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Cheat Sheet Fading Suns

Date post: 03-Jun-2018
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  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    Fading Suns

    Character Creation

    Step One: Formulate Character Concept.

    Step Two: Select Character Role

    Nobles Merchants PriestsHawkwood Charioteers Urth Orthodox

    Decados Engineers Brother Battle

    Li Halan Scravers Eskatonic Order al-Malik The Muster Chainers! Te"#le $vesti $vestites!

    Minor House %eeves &ra' (aces! Sanctuar' $eon $"altheans!)eo"an (reelancer! Mendicant Monks Hes'chasts!

    Aliens Barbarians

    Ur-O*un +urgan

    Ur-Ukar ,uldrok ,orox

    Step Three: Select Characteristics

    . #oints/ Base 0 in Mind and Bod' charactertistics/ S#irit traits are set u# in #airs 1

    select a #ri"ar' which starts at 0 and a secondar' which starts at 2 $lien3 i4 secondar'3

    starts at .!/ Ma' not raise an' a*ove 5/Body1 Strength3 Dexterit'3 Endurance

    Mind1 6its3 7erce#tion3 Tech

    Spirit1 Extrovert vs/ 8ntrovert3 7assion vs/ Cal"3 (aith vs/ Ego3 Hu"an vs/ $lien

    The total score o4 #aired Characteristics cannot exceed 2. so i4 7assion is 93 Cal"cannot *e "ore than :!/

    Step Four: Select Skills

    0. #oints/

    Learned1 Skills which "ust *e learned/ Base %ating o4 ./

    Natural1 Skills ever'one #ossesses to one degree or another/ Base %ating o4 0/

    Natural Skills: Char"3 Dodge3 (ight3 8"#ress3 Melee3 O*serve3 ,igor3 Shoot/

    Step Five: Select Benefices and Afflictions

    2. #oints/

    $44lictions can give additional #oints 4or Bene4ices/

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    Step Six: Spend xtra !oints

    :. #oints/

    Trait Cost (to raise by 1)Characteristic Bod'3 Mind3 S#irit3 Occult! 0


    Skill 2Bene4ice 2

    Blessing 2

    Occult 7ower 2 #er levelMartial $rts;(encing $ction 2 #er level



    < Levels = ,ital 6ounds

    Total = Endurance >

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    Fading Suns

    Character Advancement

    Basic xperience.

    $warded to entire grou#/

    2 #t@ (ailure or "arginall' success4ul ga"e sesssion

    #t@ $verage ga"e session

    0 #t@ 7articularl' success4ul3 Aover-and-a*ove-goal sesssion

    xtra xperience.

    $warded to individual characters>2 #t@ Character #er4or"ed great deed

    >2 #t@ 7la'er role#la'ed ver' well>2 to >0 #ts@ Character learned so"ething new

    xperience #ncrease Chart.

    Trait Cost

    Characteristic 0 x current ratingSkills3 co"*at actions x current rating

    Occult #owers x current rating

    6'rd x current ratingMartial $rts;(encing $ction #er level

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    Fading Suns

    Character Creation $$ Skill %ist

    Natural Skills"Char"









    Learned Skills"$cade"ia

















    8llu"inationMusic Co"#osition



    %hetoric 6riting!

    Scul#tingStained &lass

    Beast Lore


    Co"*at $ctions


    Martial $rts









    Etiuette High Societ'!











    7er4or"ance,aria*le S#ecialities








    %ede"#tion Tech!Co"# %ede"#tion

    Cra4t %ede"#tion

    High-Tech %ede"#tion

    Mech %ede"#tion

    ,olt %ede"#tion















    Sleight o4 Hand










    Scraver CantUrthish


    Stoic Bod'

    Stoic Mind


    Think Machine







    Militar' Tactics



  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    Fading Suns

    Character Creation & Benefice'Affliction %ist



    $lien U#*ringing #ts/!

    Heir 0 #ts/!

    Secrets 2-< #ts/!

    6ell-Traveled 0 or < #ts/!


    Cloistered 2 #t/!

    Dark Secret 2-0 #ts/!8n4a"ous (a"il' 2 #t/!

    Oath o4 (ealt' 2-0 #ts/!

    O*ligation 2-0 #ts/!

    Or#han 2 #t/!

    Stig"a 2-: #ts/!

    Lost 6orlder 2 #t/!Communit).

    Bene#ices"$ll' 2-22 #ts/!

    Contact 2 #t/!

    (a"il' Ties 0 #ts/!

    &ossi# ?etwork 2-: #ts/!

    7rotection 0 #ts/!

    %etinue 2-: #ts/!


    De#endent 2 #t/!,endetta 2-: #ts/!



    $r"or 2-2. #ts/!

    Energ' Shield

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    Fading Suns

    Character Creation & Blessin(s and Curses



    Handso"e 2 #t@ >2 Char"!

    Beauti4ul #ts@ > Char"!

    $ngelic 0 #ts@ >0 Char"!Curses"

    Ho"el' 2 #t@ -2 Char"!

    Ugl' #ts@ - Char"!

    Monstrous 0 #ts@ -0 Char"!



    Bold #ts@ > 7assion when others hesitate!

    Co"#assionate #ts@ > 7assion when hel#ing others!

    Curious #ts@ > Extrovert when seeing so"ething new!

    Disci#lined #ts@ > Cal" in co"*at situations!

    &racious #ts@ > Extrovert to guests!

    8nnovative #ts@ > Tech when tr'ing to invent so"ething new!ust #ts@ > 7assion when righting a wrong!

    7ious #ts@ > Extrovert a"ong the sin4ul!

    Shrewd #ts@ > 6its against atte"#ts to 4ast-talk!

    Sus#icious #ts@ > to 7erce#tion when rivals a*out!

    Un'ielding #ts@ > Endurance when honor is at stake!


    Bluster #ts@ - Extrovert when recounting deeds!

    Callous #ts@ - 7assion when asked 4or aid!Clueless #ts@ - 7erce#tion to notice social clues!

    Condescending #ts@ - Extrovert a"ong the unenlightened!

    &reed' #ts@ - Cal" when "one' involved!

    &uilt' #ts@ - on all rolls when o##osing Church o44icials!

    &ulli*le #ts@ - 6its against atte"#ts to 4ast-talk!

    Haught' #ts@ - Extrovert around ser4s!

    8"#etuous #ts@ - wits when trading!

    %ighteous #ts@ - Cal" when udg"ent uestioned!

    Manon #ts@ - (aith when "one' involved!

