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Chlorella Free Report ATTENTION, All Health-Conscious Men & Women! Experience the Chlorella Connection: Detoxification,Digestion,PainRelief,DiseasePrevention,and AmazingBenefitsfor14 OtherVitalHealthConcerns   AllinOne EffectiveNutrient!  Ask yourself these questions:  Would you be interested in taking a nutrient packed with a multitude of the most essential, health-boosting elements?  What would you say to a dietary supplement shown to successfully detoxify, cleanse and nourish your body of harmful toxins?  Can you do without the vital benefits of improved digestion and elimination, enhanced energy and wound healing, and increased immune, neurological and cardiovascular health? And that’s only the start! Read on, and prepare to be amazed…  Formatted: Centered
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8/2/2019 Chlorella FREE Report

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Chlorella Free Report

ATTENTION, All Health-Conscious Men & Women!

Experience the Chlorella Connection:Detoxification, Digestion, Pain Relief, Disease Prevention, and

Amazing Benefits for 14 Other Vital Health Concerns – All in OneEffective Nutrient! 

Ask yourself these questions:

 Would you be interested in taking a nutrient packed with amultitude of the most essential, health-boosting elements?

  What would you say to a dietary supplement shown tosuccessfully detoxify, cleanse and nourish your body ofharmful toxins?

  Can you do without the vital benefits of improved digestionand elimination, enhanced energy and wound healing, andincreased immune, neurological and cardiovascularhealth? 

And that’s only the start!Read on, and prepare to be amazed… 

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8/2/2019 Chlorella FREE Report

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Chlorella is truly a multi-functional nutritional supplement, as this

report will clearly illustrate.

Within these pages you will be astounded to learn that this nutrient‘s

properties include:


The Situation with Supplements……………………………..XXThe Trouble with Toxins……………………………………….XXChlorella’s Background………………………………………. XXChlorella’s Composition……………………………………….XXChlorella & Chlorophyll………………………………………...XXDetoxification & Cleansing…………………………………….XXChlorella Growth Factor (CGF)………………………………. XXCGF & RNA/DNA Production…………………………………. XXCGF and Immune Health………………………………………..XXCGF and Healing…………………………………………………XX 

Digestion & Elimination……………………………………….. XXImmune Function……………………………………………….. XXCancer……………………………………………………………. .XXLiver Health………………………………………………………. XX

Cardiovascular Health…………………………………………...XXChlorella and Cholesterol……………………………………… XX Chlorella and Weight Loss…………………………………….. XXEnergy, Memory and Stress Relief…………………………….XX Muscles and Joints……………………………………………… XXFibromyalgia……………………………………………………….XX Chronic Fatigue Syndrome…………………………………......XX Sex Drive………………………………………………………….. XXVision Health………………………………………………………XX Testimonials……………………………………………………….XX 

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8/2/2019 Chlorella FREE Report

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―Between you and me, do you value your health?‖ 

Of course you do! And no doubt, you probably take great pains to follow a plan that

involves the following factors:

  A healthy, well-rounded diet, incorporating each of the major foodgroups

  An effective and invigorating program of both cardiovascular and weight-training exercises

  A daily regimen of health-boosting vitamins, minerals,antioxidants, and other dietary supplements… 

So, if you ensure that these three factors are a regular part of your lifestyle, your good

health – both now and in the future – is guaranteed, right? WRONG! 

Here‘s The ―Bad‖ News: 

The Situation with Supplements

Unfortunately, even if you manage to incorporate these three tools into your daily

routine, you may still be at risk for pain, sickness, diseases and even death. And, there is

no guarantee that your overall health will improve, no matter how much you exercise, or

how many supplements you take.

―Why,‖ you may ask? Well, a regular regimen of dietary supplements -- including

vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants – may not provide you with all the nutrients yourbody needs to fight off illness and cleanse away the toxic invaders that can be dragging

down your health!

  Here’s why… Missing ingredients -- Not every supplement is formulated

with your optimal health in mind. The truth is, certain leading brands may

actually be missing vital vitamins and minerals. And the labels of these products

may even be misleading.

  Inadequate ingredients -- Unfortunately, many leading supplements don’t

go past the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Daily Value

recommendations (DV%). The FDA does not require supplements to meet any

efficacy standards. You see, the nutrient levels were originally designed to

prevent harmful conditions from past years (such as scurvy or beriberi). However,

more recent studies show that taking nutrients with far higher levels may provideincreased health benefits 

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8/2/2019 Chlorella FREE Report

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  Artificial ingredients  – Want to know one of the biggest secrets in thesupplement industry? 

  The truth is that many varieties of supplements are composed of man-

made ingredients. This may be due to high costs or limited resources, but

these artificial ingredients can rob customers of crucial nutrients and

health benefits. Or, companies may employ unnecessary (and potentially

harmful) artificial colors, binders, fillers (such as yeast or sugar), or

flavors – and they may comprise as much as 30% of the ingredients!

  Many supplements try to cut costs by providing their supplements in the

form of hard tablets. Heat and/or chemicals are used to compress the

powdered vitamins and minerals into tablets. But this process may result

in some nutrients actually being damaged or lost completely.

  To be adequately absorbed in your digestive tract, nutrients must first bedissolved. However, as hard tablets don’t dissolve quickly in your

stomach, it becomes more difficult for your body to absorb the benefits of 

the supplement. As a result, much of the nutritional value is lost.

  It’s also wise to be on the look -out for the phrase ―standardized‖ on your

supplement labels. This term means that when a supplement contains an

herb or plant-based nutrient, it is only the most active or effective part of 

that plant that is incorporated. Standardization ensures higher levels of 

nutritional benefits, but the advertising may be misleading.

Okay, so the supplements I‘m taking aren‘t totally perfect. But they‘re 

better than taking nothing, right?

Wrong! Our bodies (and our cells, in particular) need – no, make that crave – the right

nutrients, in their optimal forms and amounts. Essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants,

amino acids, proteins and other nutrients can mean the difference between feeling great

and becoming victim to illness and disease.

And don’t think it’s just supplements that can fail in safeguarding our health against

potential health threats. We also have to be on the guard against other insidious dangersthat are all around us…

The Invisible Toxic Terrors that Invade Our Health!

You can’t see them or feel them. Sometimes you can smell them. They’reeverywhere – in the air you breathe the water you drink, the foods you eat every day.

