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Cibs Gelbvieh Bull & Female Sales · 2014-02-04 · Cibs Gelbvieh Bull & Female Sales Begin...

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  • Cib’s Gelbvieh Bull & Female SalesBegin Saturday, March 1st, 2014 at 1:00 pm Lunch & Viewing Start at 10:30 am on Farm in Clutier, Iowa

    Serious herd bull prospect in this Sandman son. I admire the natural thickness and huge hip he carries. If you need a bull to power up your herd you need to look at this stud!

    CE 6BW 1.9WW 61YW 79MK 20TM 50

    CED 4ST 6YG -0.25CW 20RE 0.57MB 0.08FT -0.05CV 20.35FM 22.00

    Act. BW 88Adj. WW 582Adj. YW 1209Frame 5.2SC Adj. 37.1Adj. RIB 0.22Adj. FAT 0.22Adj. REA 12.78Adj. IMF 2.82


    Black • Polled • Bull • 75%GVB-date: 1/14/13 • AMGV#1239667_______________________________________________________

    SIRE: CTR Sandman 6523SDAM: HYEK Lafawnduh 7161TMAT. SIRE: HYEK Detonator 8382H


    Possibly the most complete bull in the sale. A soggy, big footed rug-ged bull that carries abundant mus-cling. He sports a 11 CE, 0.6 BW, 15 in. rib-eye and 3.96 IMF! Buy him!

    CE 11BW 0.6WW 68YW 88MK 35TM 69

    CED 4ST NAYG -0.22CW 26RE 0.48MB 0.02FT -0.05CV 19.63FM 24.95

    Act. BW 86Adj. WW 627Adj. YW 1221Frame 5.9SC Adj. 38.5Adj. RIB 0.26Adj. FAT 0.30Adj. REA 15.07Adj. IMF 3.96


    Black • Polled • Bull • 75%GVB-date: 2/14/13 • AMGV#1253724_______________________________________________________

    SIRE: Lazy TV Sam U451DAM: CIBS Leza 9315WMAT. SIRE: EHE Mr Texas T447


    Purebred powerhouse! Crossfit has exceeded my expectations. Look at his numbers. 847# WW! Long sided and big butted is a fitting descrip-tion. He deserves your attention!!

    CE 8BW 2.3WW 68YW 94MK 28TM 62

    CED 4ST NAYG -0.16CW 28RE 0.33MB -0.12FT -0.05CV 7.41FM 29.83

    Act. BW 86Adj. WW 847Adj. YW 1401Frame 6.0SC Adj. 44.7

    Rump Fat .29Rib Fat .25

    Act. REA 13.5% IMF 2.73


    Black • Polled • Bull • PurebredB-date: 3/25/13 • AMGV#1271354_______________________________________________________

    SIRE: RNBG 75Y1DAM: CIBS Jazmen 5152RMAT. SIRE: HYEK Black Impact 3960N


    The Sam bull really stamps his calves with middle and muscling. This pure-bred traces back to our donor cow HYEK Trista. Oh, and he comes with a big 16 inch rib-eye!

    CE 14BW 0.2WW 61YW 96MK 34TM 69

    CED 5ST NAYG -0.27CW 26RE 0.57MB -0.14FT -0.07CV 7.33FM 35.57

    Act. BW 82Adj. WW 720Adj. YW 1202Frame 5.8SC Adj. 34.8

    Rump Fat .37Rib Fat .30

    Act. REA 16% IMF 3.33

    CIBS SAM I AM 3538A

    Black • Polled • Bull • 50% GVB-date: 2/25/13 • AMGV#1271348_______________________________________________________

    SIRE: Lazy TV Sam U451DAM: Foundation GV Female 858UMAT. SIRE: Purebred Gelbvieh Bull


  • Check out cibsgelbvieh.comFor Video Footage and More

    or Call Matt at 641-751-0069 or 319-479-2105GC GC

    Pay attention here! If you are look-ing for a low BW and high growth bull, here he is! BW ratio of 92 and WW ratio of 114. A very versatile breeding pieice! And a 41 cm SC!

