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www.charisma.ro www.totalsoft.ro The assets of an enterprise can perhaps be divided into two parts: its people, and everything else. In recognition of the importance of human assets to an enterprise, a subject now given stark new importance with the global economic crisis, we decided to come in support of HR professionals through the most powerful talent management solution on the market, Charisma HCM Talent Management.

Charisma HCM Talent Management detail EN.cdr

Talent Management

Simple | Intuitive | Flexible | Complete

Main value

Organizes, simplifies and automates complex

processes and workflows;

Cross departmental automation and

organizational processes that cover multiple


Dramatically decrease operational costs and

improves employees' effiency;

Increases the company's agility and


360 view over the performance indicators;

Increases customer loyality;

Collaborative working environment, focused on

satisfying business partners needs;

Updates and develops customers' business needs.


Provides key reports and analysis for executives to

run business;

Reports with the ability to go from high level to

low level detail;

Comprehensive insight from all departments and


Provides executive dashboards, on-spot quick

facts and real-time notifications.


Clean and friendly user interface;

Commonly performed tasks can be automated;

Can provide data from other applications and


Can access various reports from the same


Provides technical support directly from the

application interface;

Provides development methods and tools for

business flows and entities directly from the



In 2012, Charisma ERP was designated as one of

the 5 strongest European B2B solutions in the

"Enterprise Vertical Market Solution" segment.




Charisma HCM Talent Management is the result of

many years of experience gained by supporting

companies in the capitalization of human resources.

We managed to combine advanced features with

vertical expertise, so that Charisma HCM Talent

Management would ensure a unique experience for all


The solution modules. Performance

Management, Skills & Competency

Management, Compensation Management,

Career & Succession Planning, Training and 360

Degree Feedback are natively integrated with

Charisma HCM;

The solution provides flexible support for both

individual and organizational competency


Allows instant access to information about

global, national or functional business skills and

provides users with advanced analysis and

reporting features;

Quick and easy access via the

Internet to the solution, which is fully

internationalized into over 50


Allows secure storage of

information, strictly

controlled access and

configurable workflow with

an intuitive navigation.

The solution

comprises a series of

modules perfectly adapted to

HR activities, which addresses the development of the

companys human resource potential:

Performance Management;

Compensation Management;

Skills & Competency Management;


Career & Succession Planning;

360 Feedback.






Career &








Skills &



Performance Management module

works seamlessly with other

modules such as Career &

Succession Planning to help identify

people who are ready for leadership

roles or who have specific

development needs.

By integrating with Compensation

Management, you can make a

visible link between individual

performance and your total pay and

reward packages.

Rewards programs help ensure the

readiness and retention of your high

performers, and allow you to create

a high-performance culture with

well planned career paths for talent

within your organization.

Performance Management

Companies and people perform better when they share aligned

goals, measure performance and reward success. Performance

Management provides employees, managers and HR teams with

the tools and insights to inspire people to perform to the best of

their ability.

Performance Management transforms the traditional performance

review, aligning the individual goals of employees to the

organizations strategic objectives. Managers and employees work

together to define, review, measure and update objectives,

anywhere, anytime, through intuitive, Internet-based self-service


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Ensures an increased productivity Empowers managers and HR specialists

Cascaded organizational objectives High-level overviews and drill-down

across functions and departments align information on locations, teams and

company, manager, team and employee individuals allow better decision-making

goals for maximum performance. for managers and HR professionals.

Enhances company performance Improves processes

The solution builds a shared vision and Assisted performance reviews facilitate

drives organizational unity. consistent, best practice evaluations,

while pre-configured reports for HR Win-Win scenarios

managers support compliance and Flexible, intuitive review processes

quality monitoring.increase employee engagement and

simplify the administration tasks for line Saves time

managers and HR professionals. Comprehensive analytics and built-in

reports save time and optimize the use Enables visibility

of performance data.Comprehensive graphical views allow

managers to easily monitor Raises employee engagement

departmental KPIs. Collaborative planning, monitoring,

development and performance Self-service features

recognition capabilities maximize Employee and manager Self-Service

employee potential, job satisfaction and areas help define performance plans, set

retention. and review objectives and evaluate

outcomes. Streamlines the workflow

Timely reminders, prompts and Drives the solution adoption

scorecards support line managers in Multi-lingual, browser-based access

delivering effective performance encourages employee uptake, regardless

management processes.of their location.

Benefits and features

Skills & CompetencyManagement

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Skills & Competency Management is

a key component of Charisma HCM

Talent Management solution.

Skills & Competency Management

works alongside Training and Career

& Succession Planning modules,

helping the company plan individual

development activities and make

better-informed decisions regarding

training, promotions, redeployment

or pay and reward.

In a global economy, the competitive advantage comes from the

ability and dedication of your people.

Do you know what skills and competencies exist in your

organization? Will these support your companys future strategy?

Skills & Competency Management module helps you identify

people with the skills and competencies, qualifications, knowledge

and personal qualities you need, and to plan for their development

according to your organizational goals.

Identifying and placing people in the right position at the right time

dramatically increases their motivation and reduces retention risk,

avoiding recruitment costs, disruption and loss of critical


Skills & Competency Management

module provides HR specialists with

a complete overview of every

individuals abilities and potential,

development, career planning and

remuneration. Managers can

conduct comprehensive skills

analyses and identify potential skill

gaps. The library comprising over

400 key competencies in 18 core

areas allows you to profile and

evaluate any role or position,

establishing individual and

organizational readiness.

The search and filter features

allow you to find the right

people for every position. The

search is multi-dimensional,

enabling searches not only on

skills and competencies, but any

combination of experience,

qualifications, certification,

language proficiency, mobility,

and project experience. The Best

Fit Search feature identifies

those employees that closely

match your requirements,

accelerating the selection

process and helping you find the

right person for every job.

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Locates your talent Mobilizes the companys talent

Identifies employees with relevant or Supports international relocations by

transferable skills, qualifications and identifying and encouraging people with

experience, using a powerful search overseas ambitions to develop the skill

technology that integrates with any they

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