    ?os' #ts@ - Cal" when seeing so"ething new!7ossessive #ts@ - Cal" when cut out o4 the action!

    7ride4ul 0 #ts@ -0 when Cal"!

    Su*tle #ts@ - Extrovert when ex#laining so"ething!Uncouth #ts@ - Extrovert at societ' 4unctions!

    Unnerving #ts@ > $lien when dealing with Ser4s exce#t on luck rolls!

    ,ain 2 #t@ -2 7erce#tion when *eing 4lattered!

    ,enge4ul >0 #ts@ -0 Cal" when honor i"#inged3 will never 4orget slight!

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns




    $"*idextrous : #ts@ >: to o44set the -: #enalt' 4or o44-hand wea#ons!

    Beast"aster #ts@ > 4or non-co"*at interation with ani"als!

    Casanova #ts@ > 7assion when seducing others!

    Co"#ass #ts@ > 6its when 4iguring out direction or location!

    Crack Driver;7ilot : #ts@ > to all Drive rolls!

    (ast Draw #ts@ > 8nitiative drawing and 4iring a gun in the sa"e action!

    &rease Monke' : #ts@ > with all Tech %ede"#tion skills!

    +een Ears #ts@ > 7erce#tion with hearing onl'!+een E'es #ts@ > 7erce#tion with sight onl'!

    Luck' at Cards 2 #t@ > &a"*ling with cards onl'!

    Sensitive S"ell 2 #t@ > 7erce#tion with s"ell onl'!

    Sensitive Touch 2 #t@ > 7erce#tion to discern touched o*ects!


    Bad Hearing #ts@ - 7erce#tion with hearing onl'!

    Bad ,ision #ts@ - 7erce#tion with sight onl'!Beast (oe #ts@ - 4or non-co"*at interaction with ani"als!

    Clu"s' #ts@ - Dexterit' with athletic tasks!

    Mechanicall' Disinclined #ts@ - with all Tech %ede"#tion!

    uasi"odo #ts@ - 7assion when seducing others!


    6ell-liked 2 #t@ >2 Char"!

    Charita*le #ts@ > Char"!

    Honest #t@ > Extrovert!

    Hero #t@ > 8"#ress!

    Local hero;villain 2 #t@ >2 Hu"an;$lien 4or recognition rolls!

    (a"ous #ts@ > Hu"an;$lien 4or recognition rolls!Legendar' : #ts@ >: Hu"an;$lien 4or recognition rolls!


    Cad #ts@ - Char"!

    Scar' #ts@ > 8"#ress3 adversel' a44ects reactions!

    Liar or known cri"inal #t@ - +naver'!

    T'rant #ts@ - Char" a"ong #easants!


    Dwar4 >< #ts@ - ,italit'3 *ase run@ 9 "eters3 reuires tailored clothing/ Hu"ans su44er >2 $lien

    a"ong strangers/!

    Short >0 #ts@ -2 ,italit'3 *ase run@ 5 "eters!Tall 0 #ts@ >2 ,italit'3 *ase run@ 2 "eters!

    &iant < #ts@ > ,italit'3 *ase run@ 2: "eters3 reuires tailored clothing/ Hu"ans su44er >2 $lien

    a"ong strangers/!

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    Fading Suns

    Character Creation & Com,at Actions $$ "artial Arts

    St)le "odifiers.


    'ist"Learn 2 level lower than the actionIs reuired level/

    ick *rapple/ 2 extra ex#erience #oint to learn/


    ?o "odi4iers/

    Mantok. Brother Battle!

    Save 2 ex#erience #oint on learning an' "artial action/

    Iron Heel.

    ick *rapple@ 2 level lower than the actionIs reuired level/

    $dd to the ex#erience #oint cost o4 an' action Level J or a*ove/Jox Kai Von (Jox Boxing).

    *rapple/ Learn 2 level lower than the actionIs reuired level/

    ick" extra ex#erience #oints to "aster/

    Graa. ,orox!

    ?o "odi4iers/

    "artial Arts Actions.Martial (ist Level 2!Martial +ick Level !

    Martial Hold Level 0!

    Block Level :!

    Martial Throw Level

    Claw (ist Level

    Tornado +ick Level

    Sure (ist Level 9!

    Lea#ing +ick Level 9!Choke Hold Level 9!

    S#eed (ist Level J!

    Tri# +ick Level J!

    Throw &rou# Level J!

    Block and Strike Level 5!

    7ower (ist Level K!

    ,ital Strike Level 2.!

    -raa /orox "artial Arts0 Actions.Banga ACharge3 Level 0!

    Drox ASecond Hand3 Level

    Throx AThird Hand3 Level K!

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    Fading Suns

    Character Creation & Fencin( Actions

    Fencin( Actions.7arr' Level 2!

    Thrust Level !

    Slash Level 0!

    (lat o4 Blade Level :!

    Draw and Strike Level :!

    Disar" Level

    (eint Level

    O44-hand Level 9!

    7arr';%i#oste Level 9!Cloak Level J!

    $thletic Strike Level 5!

    7ierce Level K!

    Dou*le Strike Level 2.!

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    Fading Suns

    Rule Reference


    Highest skill *eing used goes 4irst/ 8n case o4 ties3 re4er to the "utual 6its scores/$ 4urther tie *etween 6its indicates that *oth actions take #lace si"ultaneousl'/

    -oal Roll.

    Success + d. &oal ?u"*er*oal Nu%ber= Characteristic Trait > Skill Trait

    rolled = Successes

    /ictor) Chart.

    Successes ictory Points,-##ect .ice Acco%plish%ent 2- 2;>. Barel' satis4actor'0-< 2;>2 Mediocre

    9-5 ;> 7rett' good

    K-22 0;>0 &ood o*

    2-2: :;>: Excellent29 ,irtuoso 7er4or"ance

    ffect Roll.

    Used in certain circu"stances co"*at! to deter"ine "agnitude o4 success/

    *oal Nu%ber= 20Can #ull 'our #unch and user 4ewer dice/

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    "odifiers to Actions.

    Multiple Actions. on 2 turn!

    actions = -:

    0 actions = -9

    ontested Actions.Both roll3 greater nu"*er o4 successes succeeds/

    Successes= Higher - Lower

    o!ple!entar" Actions.7erson aiding the other individual "akes his roll/ His ,ictor' 7oints act as

    a "odi4ier to the other #ersonIs &oal %oll/

    Sustained Actions.

