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Cinderella 2015

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1Genre: romantic fantasy Production company: Walt Disney pictures Distributor: Walt Disney Studios Motion PicturesTarget audience: girls and teens, I think this because its a remake of Cinderella's 1950s Disney cartoon, its targeted at girls and teens because of the big dresses, the flawless make up and the overall setting.

Director: Kenneth Branagh Main lead actors/actresses: - Lily James as Ella ("Cinderella").- Eloise Webb as young Ella.- Cate Blanchett as Lady Tremaine.- Richard Madden as Prince "Kit" Charming.- Helena Bonham Carter as The Fairy Godmother.- Stellan Skarsgrd as The Grand Duke.- Nonso Anozie as Captain.- Sophie McShera as Drisella.- Holliday Grainger as Anastasia.- Derek Jacobi as The King.- Hayley Atwell as Cinderella's Mother.- Ben Chaplin as Cinderella's Father.

Cinderella 2015, costumes:

Cinderellas wedding dress:Her floor length gown is consisted of a beige colour, long-sleeves, silk with a floral print to represent the easiness of the princess she was to become. The dress was precisely cut, sewed, and stitched together to get the elegant, floor length gown look.

Cinderellas glass slipper:Cinderellas signature slipper, is made of crystals, designed with Swarovski, and based upon a shoe from the 1890s that Powell (the designer & maker) found in a museum in Northampton. The shoe had a five inch heel and no platform. The fact that Cinderellas slipper is crystal, the shape of it makes it impossible to walk in. Swarovski made eight pairs of crystal shoes, however none was actually wearable.

Cinderella, the ball gown (right);The Dress is a magical symbol that arrives respectful of Cinderellas dizzy fairy godmother on the evening of the princes royal ball. The cobalt gown with a huge skirt, is composed of more than 12 layers of silk in different shades of pale blue, lavender and turquoise.

Cinderellas ball gown:Nine versions were made of Cinderellas gown, each with more than 270 yards of fabric and 10,000 crystals. To make all 9 dresses, it took 18 tailors and 500 hours to make each dress.The dress was designed with more than a dozen thin layers of fabric, a petticoat and a corset.Sandy Powell (the costume designer) quoted "The gown had to look lovely when she dances and runs away from the ball. I wanted her to look like she was floating, like a watercolour painting.The beautiful flowing ball gown was stimulated by the Disney animated film in its colour and its shape. Swarovski provided more than 7 million crystals that were used in costumes and 100 tiaras for the ball scene.Cinderellas ball gown, the making:

Cinderella 2015 step-mother costume:The step-mother:For most of the film, the step mother is dressed in a citron green shade which is often connected with evil. Her faultless wardrobe adds a sense of intimidation. Her costumes fitted in with the 1940s theme. She wore extended evening gloves and standard style jewellery including large earrings and brooches emphasise the wickedly perfect look she was to give.Sand Powell the designer commented They wanted to give the stepmother a bit of a history, to give her a reason for being the way she was. She was hurt, bitter, but there was no reason she should be ugly. She was beautiful but kind of intimidating.Her evil colours intimidated us all, the step mother (Cate Blanchett) is meant to look totally ludicrous on the outside and obnoxious on the inside.

The Fairy Godmother makeup: It was a tinted by hand with big dark eyes and peachy look. The makeup looked like someone from the '60s, to make the godmother as she was one of the oldest characters on set. She had big shining perfect white teeth made for her which changed her look quite radically. The foundation used was a very pale foundation and she had this flawless finish, however she didn't have glitter like Cinderella because her dress was lighting up and there was so much going on with the dress and she had a huge wig so the amount of flesh showing was quite restricted. So I just wanted to keep it very clean and very pure-looking and open and lovely.Cinderellas (Lily James) makeup: Lily's face was covered with Armani Maestro foundation, she had MAC cream blush, with a pinkie cream and a pastel Chanel pressed powder. For the ball: For the ball, she had MAC Antique Gold pigment on her eyelids and Armani Fluid Sheer on her cheeks. Then on her body she had mixed MAC Strobe Cream with a silver glitter. This was the flawless way for when the light hit her because her skin glowed. Cinderella 2015 Makeup:

Cinderella 2015, makeup:The stepsisters makeup:The stepsisters are actually very attractive; they are not unpleasant at all. They had teeth made for them to make their teeth a bit peculiar but that didn't fly with the studio. They had many bows in their hair however the colours in the costumes were really strong. The designer picked out a fuchsia or a acid yellow for their costumes and used these colours somewhere on their face or on their nails. Anastasia, one stepsister, had fuchsia lipstick it was a mix of MAC Candy Yum Yum and MAC Impassioned. In most of the film, Drizella, the other stepsister had orange lipstick, it was MAC Morange and Peachstock.

Cinderella 2015, The sets and were theyre filmed:Filming locations: Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London (Palace Interior)

2. Black Park, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, UK (wood)

3. Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, UK (palace)

4. Cliveden House, Buckinghamshire, (Clock Tower)

5. Black Park, Buckinghamshire, UK (exteriors of the castle) Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire, UK (exteriors of castle)

The film features 33 songs, which some are included from the original 1950 film. The songs that are original are "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" and "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo. On June 7, 2013, it was confirmed that composer Patrick Doyle would have the role of composing the music for the film, with the music having an highlight on romance. He worked together with Kenneth Branagh to produce the overall soundtrack. The soundtrack debuted at No. 60 on the Billboard 200, selling 8,000 copies in its first week.The music: Released: March 10th 2015Recorded: Air Lyndhurst studios in London Length: 84:57 minutes Label: Walt DisneyGenre: OrchestralProducer: Kenneth BranaghCinderella 2015, the soundtrack:

Cinematography, Camera shots:Long shot: at 16 seconds in, Cinderella's parents near to the large house and have taken some time out to spend some family time with their new baby Cinderella. This is referring the characters, a long shot means they take up almost the full frame height.

Close up: at 2 minutes 20 seconds, this is when Cinderella's dad comes home and gives Cinderella a gift of a butterfly. This is referring to a certain feature that takes up most of the setting.

Weather shot: at 23 seconds, when they all look up to the sky before Cinderella (as a baby) grabs one of the clouds and gives it to her father. The theme is the weather and Can be used for other purposes, for example, to set the background.

Low angle: At 3 minutes, a low angle is used when Cinderella is showing the man he butterfly that she got given b her dad. The low angle is used to make the theme look strong and powerful.

High angle: At 45 seconds, the high angle is used when we look down onto the house of Cinderellas father (who it belongs to). The high angle is used to show that the subject can be vulnerable or powerless.

Eye level: At 2 minutes 17 seconds, when the father arrives home and is giving Cinderella her present that he got when he way away. The eye level angle is for the camera to be positioned as its the human (actor) observing a scene, or example the actors' heads are on a level with the focus.

Cinematography, camera angles:

Cinematography, transitions:Cut: the cut transition is the most basic and most popular type of transition. Its used to join two shots and is the most commonly used for this .

Fade out: A fade is used when the picture gradually turns to a single colour, normally black, or when a picture gradually appears on screen, fade outs are typically found at the end of a film or scene.

Parallel editing cut: this is used in a action scene or when someone is running. Eventually this transition will become very difficult and un-engaging after a while.