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8/2/2019 Chlorella FREE Report

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Your body spends each day under silent assault, in constant battle against the

toxins that slowly – but surely – wreak havoc on your health.

Every day, hidden toxins invade our bodies – dangerous poisons and chemicals

are lurking inside our foods, in the air, from cigarette smoke, pollution … even some of 

your most trusted medicines can contain some of these deadly toxins! In fact, the United

States alone has increased the amount of toxic substances fifteen-fold since World War


Toxins put enormous stress on the body. They overwhelm it, weaken immunity,

and make you vulnerable to allergies and other health concerns. You may be surprised at

how quietly and quickly these toxins can sneak into your everyday life and wreak havoc

on your body.

Scientists believe that toxins may have a hand in virtually every illness and

disease – and that they could even cut 10 to 20 years off your life!

The Trouble with Toxins

When exposed to these toxins and pathogens, we may experience such health risks as:

  Central nervous system damage

  Liver and heart problems

  Asthma and bronchitis

  Chronic pain

  Various cancers

  Increased aging

  Increased risks for weakness and sickness

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8/2/2019 Chlorella FREE Report

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These harmful elements can remain in your body for years, causing further damage astime passes by. Toxins can even injure or kill your immune cells, which in turn, weaken

immunity and resistance to disease. And unfortunately, vitamins and other nutrients alone

may not be able to combat these health threats, regardless of their quality or ingredients.

 Are You At Risk For Chemical


Although every individual may react differently to exposure from chemicals, there are

some symptoms that may be more common. Among these are:

  Headache, stiff neck, and pressure to the head

  Brain fog (i.e. difficulties in decision-making or concentration)

  Sensitivity to sounds

  Sensitivity to sunlight

  Sensitivity to cigarette smoke, dust, or cut grass

  Sensitivity to certain penetrating smells (i.e. perfumes, paints, etc.)

The danger lurking in “healthy” fruits and vegetables

Are you playing Russian Roulette with the foods you eat? You may be!

According to the Environmental Working Group, you might be eating 20 or more

pesticides a day!

Even worse, approximately 2.6 billion pounds of pesticides are sprayed in the

U.S. alone on foods, forests, lakes, city parks, lawns, and playing fields – and used at ourlocal hospitals, schools, and offices. They’re even present in products like shampoo, shelf 

paper, and mattresses!

The U.S. Department of Agriculture conducted more than 100,000 tests on more than 45

popular fruits and vegetables in regards to their treatment with pesticides. It was shown

that these fruits and vegetables were treated with a far higher-than-expected 192 different

pesticides! Among the health concerns caused by pesticides are:

  Weakness or destruction of the immune, endocrine, reproductive,and nervous systems.

  Various cancers

  Allergies  Arthritis


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8/2/2019 Chlorella FREE Report

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  Headaches  Premature aging

  Higher likelihood of developing illness

  Fat cell storage -- as pesticides can dissolve in oil, they can be stored for very

long periods in your fat cells. Weight loss may lead to the release of these

pesticides, which can be dangerous. 

Fortunately, the majority of the most dangerous pesticides used in this country were

banned over 20 years ago. However, it is possible that American men and women may

still carry the traces of these pesticides, along with regular pesticides from everyday life.

And unfortunately, merely washing your fruits and vegetables will NOT remove all of the


―Washing your fruits and vegetables willNOT remove all of the pesticides.‖ 

The fruits and vegetables grown today may also not be as nutrient-rich as those grown in

past decades. A Rutgers University study conducted over 50 years ago examined the

mineral content of various fruits and vegetables grown in the United States.

 It was found that among different crops, the mineral content varied greatly. For 

example, among tomato crops, calcium amounts varied between 14-71 mg, while

magnesium amounts varied between 8-109 mg. It was also shown that levels of A, C, and 

 E, and folic acid all decreased. This was likely due to over-planting, which robs the soil

of vital nutrients.

So, what‘s the answer? Is there any hope? 

Of course there is! There is actually one nutrient that may astound you with its potency

and health benefits. This nutrient has become the darling of the scientific world, -- in fact,

thousands of studies document it’s miraculous, health-enhancing benefits.

It’s called CHLORELLA, and it may be stand alone among the species of this planet’s

plant life, in terms of its proposed health benefits! Curious? Well, read on… 


Countless clinical studies have found that regular consumption of chlorella, an 

astonishing, single-celled “whole food ” that may provide your body with a fool-proof 

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8/2/2019 Chlorella FREE Report

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source of optimal health. Chlorella is a ―superfood,‖ meaning that it can offer essentialnutrients, while also defending the body against harmful toxins and contaminants.

What’s more, chlorella has been shown to be safe and effective for all men, women and

children…even pets! 

Chlorella’s wide-ranging health benefits have been the subject of more than 4,000

research papers and clinical studies! Although it is not widely-known, chlorella is

beloved in many parts of the world. In fact, it is estimated that more than 10 million

people worldwide regularly consume this supplement every day. (In Japan alone, it isconsumed by an estimated 5 million individuals, making it that nation’s number one

health food!)

An Ancient RemedyThe name chlorella is derived from the Greek phrases for ―greenish -yellow‖ and ―small.‖

Scientists suspect that this nutrient may actually be the first link on the food chain,

making it a truly valuable necessity for life!

It should be noted that chlorella is no ―flavor of the week,‖ brewed up in some cold

corporation’s laboratory! Actually, chlorella and its related microalgae have been

growing naturally throughout the soil, tree bark and fresh water of the Earth for more

than 2.5 billion years! (That’s about 1,000 times longer than mankind has existed!)

Throughout the centuries, chlorella was utilized by countless ancient civilizations --

including the Aztecs and many Asian cultures -- as both a dietary staple and for its

medicinal properties.

In modern times, chlorella was first re-discovered in 1890 by a Dutch microbiologist

named M.W. Beijernick. However, it was not thoroughly researched until the 1940s,

when Japanese researchers first uncovered its healthful properties. Today, this multi-

functional nutrient – and popular food source -- is considered to be one of the most

beneficial plant-based supplements available.