    Multi#le &oal %olls/ Once a su44icient nu"*er o4 ,ictor' 7oints has *een

    gained3 the action succeeds/ 0 (ailures or 2 Critical (ailure indicates 'ou

    have 4ailed at the task/

    Task ictory Pts ConditionSi"#le 9 Cli"*ing a tree

    Co"#lex K %esearching weaknesses o4 no*le

    8nvolved 2 Cli"*ing sheer cli44 O*scure 25 Deci#hering ,autech

    $rcane 0> %e#airing ,autech

    Second #ries.

    Second $tte"#t = -

    Third $tte"#t = -:

    Task then #roves i"#ossi*le/

    $xcessi%e Goal &u!'ers.

    ?atural &oal ?u"*ers N . = $dditional E44ect Dice

    Auto!atic Success= 2

    Auto!atic ailure = 2K

    ritical Success.

    &oal %oll = &oal ?u"*er

    ritical ailure= .

    Accents. O#tional %ule!

    8ncrease #ower *' sacri4icing 4inesse3 increase 4inesse *' sacri4icing #ower/Choose "odi4ier to goal roll/ &oal nu"*er sta's the sa"e/

    Modi4ier cannot *e larger than skill trait/

    &egati%e@ 8ncreases chance o4 success3 *ut decreases nu"*er o4 successes/

    ositi%e@ 8ncreases chance o4 4ailure3 *ut increases nu"*er o4 successes/

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    Fading Suns

    Special Case Rules

    #ncitin( !assion.

    S#end one 6'rd 7oint and role with 7assion as goal nu"*er/ )ou "ust have a 4ocus truelove3 etc/! *e4ore 'ou can atte"#t to incite 7assion/

    Situation Passion

    8nsulted;hu"iliated *e4ore an i"#ortant audience/ >0

    Su44ering *igotr' class or race *ased!/ >

    %e#utation threatened/ >2

    (reedo" theatrened/ >Livelihood threatened/ >0

    Li4e threatened/ >0Lover threatened/ >:

    (riends threatened/ >2

    House;Church;League "atter o4 i"#ortance >

    %ival;4oe within #resence/ >0Crisis o4 4aith/ >0

    Mone' involved/ >2

    Lots o4 "one' involved/ >

    8n co"*at >2

    Encountering scar' #lace;#eo#le >2

    Encountering terri4'ing #lace;#eo#le >

    Stead) 1and.

    Sa"e as inciting #assion3 exce#t 'ou gain the *onus *ecause 'ou are 4ocusing intensel'on the task at hand/ &oal nu"*er = Cal"/

    Remainin( Calm. %oll Cal" > a##ro#riate skill as &oal ?u"*er/

    Reco(nition. %oll with Hu"an or $lien characteristic as &oal ?u"*er/ $##l'a##ro#riate "odi4iers/

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    Re(ainin( 2)rd.

    Meditation"%oll Cal" > (ocus 1 2 6'rd 7oint regained #er ,ictor' 7oint/ One

    roll #er hour o4 "editation3 once success4ul 'ou "ust wait 5 hours *e4ore

    atte"#ting again/ ?or"al #enalties a##l'/!

    Sleepin&" 2 hour slee# = 2 6'rd 7ointAstrolo&ical -/ent" 2 #oint #er night a "oon rises3 2 additional #oint on a

    #lanetar' conunction/

    0eli&ious -/ent" Events o4 sacra"ental or religious i"#ortance to a theurgeregenerate one #oint/


    S#end 2 6'rd 7oint/ 84 'ou donIt have a 6'rd 7oint3 'ou can still tr' 1 i4 'ou succeed

    'ou wonIt *e a*le to regain 6'rd 7oints 4or a 4ull week/Successes Miracle

    2-0 Si"#le 4ortuitous event which could have ha##ened ust as easil'without divine intervention3 *ut are es#eciall' *ene4icial 4or the

    characters at this #articular "o"ent in ti"e/:-< Less likel' events@ a runawa' vehicle collides with an assassin3 an

    attacking *east is cal"ed or 4rightened awa' *' a certain color worn *'

    a character3 an $"althean #unches out an evil-doer3 the check clears the

    *ureaucratic red ta#e in ti"e to save the or#hanage3 etc/

    9-J Extre"e longshots are not i"#ossi*le *ut highl' i"#ro*a*le@ lightning

    strikes an attacker3 all shots in close 4ire4ight "iss the character3 etc/

    5 Minor i"#ossi*ilities@ a *roken "achine runs one last ti"e3 a %eeve

    gives his riches to charit'3 a disinterested #asser*' decides to trust thecharacters without *eing 4ast-talked or du#ed3 etc/

    K Strange unex#laina*le events@ o"ens3 visions and revelations3 voices

    4ro" the sk'3 a "'sterious stranger who saves the da' and then

    vanishes3 etc/

    2. Dee#l' #ro4ound3 soul-stirring events@ "ass visions3 #arting seas3 new

    constellations in the sk'3 an $vestite udge shows cle"enc'3 etc/

    Critical Totall' undenia*le i"#ossi*ilities@ raising the dead3 halting the sun3

    surviving the vacuu" o4 s#ace3 etc/

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    Fading Suns

    !s)chic !owers

    Multiple Tar&ets"2 6'rd 7oint = 2 extra target

    0an&e"Base %ange = Direct Sensor' Contact

    *istance +"rd ost

    2 kilo"eter 2

    < kilo"eters

    2. kilo"eters 0< kilo"eters :

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    !owers"Must learn a Level 2 #ower along a #ath *e4ore learning a Level #ower/!

    BondingLevel 03 Extrovert > E"#ath'3 touch3 #er#etual3 varia*le 6!

    ar Hand

    Li4ting Hand Level 23 Extrovert > (ocus3 sight3 te"#orar'3 26!

    Throwing Hand Level 3 7assion > (ocus3 sight3 te"#orar'3 26!

    Crushing Hand Level 03 Extrovert > (ight3 sight3 te"#orar'3 26!

    Dueling Hand Level :3 Extrovert > Melee or Shoot3 sight3 te"#orar'3 26!

    (ar $r"s Level (ocus3 sight3 te"#orar'3 26!

    (ar 6all Level 93 Extrovert > Stoic Mind3 sight3 te"#orar'3 26!$ir Stride Level J3 8ntrovert > (ocus3 te"#orar'3 26!

    Hand Shock Level 53 7assion > (ocus3 touch3 instant3 26!$ir Dance Level K3 Extrovert > (ocus3 sight3 te"#orar'3 26!


    Shadows &one B' Level 93 Cal" > O*serve3 sight3 te"#orar'3 26!