    CE 10BW 2.0WW 72YW 101MK 31TM 67

    CED 6ST NAYG -0.13CW 35RE 0.51MB 0.08FT -0.03CV 32.85FM 33.54

    Act. BW 80Adj. WW 699Adj. YW 1297Frame 6.9SC Adj. 41.3Adj. RIB 0.22Adj. FAT 0.18Adj. REA 13.06Adj. IMF 3.27


    Black • Polled • Bull • 75%GVB-date: 1/5/13 • AMGV#1257354 _______________________________________________________

    SIRE: CIBS First Impression 6151SDAM: SVVG Greta U827MAT. SIRE: TC Grid Topper 355


    Here is a herdsire prospect that will add thickness, power and perfor-mance to his future calf crops. His dam, HYEK 8238U has twice been awarded as an AGA Dam of Merit.

    CE 8BW 2.5WW 68YW 93MK 18TM 52

    CED 2ST 4YG -0.23CW 31RE 0.52MB 0.07FT -0.06CV 29.09FM 28.98

    Act. BW 102Adj. WW 653Adj. YW 1245Frame 6.8SC Adj. 36.1Adj. RIB 0.47Adj. FAT 0.43Adj. REA 14.65Adj. IMF 4.44

    HRNK MR 43T 3823A

    Black • Homo Polled • Bull • 75%GVB-date: 1/30/13 • AMGV#1241860_______________________________________________________

    SIRE: TAU Mr Grid Topper 43TDAM: HYEK Latisha 8238UMAT. SIRE: RID R Collateral 2R


    Duke is a Matrix son that sports a little more frame and some added length. He is a maternal brother to last years high selling bull. Note his 15 inch rib-eye!

    CE 6BW 2.5WW 60YW 70MK 31TM 61

    CED 3ST N/AYG -0.21CW 20RE 0.39MB -0.05FT -0.05CV 5.52FM 14.62

    Act. BW 92Adj. WW 607Adj. YW 1085Frame 6.3SC Adj. 37.6Adj. RIB 0.25Adj. FAT 0.19Adj. REA 15.02Adj. IMF 2.74

    CIBS DUKE 3636A

    Homo Black • Polled • Bull • PurebredB-date: 1/31/13 • AMGV#1253733_______________________________________________________

    SIRE: CIBS Matrix 0386XDAM: TNTF Daisy 6361S ETMAT. SIRE: XXB Drew 565K


    A low BW purebred that should work on heifers. He is loaded with thickness and dimension. Black Im-pact on Freedom, this bull should produce some ideal females.

    CE 11BW 0.3WW 53YW 69MK 25TM 52

    CED 4ST NAYG -0.28CW 10RE 0.46MB -0.25FT -0.05CV -23.6FM 17.44

    Act. BW 82Adj. WW 562Adj. YW 1063Frame 4.8SC Adj. 35.8Adj. RIB 0.26Adj. FAT 0.19Adj. REA 13.09Adj. IMF 4.32


    Black • Polled • Bull • PurebredB-date: 2/28/13 • AMGV#1253729_______________________________________________________

    SIRE: CIBS Matrix 0386XDAM: HYEK Shaquera 3771NMAT. SIRE: SLC Freedom 178F ET


  • Check out cibsgelbvieh.comFor Video Footage and More

    or Call Matt at 641-751-0069 or 319-479-2105GC GC

    Tuff Enuf stems from the maternal line of the great HYEK Blossom. His Black Impact dam produced the high selling bull in the 2012 sale.

    CE 10BW 1.8WW 61YW 84MK 33TM 63

    CED 1ST NAYG -0.24CW 21RE 0.50MB -0.12FT -0.05CV 1.99FM 25.35

    Act. BW 87Adj. WW 608Adj. YW 984Frame 5.2SC Adj. 32.1Adj. RIB 0.26Adj. FAT 0.32Adj. REA 14.48Adj. IMF 4.15


    Black • Polled • Bull • PurebredB-date: 3/02/13 • AMGV#1253731_______________________________________________________

    SIRE: CIBS Matrix 0386XDAM: HYEK Lana 7383TMAT. SIRE: HYEK Black Impact 3960N


    3015 nursed a super 200P2 daugh-ter that is quickly rising to the top of our cow herd. He posts a 651# WW. His maternal granddam is the highest producing cow in the herd.

