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CHURCH OF SAINT ROCCO 18 Third St., Glen Cove, NY 11542

PARISH STAFF Very Rev. Dom Elias Carr, Can. Reg., Pastor [email protected] Very Rev. Dom Gabriel Rach, Can.Reg., Parochial Vicar Very Rev. Dom Ambros Boyd, Can. Reg., Parochial Vicar Very Rev. Dom Daniel Nash, Can. Reg. Deacon John Fielding [email protected] Mrs. Annette Graziosi, Sacristan Ms. Bernadette Heym, School of Religion Coordinator: 676-4691 Ms. Maureen Husing, Music Director 628-3930 [email protected] Mr. Joseph Lane , Facilities Manager Mrs. Matilde Zozzaro, Secretary Parish Office: 18 Third Street, Glen Cove, New York 11542 Telephone: Parish Office - (516) 676-2482 Fax: (516) 676-2117

E-mail: [email protected] Parish Planning Committee: [email protected]

OFFICE HOURS Secretarial Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM & 1:30 PM to5:00 PM

PARISH MASS SCHEDULE Saturdays: 4:00 PM Sunday Masses: 7:30 AM, 8:45 AM (Italian), 10:15 AM, 11:30 AM Holy Days (other than Christmas/Easter) 7:30pm Vigil, 7:30am, 5:15pm Weekday Masses (Monday-Friday): 7:30 AM

NOVENA FOLLOWING THE 7:30 AM MASS Monday: Miraculous Medal Thursday: St. Rocco Tuesday: St. Anthony Friday: Sacred Heart Wednesday: St. Jude


Please inform the Parish Office when a loved one is sick or in need of pastoral care.

CONFESSIONS Saturdays: 3:00 - 3:45 PM. Confessions will also be heard at any rea-sonable time upon request.

BAPTISMS The Sacrament of Baptism is administered on specific Saturdays throughout the year at 11:00 AM. Parents should contact the Parish Office to register for the baptismal seminar, which is held the 1st Tues-day of each month at 7:15 PM.

MARRIAGES Marriages should be arranged at least six months in advance of the Wedding date. Please contact Deacon John Fielding at deacon johnf @ yahoo.com, who conducts the initial inquiry; this should be done prior to making any other arrangements. Pre-Cana Program required.

PARISH MEMBERSHIP All families are required to register in the Parish. Forms may be ob-tained at the Parish Office. Kindly notify the Parish Office if you move to another parish or change your address.

PARISH ACTIVITIES Rosary Society: Meets last Monday of the month.

Communion: 1st Sunday 7:30 AM Mass. E-mail: [email protected] RCIA Preparation - Please contact F. Ambros Boyd [email protected] Bible Study: Tuesday 7:30 PM

Orario Messe: Sabato Sera: 4:00 PM Domenica Mattina: 7:30 AM, 8:45 AM (Italiana), 10:15 AM & 11:30 AM Messe feriali: 7:30 AM Festa Di Precetto: Come stato annunciato Confessioni: Sabato: 3:00 PM 3:45 PM Novena: Ogni mattina dopo la messa delle 7:30 c la novena Luned: La Madonna Miracolosa Marted: S. Antonio Mercoled: S. Giuda Gioved: S. Rocco Venerd: ll Sacro Cuore Battesimi: Sabato durante lanno alle 11:00 AM Matrimoni: Si devono prenotare minimo sei mesi prima Ore dufficio: Luned - Venerd 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM Ammalati: Se avete bisogno del sacerdote, per favore, chiamate lufficio, 676-2482. Grazie Holy Name Society: Meets on Friday @ 7:30 pm Monthly Mass: 2nd Sunday @ 7:30 am San Padre Pio Prayer Group - Every third Friday of the Month (except summer) Holy Hour at 7:00 PM & Mass at 8:00 PM

YOUTH ACTIVITIES CYIA Catholic Youth In Action: Mr. Luigi Greco Phone number: 516 637-1959 E-mail: [email protected]

WEBSITE Webservant: Mr. Rocco Ieraci E-Mail: [email protected] Website: www.stroccoglencove.com

All Saints Regional Catholic School Website: www.asrcatholic.org

Owned and administered by the parishes of St. Boniface, Sea Cliff, St. Hyacinth, Glen Head, St. Mary, Roslyn, St. Patrick, Glen Cove, St. Rocco, Glen Cove; for information and registration call the

School office at 676-0762.