    Shadows to Co"e Level J3 Cal" > O*serve3 sight3 te"#orar'3 26!

    ,oice 4ro" the 7ast Level 53 Cal" > O*serve3 sight3 te"#orar'3 26!

    Oracle Level K3 Cal" > (ocus3 26!s"che

    8ntuit Level 23 Extrovert > E"#ath'3 sight3 te"#orar'3 26!E"ote Level 3 7assion > Char" or 8"#res3 sight3 instant3 26!

    Mind Sight Level 03 Extrovert > O*serve3 sight3 te"#orar'3 26!

    Mind S#eech Level :3 Extrovert > Char"3 sight3 te"#orar'3 26!HeartIs Co""and Level 8"#ress3 sight3 te"#orar'3 26!

    HeadShackle Level 93 Extrovert > Char" or 8"#ress3 sight3 te"#orar'3 26!

    Brain Blast Level J3 7assion > 8"#ress3 sight3 #rolonged3 26!

    S'"#aticus Level 53 Extrovert > E"#ath'3 sensor'3 #rolonged3 26!

    7u##etr' Level K3 Ego > (ocus3 touch3 #rolonged3 26!Sixth Sense

    Sensitivit' Level 23 7erce#tion > O*serve3 sensor'3 #rolonged- 26!Darksense Level 3 Extrovert > O*serve3 sensor'3 #rolonged3 26!

    Su*tle Sight Level 03 Hu"an > O*serve3 sight3 te"#orar'3 26!

    7re"onition Level :3 Extrovert > O*serve3 sensor'3 te"#orar'3 26!

    (ar Sight Level O*serve3 distance3 #rolonged3 26!

    (ar Sound Level 93 Extrovert > O*serve3 distance3 #rolonged3 26!

    Shared Sense Level J3 Extrovert > E"#ath'3 distance3 #rolonged3 26!6'rd Sight Level 53 8ntrovert > O*serve3 sight3 te"#orar'3 26!

    Senses Shock Level K3 Extrovert > 8"#ress3 touch3 instant3 26!So!a

    Toughening Level 23 8ntrovert > ,igor3 #rolonged3 26!

    Strengthening Level 3 7assion > ,igor3 #rolonged3 26!

    uickening Level 03 Cal" > ,igor3 #rolonged3 26!

    Hardening Level :3 8ntrovert > Stoic Bod'3 #rolonged3 26!

    Siing Level ,igor3 #rolonged3 26!

    Masking Level 93 Extrovert > Char"3 #rolonged3 26!

    %ecovering Level J3 8ntrovert > %e"ed'3 instant3 26!Slowing Level 53 Cal" > (ocus3 #rolonged3 26!

    Closing Level K3 8ntrovert > ,igor3 #rolonged 26!,ther aths@ ,isioning3 Cloaking3 Turning

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns



    $ctivated when the character 4u"*les a 7si roll/ The character can s#end a 6'rd 7oint in

    order to atte"#t to regain control 1 Cal" > Stoic Mind or (ocus3 while the Urge twin

    uses 7assion > 8"#ress/The 6'rd 7oint goes into the Urge twinIs 6'rd 7ool/S#eak in Tongues Level 23 Extrovert > +naver'!Misdirection Level 3 6its > (ocus!

    ,oices Level 03 7erce#tion > +naver'!

    6'rd Drain Level :3 8ntrovert > ,igor!

    ,isions Level +naver'!Urges Level 93 7assion > E"#ath' or Torture!

    De"entia Ego > +naver'!

    Outer Child Level 53 Extrovert > (ocus!

    Do##leganger Level K3 Extrovert > ,igor!

    -ainin( 3r(e.#a'oo oll /e%els

    %e4using sacra"ent Ego > Stoic Mind 2

    Missing consecration 4or "ore than 2 'ear Ego > (ocus 2

    Su44ering 8nuisatorial torture Cal" > Stoic Mind 2-

    Su44ering exco""unication (aith > Stoic Mind -0

    Ex#osure to another #s'chicIs Urge 7si > Stoic Mind 2

    (u"*ling a #s'chic 7ower %oll 7si > Stoic Mind or (ocus 2Ex#osure to alien occult #owers Hu"an or $lien > Stoic Mind 2

    Ex#osure to evil arti4act Hu"an or $lien > Stoic Mind 2-0

    Declaring a vendetta 7assion > (ocus 2

    Murder 7assion > (ocus 2-

    %a#e 7assion > (ocus 2-

    Stealing 6its > (ocus 2

    %e*ellion against house3 Church3 E"#eror! 6its > (ocus 2

    %osin( 3r(e

    *eed oll /e%els

    7ilgri"age (aith > ,igor 2

    Church "erc' *eco"ing 7enitent! (aith > (ocus 2-

    7er4or"ing Church "ission (aith > (ocus 2Ex#osure to Soul Shard 7si > Stoic Mind or (ocus -0

    Ex#osure to 7hiloso#herIs Stone 7si > Stoic Mind or (ocus 2

    Sel4less sacri4ice 7asssion > E"#ath' 2-

    Ex#osure to Second %e#u*lic 7si Clinic 8ntrovert > Stoic Mind or (ocus 2-

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    Fading Suns

    Theur(ic !owers


    /iturg" /! 1 S#oken words 1 long orations or short #ra'ers

    GesturesG! 1 S'"*ols and signs "ust *e traced in air or on o*ect o4 the ritual/

    Si"#le cross 1 co"#lex rune/

    ra"er! 1 Meditation 1 short "o"ent o4 concentration or hours-long trance/


    7rovide >2 *onus/ >2 4or ever' two additional vest"ents/ O44icial Church ,est"ents cost2 Bene4ice 7oint/

    Vest!ent #"pe o0 itualMiter %ank :>! 6isdo" Divine %evelation3 Tongues o4 Ba*el!Crosier %ank 0>! Co""and3 leadershi# Devotional Liturg'3 Exorcis"!

    %o*es 7rotection $r"or o4 the 7ancreator!

    Censor Cleansing Cleansing3 Consecration!

    u"#gate Cross Morale3 avert Dis#ersing the Darkness3 (earso"e Maest'!6ater Healing La'ing on o4 Hands3 Healing Hand o4 St/ $"althea!

    %osar' Bead Concentration3 "editation %ighteous $ssignation o4

    7enance3 %ighteous (ervor!


    %elics assist theurgics *' #roviding 6'rd or allowing the" to cast rites the' have 'et tolearn/

    Castin& Multiple 0ituals"

    ite enalt"

    (irst rite ?one

    Second rite -

    Third rite -:(ourth rite -9

    (i4th rite -5

    Sixth rite -2.