    CE 8BW 2.8WW 69YW 91MK 30TM 64

    CED 3ST NAYG -0.15CW 29RE 0.39MB -0.17FT -0.04CV 3.21FM 27.49

    Act. BW 88Adj. WW 651Adj. YW 1080Frame 5.8SC Adj. 32.9Adj. RIB 0.29Adj. FAT 0.24Adj. REA 14.64Adj. IMF 4.02


    Black • Polled • Bull • PurebredB-date: 3/03/13 • AMGV#1253717_______________________________________________________

    SIRE: CIBS Matrix 0386XDAM: CIBS Kenzie 0152XMAT. SIRE: DCSF Granite 200P2


    3086A is a rugged and powerfully built Gelbvieh bull. He fits a ton of muscle into a moderate and practi-cal frame. Note his 16.78 inch ad-justed rib-eye area!

    CE 11BW 0.2WW 57YW 67MK 29TM 57

    CED 5ST NAYG -0.30CW 10RE 0.50MB -0.28FT -0.06CV -25.9FM 13.76

    Act. BW 93Adj. WW 634Adj. YW 1191Frame 5.9SC Adj. 39.3Adj. RIB 0.33Adj. FAT 0.34Adj. REA 16.78Adj. IMF 3.10


    Black • Polled • Bull • PurebredB-date: 3/16/13 • AMGV#1244167_______________________________________________________

    SIRE: TAU Mr Gunnison 106R 380YDAM: HRNK Kendra 0862XMAT. SIRE: GIP Extra Hot P60


    3190A nursed off a first calf heifer and still posted an adjusted wean-ing weight of 646lbs. This is a deep-middled bull that comes in a moder-ate, well balanced package.

    CE 11BW 0.9WW 61YW 77MK 29TM 59

    CED 3ST NAYG -0.27CW 18RE 0.55MB -0.18FT -0.05CV -6.94FM 20.03

    Act. BW 86Adj. WW 646Adj. YW 1161Frame 6.2SC Adj. 34.0Adj. RIB 0.29Adj. FAT 0.27Adj. REA 15.32Adj. IMF 3.92


    Black • Polled • Bull • 75% GelbviehB-date: 3/05/13• AMGV#1241858_______________________________________________________

    SIRE: TAU Mr Gunnison 106R 380YDAM: CIBS Dora 1906YMAT. SIRE: HYEK Navigator 7320T


  • Cib’s GelbviehMatt & Tina Cibula

    2786 R AveClutier, IA 52217641-751-0069

    [email protected]

    GCGuest Consignors:Herink Gelbvieh

    Kyle: 319-269-2089- and -

    Janelle Taubenheim 319-330-1647


    Fellow Cattle Enthusiasts,

    Well, this January has sure brought some COLD weather, but it has also brought us some HOT cattle markets! What an exciting time to be selling cattle. It’s a great thing when all of our hard work out in the cold weather leads us to some good old cold hard cash!

    I am very excited about this years offering. Our cows were again put to the test this summer with dry conditions and shortage of pasture, but man they still got the job done and weaned off the best set of calves yet! This is just another testament of the cow power of Gelb-vieh females and the ability of Gelbvieh calves to strive in less then ideal conditions.

    We have added another bull selection tool that will help you evaluate our bulls based on their carcass quality traits this year. The ultrasound information aids you in choosing a bull that will best meet the goals you have for your operation.

    EPDs Gelbvieh BalancerCE 9 11BW 1.3 0.2WW 66 64YW 91 97MK 29 27TM 62 58

    CED 7 7ST 5 4YG -0.24 -0.12CW 25 27RE 0.45 0.41MB -0.18 0.25FT -0.06 -0.03CV -3.47 40.41FM 28.84 35.35

    Sire EPD Averages

    Please take the opportunity to look through our sale line-up. I truly feel these bulls and females have a great deal to offer the cattle industry. The quality is deep and backed by generations of sound genetics. As always, disposition is sec-ond to none as our kids are raised around the cattle and vice versa so docility is of extreme importance to us.