February 14, 2016


Michael Macedonio (H-B-day) from Laura DiLeo

Rose Bono (Anniv.) from Carol, Ted & Family Rose Bono (Anniv.) from Fran, Tom & Family

Douglas Diem from Francine Santoro Pasquale Di Rienzo from Family

Annette Basile from Francine Santoro

The Candles on the Blessed Mother Altar are for a special intention from Palmina Grella and for a special prayer for Robin from Grandma Yolanda The Candle on the St. Joseph Altar is in memory of Sal Berritto from Carl & Laurie Casazza The Candle on the St. Rocco Altar is in memory of Thomas Rojek from sister in law Angie Anzalone The Candle on the St. Anthony Altar is in memory of Sal Berritto from Rose Masone The Candle on the St. Michael Altar is in memory of Angelo Grella from Angela & Maria The Candle on the St. Francis Altar is in memory of James Troffa from Laura Di Leo The Candle on the St. Padre Pio Altar is for a special intention & thanksgiving The Candle on the Chapel of the Saints Altar is in mem-ory of James Famiglietti from Mr. & Mrs. O. Davidson The Candle on the Sacred Heart Altar is in memory of Richard Baughan from Lena & Michael Floccari The Candle on the Our Lady of the Rosary is in memory of Annette Basile from Rose & Bob Curiano


Sunday, February 14, 2016 7:30 A.M. Ralph Peronoe, Annette Basile 8:45 A.M. Rosaria & Michele DeLuca, Angelo Grella (4th. Anniv.) Per Padre Pio e tutti I Santi, Giuseppe Solomita Gaetana Pinela-Tocco (Anniv.), Nunziante, Luigi & Christo-pher Grella, Rocco Cangero 10:15 A.M. Anthony Popo, Virginia & Nunzio De Riso, Patricia Genova, Michael Graziosi, Antonio Capobianco, Sal Berritto, Angela Bruzzi 11:30A.M. Concetta DAmbrosio-ORegan, Bernard Mosconi

Monday, February 15, 2016 7:30 A.M. Marian Gleeson

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 7:30 A.M. Durigeo Buccello, Antoinette Lotito

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 7:30 A.M. Marian Gleeson Thursday, February 18, 2016 7:30A.M. Joseph Tedesco, Mary Blockis (Happy 95th. B-day in Heaven)

Friday, February 19, 2016 7:30 A.M. Marian Gleeson

Saturday, February 20, 2016 4:00 P.M. Angelo Grella (Anniv.) Maria Evengelista, Connie Venturino, Anthony Capobianco, Francesca Simone, Clara Paladino, Thomas Rojek, Francesco Curcio

Jesus was led into the desert by the Spirit and was tempted.

(Luke 4:1-13)

First Sunday of Lent February 14, 2016

The word is near you,

in your mouth and in your heart. Romans 10:8


Dear Parishioners,

The entire meaning of the first part of Lent can be well summarized in the command to repent! Repentance not only refers to the those practices which we associate with Lent, namely, prayer, fasting and alms-giving, all of which are important and useful, but more deeply to the re-orientation of our lives. The Trappist monk, Father Tho-mas Keating describes repentance as Jesus call to change the direction in which you are looking for happi-ness. He adds that this implies that we are now looking in the wrong place for happiness, and will never find God in those places. Lent, therefore, is the opportunity to dis-cover the path to true happiness: dedication to the spiri-tual journey.

This Lent, therefore, we ought to ask ourselves hon-estly whether we are on the spiritual journey, or whether we are stuck in harmful and hurtful self-defeating cycles of poor choices and false consciousness. This Sundays Gospel presents Jesus victory over the temptations that manifest our false choices for happiness: the search for security and control, for esteem and prestige, and for pleasure and affection. Notice that none of these things in themselves are bad. We need them and we should enjoy them but in the right measure, which is not possible as long as we have not undertaken the spiritual journey.

Are we on the spiritual journey? Are we willing to rec-ognize the hidden drives for control, prestige and praise that shape our relationships and choices to detriment of all? Are we willing to humble ourselves before the truth that as long as these drives control us, we will fall into cycles of addiction and compulsive behaviors that aim but never succeed in compensating for the fact that we do not ever achieve the security, affection and esteem we desire? As these compulsions are frustrated, they inevitably and easily give rise to the capital sins (i.e., pride, avarice, lust, envy, gluttony, anger, and sloth) that poison our relation-ships.

Lent is the privileged moment not only to ask these tough questions, but also to embrace the chance to address them. Naturally, there are many sound ways to go on the spiritual journey and the Church offers us many possibili-ties. I would like to propose just one about which I have written before and wish to commend to you again: center-ing prayer.

