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Date post:29-Nov-2014
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www.charisma.ro www.totalsoft.ro Charisma ERP 2012 is an integrated information system for companies’ resource management to optimize and streamline the internal business processes. Charisma ERP is a multi-module system, specially designed to standardize the productive or decision-making processes by introducing the best practices specific to each business sector. The product is the best-selling integrated information system in the mid-market segment in Romania. The flexibility and ease of adapting to Romanian law and business environment has turned Charisma ERP solution into the best -selling integrated information system in the Romanian mid-market level. Currently, Charisma ERP supports the operations of the most powerful organizations in areas such as distribution, retail, sales and purchasing, manufacturing, transportation, medical-pharmaceutical, construction or services. Over the last two years, TotalSoft has ranked first among top ERP providers in Romania, according to the market research company, Pierre Audoin Consultants. Charisma ERP system has complex implementations in 13 countries such as Austria, Poland, Serbia, Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Greece, Moldavia, Ukraine, Albania, Bulgaria and Senegal.
  • 1. ERPSimple | Intuitive | Flexible | Complete
  • 2. Main value Organizes, simplifies and automates complex processes and workflows; Cross departmental automation and organizational processes that cover multiple departments; Dramatically decrease operational costs and improves employees effiency; Increases the companys agility and competitiveness; 360 view over the performance indicators; Increases customer loyality; Collaborative working environment, focused on satisfying business partners needs; Updates and develops customers business needs.Management value Provides key reports and analysis for executives to run business; Reports with the ability to go from high level to low level detail; Comprehensive insight from all departments and systems; Provides executive dashboards, on-spot quick facts and real-time notifications.Employees value Clean and friendly user interface; Commonly performed tasks can be automated; Can provide data from other applications and sources; Can access various reports from the same interface; Provides technical support directly from the application interface; Provides development methods and tools for business flows and entities directly from the application.Market value In 2012, Charisma ERP was designated as one of the 5 strongest European B2B solutions in the "Enterprise Vertical Market Solution" segment.
  • 3. For over 10 years, TotalSoft has carefully analyzed critical issuesseriously affecting the organizations health. TotalSoft evaluates risk Through Charisma ERP, factors, circumstances that lead to TotalSoft has become the inefficiency, non-quality costs, high no. 1 ERP solutions operational costs, loss of customer provider in Romania loyalty. Chrisma ERP is a multi- module system for Meanwhile, TotalSoft developed companies resource with passion and dedication management, designed toCharisma Business Suite. A carefully optimize and streamlineselected range of powerful software productive and decision solutions, reliable and robust, making processes by specially designed to optimize and introducing the bestsimplify the critical activities of any- practices specific to each size organizations. A business business sector. applications suite, perfectly suiting local legislation, acclaimed by the Romanian software industry and validated by over 800 national and multinational companies. It is a software suite that offers the best practices used by leaders of all business sectors.Moreover, the chances of TotalSoft solutions to stand behind your transactionsare 45% when buying a home, 60% when buying any product from the mall,65% when consulting a medical record, 80% when buying a simple medicinefrom a pharmacy or 88% when buying a car. TotalSoft is approaching 100million Euro - a unique performance, unparalleled in the Romanian businesssoftware solutions industry.
  • 4. Services Technical support Decreased reaction time to any requests; Permanent access to Charisma consultants. Implementation Data migration; Integration with external applications; Quick customization of internal specific processes. Why Charisma ERP instead of other enterprise Business consultancy resource planning solution? Internal processes consultancy; Performance indicators and Because it covers all critical specific processes implementation. aspects to be considered for transforming your company Training into a modern organization Internal courses forwith healthy internal processes application use; and strongly oriented towards Seminars for understanding the needs of your business the benefits of ERP strategies; partners. Training workshops for internal users.And it does this extremely well. Over 400 active clients, national or multinational companies of all sizes prove it. You have the opportunity to see the solution live, visitingone of the reference customers from abroad. In addition, we can provide additional developments to prove our teams responsiveness.
  • 5. The flexibility and ease of adapting to Romanian law and business environment has turned Charisma ERP into the best - Benefits selling integrated information system in the Romanian mid- market level. Currently, Charisma ERP supports Traceability well as the changes and their date the operations of the The system enables tracking any and time. most powerful primary document within the Configurability organizations in areas company (source documents The solution provides high such as distribution, /destination), as well as the persons configurability of document flows, retail, sales and who work and perform changes in the transactions, accounting methods, purchasing, database. specific reports, accounting charts manufacturing, Interoperability and cost centers.transportation, medical- The solution integrates the entire Adaptability pharmaceutical, activity of a company into a consistent Initially developed for the Romanian constructions or system with a unique database. market, the system is successfully services. Charisma ERP Flexibility implemented at companies in 12 is positioned as a Tier The system is designed for companies European countries and adapted to1 solution, which is the in all business fields thanks to its the business environment and specific highest classification of specific, flexible and fast configurable law of these. ERP systems, due to extensions. Reporting complex features and high adaptability to Modularity The system ensures the projection of customer needs in a The structure of the system is the entire business in sets of standard reasonable time and modular and each aspect of a reports enforced by the law or specific without significant companys business is treated in a ones. development costs. specific and adequate manner. Archiving data Scalability The system ensures a completely One can start from a minimum configurable data archiving method Charisma ERP has configuration while additional with the purpose of increasing the complex modules can be added afterwards. efficiency in using the hard-disk space implementations in 12 simultaneously and achieving an Security European countries increased work speed. The system ensures a high level of such as Romania, security, the user rights or restrictions Compliance with organizational Poland, Serbia, Russia, reaching the level of the fields in the objectives Hungary, Czech database. Charisma ERP provides and increased Republic, Greece, Complete database audit and real time control over the Moldavia, Ukraine, business, ensuring optimization, The solution identifies and records efficiency increase and support in the permanently the users who work and strategic decision making processes. perform

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