Among the vital health benefits that

chlorella may provide are:

 Enhanced digestion and elimination/bowel health

 Increased energy Improved memory and stress relief

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8/2/2019 Chlorella FREE Report

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 Possible cancer defense and prevention

 Cardiovascular and cholesterol properties

 Enhanced immune function

 Remarkable detoxification and cleansing

 Anti-aging properties

 Assistance for wound-healing

 Possible relief for muscle/joint pain

 Weight loss and maintenance

 Improved sex drive

 Improved vision health

 And many more!

Chlorella‘s Composition

But what makes chlorella such an effective engine for good health? Well, it may be due

to this plant’s unique single-cell structure, which results in incredibly high concentrationsof vital nutrients.

Chlorella sports a variety of essential ingredients. In fact, this plant’s incredibly high

concentration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and enzymes has led to its

nickname of the ―Jewel of the Orient.‖ 

This multi-functional supplement provides 15 essential vitamins, including a plentiful

source of vitamin A, and higher levels of vitamin B12 than beef liver. In addition,

chlorella is comprised of 10 minerals; extraordinary amounts (60% of its total body

weight) of proteins -- including high levels of chlorophyll; 20% carbohydrates; the

essential nucleic acids RNA and DNA; and both essential and non-essential amino acids,including 8 amino acids that your body can’t manufacture on its own.

Plus, chlorella is phenomenally rich in antioxidants. In fact, ounce for ounce, this nutrient

provides six times more beta-carotene (a vital antioxidant) than spinach! And, chlorellaprovides a variety of nutrients not found in processed supplements – in the forms and

balance intended by nature!

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8/2/2019 Chlorella FREE Report

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Vitamins:  Vitamin A — provides benefits for cellular function; essential for and


  Beta carotene — a carotenoid (fat-soluble, plant-based compound shown

to hold antioxidant properties); converted into vitamin A, which may

benefit vision, fatigue, and immunity

  Vitamin B1 (thiamine) — promotes proper nerve cell function and

enhances energy; may help reduce levels of homocysteine, a molecule in

the blood that may increase risks of stroke, heart attack, and even

dementia.  Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) — an effective antioxidant; promotes growth and

metabolism function, reduces eye fatigue, and promotes skin, hair, nail

health; activates folic acid

  Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) — may reduce stroke risk, provide asthma and

insomnia relief; can help form neurotransmitters, making it essential for

mental/mood function

  Vitamin B12 (the cobalamins) — helps promote vital neurological and

nervous system benefits, may reduce depression, supports immunity

  Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) — essential antioxidant shown to provide

benefits for immunity, disease prevention, wound-healing, and

neurological, cardiovascular/cholesterol, vision, allergy and skin health

  Vitamin E — potent antioxidant for cardiovascular/cholesterol health,tissue function, immunity, and disease prevention

  Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) — shown to maintain brain/nervous

system communication, reduce and control stress, and produce sexual


  Vitamin B3 (niacin) — shown to maintain energy, formulate healthy

brain and nerve cells; helps reduce triglycerides, cholesterol, and blood

pressure levels; processes alcohol processes alcohol. (One specific form,

niacin, is responsible for cholesterol regulation.)

  Inositol — essential for cell membrane health, and nerve, muscle and

brain health; May assist fat and cholesterol metabolization

  Biotin — fat and carbohydrate metabolization; promotes hair and nail


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8/2/2019 Chlorella FREE Report

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  Folic acid — vital for pregnant women (and all women of child-bearingage); essential for RNA/DNA, protein and cellular function; promotes

digestive and cardiovascular health; may promote disease prevention

  Choline — necessary for neurological and cholesterol health

  Vitamin K — crucial for proper bone health and cardiovascular function

Minerals:   Phosphorus — essential for the promotion of bone and

cardiovascular/cholesterol health, as well as pain relief 

  Calcium — vital for bone and teeth function, effective blood clotting,

nerve cell signal transmission, and muscle contraction

  Magnesium — cellular health benefits, properties for stress and sleep;promotes cardiovascular, muscle, nerve, bone, and cellular function

  Potassium — benefits for allergies, neurological and cardiovascular

health; needed for proper regulation of water balance and acidity

  Iron — crucial for respiration, proper growth and energy levels; promotes

cardiovascular health

  Zinc — essential for immunity, and eye, cardiovascular and prostate


  Manganese — promotes energy and healthy blood clotting; enhances

digestive health and reflexes

  Copper — effective for bone health, fertility, cellular energy, and

cardiovascular and skin health

  Iodine — produces hormones for maintaining normal cellular metabolism   Germanium — possible benefits for immunity, and cardiovascular and

cellular health

Essential Amino Acids:  Leucine — may promote insulin use and management of adult-onset


  Isoleucine — shown to benefit organ formation

  Lysine — may help metabolize fats

  Methionine — promotion of neurological and cardiovascular health

  Phenylalanine — found to maintain both high and low blood pressure

  Threonine — assists recovery from injury or stress

  Tryptophane — shown to promote healthy moods

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8/2/2019 Chlorella FREE Report

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  Valine — may strengthen muscle health

Non-Essential Amino Acids:   Alanine — promotes immunity and provides muscular energy

  Arginine — benefits for chronic fatigue; prevention of bacteria and


  Aspartic acid — nervous system defense, due to elimination of ammonia

  Cystine — healthy skin function, relief for arthritis

  Glutamic acid — properties for stress and nervous system function

  Glycine — promotion of healthy energy levels

  Histidine — benefits for allergies, arthritis, and ulcers

  Praline — promotes youthful skin and joint health

  Serine — may help to strengthen the immune system

  Tyrosine — benefits for gland health, including thyroid, adrenal &

pituitary glands

Carbohydrates:Polysaccharides — sugars or carbohydrates made up of larger numbers of 

linked units of simple sugars (known as monosaccharides); examples include

starch and cellulose.

Nucleic acids:RNA (ribonucleic acid) and DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid)--these two

substances perform such essential tasks as: the production of energy,

proteins, and enzymes at the cellular level; the stimulation of tissue repair;

cell defense against toxic substances. Doctors call RNA and DNA ―the

 building blocks of life.‖ They make it possible for your cells to reproduce soyou can stay young and healthy.

Proteins:Chlorella has been found to be one of the most protein-rich nutrients

available -- even more than that of soy or steak! Researchers believe that

60% of chlorella may be protein, making it a more effective protein source

than any other animal and vegetable source. Studies have shown that

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8/2/2019 Chlorella FREE Report

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chlorella may produce its protein 50 times more effectively than any otherprotein source.