    Come join us on March 1st when we kick off our private treaty sale. This is your chance to find the perfect bull or female to compliment your program. Feel free to call me at anytime to discuss the sale offering or the prices and format of the sale. Let us be a part of your success!

    Rockie’s dam ran in a pasture with 2 purebred Gelbvieh half brothers. Rockie is a meaty “old school” type bull that could really compliment some commercial cows.



    Act. BW 64Adj. WW 584Adj. YW 1488Frame 5SC Adj. 38

    Rump Fat 0.12Rib Fat 0.17

    Act. REA 12.00% IMF 1.73


    Red • Polled • Gelbvieh BullB-date: 2/05/14 • Not Registered _______________________________________________________

    SIRE: Purebred Gelbvieh BullDAM: Gelbvieh Foundation Female MAT. SIRE: Gelbvieh Bull


    CIBS LIBBY 2806Z

    Black • Polled • Bred Heifer • PB (88%)B-date: 3/04/12 • AMGV#1216185_______________________________________________________

    SIRE: CIBS Matrix 0386XDAM: HYEK Malayla 8063UBred to SAV Brilliance and due 2/28

    Iowa Beef ExpoSale Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

    in Des Moines, IA


    CE 7BW 3.3WW 61YW 84MK 30TM 60

    CED 3ST NAYG -0.14CW 24RE 0.36MB 0.05FT -0.03CV 20.21FM 25.60

    Act. BW 88Adj. WW 617Adj. YW 949Frame 5.5

  • Cib’s Gelbvieh Bull & Female SalesStart Saturday, March 1st at 1:00pm

    Call Matt at 641-751-0069 or go to www.cibsgelbvieh.comGC GC

    A nice Matrix female out of a First Impression dam. 3016 maternal granddam is one of the all time greatest female producers we have owned. Great genetics in this one.

    CE 8BW 1.4WW 58YW 76MK 31TM 60

    CED 2ST NAYG -0.25CW 16RE 0.45MB -0.14FT -0.05CV -5.87FM 20.14

    Act. BW 74Adj. WW 503Adj. YW 799Frame NA


    Black • Polled • Heifer • PurebredB-date: 2/21/13 • AMGV#1271065_______________________________________________________

    SIRE: CIBS Matrix 0386XDAM: CIBS Janine 0161XMAT. SIRE: CIBS First Impression 6151


    Here is a full sister the heifer we consigned to the Iowa Beef Expo. A very functional female the brings it together in a very eye appealing package. The highest growth heifer in the sale. Halter broke.

    CE 5BW 4.5WW 64YW 78MK 29TM 61

    CED 2ST NAYG -0.12CW 28RE 0.36MB 0.05FT -0.03CV 22.39FM 19.06

    Act. BW 98Adj. WW 607Adj. YW 933Frame NA

    CIBS EMMA 3806A

    Black • Polled • Heifer • Purebred (88%)B-date: 3/07/13 • AMGV1253732


    SIRE: CIBS Matrix 0386XDAM: HYEK Malayla 8063UMAT. SIRE: XXB Midnight Cowboy 219N


    What a nice little package here. These Matrix daughters should be the low input, high producing type females. Out of our donor cow Trista who pro-duces for us year in and year out.

    CE 10BW 0.8WW 55YW 73MK 28TM 56

    CED 4ST NAYG -0.26CW 12RE 0.43MB -0.10FT -0.06CV -7.30FM 19.86

    Act. BW 77Adj. WW 555Adj. YW 805Frame NA

    CIBS LANEY 3386A

    Homo Black • Polled • Heifer • PurebredB-date: 3/28/13 • AMGV1253730_______________________________________________________

    SIRE: CIBS Matrix 0386XDAM: HYEK Trista 3860NMAT. SIRE: HYEK Black Impulse 1296L


    Another Matrix daughter that exhibits a lot of ca-pacity and rib. 3315 comes from a Detonator dam who was named Champion Iowa Female at the Iowa State Fair. Great cow family in her pedigree.

