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French Chateau in North Carolina
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V{tàxtâ _çÉÇ E

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Alexander Island, Lake Norman

154 Whitby Lane, Mooresville, NC 28117

A masterpiece of modern luxury and centuries-old architectural details stands on the shores

of Lake Norman, enchanting all who step inside.

At Chateau Lyon, you will walk on stone flooring reclaimed from 600-year-old farmhouses

bordering the Mediterranean Sea, gaze through bronze bay windows replicating those

adorning the famous Hotel Le Meurice in Paris, and dine surrounded by original paintings,

gold-leaf paneling, and antique fixtures taken directly from an early 1900’s reproduction of

Marie Antoinette’s summer home.

Chateau Lyon offers not only the grandeur of scale and proportion, but also lavish attention

to detail unequaled in our region. This stunning gem of residential architecture truly

embodies the spirit of the grand estate, bringing a sense of exotic wonder to its waterfront

setting on the tip of picturesque and exclusive Alexander Island.

“Built of wonder, grounded in history, and abounding in luxury, Chateau Lyon

captures the imagination of all who enter its storied halls.”

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V{tàxtâ _çÉÇ F

Chateau Lyon was inspired by the French limestone, soaring ceilings, and antique ceramic roof tiles

that furniture entrepreneurs Larry and Jane Hendricks admired on their extensive European travels.

Costing well over $20 million to build, Chateau Lyon was completed in 2009, artfully integrating a

brilliant collection of French and Italian historic artifacts and masterpiece artisan reproductions

alongside technological luxuries discreetly incorporated throughout the estate.

Chateau Lyon is situated on a generous 1.63 acres

with over 500 feet of Lake Norman shoreline in the

private and gated Alexander Island neighborhood of

Mooresville, NC. Only 30 minutes from downtown

Charlotte and the Charlotte Douglas International

Airport, Mooresville has been named one of Money

magazine’s Top 100 “Best Places to Live,” and

often enjoys the national spotlight for its

exceptional quality of life.

The Stonework Approaching Chateau Lyon, one is immediately impressed with the stone exterior. There are three

main varieties of stone used in the construction of the home. The foundation is Texas limestone,

hand cut for the home, with each piece weighing approximately 250 pounds.

Above the foundation, the 20-inch-thick exterior walls are faced with French Limestone, which is

used extensively throughout the home. This stone was handpicked from a small rock quarry one

and a half hours by train from Paris. Cutting the stone for Chateau Lyon proved so demanding on

the small quarry town’s electrical infrastructure that the work had to be done at night while the

town slept. Due to the immense weight of the limestone, special engineering was provided beneath

the foundation.

Chateau Lyon measures over 8700 square feet with five bedrooms, six full baths, and three half baths.

From its vantage point on Lake Norman’s Alexander Island, the estate offers lake views from every window.

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V{tàxtâ _çÉÇ G

The third kind of natural stone used in the construction of Chateau Lyon is Mexican Piñon stone.

Also called Cantera Stone, this rock was formed millions of years ago by volcanic heat and

pressure, giving it the porous appearance characteristic of lava rock. The finest Mexican carvers

hand chiseled the exquisite balusters, handrails, cartouches, and trim around the windows and

doors of Chateau Lyon.

The Pecky Cypress Pecky cypress is used extensively in both the exterior and interior of the home. This prized grade

of cypress is characterized by pockets formed in the wood by fungal activity while the tree was

alive, giving the milled lumber its distinctive and striking appearance. As durable as it is beautiful,

pecky cypress is

renowned for its

rot resistance, low

shrinkage, and

stability. Even

unpainted, it will

last for centuries

with minimal

checking and


Hand-carved in the fields of Mexico by the finest artisans, the rough cut Piñon stone on the left evolved to the completed balusters on the right.

Page 5: Chateau Lyon

V{tàxtâ _çÉÇ H

The Roof Topping Chateau Lyon are antique French roof tiles estimated to be over 250 years old.

Discovered in baskets in a market outside Paris, their authentic beauty adds to the richness of the

estate. Each tile was formed in the old-world tradition by craftsmen using their upper leg to shape

the tile.

The original dormers purchased in

France for the home were too big, so

new ones were designed based on the

originals. Clad in zinc-coated copper,

they feature a special “fish scale” design

to accent the roof tiles. In addition,

zinc-coated copper gutters are recessed

in the roof, routing water discreetly

away from the house. Zinc-coated

copper is used extensively in the

roofing trim of the home. Unlike

copper, it does not bleed copper

residue, and will not stain the stones

below over time.

Front Facade Details The French iron balcony over the front

door establishes a theme that is

repeated throughout Chateau Lyon.

This special balcony dates to the 1880’s

and inspired the design for many of the

other balconies in the home.