Chlorella also contains extremely high levels of chlorophyll, an essential

substance possesses a variety of crucial health benefits, especially that of 

detoxification. For much more information about chlorophyll, READ ON! 

Rich in Precious Chlorophyll

Chlorella is a single-cell green algae shown to contain more chlorophyll than any other

plant. (And incidentally, the name ―chlorella‖ comes from ―chlorophyll.‖)

But why is chlorophyll content significant?

Researchers suspect that it may be the source of chlorella’s amazing therapeutic abilities!

It is the substance responsible for photosynthesis, the process plants use to transform

sunlight into sugar, and therefore, energy. (It is also the cause of green plants’ color.) Oh

yes, and photosynthesis is responsible for the conversion of carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Without it, all life on Earth would cease to exist!

But that’s not all! Chlorophyll, often referred to as ―nature‘s healer,‖ may offer

many valuable properties for health and well-being. In 1940, a study in the American

 Journal of Surgery showcased a variety of health concerns -- ranging from skin disorders

to infections -- that had been treated successfully with chlorophyll. According to noted

naturopathic practitioner Dr. Bernard Jensen, chlorophyll may offer such valuable

benefits as:

  Liver purification and aid for hepatitis  The healing and/or soothing of tonsils, hemorrhoids,

piles and ulcers  Menstruation regulation and enhanced milk


  Cardiovascular properties--including hemophilia,

heart tissue, varicose veins, and improved anemiaand red blood cell count

  The cleansing of bowel tissue and the removal of 


Chlorella’s Detoxification & Cleansing Benefits 

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8/2/2019 Chlorella FREE Report

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 Chlorella contains the highest chlorophyll content in the entire plant world for

detoxifying your body of harmful chemicals.

Chlorophyll is known as ―nature’s most powerful detoxifying agent,‖ and Chlorella

contains the highest known percentages of chlorophyll in the entire plant world. In fact, it

has five times as much chlorophyll as spirulina and ten times as much as alfalfa!

In particular, cleansing environmental toxins from the body may be one of chlorella’s

biggest assets, especially among the Japanese culture. Japan, with the earliest and most

catastrophic experience with nuclear by-products and industrial pollution, had a special

concern with environmental contamination. Researchers concluded chlorella was

potentially effective as a detoxifier for various environmental contaminants like mercury,

dioxin and polychlorbiphenyls (PCBs).

The Japanese are also known for their overall good health and longevity. While diet and

exercise certainly play a part, another reason is daily supplementation with chlorella.Many studies point to chlorella’s amazing benefits for digestive health, joint health,

natural pain relief, liver health, energy, and more.

Chlorella can also enhance the detoxifying properties of the liver, which is responsible

for filtering out poisons and other substances that circulate within the blood. Chlorella

has been found to effectively cleanse the liver of alcohol, heavy metals and other harmful


Chlorella also promotes the cleansing and detoxification of the intestinal tract, as well as

peristalsis (the contractions necessary for elimination). Studies have shown that regular

chlorella intake can stimulate the intestinal tract’s lining, sanitize the bowels, and even

eliminate constipation.

It has been shown that when chlorella is taken, the entire cleansing of the blood and

organs should begin to occur after about 3-6 months, depending on the specific dosage

taken. As an added benefit, because chlorella is a whole-food -- and not a concentrate or

extract – it is impossible to take too much.

Chlorella Growth Factor:A Nutritional Secret Weapon?

A chlorella-based substance, known as the Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), may hold the

key to this phytonutrient’s amazing benefits. First discovered in the 1950s by a Japanese

researcher, this compound is a by-product of -- and is also found to promote -- chlorella’srapid growth rate; one cell multiplies four times every 20 hours. And, this promotion of 

rapid growth carries no harmful side effects.

Page 15: Chlorella FREE Report

8/2/2019 Chlorella FREE Report

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But what are the benefits of CGF?

RNA/DNA ProductionCGF may indicate the available levels of and enhance the function of nucleic acids,

including both RNA (ribonucleic acid) and DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). These two

substances perform a variety of crucial tasks, including:

  The production of energy, proteins, and enzymes at the cellular level

  The stimulation of tissue repair

  The protection of cells from toxic substance

RNA/DNA production generally slows down with age, leading to reduced vitality and

increased susceptibility to illness and disease. However, Japanese studies have shownthat chlorella may contain the highest levels of both substances -- 10% RNA and 3%

DNA – making it highest-known food substance in nucleic acids. Therefore, it is thought

that regular consumption may contribute to the repair of damaged cellular genetic

material. This results in both reduced aging and overall health protection.

CGF and Immune HealthIt has been shown that the nucleus of chlorella is a good source of both RNA and DNA.This high RNA/DNA presence maybe the key to chlorella’s powerful immune benefits.

Studies have shown that CGF may enhance the activity of B-cells, which are

lymphocytes (small white blood cells) produced in bone marrow that form antibodies.CGF also produces T-cells, lymphocytes passing through the thymus gland that either

destroy virus cells or divide rapidly.

CGF also plays a role in the production of macrophages, which are large white blood

cells shown to ingest and destroy foreign and harmful substances. And, chlorella

supplementation may enhance the body’s production of interferon, which serves as the

immune system’s energy source, according to a study published in the Journal of 

 Experimental Medicine.

These benefits for immunity have been tested through clinical studies, and the results

have yielded some very interesting findings. For example, a study published in 1996 in

the journal Vitamin Research News demonstrated chlorella’s possible defense against the

common cold. It was shown that daily consumption of 2,000 mg of chlorella reduced cold

frequency by 26.5%.

CGF and Healing 

Chlorella Growth Factor may provide remarkable benefits for healing. Among these

benefits are:

  Inhibited tumor growth

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8/2/2019 Chlorella FREE Report

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  Accelerated healing of wounds, including disease and strenuous activity  Stimulate tissue regeneration, both internally and externally: Topical

chlorella has been used successfully to treat damaged tissue. Clinical studies have

found that CGF stimulates the beneficial bacterium known as lactobacillus to

rapidly multiply. This can accelerate the repair of damaged tissue, and may

promote rapid growth in children, as well.

Besides the benefits provided by CGF, chlorella has been shown to provide crucial

benefits for the entire body!