    $n' ti"e a theurgist 4u"*les a rite casting3 he "ust roll Theurg' > (ocus or gain a levelo4 Hu*ris/

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    Theur(ic !owers.hurch ituals

    The 7ro#hetIs Hol' Blessing Level 23 (aith > (ocus3 &3 touch3 26!

    The Devotional Liturg' Level 3 Extrovert > Orator'3 L3 sensor'3 #rolonged3 26!The La'ing On o4 Hands Level 03 Cal" > %e"ed'3 73 touch3 instant3 26!

    The 7ro#hetIs Censure Level :3 7assion > (ocus3 L&3 sight3 26!

    The 7ul#itIs &i4t Level Orator'3 L&3 sensor'3 one act3 26!

    The Tongues o4 Ba*el Level 93 6its > E"#ath'3 &73 #rolonged3 26!

    The %ighteous $ssignation o4 7enance Level J3 (aith > E"#ath'3 L73 26!

    Shield o4 (aith Level 53 Extrovert > (ocus3 &73 26!7rovidential Deliverance Level K3 (aith > (ocus3 L&73 26!

    ,rthodox ituals

    Consecration Level 23 (aith > (ocus3 &73 touch3 one act3 26!

    Light Level 3 7assion > (ocus3 &3 #rolonged3 26!

    $r"or o4 the 7ancreator Level 03 (aith > Dodge3 L&3 #rolonged3 26!

    (aith4ul Heart Level :3 8ntrovert > Stoic Mind3 L73 #rolonged3 26!

    Dis#ersal o4 Darkness Level 8"#ress3 L&3 te"#orar'3 26!

    Consecration o4 Land Level 93 &73 one act3 26!

    Blessing the Cro#s Level J3 Extrovert > Survival3 L&73 26!

    Exorcis" Level 53 (aith > 8"#ress3 L&73 sensor'3 26!Sealing the Te"#le Level K3 Cal" > 8"#ress3 L&73 #rolonged3 26!

    Brother Battle ituals

    SoulIs ,essel Level 23 Extrovert > Stoic Bod'3 73 #rolonged3 26!%ight4ull' &uided Hand Level 3 (aith > (ight3 Shoot3 or Melee3 L&3 te"#orar'3 26!

    $r"or o4 the 7ancreator Level 03 (aith > Dodge3 L& #rolonged3 26!

    %ighteous (ervor Level :3 7assion > ,igor3 L3 one act3 26!

    Liturg' o4 the 6rath4ul Host Level Char"3 L73 sensor'3 #rolonged3 26!

    S"iting Hand Level 93 (aith > ,igor3 L&3 instant3 26!

    (earso"e Maest' Level J3 7assion > 8"#ress3 L&3 sight3 #rolonged3 26!

    Oath o4 the Shield"ates Level 53 Extrovert > E"#ath'3 L&73 sensor'3 #rolonged3 26!Salutation to Pakha'elos3 Lord o4 Hosts Level K3 7assion > 8"#ress3 L&73 26!

    $skatonic ,rder ituals

    Celestial $lign"ent Level 23 7erce#tion > O*serve3 73 #er#etual3 26!

    Divine %evelation Level 3 6its > (ocus3 73 26!

    %ending the ,eil o4 Unreason Level 03 7erce#tion > (ocus3 73 sight3 #rolonged3 26!

    Second Sight Level :3 7erce#tion > (ocus3 73 sight3 #rolonged3 26!Osseous Trans"utation Level $lche"'3 L&3 touch3 #er#etual3 26!

    $ll-Seeing E'e Level 93 Extrovert > O*serve3 L73 #rolonged3 26!%e4ine"ent o4 Essence Level J3 Extrovert > $lche"'3 L&3 touch3 #er#etual3 26!

    8nvestiture Level 53 Cal" > (ocus3 L&73 touch3 #er#etual3 26!

    +nowledge o4 Conversation o4 Tholu"i'elos3 Lord o4 6isdo" Level K3 7assion >

    8"#ress3 L&73 26!#e!ple A%esti ituals

    +nowing the (alse Heart Level 23 7erce#tion > E"#ath'3 &3 sight3 #rolonged3 26!

    Scent o4 Evil Level 3 7erce#tion > E"#ath'3 &73 sensor'3 #rolonged3 26!

    Sting o4 Conscience Level 03 Extrovert > 8"#ress3 L&3 sight3 #rolonged3 26!Torch*earing Level :3 7assion > (ocus3 &3 touch3 te"#orar'3 26!

    (ault o4 the Soulless Level relevant Tech %ede"#tion3 L&3 sight3 26!

    (earso"e Maest' Level 93 7assion > 8"#ress3 L&3 sight3 #rolonged3 26!

    8nuisator' Co""and"ent Level J3 7assion > 8nuir'3 L3 sight3 te"#orar'3 26!

    Tortures o4 the Da"ned Level 53 7assion > 8"#ress3 L&3 sight3 #rolonged3 26!

    7etition to ache"u'elos3 Lord o4 udg"ent Level K3 7assion > 8"#ress3 L&73 26!

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    Sanctuar" Aeon ituals

    Cleansing Level 23 (aith > (ocus3 L&73 touch3 #rolonged3 26!

    Hearth Level 3 7assion > (ocus3 L&3 touch3 #rolonged3 26!

    Cal"ing Level 03 Cal" > Char"3 &3 sight3 #rolonged3 26!

    +nowing Heart Level :3 7erce#tion > E"#ath'3 73 sight3 te"#orar'3 26!

    (ruit4ul Multi#lication Level Sleight o4 Hand3 L73 touch3 #er#etual3 26!

    Manna 4ro" Heaven Level 93 (aith > (ocus3 L73 26!

    Healing Hand o4 Saint $"althea Level J3 Cal" > 7h'sick3 L&73 touch3 instant3 26!

    Sanctuar' Level 53 (aith > Char"3 L&73 #rolonged3 26!

    8nvitation to Ha"o"e'elos3 Lord o4 Merc' Level K3 7assion > 8"#ress3 L&73 26!


    These re#resent the changing relationshi# *etween the theurge and the

    7ancreator;universe/ Most are #er"anent/ The Hu*ris does not take control3 it "erel'

    alters/$vert Beast Level 2!

    &uilt' Soul Level !

    Ble"ishes Level 0!

    (lagellation Level :!

    Dolorous Stroke Level

    (aithless Level 9!

    6aste Land Level J!