Since the seminar last September, a small but faithful group gathers weekly to support and encourage each other in this practice as a way of going on the spiritual journey. The group now meets at 10 am on Saturdays in the St Theresa Room in the Convent at Saint Patrick. My hope is to be able to sometimes pray with the group whenever my schedule permits.

Cari parrocchiani,

L'intero significato della prima parte della Quaresima pu essere ben sintetizzato nel comando a "pentirsi!" Il pentimento non si riferisce solo quelle pratiche che noi associamo con la Quaresima, vale a dire, la preghiera, il digiuno e l'elemosina, che sono tutti importanti e utili, ma pi profondamente per il riorientamento della nostra vita. Il monaco trappista, Padre Thomas Keating descrive "pentimento" come la chiamata di Ges 'di "cambiare la direzione in cui si cerca la felicit". Egli aggiunge che questo implica che non vediamo l'ora nel posto sbagliato per la felicit, e non potr mai trovare Dio in quei luoghi. Quaresima, quindi, l'occasione per scoprire il cammino della vera felicit: la dedizione al cammino spirituale.

Questa Quaresima, dunque, dobbiamo chiederci onestamente se siamo sul cammino spirituale, o se siamo bloccati in cicli nocivi e dannosi autodistruttivi di scelte sbagliate e di falsa coscienza. Il Vangelo di questa Domenica propone la vittoria di Ges sopra le tentazioni che si manifestano con le nostre false scelte per la felicit: la ricerca di sicurezza e di controllo, per la stima e prestigio, e per piacere e affetto. Notate che nessuna di queste cose in se stesse sono cattive. Abbiamo bisogno di loro e dovremmo goderne, ma nella giusta misura, che non possibile fino a quando non abbiamo intrapreso il cammino spirituale.

Siamo sul cammino spirituale? Siamo disposti a riconoscere le compulsioni nascosti per il controllo, il prestigio e la lode che plasmano i nostri rapporti e le scelte a discapito di tutti? Siamo disposti a umiliarci davanti alla verit che finch queste compulsioni ci controllano, cadremo in cicli di dipendenza e comportamenti compulsivi che mirano, ma non riusciranno mai, a compensare il fatto che non abbiamo mai raggiunto la sicurezza, affetto e stima che desideriamo? Poich queste compulsioni sono frustrate, inevitabilmente e facilmente causano i peccati capitali (vale a dire, l'orgoglio, l'avarizia, lussuria, invidia, gola, ira e accidia) che avvelenano i rapporti umani.

La Quaresima il momento privilegiato non solo per chiedere queste domande difficili, ma anche di abbracciare la possibilit di affrontarle. Naturalmente, ci sono molti modi sani per andare sul cammino spirituale e la Chiesa ci offre molte possibilit. Vorrei proporre una sola di cui ho scritto prima e desidero di raccomandare a voi ancora una volta: la preghiera di centratura (che si pu fare senza parlare una parola dinglese!).

Da quando il seminario lo scorso settembre, un piccolo ma fedele gruppo si riunisce ogni settimana per sostenere e incoraggiare l'un l'altro in questa pratica come un modo di andare sul cammino spirituale. Il gruppo si riunisce adesso alle ore 10 di sabato nella sala di S. Teresa nel convento di San Patrizio. La mia speranza di poter pregare a volte con il gruppo ogni volta che il mio programma lo permette.

Let us pray for the intentions of our Holy Father during the month of February.....

Universal Intention: That we may take good care of creation - a gift freely given - cultivating and protecting it for future generations.. For Evangelization Intention: That opportunities may increase for dialogue ad encounter between the Christian faith and the peoples of Asia.

Saturday: 3:00pm - 3:45pm

Bulletin Reflection Todays first reading describes the offering of first fruits the people of Israel were to present to the Lord in thanksgiving for their deliverance from Egypt and the gift of the promised land. Is my offering at todays Mass an appropriate response to the many blessings the Lord has given me?

Living Stewardship We are grateful this week for all stewards in our parish who share their first fruits by practicing a corporal work of mercy - welcoming the stranger - by extending invitation, hospitality and inclusion to the newest members of our parish community.

The regular collection on 2/7/2016 was $3,449.00. The second collection for Maintenance & Repair was $1,463. 00. May God bless you for your continued support and generosity.