The front doors date to 1818 and are in

the Renaissance style from the French

city of Senlis. These, and the many

other antique doors in the home, took a

year to restore and were stripped down

to the original wood, removing all lead paint. The majestic sconces on either side of the front door

are Italian antiques and measure over 6 feet tall.

Flanking the entranceway are two Louie 14th-style oval windows with wrought iron mullions. They

date to 1820 and originally graced an old church in Paris. Two more of these antique windows were

used in an upstairs bedroom on each side of the Grand Salon balcony.

Page 6: Chateau Lyon

V{tàxtâ _çÉÇ I

The massive bronze bowed doors, glazed with

antique German glass, were crafted in Paris and

modeled after the ones found at Hotel Le

Meurice in Paris. Prior to installation, special

foundations were built to support the immense

weight of the bronze. A smaller, coordinating

bronze window can be found between the master

bathroom and side courtyard.

The Landscape The generous 1.63 acre grounds afford many

breathtaking views from strategic vantage points

throughout the estate. The loggia terrace,

pergola, side courtyard, and gazebo are just some

of the key outdoor living areas. And with 500

feet of private shoreline and a pier with floating

dock, even lake living is more luxurious at

Chateau Lyon.

The side courtyard off the master bathroom was patterned after one admired at Hotel Le Meurice.

The paths of the home’s well-designed landscape are a pleasure to explore. Pea gravel was used

throughout the landscape, including the auto court and pathways, as this was traditionally the

material of choice for European estates.

The spacious lakeside gazebo boasts a full kitchen featuring a Wolf grill and Sub-Zero refrigerette.

Page 7: Chateau Lyon

V{tàxtâ _çÉÇ J

Exterior Highlights

Loggia and Terrace

The spacious loggia on the

waterfront side of Chateau Lyon

features beautiful pecky cypress

woodwork. The ceiling fans are

solid iron with mahogany blades.

For unobstructed waterfront views

from inside the home, the terrace

drops to a lower level as it extends

beyond the loggia. To further reveal the beautiful views beyond, sections of wrought-iron railing

were placed within the stone balustrade.

Cabana Bathroom

A cabana bathroom is conveniently located off the back

terrace addressing the lake and gazebo. The exterior

entrance was designed around a highly prized antique

iron door purchased in France. The spectacular stained

glass window by Genesis Art Glass was custom-made for

the home and based on a French original. Views of the

stained glass can also be enjoyed from the side courtyard.

Other outstanding interior features include the barreled

tile ceiling and the reproduction Byzantine tripod sink.


Unique garage doors open like historic

carriage doors. The spacious three-car

garage interior is heated and cooled for

year-round comfort. Wooden planks

are simulated in the floor of the garage

through stained and pressed concrete. The side entrance to the garage features a wrought-iron door

acquired at a Paris flea market.

Page 8: Chateau Lyon

V{tàxtâ _çÉÇ K

Mar-a-lago Balcony

A special exterior detail of Chateau Lyon is the Mar-a-lago balcony, pictured above. Modeled after

the balcony adorning Mar-a-lago, an historic home in Palm Beach now owned by Donald Trump,

this balcony railing was hand-forged for Chateau Lyon. The above right photo shows the beautiful

view of Lake Norman from the Mar-a-lago balcony.

Interior Features


The soothing sound of water

greeting visitors as they enter

Chateau Lyon’s grand foyer

emanates from a limestone

fountain hand-carved in France.

The stone flooring in the foyer

was reclaimed from centuries-old

farmhouses bordering the

Mediterranean Sea. All of the

stone floors downstairs are

heated and controlled through Chateau Lyon’s “smart home” technology.

Page 9: Chateau Lyon

V{tàxtâ _çÉÇ L

The grand staircase, which appears to defy gravity, is supported from within by a solid steel

framework. The exquisite French limestone stair treads were computer-engineered to eliminate

seams. Even the rise of the treads was thoughtfully

researched for the highest comfort in use.

Subtle and sophisticated faux painting techniques are

employed to great effect throughout Chateau Lyon.

The faux finish in the foyer and Grand Salon is

reminiscent of the aged walls of a French chateau.

Overhead in the foyer is authentic plasterwork,

which is also featured in the dining room ceiling.

All of the antique lighting fixtures in the home

have been rewired to code and integrated into the

“smart home” network. The bronze Italian foyer

chandelier is from 1830 and features green, aqua,

and clear crystals. In addition, this chandelier and

the Grand Salon chandelier offer automatic hoist

mechanisms for ease of maintenance. Four

antique French bronze (c. 1850) floral repoussé

sconces light the grand stairway.