    7lague Level 5!Dead 6orld Level K!

    -ainin( 1u,ris.

    #a'oo oll /e%els

    %e4using sacra"ent Ego > Stoic Mind 2

    Missing con4ession 4or "ore than 2 "onth Ego > (ocus 2

    Su44ering 8nuisitorial torture Cal" > Stoic Mind 2-

    Su44ering exco""unication (aith > Stoic Mind -0

    (u"*ling a theurg' rite Theurg' > (ocus 2

    Ex#osure to alien occult #owers (aith > Stoic Mind 2

    Ex#osure to evil arti4act (aith > Stoic Mind 2-0

    Declaring a vendetta 7assion > (ocus 2Murder 7assion > (ocus 2-

    %a#e 7assion > (ocus 2-

    Stealing 6its > (ocus 2

    8nventing a #roscri*ed tech 6its > (ocus 2

    %e*ellion against sect (aith > (ocus 2

    Starting 'our own sect (aith > (ocus 2-0

    %osin( 1u,ris.

    *eed oll /e%els

    7ilgri"age (aith > ,igor 2Church "erc' a*solution 4or sins! (aith > (ocus 2-

    (orsaking Theurg' 2 'ear3 lose 2 Theurg' level! (aith > (ocus 0

    7er4or"ing a Church Mission (aith > (ocus 2Ex#osure to a Soul Shard Hu"an;$lien > Stoic Mind;(ocus 2-

    Ex#osure to a 7hiloso#herIs Stone Hu"an;$lien > Stoic Mind;(ocus 2

    Sel4less Sacri4ice 7assion > E"#ath' 2-

    Ex#osure to relic once #er relic! (aith > (ocus 2

    Converting new 4aithless heathens3 heretics! (aith > E"#ath' 2-Converting other sects (aith > Char" or 8"#ress 2

    %enewing the 4aith o4 one who had lost it (aith > E"#ath' 2-0

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    Fading Suns


    Com,at !rocedure.

    2/ $nitiati/e"

    / *oal 0oll"Characteristic > Skill = ?atural &oal ?u"*er

    ?atural &oal ?u"*er >;- "od4iers = Modi4ied &oal ?u"*er

    0/ .a%a&e 0oll Da"age Dice = 6ea#onIs Da"age Dice > E44ect Dice

    Critical Success = Dice x &oal ?u"*er = 20Each die that suceeds = 2 #oint o4 da"age

    Da"age@ ,italit' - Da"age 7oint - $r"or!


    Basic@ (ist3 +ick3 &ra##le3 Charge3 and Dodge/

    S#ecialied actions reuire skills/ ex/ Martial $rts!

    'ist" $ #unch3 sla#3 or strike with the hand or ar"/ick"$ strike or swee# with leg or 4oot/

    *rapple" Success4ul goal roll indicates he has gra**ed his o##onent/

    O##osed Strength > ,igor to Hold hi" cannot "ove or dodge!/Turns 2eld Attacker3s Bonus

    Second >

    Third >:

    (ourth >9(i4th >5

    Sixth >2.

    Char&e" %un 4ull throttle with intent to da"age target/2d 4or ever' 0 "eters traveled/

    > next turn to initiative and goal roll i4 success4ul

    Stand p= actions

    .od&e"$voids atte"#ts to da"age *' "oving out o4 the wa'/Contested $ction@ Dexterit' > Dodge

    A'ort to *odge@ Cancelling another action to dodgeQ -: #enalt' to Dodge

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns



    +ith ,ther Action@ 2 "eter in an' direction w;o #enalt' to other actions

    Multiple Actions1?or"al #enalt' a##lies3 count "oving as 2 action/

    Single Action@ Move u# to "axi"u" running s#eed@

    2. "eters > successes on Dex>,igor roll!

    Getting 2p@ &etting u# 4ro" a #rone #osition takes actions/


    Stun= Character taking "ore da"age in one *low than his Endurance/ Lose all4urther actions 4or that turn/

    Knock 2nconscious= $tte"#t to knock unconscious "ade at -:/

    Da"age "ust exceed Endurance/ Target rolls Endurance > ,igorQ 4ailure

    indicates heIs 4allen unconscious otherwise he is stunned!/ $4ter a nu"*ero4 turns eual to the da"age taken3 the character "a' again "ake

    Endurance > ,igor checks until he awakens/ $ critical 4ailure on the check

    indicates he has 4allen unconscious 4or one hour/

    ire/ Da"age #oints a##lied directl' to ar"or/'la%e .a%a&e Points

    Candle 2Torch 0

    Bon4ire :-9

    Che"ical 4ire 2

    Sur#ace .a%a&eShar# rocks3 s#ikes >d

    So4t "attress! -0 da"age #oints

    6ater -: da"age #oints


    Basic"2 ,ital Level #er "onth3 2 ?on-,ital Level #er week/'irst Aid" $d"inistered within 2. "inutes o4 the wound 6its > %e"ed'!/

    8""ediatel' heals 2 ,italit' level/ Critical Success = levels/

    -li4ir"%oll drugIs #otenc' usuall' > d!3 each hit heals one wound #oint/

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    Fading Suns

    Com,at "odifiers

    Stren(th Bonus.

    Stren&th .a%a&e Bonus

    2-< .

    9-5 >2K-22 >

    2 >0


    Co/er .od&e BonusL'ing down >2Behind #artial cover a crate! >

    Behind 4ull cover a wall! >:

    Ran(e !enalties.

    0an&e Penalty (*oal 0oll)

    Short %ange none

    Long %ange -Extre"e %ange -:

    !erception "odifiers.Perception Modi#ier Condition

    - Moonlit night

    -: (og or S"oke

    -9 ?ear or Total Darkness> 6ell-lit

    - Extre"el' *right lit

    -: Blindingl' *right lit> Utterl' silent

    - Loud noise

    -: Extre"el' Loud ?oise

    !h)sical O,stacles.

    .e4terity Modi#ier 5bstacle,Condition- Sli##er' 4loor

    - 7er4or"ing a (ight or Melee attack 4ro" the ground

    > 7er4or"ing a (ight or Melee attack against a target

    on the ground- $ttacking 4ro" #artial cover

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    -: $ttacking 4ro" 4ull cover *ehind a wall!

