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Charisma Switch Transcripts

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  • 2014 MaxPersuasion and Kenrick Cleveland. All Rights Reserved in All Media.


  • The Charisma Switch Transcripts

    2014 MaxPersuasion and Kenrick Cleveland. Page 2 of 24 All Rights Reserved in All Media.

    The Charisma Switch Activating your natural power to influence others and receive yeses

    Welcome to the Charisma Switch

    Here you are going to discover how you will activate your natural power to influence others and

    receive yeses through the power of turning up your charisma.

    Let me ask you something

    Have you ever wondered how some people have such a magnetic personality that they can

    draw people right in to their sphere of influence allowing them to instantly bond with them?

    You know what I am talking about... that person whose advice is always sought after - and that

    people instinctively trust.

    Or that person at work that seems to have the unfair advantage when it comes to influencing

    others and receiving YESes. People are naturally and automatically enchanted by their

    presence. They are automatically looked up to and deferred to.

    Welcome to the life of a Charismatic person. A person the dictionary defines in two ways: 1.

    Compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. or 2 a divinely conferred

    power of talent.

    Or in simpler terms - that person you want to become that posses an unfair advantage when

    it comes to dealing with others and having them follow your every word and say YES to you.

    And over the next few minutes I am going to walk you through my step-by-step process that

    allows anyone, that means you, to become instantly Charismatic through a couple of easy

    exercises and the use of my unconscious learning sessions - an advanced technology that

    allows you to incorporate this ability effortlessly into your behavior - which you will hear about

    in a few minutes.

    Hi, this is Kenrick Cleveland and for over 37 years I have dedicated my life to developing the

    skills and strategies for getting YESes from others - through the power of targeting your verbal

    and nonverbal communications to the conscious and more importantly, the unconscious minds

    of others.

    If this is your first time discovering my work, then I am sure you are in for an eye opening

  • The Charisma Switch Transcripts

    2014 MaxPersuasion and Kenrick Cleveland. Page 3 of 24 All Rights Reserved in All Media.

    experience. One that will send shock waves through your entire life.

    Because many years ago, when I was 18 years old and a struggling salesperson for a health

    spa, I made a discovery that allowed me to influence others at the deepest levels (a story for

    another time). This discovery placed me on a life long journey to develop the skills and

    strategies for getting YESes from others - and teaching others like you to do the same.

    They have been responsible for increasing net deposits by $1 Billion dollars in the first year

    alone, where my training was implemented at Home Fed Bank, to every level of the corporate

    hierarchy - from the Vice Presidents in the boardroom to the tellers on the bank floor.

    To helping the tens of thousands of students I have worked with over the last 37 years to hone

    their communications with others and are now able to get YESes with ease, whether they are

    selling a product, service or even their ideas.

    And let me tell you

    They range in every profession from financial advisors, who can now command mid 6 figure

    incomes and beyond, to a top Beverly Hills Plastic surgeon who signs-up new cases with ease.

    And I am happy that you decided to join me, starting your own journey now, into obtaining this

    new powerful ability of being able to switch on your natural ability to become a charismatic


    Since the dawn of time, we have been in awe of people that have powerful charisma.

    The funny thing is that most people just assume that it is a "something" that others have and

    that we don't have in as big of a supply as we might like. So we find ourselves wishing and

    wanting and assuming that it's not for us. But all of that is about to change.

    What you will learn here as well as have easy access to, is the ability to switch on powerful

    charisma at will.

    But what does it mean to be charismatic. And thats something in this lesson we will explore

    and zero in on.

    Before we go any further on this, I want you to think about someone that you feel is

    charismatic. Think about that for a moment.

    One of the earliest times for me that I remember seeing someone that I thought was

    charismatic on a national level was president Nixon. He certainly was not attractive but he had

  • The Charisma Switch Transcripts

    2014 MaxPersuasion and Kenrick Cleveland. Page 4 of 24 All Rights Reserved in All Media.

    a charismatic presence about him that just drew me in. Even as he went through his political

    problems, I still had this sense of liking him.

    By the time I was 10 years old, My mother was getting re-married. She married a trial attorney

    by the name of Bill. Bill also was the personification of charismatic. He was very handsome and

    always had a tan - whether sprayed on or otherwise. LOL And he often wore White suits which

    made him look even tanner.

    When he turned his eyes to whoever he was speaking with they tended to just be mesmerized

    by him. It wasnt that his eyes were all that special but something about the way he paid

    attention, was very special.

    And that same characteristic is something that one of my first sales trainers had as well. Her

    name was Karen and she had a dramatic impact on my ability to sell when I was young.

    Long legs that went clear to heaven, stunning hair, manicured nails and always dressed to

    impress with one of the sharpest minds of anyone Ive ever known. She was overwhelming.

    She was also demanding and a task master. She demanded perfection and I was determined to

    give it to her.

    Later I realized that it wasnt that she was so beautiful. She just had features that were

    captivating. She was very tall. But the most captivating feature she had wasnt physical. Just

    like Bill, when she turned her attention to someone they became mesmerized. I saw her do it

    over and over again. It was something about the way she paid attention.

    I also think of Pres. Bill Clinton. In my opinion, he practically personifies the word charisma.

    And I dont say that because I agree with his politics, I dont. But I can respect a phenomenal

    trait in someone regardless of whether I agree with everything else.

    So what have you found? Think about that person who you find charismatic? Who is it?

    This is really important so I want you to take a moment and figure this out.

    When you remember somebody that affected you charismatically, just stop and take that in for

    a moment.

    How did it feel to be in the presence of this person?

    If you had to break it down, Right now, what would you say were the factors that made this

    person feel charismatic to you?

    How did this person make you feel inside? What let you know that there was something special

  • The Charisma Switch Transcripts

    2014 MaxPersuasion and Kenrick Cleveland. Page 5 of 24 All Rights Reserved in All Media.

    about them?

    And with this analysis, you are starting to begin to deconstruct and even demystify charisma.

    And you may not be aware of it yet, but your unconscious is beginning to sit up and take notice

    of the aspects of behavior that cause others to experience a charismatic personality. And we

    will be zeroing in on that as we proceed.

    I think the power of Charisma in Getting a Yes is pretty obvious. But you might be interested to

    know that a bunch of studies show that charismatic people get higher performance ratings and

    are viewed as more effective by their bosses and employees alike.

    Research shows that those following charismatic leaders perform better, experience their work

    as more meaningful, and have more trust in their leaders than those following effective but

    non-charismatic leaders.

    It is shown that charismatic salespeople can outsell non-charismatic people by a factor of five


    So beyond the fact that we know intuitively that we would like to be charismatic or more

    charismatic, There is evidence, And a lot of it, that charismatic people are simply more

    successful in every way.

    Interesting isnt it. And I think those are reasons enough for us to bring the power of charisma

    to bear in our own lives and reap the reward. But from the perspective of persuasion, the ability

    to increase your charisma at will is, in my opinion, close to being able to add a second printing

    press to a money printing operation. lol

    And in controlled lab experiments it was discovered that people could lower and raise their

    level of charisma, at will like turning a dial.

    Just think about the implications of that!!! Wouldnt you like to be able to do that to? And with

    this program, and especially the learning sessions that accompanies it, you will in fact be able

    to do that, and more.

    So, in particular, the MIT media lab looked at how critical your body language is to your

    effectiveness. And here is what really convinced me about this They were able to predict the

    outcomes of sales calls,

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