Page 10: Chateau Lyon

V{tàxtâ _çÉÇ DC

Dining Room

Chateau Lyon derives

her name from the

exquisite 13.5-foot

antique paneling, or

boiserie, adorning the

dining room, rear

hallway, and powder

room. The dining room

was designed around

these historic panels,

which were sourced

from an early 1900’s

home in Lyon France

r ep l i c a t i n g Ma r i e

Antoinette’s summer home, the Petit Trianon of the Palace of Versailles. The boiserie features

intricate detail, gold leafing, and original paintings

depicting scenes of the Petit Trianon by Jeanne

Ferez (1879-1972), a noted painter from Lyon.

To complete the room, three extra panels were

molded from the originals.

The antique French dining room chandelier is

wrought iron and features thirty lights and

colorful painted wooden tassels with gold patina.

Gorgeous antique wall sconces in the form of

crystal birds adorn both sides of the china

cupboard in the dining room.

For gracious entertaining or just to enjoy the

evening air, the beautiful bronze doors open onto

Chateau Lyon’s front terrace.

Antique door hardware is used throughout Chateau

Lyon. The door knobs for the home originated in

France, and were acquired from the old Chicago Hilton

Hotel during renovations. The door levers are French

antique reproductions.

Page 11: Chateau Lyon

V{tàxtâ _çÉÇ DD

Grand Salon

The majestic living space of the Grand Salon soars past the intricate second-floor iron balconies.

The ombred walls are darker and more distressed at the bottom, emulating the aged patina typical

of historic estates. For a truly Mediterranean experience, the room can be expanded by opening the

French doors onto the loggia and terrace. Of the three sets of French doors, one is antique and

two were reproduced to match.

The white oak flooring in the Grand Salon is 7.5 inches wide and laid in a unique herringbone

pattern designed specifically for the room. Overhead is a coffered and

faux-painted pecky cypress ceiling. The focal point of the room is the

monumental antique French limestone fireplace and mantel. Like all

the home’s fireplaces, it is for use with either wood or gas.

Adjoining the Grand Salon is a

powder room featuring Jeanne Ferez -

painted paneling and an antique black

marble fountain found in Paris and

converted for use as a sink.

Also adjoining the Grand Salon, the

Wine Cellar features an antique clock

door (c. 1900) with panels removed

for wine storage. A circular stone detail in the floor marks the

location for a bistro table for wine tastings.

Page 12: Chateau Lyon

V{tàxtâ _çÉÇ DE

Master Bedroom

A striking hand-painted grisaille landscape mural

adorns the walls of this beautiful and spacious

chamber. The master bedroom fireplace is a mid-19th

century French antique in the Regence style, made of

striated green and white marble. The four doors

found in the master suite are antiques purchased in


The master bedroom lighting fixtures are all very

special. Above the mantel are 1920’s painted iron and

crystal wall sconces from

France. The sconces in the

master bedroom window

nook are finished in 22K

gold. The Venetian silver-leaf

chandeliers in the master

bedroom, with matching

chandeliers and sconces in

master bathroom, are by

designer Joe Niermann, of

Niermann Weeks.

Master Bathroom

The walls of the master bathroom feature a complex faux technique in which multi-layered,

polished Venetian plaster is sealed and finished with natural waxes. The master bathroom offers

extensive luxuries including a sauna, Waterworks bathtub and fixtures, and gas-filled shower glass

which becomes opaque for privacy. The tile floors are heated for cool-weather comfort. Adjoining

the bathroom are dressing rooms and extensive closets.

Page 13: Chateau Lyon

V{tàxtâ _çÉÇ DF


The centerpiece of Chateau Lyon’s magnificent kitchen

is the brass and copper Chateau range with gas and

electric ovens and integrated cabinetry by La Cornue,

France. The stunning, custom-designed range hood is

crafted of hammered steel and copper, and surrounds a

custom tile backsplash with pot-filler. Other appliances

include a La Cornue rotisserie, double Viking wall ovens,

Sub-Zero refrigerator and freezer, Mielle Avanti Series

dishwasher, and two Wolf warming drawers. The

monumental kitchen islands, one topped with teak, the

other with limestone, incorporate a double-basin sink,

two Fisher & Paykel dishwasher drawers, four Sub-Zero

refrigerator drawers, and a Kitchen Aid trash compactor.

T h e e x q u i s i t e

chandelier, created

from an antique

French pot rack, hangs above thick limestone countertops. A

unique pizza oven, which doubles as a kitchen warming

fireplace, is an added luxury. A large farmhouse sink situated

for a stunning lake view completes the perfect kitchen experience.

Page 14: Chateau Lyon

V{tàxtâ _çÉÇ DG

Adjoining the kitchen is a full back pantry with

sink, two Fisher and Paykel dishwasher

drawers, and two Sub-Zero freezer drawers.