    -: 7er4or"ing an action while running

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    Fading Suns

    Com,at & Action Charts

    Basic Actions Chart.Action. oll Init Goal *MG $00ect

    (ist Dex>(ight

    +ick Dex>(ight -2 0

    &ra##le Dex>(ight - See Co"*at %e4/

    Charge Dex>(ight -0 0> See Co"*at %e4/Dodge Dex>Dodge n;a See Co"*at %e4/

    "artial Arts Actions Chart.Action. oll. Init Goal *MG $00ect

    Martial (ist Dex>(ight 0

    Martial +ick Dex>(ight -2 :

    Martial Hold Dex>(ight -2 0 84 success4ul3 roll Dex>(ight > victor'

    #oints! vs/ targetIs Str>,igor/ 84 success4ul3target is gra##lied/

    Block Dex>Dodge n;a $s Dodge/ 84 success4ul3 add three successes

    to resist attacks/

    Martial Throw Dex>(ight - 0 84 success4ul3 roll Dex>(ight > victor'

    #oints! vs/ targetIs Str>,igor/ 84 success4ul3

    throw target 2";success u# to Str/ $dd 2d

    DM& #er 0" thrown/

    Claw (ist Dex>(ight :

    Tornado +ick Dex>(ight -2 (ight - > 0

    Lea#ing +ick Dex>(ight - -2 9

    Choke Hold Dex>(ight -0 -2 : $4ter three turns gra##ling3 roll Str>,igor

    vs/ targetIs End>,igor/ 84 success4ul3 target

    4alls unconscious/

    S#eed (ist Dex>(ight -0 -2 : >0 successes against dodges and *locks

    Tri# +ick Dex>(ight > 0 %oll vs/ targetIs Dex>,igor/ 84 success4ul3target is knocked down/

    Throw &rou# Dex>(ight - 0 $s #er Martial Throw/ Can throw 2 attacker

    #er (ight rating/

    Block Strike Dex>(ight >;. .;0 Block o##onentIs attack/ 84 success4ul3 roll

    Martial (ist with no "ulti#le action #enalt'/

    7ower (ist Dex>(ight -2 < O#t@ S#end 2 6'rd to add 2d DM&/,ital Strike Dex>(ight -0 - 0 %oll co"#le"entar' 7er>7h'sick@ add

    victor' dice to DM&/

    -raa /orox "artial Arts0 Actions Chart.Action. oll. Init Goal *MG $00ect

    Banga Charge! Dex>(ight -0 0> 84 success4ul3 attacker and target knocked

    down/ $dd DM&;0" run/

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    Drox ndHand! Dex>(ight - $llows a second action with no "ulti#le

    action #enalt'/

    Throx 0rdHand! Dex>(ight -0 $llows third action with no "ulti#le action


  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    Fencin( Actions Chart.Action. oll. Init Goal *MG $00ect

    7arr' Dex>Melee > n;a %oll victor' dice > wea#on DM& as ar"or/

    Thrust Dex>Melee >

    Slash Dex>Melee - >2

    (lat o4 Blade Dex>Melee -0d ?o victor' dice are added/

    Draw Strike Dex>Melee - Draw sword and strike in sa"e action/Disar" Dex>Melee - 84 success4ul3 roll Dex>Melee > victor'

    #oints! vs/ targetIs Str>Melee/ 84 success4ul3

    target dro#s *lade3 which can *e thrown 2"

    #er victor' #oint/

    (eint Dex>Melee - -2 $dd 0 successes against dodges onl'/

    O44-hand Dex>Melee Su44er no #enalties 4or o44-hand wea#ons/

    7arr';%i#oste Dex>Melee >;-2 7arr' o##onentIs attack/ 84 success4ul3 roll

    attack with no "ulti#le action #enalt'/

    Cloak Dex>Melee .;-2 7arr' o##onentIs attack with a cloak in the

    o44-hand ar"or = victor' #oints>0!/ 84

    success4ul3 attacker can atte"#t to Disar"o##onent with no "ulti#le action #enalt'/

    $thletic Strike Dex>Melee -0 - 7er4or" athletic 4eat swing 4ro"

    chandelier! in sa"e action with no "ulti#le

    action #enalt'/

    7ierce Dex>Melee - -0 8gnore targetIs #h'sical ar"or not energ'


    Dou*le Strike Dex>Melee -2 -2 $ttack with #ri"ar' and o44-hand wea#on in

    sa"e action roll *oth attacks se#aratel'!/

    Firearms Actions Chart.

    irear! Actions are not purchased- the" si!pl" re3uire the necessar" le%el o0pro0icienc" in the Shoot skill.

    Action. /e%el. oll. Init Goal *MG $00ect

    $i" Dex>Shoot -0 >2;turn Maxi"u" *onus is 0 "ore i4 sight is used!/

    0-round *urst Dex>Shoot -2 -2 >2

    9-round *urst Dex>Shoot - - >0

    E"#t' Cli# Dex>Shoot - -: >< >0 successes against dodges onl'

    S#read Dex>Shoot - -2;" >2 Can *e #er4or"ed with a dodge 4or no

    #enalt' no other actions "a' *e taken in

    sa"e turn!/Sna#shot 0 Dex>Shoot >2 - Can *e #er4or"ed with a dodge 4or no

    #enalt' no other actions "a' *e taken in

    sa"e turn!/

    uick Draw < Dex>Shoot - -2 Draw guns and 4ire in sa"e action/

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    %ecock J Dex>Shoot - -2 %ecock ri4le or shotgun

    and 4ire in sa"e action/Fading Suns

    Com,at & 2eapons Charts


    S#4 Strength necessar' to use the wea#on/&G 4%ange in "eters Short %ange;Long %ange3 an'thing larger is Extre"e!ate= "axi"u" nu"*er o4 actions allowed with this wea#on #er turnSI5= FS extra s"all!3 S s"all!3 M "ediu"!3 L large!3 FL extra large!

    ost= Bene4ice costShot= ?u"*er o4 shots *e4ore a reload is necessar'/

    "elee 2eapons.+eapon. oll Goal *MG S# SI5 ost

    +ni4e Dex>Melee 0 2 S .

    Dirk Dex>Melee : M .

    Main &auche Dex>Melee 0 M .

    %a#ier Dex>Melee < 0 L .

    Broadsword Dex>Melee 9 : L .

    Sci"itar Dex>Melee 9 0 L .Two-handed Sword Dex>Melee 5 9 FL .

    $xe Dex>Melee J < L .

    Clu* Dex>Melee : L .

    Mace Dex>Melee < 0 L .

    (lail Dex>Melee : : L .

