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Church growth without limits

Date post:25-Jan-2015
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  • 1. Helping Charitable Organizations
    • Receive More
  • 2. Give More

3. Be More 4. And Connect MoreChurch Growth Without Limits
Church Growth Without Limits
5. Challenges Charitable Organizations Are Facing
All Over The World
Finding New Donors and Volunteers
Having To Keep Purchasing And Selling
Having To Invest In Every Fund Raising Event
Limited By The Organizations Size and Location
Competing With Other Charitable Organizations And Causes
Donors May Not Be Happy With The Product
Fund Raising Program Is Not Sustainable
Donors Become
Tapped Out
Volunteers Become
Worn Out
6. The Solution
Send Out Cards have a remarkable programthat can help charitable organizations raise funds all year long and from all over the world
Once this program is started, it can run on its own year after year after year with
No Selling
Fund Raising Without Limits/Borders
Church Growth Without Limits
7. Our Fund Raising Is Based On A
Unique And Compelling Online Service
1.Go to www.sendoutcards.com
Select a greeting card
Type your message
8. What Is Send Out Cards?
Send Out Cards is a company that is changing
people lives one card at a time
You can send a real printed greeting card
or thousands in 60 seconds or less.
In addition you can send gift and gift cards
like American Express, Walmart, Cheesecake
Factory, Target and Starbuck along with
your greeting card
9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. These gift cards can
be sent with your greeting cards
15. This greeting card cost .62 cents and the postage is .44 cents for a total of $1.06 to send a greeting card
Once you click send card
Send Out Cards
print the card
stuff it in envelope
addresses it
place a stamp on it
and mail it for you
16. 17. SendOutCards prints a real card
Puts it in a real envelope
Mails it with a real stamp
All for about a buck
There is nothing on the marketplace like it
18. Church Growth Without Limits
The Key To Your Fund Raising Success

  • Its a one time investment

19. There are no purchasing of products 20. No selling products 21. No delivering products 22. No money collecting 23. No risk 24. No limit on the amount that can be raised 25. Donation support from multiple sourcesCollecting More
To Give More
Over 15 years of experience of working with charitable organizations
26. Types Of Organizations That We Serve

  • Churches

27. Schools 28. Charities 29. Foundations 30. Humanitarian Groups 31. Missions 32. Hospitals 33. Parents Associations 34. Ministries 35. Sport Teams 36. Youth Groups 37. Clubs

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