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Charisma Retail module is the most complex and popular POS (Point of Sale) solution in Romania, especially because of the flexibility in rapidly covering each operational requirement of a point of sale. The solution allows product sales optimization through different means (cash or/and credit card/gift vouchers/value tickets by EFT POS), being intended to facilitate the management of the sales documents and financial instruments occurring in the direct relationship between the store and the end consumer.


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The retail industry has been facing major changes over the last years: installation costs have soared, land prices continue to fluctuate from year to year, making it difficult to rely on financial forecasts, whilst local retailers increasingly resemble those in Western Europe, facing the pressure from major international brands which partner with major retailers.

The activity has become so complex and diversified, that keeping control of margins, reducing operational costs, streamlining the personnel and increasing customer loyalty through complex communication programs are impossible to achieve without the help of integrated software.

As part of the companys positioning strategy as a leading provider of retail information systems, Charisma has developed, in over 10 years of presence in the industry, a complete package of software solutions, fully integrated, covering all critical processes of a retailer, regardless of its size or complexity. In order to provide the clients with complete solutions, Charisma also offers a wide range of IT services: consulting, project management, customized software development, system integration, operational support and training.

Standardized solutionfor leading retail companiesTotalSoft understands the specific challenges of the retail industry and therefore supports companies of any size and activity field, as well as their key decision-makers, with the help of advanced management and activity control tools. Charisma Retail module is the most complex and popular POS (Point of Sale) solution in Romania, especially because of the flexibility in rapidly covering each operational requirement of a point of sale. The solution allows product sales optimization through different means (cash or/and credit card/gift vouchers/value tickets by EFT POS), being designed to facilitate the management of the sales documents and financial instruments occurring in the direct relationship between the store and the end consumer.

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En-detail sales to end customers are permanently subjected to the pressure of buyer's preferences, purchasing power, fluctuant demands, compliance with new legal regulations, both local and international. Regardless the business size or area of the retailer, from a small store to a national or multinational chain, everyone aims to grow its business and to strategically position by achieving market share, ensuring customer and personnel loyalty, by the flexibility of the commercial policies, with minimum purchasing costs and a centralized reporting of the retail network operations.

Financial and Operational BenefitsIncreases the sales Thanks to a fast identification of sales downtime and peaks, the solution plays a critical part in increasing the sales and profitability of the company with package offers and promotional products to meet any preference and financial capability. Increases the efficiency and develops the business By reducing overtime and payroll costs, by integrating the company data into a centralized database and automating the management and operational processes, the Retail module increases the operations' efficiency and supports the business development. Increases customer loyalty Charisma Retail supports customer loyalty through cards with bonus points, as well as promotions, discounts or reduction of the sales time.

To give an example, before implementing Charisma, if we asked for a report at 14.00 I receive it at 17.00, now I receive it at 14.02 and the information is much clearer and reliable.

Arsis TradingAlin erban CEO

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FeaturesIncreases the efficiency of the sales process by: n automatically selecting the product / service in the sales document; n configurable pricing policy; n eliminating "out-of-stock" situations and removing faulty inventory management; n receiving methods: cash, value multiple tickets, card, gift vouchers; n direct sales on invoice; providing n total or partial returns, enabling compensations of products for sale; n operational sales closing, similar with cash register closing; Marketing advantages by: n programs - issuing loyalty cards Loyalty (defining, issuing, distributing, managing), both in store and by regular mail; n promotional campaigns; Sending n price management with the Efficient possibility to set up and use discounts; Interface with any cash register: n ergonomics via Touch Screen Increased Ready; configurable and user-friendly interface that enables the operation both using the keyboard and directly touching the screen; n The advantage of using composite products by automatically suggesting the kit in case of separate sale of basic items, by parallel tracking the sales by kit or basic items; n Stock monitoring by composites; n to generate invoices upon Possibility request, after the fiscal receipt was issued; n process management; Inventory n process management at sale Reception points; n the product reservations Managing based on proforma invoices; n by multiple criteria Selection barcodes, scanner, manual search by code, name, batch, provider, stock logistics features etc.; n Sales returns management, either partial or total; n for large retail chains, thanks Designed to its multi-store capacity and real-time integration with Charisma ERP; n Automatic generation of documents related to product compensation; n and fast access to the cash Secure register record; n and daily closing of sales Reporting from operational point of view; n Customized document printing; n Generating real-time reports: n Sales reports; n reports; Inventory n records; Daily sales n Sales Reports vs. Inventory by site Reports; n regarding tracking and Reports reimbursing the value tickets; n regarding the loyalty cards the Reports cards issued in the business unit, the amount of the granted discounts; n / off-line work. On-line

Solutions and BenefitsERP solution perfectly compatible with retail specificities Charisma ERP has a modular architecture, extremely flexible and highly configurable, especially designed for the optimization of the management of complex organizations, regardless of their size. The solution offers a unique view over the entire activity, allowing the reduction of operational costs, integration of workflows and increase of companys agility. Charisma Core Business is the basic package of the ERP solution. The solution consists of eight distinct modules, natively integrated adapted for critical processes in the retail industry: Accounting, Treasury, Asset Management, Purchases, Inventory Management, Budget Management and Foreign Trade. Advanced customer and partner relationship management Any company, regardless of its size or activity, interacts with customers and manages basic information about them, such as names, addresses, contracts, purchase history, invoices, payments etc. Whether they use specialized software solutions or other methods, each company aims for customer's satisfaction. Charisma CRM solution ensures a proper link and centralization between communication, daily tasks or sales team meetings, with opportunities and prospect customers; it provides overviews and optimizes the entire sales process for companies that do not have an efficient business reporting system.

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Integrated business management solution for company representatives With the help of Charisma Mobile SFA, the management now has full, realtime visibility on the sales process. The solution is tailored to each organization, regardless of its size or business field, by automating the sales processes. Thanks to its integration with Charisma ERP or with any other ERP or CRM system, the solution completes and optimizes the management, operational, marketing and the company's commercial strategy flow of the company. Integrated document management solution Charisma Document Management provides simple and automated management of any type of content, regardless of its format. The product integrates natively with Charisma ERP or online & offline ERP or PSA solutions, offering an exceptional flexibility and configurability. The solution includes features such as document scanning, saving, archiving, history, versioning, reporting, access level definition according to the permissions granted by the administrator or based on approval flows.

Human Resource Management Charisma HCM is an integrated software solution package, dedicated to human resource management, personnel cost management and human capital development investments. The solution provides the management of the employees and their positions in the hierarchy, the parameterization and implementation of payroll calculation, salary types, benefits, sick leaves, holidays, withholdings, as well as generation of payroll budgets, submission of files to the Working Inspectorates and statements to the State budget, performance assessments, competence tracking and development, trainings management and many more. Charisma HCM is one of the most advanced software solution for human resource management in Romania, including over 10 years of experience in various market verticals. Charisma HCM solution supports over 10% of the active workforce in Romania.

Comprehensive Debt Collection solution Charisma Collection is the only tool dedicated to debt collection, which is natively integrated with ERP, HR or CRM solutions provided by most powerful providers in

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