    Main &auche@ 6hen #arr'ing3 ar"or is < > victor' #oints/

    Two-handed Sword@ >2 initiative/

    Artifact "elee 2eapons.+eapon. oll Goal *MG S# SI5 ost

    6ire*lade Dex>Melee J L 2

    (lux Sword Dex>Melee >2 9 0 L 22

    Mist Sword Dex>Melee >2 9 0 L 20

    6ire*lade@ 8gnores #h'sical ar"or not energ' shields!/

    (lux and Mist Swords can leak through energ' shields/ %oll da"age nor"all'3 *ut those dice which roll 23

    3 03 :3 or < ignore shields/

    Thrown 2eapons.+eapon. oll Goal *MG S# &G ate SI5 ost

    +ni4e Dex>Throwing 0 0 Throwing Throwing ,igor 2- 2-0

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    $ character "a' add his Strength to thrown wea#on da"age/

    $ssu"es extra wea#ons are waiting in the o44-hand/ One 4ull action to Aload the o44-hand/

    %ock@ 84 Throwing skill is used instead o4 ,igor3 add one to the goal roll/

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    Bows and Cross,ows.+eapon. oll Goal *MG S# &G ate SI5 ost

    Hunting Bow Dex>$rcher' : : .;0. 0 M .

    Long Bow Dex>$rcher' 9 9 :.;9. L .

    Target Bow Dex>$rcher' 0 0 0.;:. M .

    Hand Cross*ow Dex>Shoot 0 0! 2.;. 2 S .

    Mediu" Cross*ow Dex>Shoot 9 09! .;0. 2 M .Heav' Cross*ow Dex>Shoot 5 05! .;0. 2 L .

    Bows@ -2 goal 4or ever' level o4 Strength reuired a*ove characterIs own/

    Cross*ows@ ?u"*er in #arantheses is Strength reuired to recock *ow/ Two actions to reload cross*owQ i4

    character does not have the strength it takes an entire turn 1 unless the *ow has a crank or tool to aid hi"/

    Slu( -uns.+eapon. oll Goal *MG &G Shots ate SI5 ost

    Derringer Dex>Shoot -2 0 Shoot : 2.;. 9 0 S 2;2 #er 0 cli#s

    Lt/ $uto4eed /0! Dex>Shoot : 2.;. 20 0 S 2;2 #er 0 cli#s

    Med/ %evolver /:.! Dex>Shoot < .;0. 9 0 S ;2

    Med/ $uto4eed /:.! Dex>Shoot < .;0. 2. 0 S ;2Hv'/ %evolver /:J! Dex>Shoot 9 0.;:. 9 0 M 0;2

    Hv'/ $uto4eed /:J! Dex>Shoot 9 0.;:. 5 0 M 0;2

    $ssault %i4le /:.! Dex>Shoot J :.;9. 0. 0$! FL 0;2

    Sni#er %i4le 2.""! Dex>Shoot J Shoot < 0.;:. . 0$! L 0;2

    Shotgun Dex>Shoot 5 .;0. J L 0;2

    (irst cost is 4or the gun3 the second is 4or two cli#s;loads o4 *ullets/

    $! = &un is ca#a*le o4 auto4ire/

    ner() -uns.+eapon. oll Goal *MG &G Shots ate SI5 ost

    7al" Laser Dex>Shoot 0 Shoot >2 < 2.;. 2< S Shoot >2 J 0.;:. 0 FL J

    $ssault Laser Dex>Shoot >2 5 .;0. . FL 5

    Blaster 7istol Dex>Shoot J 2.;. 2. 2 S J

    Blaster %i4le Dex>Shoot K .;0. 2< 2 FL K

    Blaster Shotgun Dex>Shoot > K 2.;. 5 2 L 2.

    Screecher Sonic!Dex>Shoot >2 < 2.;. 2< 2 S ,igor/ 84 roll 4ails3 target is stunned 4or that

    turn losing an' actions not taken! and the next/ 84 roll is critical 4ailure3 target 4alls unconscious/ 84 da"agetaken is greater than Endurance3 roll as a*ove3 *ut 4ailure "eans target is knocked unconscious/ Stunner

    da"age heals co"#letel' a4ter one s#anQ "ark it with an AS on the character sheet/

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns


    Fading Suns

    Com,at & Armor Charts

    Armor Chart.Ar!or *e0ense *ex Vigor ost

    7added Clothing E! 2

    Heav' Clothing E!

    Leather erkin >d

    Studded Leather >0d

    Scale Mail 0>0d -2 -2 2

    Hal4 #late 0>0d -2

    Chain"ail :>:d -2 - 7late ar"or 0d vs/ 4ire

    7si Cloak 2.d 2Melee 0>0d 0 M

    Large Shield Dex>Melee 0d vs/ *ullets

    %oll to contest o##onentIs attacks and a##l' de4ense dice against o##onentIs da"age *e4ore a##l'ing

    other ar"or/

    ner() Shields.Shield rotection Hits ost


  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns



    Fading Suns


    Tech %evel Chart.

    Tech Le/el -ra $te%. Stone $ge (lint dagger

    2 Medieval Swords3 wagons

    %enaissance &un#owder 0 ,ictorian Electricit'

    : Mid-.thCentur';

    (ading Suns $ircra4t3 earl' co"#uters< Dias#ora S#acecra4t3 cera"steel9 Earl' nd%e#u*lic $dvanced starshi#s3 advanced co"#uters

    J Second %e#u*lic Shields3 ro*ots earl' $8!

    5 ,autech;Late nd%e#u*lic Terra4or"ing3 advanced $8

    K Lesser Urtech Soul Shard

    2. Urtech u"#gate

    6ualit) Chart

    6uality Manu#acture

    >0 7re"iu" Second %e#u*lic!> Master guildwork

    >2 Su#erior artisanshi#

    . Standard-2 7oor work"anshi#

    - Saturda' ?ight S#ecial;4irst generation tech ust invented3 still has *ugs!

    -0 7ri"itive3 disre#air 4u"*le will *reak it!


    Technolog' 4or 4usion #ower lost 1 *ut "an' #ower #lants still exist/(usion Cell = Standard *atter' used *' the Second %e#u*lic/

  • 8/12/2019 Cheat Sheet Fading Suns



    8"#erial (ire*ird = Standard

    House;%egenc' Coin = 7rinted *' lords&uilders = 7rinted *' &uilds


    Planet 2ouse Coin *uilder u"#s 4ro" B'antiu" 88 no value no value

    0-: u"#s awa' R value W value

    u"#s awa' 4ull value R value7lanet ruled *' coinIs "inter 4ull value 4ull value

    %uled *' rival o4 "inter none to W none to 2;5

    Space Travel.

    S#eed = ?o higher than 2