. 1998. Micropropagation of Uraria picta a medicinal plant, through axillary 218
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