Thank you, Fr. Elias


The Canonry of Saint Leopold Vatican Two (Re)views

2/16 No meeting Winter Recess

Centering prayer is a classical Christian spiritual practice that emphasizes the purification of intention. As one starts, one consents to the presence and action of the Holy Spirit, whom we have all received in Baptism and Confirmation. Then one introduces a sacred word as a symbol and sign of ones inten-tion to belong completely to God. The sacred word is not im-portant in itself. It is merely a way of reaffirming ones inten-tion to consent to the presence and action of the Holy Spirit, who is healing us and making us whole/holy (which is what salvation means).

The prayer lasts from fifteen to thirty minutes depending on ones capacity. When one first starts, fifteen minutes will seem very long! During the prayer, one learns not to worry about thoughts, feelings, images, etc. because this is not Eastern me-diation that seeks to quiet the mind. Whereas those forms of meditation focus on the attention whereas centering prayer since it a prayer and not meditation per se is focused on inten-tion, on my intention to belong wholly to the God, who has re-vealed Himself in and through Jesus, His Son, and through their Spirit.

Its Lent! Its time for all of us to repent. Our Lord urges us to change the direction in which we are looking for happiness. Perhaps you too will find that Centering Prayer is a great way to do this.

God bless, Father Elias

La preghiera di centratura una pratica spirituale cristiana classica che enfatizza la purificazione delle intenzioni. Per iniziare, acconsente alla presenza e l'azione dello Spirito Santo, che noi tutti abbiamo ricevuto nel Battesimo e nella Cresima. Avanti introduci una parola sacra come un simbolo e segno della tua intenzione di appartenere completamente a Dio. La parola sacra non importante in s. Si tratta semplicemente di un modo di riaffermare l'intenzione di acconsentire alla presenza e l'azione dello Spirito Santo, che ti guarisce e ti fa intero / santo (che ci che la salvezza significa).

La preghiera dura da quindici a trenta minuti secondo la propria capacit. Al primo avvio della pratica, un quarto d'ora pu sembrare molto lungo! Durante la preghiera, si impara a non preoccuparsi di pensieri, sentimenti, immagini, ecc. perch questa non la mediazione orientale che cerca di calmare la mente. Considerando che tali forme della meditazione mettono a fuoco attenzione, la preghiera di centratura - perch una preghiera, e non meditazione di per s - focalizzata sullintenzione, sulla mia intenzione di appartenere totalmente al Dio, che si rivelato in e attraverso Ges, Suo Figlio, e attraverso il loro spirito.

Quaresima! il momento per tutti noi di pentirsi. Il Signore ci spinge a cambiare la direzione in cui si cerca la felicit. Forse anche voi troverete che la preghiera di centratura un ottimo modo per fare questo.

Dio vi benedica, Padre Elias

First Confession for Second Graders has been cancelled on February 22. It will be rescheduled at a later date which has yet to be determined. Thank you.

Please continue to pray for all the men and women serving our country:

Lt. Ryan A. Vessichelli Lt. Travis Buffa, U.S.N. Lt. Melissa Buffa U.S.N.


$10,000 Grand Prize The Rosary Society is running a Reverse Raffle on April 9th at 6:30 in the Parish Center. The price is $100 for each ticket and it includes a Delicious Buffet Dinner. Additional dinner guests pay $25 per person. Please support this important fundraiser for Saint Roccos Church. For tickets or for more information, please contact the Parish Office, or our Chairladies, Mil-lie Sullivan (676-7614) and Pamela Zimmer (671-1188). Tickets will be sold after most Masses. Only 300 tickets will be sold, so buy yours early!


Siete tutti invitati ad una

Giornata di Spiritualit

Sabato 5 Marzo 2016

Sar una giornata di preghiera e riflessione in preprarazione alla Santa Pasqua e del Giubileo della

Misericordia dalla ore 10:00 a.m. alle 4:00 p.m.

Saint Rocco Church 18 Third St. Glen Cove, NY 11542

Tel: (516) 676-2482 Programma: 10:00 a.m. - Rosario 11:00 a.m. - Santa Messa 12:00 p.m. - Lunch al sacco 13:00 p.m. - Meditazione 1:30 p.m. - Adorazione Eucaristica 2:30 p.m. - Via Crucis & Benedizione Finale * Durante la celebrazione ci saranno sacerdoti a disposizione per le confessioni. * Per Informazioni chiamare Radio Maria (718) 417-0550


An Inspiring Story from one of NYCs Finest, Detective Steven McDonald

If you want to experience a story that will touch the very core of your soul, come and hear Detective McDonalds story about how he forgave a 15-year old boy for shooting him 3 times, leaving him confined to a wheelchair and breathing with the help of ventilator for the rest of his life.