As you‘ve seen, chlorella is a truly remarkable nutrient, and it just may hold the key

to your overall health and well-being.

Not impressed? Would reviewing its most valuable health benefits (andsome well-respected and supportive clinical studies) change your mind?!

Chlorella: The key to healthy Digestion and Elimination

Chlorella has been shown in studies to support digestive health, and this is due to three


1.)  It is a well-known fact that fiber is crucial for proper digestive health.Chlorella is rich in dietary fiber, which binds to toxic materials within thedigestive tract. And later on, these harmful elements are pushed out to beeliminated in the waste

2.) Chlorella is comprised of powerful digestive enzymes such as chlorophyllaseand pepsin, which are shown to promote healthy digestion. These enzymeshave also been found to provide possible benefits for such health concerns as

allergies, inflammation, cancer and immunity.

3.) This plant‘s incredibly high chlorophyll levels – which may be the highest of 

any nutrient on the planet –  may help to explain chlorella‘s digestive benefits.

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8/2/2019 Chlorella FREE Report

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 Chlorella’s high chlorophyll presence can also provide another unique benefit: it has been

shown to eliminate chronic bad breath, often after only a few days of consumption.

Chlorella intake may also allow the ―friendly‖ lactic bacteria (known as Lactobacillus)

found in the gut to multiply at four times its usual rate. This, in turn, radically improves

both digestion and the bloodstream’s nutrient absorption. Chlorella promotes the

cleansing and detoxification of the intestinal tract, including the colon. In addition,

chlorella also strengthens the intestine, and may eliminate intestinal gas.

According to renowned nutritionist Dr. Bernard Jensen, the average colon contains 400-

500 species of pathogens – including bacteria, viruses, and fungi – and up to 85% may

eventually become harmful. However, the combination of chlorella, i ts own Chlorella

Growth Factor (CGF), and its fiber and protein levels may effectively cleanse the colon,

and thus, spare an individual from a variety of conditions.

Chlorella’s high chlorophyll content can benefit elimination, as well. Chlorella may

increase the speed of cleansing in the bowel, bloodstream and liver. In addition, it also

has been shown to promote peristalsis (the contractions necessary for elimination).

Further, studies have shown that regular chlorella intake can stimulate the intestinaltract’s lining, sanitize the bowels, and even eliminate constipation. Besides improving

foul-smelling stools, chlorella’s high content of digestive enzymes may effectively

promote good bowel movements and reduce bowel pain. Meanwhile, the chlorophyll

content allows it to cleanse and soothe irritated bowel tissue.


YEARS!" "Occasional constipation was a way of life for me. Nothing else ever worked. But

after just 4 months of taking chlorella, I have normal and regular bowel function. Ifeel so much better." -- Stan Jones, Magnolia, NC  

―RELIEF FROM IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME‖ ―I have irritable bowel syndrome and chlorella has made such a difference that I do

not ever want to be without it. My elimination is so much better. I am notconstipated as much and my energy went up because of it.‖ -- Christine Gordan, San Diego, CA 

Chlorella for Enhanced Immune Function

Page 18: Chlorella FREE Report

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/chlorella-free-report 18/29

Studies have shown Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) may be responsible for this plant’simpressive immune-boosting abilities. For instance, in a study conducted on 1,000

Japanese sailors in 1971, about half of the subjects were given 2 grams daily of chlorella

for three months. It was shown that those who had not received any chlorella experienced

41% more colds than those who had been supplemented.

Chlorella is a rich source of vitamin A, which is believed to be crucial for proper immune

function. Vitamin A also helps improve the body’s ability to resist infections, and is

important in maintaining healthy skin and mucous membranes (the ―walls‖ of your 

natural immune system.) And, chlorella provides high amounts of vitamin B, which

supports the health and function of white blood cells. In fact, chlorella contains more

vitamin B12 than beef liver! This is very important, especially for those following a

vegetarian diet.

The CGF has been shown to enhance the activity of B-cells, which are lymphocytes(small white blood cells) produced in bone marrow that form antibodies. CGF also

produces T-cells, lymphocytes passing through the thymus gland that either destroy virus

cells or divide rapidly. And, CGF plays a role in the production of macrophages, which

are large white blood cells shown to ingest and destroy foreign and harmful substances.

Chlorella also enhances the body’s production of interferon, which serves as the immune

system’s energy source, according to a study published in the Journal of Experimental


Chlorella has displayed powerful immune benefits for a variety of health concerns,

ranging from the common cold to cancer. A study published in 1996 in the journal

Vitamin Research News demonstrated chlorella’s possible defense against the common

cold. It was shown that daily consumption of 2,000 mg of chlorella reduced frequency of 

colds by as much as 26.5%.

Chlorella also contains such contains powerful antioxidants as vitamins B2, C and E, andthe all-important beta-carotene. In fact, chlorella contains six times more beta-carotene

than spinach! Antioxidants have been the subject of countless studies, and they may

provide effective protection against the harmful effects of free radicals, including aging,

skin problems, and even increased risk of chronic diseases.

―IT‘S FANTASTIC!‖ ―Chlorella is fantastic. It builds up my immune system…I almost never catch colds.

The high protein count and nutrients keep me from eating unwholesome foods. Iregard this whole food with great reverence. I will not stop buying or eatingchlorella.‖

-- Robert Mitchell, Woodinville, WA 


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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/chlorella-free-report 19/29

―Last year I had a viral infection that I never seemed to get over. For monthsafterwards I was so tired that I was actually taking naps each day at lunch so that Icould finish my day‘s work. Had all the blood tests – no apparent problems. Thenout of desperation, I tried chlorella and almost immediately had found new energyagain. Now I have energy to exercise at lunch again. Thanks chlorella!‖  -- Jackie Cummins, Walla Walla, WA 

Chlorella and CancerAccording to various clinical studies, chlorella’s powerful benefits for boosting natural

immunity also may exhibit some anti-tumor behavior as well.

A study published in 1999 in Mothers Nature’s Health Journal concluded that these anti-

cancer benefits may due to chlorella’s ability to stimulate the activity of certain immune


According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, chlorella

supplementation increases the production of interferon, a protein that acts as the fuel

source for the immune system. Interferon has been shown to be an excellent defense

against cancer, as it stimulates the activity of the immune system’s macrophages (large

white blood cells shown to ingest and destroy foreign and harmful substances) and T-

cells (large white blood cells that either destroy virus cells or divide rapidly). As a result,

it powers up the immune system’s natural ability to combat foreign pathogens – including

viruses, bacteria, chemicals or foreign proteins.

