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Cinderella & the dog prince By: ELIZABETH Cinderella.

Date post: 29-Jan-2016
Author: polly-hunt
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Cinderella & the Cinderella & the dog prince dog prince By: ELIZABETH By: ELIZABETH Cinderel la
  • Cinderella & the dog princeBy: ELIZABETH Cinderella

  • ONCE day there a dog named Cinderella. She had 2 step sisters NICHOLE and NEELY she was taken to the dog pound the next day she was adopted by a owner. Her owners name was Isabella but she always was at work. so thats why they are her step sisters. She had a best friend named Kayla .c.They are my evil step sistersyea we are evilYea right ha-ha

  • Then one day they were invited to the ball that prince Chico invited them to the dog ball. Then they got ready to go. poor Cinderella had to stay home.

  • Then a dog popped out. Who are you said Cinderella your fairy god mother dippy do. Then all of her clothes changed and she was at the ball. Then the prince asked her to dance so they did. The clock struck twelve. She ran out her shoe fell.

  • Chico ran out. He said please come back sadly.

  • The next day he went to find the other shoe. He looked all over the city. Then he went to Cinderella's house. He knocked Cinderella was talking to Kayla.yeaAll openKnock knock

  • yes hello said Cinderella Chico said its you I recognize your face. Chico said will you marry me she said yes they kissed. Then all of a sudden they turned into people magically

  • The next day everyone new that there was a marriage. So they got married but then Nichole and Neely came and said you are not getting married . They said yes we are Nichole and Neely said fine we are sorry. Then Cinderella got married after the marriage they all played soccer Nichole and Neely said sorry. They magically turned to people too.

  • they said thank you Cinderella and Chico

  • They all lived happily ever after