Date: Wednesday, March 2nd Time: 7:00 pm Place: St. Rocco Church

An hour presentation by Steven will leave you amazed and in tears perhaps even inspire YOU to forgive. Wouldnt that be a won-derful way to live YOUR very own Lenten journey this year.


Saint Rocco's Church Presents: THE HOLY SHROUD OF TURIN TOUR

Discovering Jesus in His Holy Shroud Presenter: Mr. Donald H. Nohs

Director General Confraternity of the Passion International

An Evening Like No Other! A relic of the Holy Shroud will be available for veneration!

Venerate the Miraculous Holy Face Image which shed blood! New Shroud documentary DVD and other items can be purchased!

Recording artist Marty Rotella

sings: It is Your Face Lord

A special presentation on the Holy Shroud of Turin will be held on :

FridayFebruary 26, 2016 Time: 7:00 pm

Doors open at 6:00pm Location: Saint Rocco's Church

18 Third Street, Glen Cove, New York 11542 For more information and directions call:

(516) 676-2482Arrive Early!

Opera Sensation Christine Cullen sings:

Ave Maria

Donald Nohs is known as The Apostle of the Holy Shroud and brings the message of the Holy Shroud &

Passion of Jesus World-Wide If you are open to what the Holy Spirit has to reveal to you

this night, your life will be forever changed

The Miraculous Holy Face Image Which Shed Blood

The movement toward the Image does not terminate in it as Image, but tends to-ward that whose Image it is.

CC (para. 2132).

An Authentic Life-Size Replica of the Holy Shroud Is on tour and coming to your area!

Confraternity of the Passion International Donald Nohs : 631-275-8487


The Miraculous Holy Face Image

Which Shed Blood The movement toward the

Image does not terminate in it as Image, but tends toward that whose Image it is.

Please continue to keep in your prayers the sick members, family and friends of our parish:

Baby Nico, Laura Kirshen, Ryan Kishe Kishen, Teresa Brunetto, Clo-tilde Grella, Carmela Bozzella, Anthony Sarubbe, Ruthann Ogden, Sofia Lucchese, Logan, Kelly Rant, Steven Pisano, Nancy Celino, Baby, Adriana Carmona, Theresa & Salvatore Totino, Mia Perciballi, David Grimes, Maria Santoli, Linda Muller, Brian Schmitt, Nonie, Vivian Lorentzen, Rose Claro, Adriana A., Mary, Faye Griffin, Deb Grazioso, Tony Jiminez, Barbara Ermmarino, Nicholas Basile, Gloria Lettieri, Esther Molfetta, Lisa Rant, Joseph Carney, Omesh Chirnan, Doug McDonough, Sara Testa, Kaitlyn Ruth Turley, Maryann Majewski, Rosella Gallo, Jennifer Dobies, Ashley McIntyre, Dylan Papocchia, Frank J. Divonzo, Zachary Caldwell, Allison Butler Spina, Carmela Scarfo, Robin Ruthkowski, Lina Gallo, Diane Baker, Albert Ceglia, Umberto Telese, Soccarsa Ceglia Wyatt, Raymond Curiale, Max Van Holt, Rose Venturino, Kristen Robinson, Carter Suozzi, Roberta Pezzi, Lana Famiglietti, Maria Ceglia, Michael Maldonaldo, Barbara Rotunno, James Pannulla, Saverio Greco.


The Diocese of Rockville Centre Golden Wedding Liturgy

Honoring Couples Married Fifty Years or More

This spring couples that have been married fifty years or more will be honored at liturgies on Sunday, April 10 at the Church of St. Lawrence the Martyr in Sayville and on Sunday, April 24 at the Church of Maria Regina in Seaford. Both liturgies will begin at 2:30 pm. Couples may register for ONE liturgy. Reg-istration forms and complete instructions can be obtained at the parish office. Registration must be received by the Office of Worship by March 25 for the April 10 liturgy and by April 8 for the April 24 liturgy. If you have any questions you may call 516-678-5800, extension 207.

Stations Of The Cross are said every Friday Evening at 7:30 PM in the Church during Lent. This coming Friday, February 19th the Rosary Society is inviting everyone back to the Madonna Room after the Stations for a fasting Lenten meal consisting of soup, bread and water. Please join us to pray and break bread together.

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