A study in Carcinogenesis showed that chlorella may also inhibit the activity substances

that cause cancer. Chlorella can increase the body’s amount of white blood cell, which

are essential for fighting infection and restoring overall health. This increased white

blood cell count allows chlorella to provide benefits for those receiving chemotherapy.

Both good and bad cells may be killed by chemotherapy, which leads to fatigue.However, taking chlorella has been shown to help quickly replenish the amount of white

blood cells.

Chlorella and Liver HealthThe liver is one of the most important organs in the body when it comes to detoxifying

and eliminating dangerous toxins.

Dangerous toxins tend to collect in the liver  – which explains why chlorella exhibits

remarkable benefits for boosting liver health. In a study published in the  Japanese

 Journal of Nutrition, it was shown that chlorella supplementation effectively lowers the

cholesterol levels of both the liver and blood.

Additionally, chlorella may reduce levels of both blood cholesterol and triglycerides,which may be associated with liver metabolism and fat intake.

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/chlorella-free-report 20/29


Chlorella for Total Cardiovascular Health

Did you know that as many as 60 million American men and women are afflicted with

some form of cardiovascular health concern? Unfortunately, heart disease is still the

leading cause of death for adult men and women in the United States.

However, good cardiovascular health begins with good dietary health, and chlorella’s

reputation as a health-boosting food source is well-known the world over. According to

the American Heart Association (AHA), plant-based foods are integral to a well-balanced

diet. In particular, chlorella is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants,

amino acids and other nutrients.

Studies have shown that chlorella’s high chlorophyll content may support such

cardiovascular health benefits as anemia, the production of red blood cells, and thetransport of oxygen throughout the body.

Blood pressure may also benefit from chlorella intake. In a 2002 repor t in the Journal of 

 Medicinal Food , chlorella – in the form of both tablets (10 grams) and extract (100 mL) -

- was given to the study’s subjects. Before the study, all of the subjects had a high rate of 

mean sitting diastolic blood pressure (the average rate when resting).

It was shown that after 2 months of chlorella supplementation, the mean sitting diastolic

blood pressure was significantly reduced, and 25% of the subjects achieved their blood

pressure goals. These findings mean that chlorella may be an effective treatment option

for hypertension (high blood pressure).

Chlorella and Cholesterol

The walls of chlorella contain gel-like substances known as mucopolysaccharides (MPs),

which can strengthen connective and other body tissues -- making them more resilient

and elastic. These MPs provide anti-inflammatory benefits, as well. In addition, MPs maydefend against the deterioration of the arteries, by reinforcing the heart’s tissues .

Chlorella may benefit healthy cholesterol because of its high content of fatty acids,

specifically, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). This fatty acid is found in flaxseed oil and other

foods that may promote high levels of HDL (―good‖) cholesterol. Plus, they are present

in other foods (like walnuts) that may effectively lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels

in those with high cholesterol.

Blood cholesterol levels may also be reduced by chlorella. This may be due to the factthat higher cholesterol levels are excreted through the small intestine and are then

eliminated in the stool.

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/chlorella-free-report 21/29

Chlorella and Circulation

Japanese and American clinical studies have established that chlorella is a truly effective

nutritional supplement for circulatory health. This is because chlorella has been shown to

be the ONLY whole food able to provide the two most vital foundations for optimal


1.)  It supplies the body with the optimal amounts and levels of essential vitamins,

minerals, proteins, antioxidants, and other nutrients. These nutrients are of the

highest quality, and are in their purest and most natural forms.

2.)  Chlorella can assist the body in detoxifying harmful toxins, pathogens and other


These foundations greatly affect your body’s blood circulation. Specifically, your bodybecomes better able to absorb oxygen, leading to enhanced energy levels. And chlorella’s

high chlorophyll content (which is very successful at transporting oxygen) results in

increased energy without exercise or hard work. Chlorella actually transforms the body,

and allows it absorb oxygen to the best of its ability.

Chlorella and Weight Loss

Chlorella has been found to enable real and permanent changes in weight loss to occur.

Essentially, it works to restore and maintain the body’s natural balance of health. As a

result, chlorella can be taken with any well-balanced plan of weight loss.

Specifically, this effectiveness for weight loss is due to chlorella’s high chlorophyll

content; its cleansing abilities; and its promotion of healthy elimination.

Chlorophyll has been shown to promote healthy peristalsis (the contractions necessary for

elimination), which can promote a healthier, more rapid digestive process. It has been

shown that slower digestion directly results in weight gain, and eventually obesity. And,

peristalsis can enhance the cleansing of the body. This cleansing is vital, as it helps the

intestinal tract to function properly.

As chlorella is a whole food, it requires no strict dietary changes, and does not suppress

the appetite. Instead, it utilizes the energy and well-being resulting from proper nutrition

to satisfy appetites. And as an added bonus, when a person has a diet rich in natural foods

 – such as chlorella –  the body’s natural balance is likely to be restored, and severe weight

problems may be permanently relieved.

This nutrient is an effective, low calorie food source. As such, it can provide the body

with its necessary nutritional needs, thus reducing the amount of ―hunger binges.‖Chlorella has also been found to be safe and easily assimilated by almost every

Page 22: Chlorella FREE Report

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/chlorella-free-report 22/29

individual’s digestive system, especially that of the stomach (also known as the ―power  plant‖ of the body.)

Clinical studies have also shown that chlorella supplementation may provide benefits for

restoring the energy necessary to rebuild health and strength. This may be especially

helpful for bodybuilders and athletes.

―LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE, CHOLESTEROL…AND WEIGHT‖ ―I started taking chlorella in 6/87. It helped me with weight loss from 175 to 150,

maintain blood pressure to near normal, lower cholesterol from 243 to 180.‖ -- John Poole, Dixon, WY  

―ENDURANCE IS GREATLY ENHANCED‖ ―…Endurance during physical fitness workouts has improved, helping to stabilize

heart rate and blood pressure. I have tried quite a few natural herbal products bychlorella is by far the best yet.‖ -- Ernest Osborne, LaPuente, CA 

Improved Energy, Memory and Stress Relief 

The problems of the brain and nervous system may benefit from chlorella

supplementation. It is estimated that Alzheimer’s disease-- a chronic condition that

causes gradual loss of memory and the ability to function – may affect up to 50% of those

85 years and over.