    CE 7BW 2.4WW 59YW 76MK 31TM 60

    CED 2ST NAYG -0.26CW 20RE 0.44MB -0.15FT -0.06CV -2.81FM 19.80

    Act. BW 90Adj. WW 569Adj. YW 860Frame NA

    CIBS KEELY 3315A

    Black • Polled • Heifer • PurebredB-date: 3/13/13 • AMGV1253728_______________________________________________________

    SIRE: CIBS Matrix 0386XDAM: HYEK Zorra 3152NMAT. SIRE: HYEK Detonator 8382H


  • This dark red heifer really has a nice look to her. These commercial heifers are out of Purebred Gelbvieh bulls that are female making machines.

    Act. BW 70Adj. WW 555Adj. YW 830Frame NA

    CIBS EMMY 333A

    Born: 2/21/13 Red PolledGelbvieh

    Open HeiferNot Registered

    If you are looking for some red replacement heifers you need to take Lot 21 and 20 home with you. They are sure to deliver.

    Act. BW 85Adj. WW 573Adj. YW 1082Frame NA


    Born:3/20/13 Red PolledGelbvieh

    Open HeiferNot Registered

    A real wide made and super smooth looking heifer. Her dam possesses tons of body and the type of udder every cow should have.

    CIBS MYA 347A

    A cow we are selling only because she is a little out of our calving win-dow.

    HYEK Zorra 3152N





    3053A has begun to catch my eye. A purebred female that will make a good cow someday. She is structurally sound, easy fleshing, and deep bodied. Halter broke.

    CE 9BW 0.8WW 57YW 76MK 28TM 57

    CED 6ST NAYG -0.25CW 13RE 0.40MB -0.25FT -0.05CV -19.27FM 20.83

    Act. BW 79Adj. WW 504Adj. YW 851Frame NA

    Adj. RIB 0.24Adj. FAT 0.31Adj. REA 12.97Adj. IMF 4.37


    Black • Polled • Heifer • PurebredB-date: 3/23/13 • AMGV#1244610_______________________________________________________

    SIRE: TAU Mr Gunnison 106R 380YDAM: HYEK Shandy 0534XMAT. SIRE: DMS Stuckys Uno 169LU3


    Act. BW 75Adj. WW 546Adj. YW 988Frame NA

    Born: 2/20/13 Black PolledGelbvieh

    Open HeiferNot Registered

    Here is a super fancy looking heifer. She is clean fronted, straight over her top line and finishes out with a square hip. She is halter broke and would make a great show heifer.

    CE 15BW -2.3WW 57YW 93MK 24TM 52

    CED 8ST NAYG -0.12CW 17RE 0.38MB 0.32FT -0.01CV 37.87FM 35.97

    Act. BW 60Adj. WW 476Adj. YW 905Frame NA

    Adj. RIB 0.44Adj. FAT 0.41Adj. REA 11.71Adj. IMF 5.97


    Black • Polled • Heifer • Balancer 38%GVB-date: 2/08/13 • AMGV#1246374_______________________________________________________

    SIRE: DMRS Mr Legend 007XDAM: TAU Miss Final Answer 189MAT. SIRE: SAV Final Answer 0035


    Black • Polled • Purebred • Bred Cow B-date: 3/14/03 • AMGV#844876


    SIRE: HYEK Detonator 8382HDAM: HYEK Kizzy 1521LMAT. SIRE: ELK CK Scorpion 2343H _______________________________________________________

    Bred to: FMH 261Z AMGV#1238004Due to Calve: Mid April

    CE 4BW 1.9WW 56YW 76MK 33TM 61

    CED 3ST 3YG -0.31CW 17RE .40MB -0.20FT -0.08CV -10.0FM 21.65

    Act. BW 72Adj. WW 686Adj. YW 1063

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