An additional butler’s pantry featuring

cabinets constructed from two antique doors

also includes a U-Line Echelon icemaker,

Miele Advanta Series dishwasher, and U-Line

refrigerette. Also off the back hallway is a

spacious mud room with a full laundry area

and half bath. An additional laundry room is

located on the second floor.

The Morning Room

Off the kitchen, the Morning Room (pictured

right) is the perfect refuge for breakfasts and

casual meals while enjoying the splendid views of

Lake Norman.


Designed by the English company Amdega,

the oldest and pre-eminent designer and

manufacturer of conservatories in the world,

Chateau Lyon’s conservatory is a spacious

greenhouse room that “brings the outside in.”

Special HVAC is designed to meet the

challenges resulting from the high amount of

sunlight entering the room. Custom overhead blinds can be deployed when shade is desired. The

back terrace off the conservatory was structurally reinforced to accommodate future plans for a

showcase water feature including a 10-foot waterfall and multiple pools.

Page 15: Chateau Lyon

V{tàxtâ _çÉÇ DH


The library’s domed ceiling of whitewashed pecky cypress is awe-inspiring in its detail and

craftsmanship. A Louis XIV chandelier hangs in its center. Another highlight of the room is the

fireplace. Hand-carved in Italy, it is a provincial Louis XV-style reproduction made of Bianco

Avorio limestone. In addition, a hidden door in the bookcase conceals a half bathroom.


Featuring a home

theater, wet bar with

Sub-zero refrigerette

and ice-maker, and

ample room for play,

this multi-purpose

room also offers

additional sleeping

quarters for four. Two

single beds each feature

a trundle below.

Additional storage is

located behind the walls

through hidden doors.

Page 16: Chateau Lyon

V{tàxtâ _çÉÇ DI

Upstairs Bedroom Suites

Upstairs at Chateau Lyon are four additional bedrooms, each equipped with a luxurious bath and

balcony. And while all four share stunning panoramic lake views, an array of unique features and

amenities lends each suite its own personality and ambiance. For instance, the guest room on the

North side of the home

features mirrored doors

created from an antique

French cabinet. Opening

on one side to closets, the

other side serves as a

discreet entrance to a

beautiful full bath with a

unique antique vanity of

amber and red marble

converted for a sink.

All plumbing fixtures in

the home are of

unsurpassed beauty and

functionality from the finest manufacturers including

Waterworks, Franke, Herbeau, and others. The bathroom

mirrors, with the exception of the master bathroom, are all

handcrafted by Eastern European artisans.

This guest bath features a Kallista solid copper tub, only twelve of

which are created annually, and twin pedestal sinks of intricately

carved stone.

The upstairs hallway features a line of

bronze pumpkin lanterns that cast a lovely

display of light and shadows on the ceiling.

The richly aged upstairs floors are twelve-

inch planks of approximately 250-year-old

heart pine.

Page 17: Chateau Lyon

V{tàxtâ _çÉÇ DJ

Technical Amenities

No detail was overlooked in the creation of this remarkable home. Chateau Lyon’s smart home

network is by Crestron, a global leader in advanced home automation systems. Convenient controls

are programmed for lighting, televisions, climate control, music, security, intercom, media room,

garage, heated floors, and more. Two natural gas generators can power the entire home during a

power outage. A luxurious elevator serves the garage and the three floors of the home. An

unfinished third floor houses technical equipment and may be used for additional storage, an

exercise room, or finished as additional living space. Even the crawl space is superior with three

feet of clearance, special lighting, and a poured concrete floor for comfortable access.

Beyond Luxury

Chateau Lyon offers a unique and historic opportunity. Combining the warmth of history with

modern luxury and technology, and offering the finest in lake living and urban accessibility, this one

-of-a-kind estate truly represents the best of all worlds. A place where provenance is prized and

taste reigns supreme, Chateau Lyon’s authenticity and richness of character bring another

dimension to the concept of luxury. Come home to a place where every day is an old-world resort

vacation. Come home to a castle. Come home to Chateau Lyon.

“Chateau Lyon, the best of all worlds.”

Page 18: Chateau Lyon

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www.LNRLuxury.com 800.315.3655

[email protected]

Debbie Monroe and Amber Garchar 704.533.0444 or 704.562.4731

[email protected] [email protected]


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Page 19: Chateau Lyon

V{tàxtâ _çÉÇ DL

For the loan of the beautiful nationally acclaimed artists’ work displayed throughout the home. Details on the artists and pricing information is available at Chateau Lyon.

For more information please visit:


For interior design expertise and assistance furnishing Chateau Lyon,

and for event catering services.

For more information please call: 704.880.6651

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