However, researchers believe that this disease may not be inevitable. Certain nutrients –  and chlorella in particular – may effectively defend against the most common causes of 

age-related memory loss, as well as other symptoms of degenerative disease.

You see, malnutrition is more common with advanced age, and this can result in slower

and less efficient metabolisms, which causes cells to be less effective at absorbing

nutrients. This malnutrition can make makes you more vulnerable to disease.

However, users of chlorella have reported that this nutrient may provide an increase in

all-natural energy and vitality. And, there are no unwanted ―highs‖ and ―lows,‖ which

may be found with other so-called energy sources. It has been shown that when your

body receives the nutrients required to function to its fullest potential, energy and vitality

are provided, as well.

Chlorella supplementation can also cleanse away dangerous toxins that drag down yourhealth, making you feel older and sicker before your time. As a result, you feel renewed

energy and rejuvenation. 

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/chlorella-free-report 23/29

 It is the molecule of magnesium in the center of chlorophyll that provides chlorella with

 protection against anemia, which reduces the level of vitality. Chlorella’s chlorophyll

content stimulates red blood cells production in the body, and also helps in the transport

of oxygen throughout the body and the brain.

Chlorella has been shown to possess high levels of various antioxidants, including beta-

carotene and vitamins B2, C and E. Antioxidants may provide powerful protection

against the harmful effects of free radicals, including aging, skin problems, and even

increased risk of chronic diseases. Free radicals have been shown to be particularlyharmful to mitochondria, the ―power plants‖ of the cells, which are essential to the health

of your memory. However, this high chlorophyll content is packed with antioxidants, and

memory function is protected, as well.


"My energy level was so low, all I could do was work and sleep -- nothing inbetween. I was tired all the time. I've been taking chlorella for 2 months now and

my energy has gone way up." -- Marie Dillon, Walnutport, PA 

Chlorella and Stress Relief 

A laboratory study published in 2000 in the International Journal of 

 Immunopharmacology illustrated that chlorella can provide gentle, yet effective defense

against stress.

Specifically, it was shown that even in the presence of extreme psychological conditions,

normal stress levels were maintained with chlorella intake.

―ALLEVIATING STRESS WITH CHLORELLA‖ ―I have been taking chlorella before going to work. The energy, calmness and

smoothness have been a blessing during the hectic hours of waitressing.‖ -- Marlene Lied, Boca Raton, FL 

Relief for Muscles and Joints

The many therapeutic properties of chlorella have even been found to benefit muscle and joint health. Various clinical studies have concluded that chlorella can provide effective

relief for muscle and joint health. And, chlorella may provide impressive relief for

associated chronic diseases, such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/chlorella-free-report 24/29

 For example, in a 1998 study conducted by Dr. Ronald Merchant -- considered to be an

expert on the subject of chlorella – individuals with joint pain were given chlorella for

two months. It was found that an amazing 88% of these individuals experienced both a

significant reduction in their problem areas, as well as overall improvement in mobility!

―BACK PAIN RELIEVED‖ ―Within 1 1/2 days, of starting chlorella, my hip and back pain decreasedtremendously. When taking regular daily amounts, I fell more energetic, with lesship and back pain.‖ -- James Nelson, Tacoma, WA 

Chlorella and Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic (meaning slow and returning) disease marked by fatigue, and

widespread pain in the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other tender points. It affects an

estimated 3-6 million people in the United States, and about 80-90% are women.

Although there’s no cure as of yet, it appears that chlorella may offer patients a startling

level of relief!

One groundbreaking study, conducted by Dr. Randall Merchant of the Medical College

of Virginia, involved 34 people with fibromyalgia. Half were given supplementation of 

chlorella for three months, while the other half received placebos. After 3 months, it was

shown that for those taking chlorella, 62% reported an average drop of 31% in pain.

Additionally, these individuals also reported improved sleep and energy, and were less


Chlorella and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a mysterious and chronic condition characterized by

extreme fatigue that doesn't improve, even with bed rest, and in fact, it may worsen with

physical or mental activity. There is no definite cause for CFS, and unfortunately, there

are very few treatment options. But again, chlorella may offer some relief.

These potentially powerful benefits for CFS are likely due to the optimal levels of certain

nutrients – including zinc, vitamins A, C, and E, and the B vitamins  – found within

chlorella. These nutrients have been shown to support and maintain a healthy immune

system, which is usually absent in CFS patients. These nutrients may support brain

health, which may play a role in CFS development, as well. And, chlorella’s

encouragement of ―friendly‖ bacteria in the intestines is effective for eliminating the

threat of Candida (yeast), which can affect digestion and energy.

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/chlorella-free-report 25/29

Sex drive

Did you know that the powerful presence of vitamins, minerals and other essential

nutrients found in chlorella may provide valuable benefits for the bedroom? It’s true! 

These nutrients are important for energy. They’re also important for the health and well-

being of the sexual organs for both men and women. And when these nutrients are not

provided in adequate amounts, other areas may suffer -- including your circulatory

system, arteries, glands and hormones. And your sex drive pays the eventual price!

Chlorella supplementation can provide your love life with increased energy and stamina.

Plus, you can achieve these goals without any unwanted and potentially harmful side


―A REJUVENATED LOVE LIFE‖ ―I am an athletic 53-year old man. I have found in the past that I routinelyhibernate during the winter and am more tired. Now that I‘ve been taking chlorella,

I am re-awakened and my much younger fiancée is very pleased. Our love life hasreached its peak.‖ -- Eric Macias, Redondo Beach, CA 

Vision health

The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in chlorella may enhance the health of your eyes and vision. Not only is chlorella rich in all of the B vitamins, which are

essential for proper vision and eye health, but these crucial nutrients, as well:

  Beta-carotene -- this carotenoid (a plant-based compound shown to

hold antioxidant properties) is converted into vitamin A, and may

provide vision benefits

  Zinc  – an essential mineral shown to provide benefits for macular

degeneration and night blindness

  Vitamin A  – maintains cellular health in various eye structures, and

required to transform light into nerve signals in the retina

  Vitamin C  – studies suggest vitamin C may reduce cataract risk,

relieve glaucoma-based eye pressure, and help defend against macular

degeneration.  Magnesium  – this essential mineral may provide benefits for

glaucoma and retinopathy

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Now that you know what makes chlorella so

valuable, you’re probably anxious to begin

taking this extraordinary supplement!

