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Chiang Mai Trip Fonk

Date post:09-Mar-2016
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Chiang Mai trip




    Silpakorn University International College

  • Panoramic Photography

  • Good Morning

    There is no such thing that is perfect than a beautiful morning on the top of the mountain. The calmness and a harmony color of the sky makes you feel relax and peaceful. Besides, it would be even better if you were there with your soul mate and enjoy this moment together.

  • Desert Path

    Everything looks so far away. This short path becomes longer than before and the mixed of the dryness and the heat from the sun makes you feel like being burn. No matter how long you keep walking you will never reach the destination.

  • Midnight Street

    Even though, its already dark but people still walking and shopping at a walking street because it is a well-known place that whoever come to Chiang Mai has to visit.

  • Landscape Cityscape

  • Tourists

    A new place, new environment, and new culture can be surprise tourists. It is normal for them to appreciate a beauty of the different cultures.

  • More than grass

    Are you worthless than grass? Grass might look useless to you but it is a toughness thing I ever knew because no matter how many they got stepped on, they will always recovery and stand back up again. Its ashamed if you cannot do it like them.

  • Light and Shadow This is a different perspective view of the temple. The temple that is always shines every time the sunlight reflects. What would happen if the light did not make it through?

  • Rocks Path This rocks path is hard to get through, because they have so many obstacles to stop us from moving forward. It shows that life is not smooth as we hope it would be.

  • Terrace Agriculture has been along with Asians for thousands of years. The rice terraces make farming life easier by increase in crop area and help to pre-vent floods. It also helps solve the problem in terms of irrigation water by storing rain water.

  • Lines Curves Patterns

  • Exit

    When you are tired and want to give up just stop thinking about those problems. Take a long breath, close your eyes and think about a good time that you spend with someone special. You will feel better and ready to walking along the path of light.

  • Look Up

    The shape and structure of a handmade paper lamp is created exclusively by the folding of durable paper. From this perspective, it shows a very delicate item that can warm you up by just looking at it.

  • Twin

    Identical twins are thought to be exactly alike, but there are many differences.

  • Belief

    Some people believe that if they do a good thing in this life then they will lives happily in next life. However, we never knew that it is truth or not.

  • Scales The scales are not only have a pretty shape and pattern. It also shows the hardness that can protect itself.

  • Donations

    Donating is a good way to show that you are care about others. Even though, you did not get anything in return but you have given a hope for a person who does not have a chance.

  • Portraits

  • In Her Farm Farming is a tiring job, but this woman still enjoying it. Her face did not show any exhausted sign, instead she was smiling. It seems like she happy to see those strawberries growing.

  • His Duty It is a trained monks duty to take care of the temple, including statues in a surrounding area.

  • Professional Even though, her tools and her protection might not be safety, however, with her experience she knows that she will not cut herself for sure.

  • Hard Work Although, she has an aggressive look on her face but that does not mean she was angry. Maybe she was tired and wanted to go home after a long day.

  • Talented A teenager was trying to show off his special move, because he had been practices it so many times to make it perfect. He has spit-second of a smile on his face that he was happy about it.

  • Concentrate

    According to his duty, the trained monk has to repair the statue as it was before. So he needs to concentrate on what he was doing. Although, there were many people talking, yelling and walking passed by, he did not care about them.

  • Night Pictures

  • Shine Not only people need a light to guide them, sometimes the natures need it too.

  • Between

    This picture shows the magnificent hotel that proudly present that they do not afraid of other competition hotel.

  • Firefly

    If you glimpse at this photo quickly, you might see a firefly instead of a handmade flowers.

  • Oasis While we were fighting with the coldness of the low temperature on the mountain. This place was an oasis for us to buy warm foods and drinks.

  • Never Give Up

    No matter how many times he fell down, he always get up and tried it again. It shows that he has a passion in his activity.

  • Texture Collections

  • Red Dirt

    In some situation, it is okay to be standing out from the rest. So be proud of yourself.

  • Hard or Soft

    The appearance of straws may look like a fur, but they are not soft when you touch it .

  • Concealed

    Sometimes things look good only on the surface and inside they are not pretty as like what you imagine.

  • Tough

    The rusty pattern shows that it had been through a lot of things.

  • Crack

    The green color is standing out on the concrete just like it was painted by the nature.

  • Color Mosaic

  • Intense Red Red is an emotionally intense color and high visibility. Its can make you become energetic and more active. Every time I see red color its give me strength and motivation so I do not feel tried.

  • Personal Selection

  • THAI Flags Thailand will never be defeated by anyone but ourselves, that is why we need to support our country and live in harmony.

  • A Small Candle

    A blaze from a small candle look tiny while you hold them, but let it go, and you learn at once how powerful it is.

  • Fire of life Human life will never last forever so how long can we struggling through it. Although, there are many people tried to cheat by changing their destiny but it did not extend their live at all. Unfortunately, life will come to an end.

  • The Right Place Sometimes it is a good chance to leave the city and become a part of nature. Forget all about the daily routine and live by our instinct. It is a perfect for people who need freedom and peaceful place to release all the pressure.

  • Similar

    Their pose might be the same but their purpose might be different.

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