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Charisma Solutions for Retail

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www.charisma.ro www.totalsoft.ro Charisma ERP integrates institution resource management by automating accounting processes, the depreciation of fixed assets on multiple reference systems, by tracking budgets by recording sale and acquisition invoices entered by companies operating in public or private sector, regardless of their size or complexity. The solution provides parallel management of institution sites (central and local) and allows simultaneous tracking of multiple accounting systems. Charisma ERP is a powerful and complex tool for monitoring the existing and future cash flows within a retail company, as a whole or by subunits.
  • 1. Solutions for Retail Simple | Intuitive | Flexible | Complete
  • 2. Market* value of the retail market in 2011, 23 Bln slight increase compared to 2010 is the market share of trade 98% in stores out of the retail market is the market share 75% of modern retail in cities Romanians will be spending 27.5 Bln for food and non-food products in 2013 Consumer,Consumption demand andexpenditure* changing behaviors consumption expenditure per capita Retailers are influenced by the current consumer 4.600$ in Romania in 2010 behavior, arising from the economic context: the expected consumption expenditure per capita purchase decision takes place after a rigorous 9.200$ in Romania in 2020 research and analysis process; consumers are increasingly demanding and calculated, they 11.500$ expected consumption expenditure per capita spend less, rarely, they are always looking for in Eastern Europe in 2020 promotions or special offers, and pay more attention to the price vs. value ratio. * Source: Euromonitor Total consumption expenditure structure, on destinations, 2011 3rd quarter Source: National Institute of Statistics Education - 0,4% Hotels, cafs Food and & restaurants - 1,0% soft drinks - 40,8% Furniture, household equipment & maintenance - 4,2% Other products & services - 4,2% Healthcare - 4,8% Household, water, electricity, gas & other fuels - 15,1% Communication - 4,9% Alcoholic drinks, tobacco - 7,8% Apparel - 5,1% Entertainment & culture - 5,5% Transport - 6,2 %
  • 3. Focuson efficiency Innovation is the main differentiation source on the Supply retail market. But what can be innovated in a market routes optimization crowded with competitive products? For over 10 years, Charisma Retail has permanently raised standards of customer loyalty, logistics, inventory Inventory management, customer buying experience and minimization innovation for many retailers. Improved buying experience Performances split on areas, items, suppliers Supply in sync with consumption rate Customer loyalty Highlight relevant types of products Challenges Innovation for retailers formats through new Legislative changes in trade; Increased costs; Differentiation competition; Fierce visits to retailers; Fewer Declining demand due to lower purchasing power; macroeconomic uncertainty; High Difficult access to finance.
  • 4. Food & beverage Retail Fashion Retail Faced with a declining real value of their incomes, The local apparel market has the highest potential for consumers have turned to purchasing only food and basic development in Central Europe given that Romania products. Food retailers have turned crisis into a real contributes to 12% sales in the region. Romanians spend, opportunity by aggressively promoting the private labels, on average, 4% of their budgets on such items, while strategic repositioning on lower sales locations, expansion expenses per capita are expected to reach 103 euro in of their store networks and multiplying discounter type 2013, compared to 73 euro in 2010.units. Traditional food and kiosk stores dominate local trade Charisma solutions for fashion provide support in trading with 74,000 units, while modern retail (cash&carry, numerous and diversified fashion brands. CRM or portal hypermarkets, supermarkets and discount stores) has features insure customer loyalty, high performance of on- already reached almost 900 locations. line campaigns and a unique buying experience. Charisma solutions for food & beverage are optimized toautomate the storage, on-the-shelf promotions, compliancewith warranty terms and product lifecycle from producer to consumer, as well as stocks and inventory management; in addition, the solution includes advanced e-commerce features and customer loyalty programs. Pharma Retail Electro IT Retail Pharma retail market is dominated by big chains of Electro-IT retail market reached 1.1 billion euro in 2011, pharmacies; given that, it is increasingly difficult for with an increase of 11% compared to last year. High growth independent pharmacies to stay afloat. Drug retail rates were recorded by small appliances, photo and represents nearly 95% of of the pharmaceuticals market, telecom products, while large electronics and office with a moderate growth of 7% in 2011. On segments, in equipment sales have increased for the first time since ROL, domestic growth rates were 8% for drugs given by 2008. The IT sector had an annual growth of 26% in 2011, prescription in pharmacies (Rx) and 15% for those without while the telecom segment grew by 14%, mainly driven by prescription (OTC). At the end of 2011, the total value of smart phones, which were sold in 2011 in a triple volume drugs rose to 700 million euro. compared to the previous year. Charisma solutions for the pharmaceutical sector ensure that 80% of any pharmacys activity is managed by a single computer. The reporting features are validated by CNAS (National House of Insurance), and the system is designed to reduce the sales time, eliminate operating FEFO losses, increase workforce productivity and customer satisfaction and loyalty. 4 5
  • 5. Charisma Solutionsfor RetailEn-detail sales to end customers are permanently subject to the pressure of buyers preferences,buying power decrease, fluctuant demand and compliance with new legal regulations, both localand international. How can you increase your market share in such difficult conditions? Customerretention, skills development, flexible trade policies, products or seasonal discounts campaigns,supply costs minimization, appropriate quantities of items in stores, as well as transparency of theentire retail activity can now be simplified and automated by tailored-retail solutions.Charisma Retail is the most complex and popularPOS (Point of Sale) solution in Romania, especiallybecause of the flexibility in rapidly covering eachoperational requirement of any point of sale. Thesolution insures product sales optimizationthrough different payment methods (cash or/andcredit card/gift vouchers/value tickets by EFTPOS), and facilitates the management of allspecific documents and financial instrumentsbetween stores and end consumers.Financial and operational benefitsReduces operational costsThe relevant information is centralized in a single data warehouse; thus, data miningefforts are reduced significantly, as well as the operational costs. The solution providescompanies with a rapid return on investment, regardless of their business area (fromsports equipment stores to supermarkets), quick access to a top of products sold andaccurate decisions for the procurem

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