But how do you know which is the right type for


Well, our fantastic, PATENTED chlorella was created with the use of a state-of-the-

art, breakthrough process! Imagine having ALL of the essential nutrients – including

every vital vitamin, mineral, amino acid, nucleic acids carbohydrate, and protein – at

your fingertips!

Utilizing this patented process, it takes only three seconds of strategic low pressure to

gently open up the cell wall in chlorella. This allows for a quick and easy absorption of 

the valuable nutrients found inside this plant.

In the past, manufacturing processes resulted in a ―grinding‖ effect on the chlorella. This

reduced the available nutrients’ potency and absorption levels. But our groundbreaking

process gently opens up the cell walls, thus sparing the precious cargo found inside.

And unlike regular, store-bought chlorella supplements, which can provide little more

than 52% of these nutrients, our chlorella delivers an astounding 82% level of potency!

That‘s a 30% difference in potency!

Plus, this patented process provides you with superior absorption! That’s correct – your

body is guaranteed a better level of gentle yet effective absorption of these essential


Better potency, absorption and health benefits!

Our chlorella speaks for itself!

Here‘s what some leading doctors have to say … 

Page 27: Chlorella FREE Report

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http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/chlorella-free-report 27/29

 ―NUTRITIONAL STATUS IMPROVED, TOXINS REDUCED‖ ―I‘ve been a nutritionist specializing in hematology for over 20 years. I measure

people‘s nutritional status by their blood chemistry, which is truly the body‘s

‗blueprint.‘ One year ago, I started several patients on chlorella. I noticed a big

increase in energy, decreased toxicity within 3 months as measured in the liverenzymes, lower triglyceride levels, and lower heavy metal readings stored in the cellsas measured through hair analysis.‖ -- Joyce Johnson, Ph.D, Lecturer, Nutritionist, Hematologist, President of Wellness

Center of America, and Past Vice Chairman of the Los Angeles County Task Force on



―I was shocked when I discovered that I couldn‘t get all the essential nutrients mybody needed from vitamins and minerals only. Only chlorella gives you the100%whole foods you need for optimal health.‖ --Dr. David Nelson, natural health doctor practicing at the Center for Advanced 

 Medicine specializing in anti-aging medicine and nutrition. Co-host of the radio show:

“Health Talk: A Second Opinion.” 

―MORE EFFECTIVE BENEFITS THAN PRESCRIPTION DRUGS‖ ―Chlorella does what no prescription drug could do for me – restore my energylevels…get rid of dangerous toxins from my body…and even protect me from

sickness and disease.‖ --Dr. Matthias K. Maas, natural health doctor, specializing in nutritional breakthroughs

and detoxification.

―CHLORELLA –  THE BENEFITS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES‖ ―Chlorella is a whole, pure, natural food, meeting the requirements of the most

important of all food laws. I consider it one of the greatest foods I haveencountered…My wife, Marie, and I have been using chlorella since 1983, and wefeel it has helped us tremendously in maintaining our good health. When askedwhat I eat and take as supplements, the response is that I have been using chlorella.It helps to raise the health level of the patient.‖ -- Bernard Jensen, Ph.D.

But don’t just take our word for it! Perhaps some happy chlorella users might

better illustrate this nutrient‘s amazing benefits? READ ON!... 

―I'VE NEVER BEEN SO REGULAR!‖‖I used to go 3 to 4 days without moving mybowels. After using chlorella for three months, I go to the bathroom at least twice

Page 28: Chlorella FREE Report

8/2/2019 Chlorella FREE Report

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/chlorella-free-report 28/29

every day! I feel a whole lot better!"-- Irlene Lands, Hollywood, FL 


"I'm 78 and I've taken chlorella for many years to help me overcome fatigue. On arecent visit to my doctor, he told me he was taking it too!"  -- Rose Clarkson, Santa Fe, NM  


"Chlorella has been a godsend. I feel good and my digestion is much improved. Ifeel like I am getting younger! I will continue to take chlorella for the long run to

help protect me from the toxins we all face in our environment."  -- Kathy Thorsen, Signal Hill, CA 

―SLEEP LIKE A BABY‖ "When I first started taking chlorella, the first thing I noticed was how much betterI slept at night. Chlorella is worth its weight in gold!" -- Abe Caldra, age 79, Gloversville, NY  


"I ride my bike or walk 5 to 7 miles with no problems. My memory is as good asever. People think I look like I'm in my 50s even though I'm 86. Because of chlorella,I may live 40 more years!" -- Clifford Tracy, Stockton, CA 


"I am a great believer in supplements, since most of us cannot eat all the "goodies"that our bodies need each day. I have been taking chlorella for over four years and Ifeel better than ever!" 

-- John Richards, Scarborough, ME  

―NO MORE HOT SPOTS‖ ―Before using chlorella, my 9-year old dog was plagued with hot spots, and earinfections. After two weeks of using chlorella, she cleared up and acted vibrant.‖  -- Kathy Knight, Panama City, FL 


BOOKS:Chlorella, Jewel of the Far East . By Bernard Jensen, Ph.D.

Chlorella, Natural Medicinal Algae. By Dr. David Steenblock, B.S., M.Sc., D.O.

Chlorella, The Emerald Food . By Dhyana Bewicke andBeverly A. Potter, Ph.D., et al.

 Blue/Green Algae, Spirulina and Chlorella. By Rita Elkins, M.H.

Page 29: Chlorella FREE Report

8/2/2019 Chlorella FREE Report

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/chlorella-free-report 29/29

Chlorella, The Sun-Powered Supernutrient And Its Beneficial Properties. By William H.Lee, Ph.D. and Michael Rosenbaum, M.D.

The Amazing Superfood of the Orient . By Dr. Michael E. Rosenbaum, M.D.

Chlorella: The Key To Health, Vitality and Longevity. By Mark Drucker, M.D.

Chlorella, The Ultimate Green Food . By Beth M. Ley, Ph.D.













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