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CIST 1401 Lab8

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Computer Networking Fundamentals Lab 8
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Name:____Andre Davis_________________________________________________________________________ CIS 2149 – Chapter 8 Lab 1. Complete Activity 8-1 on pp. 339: Exploring Network and Sharing Center Opened Network and Sharing Center

Name:____Andre Davis_________________________________________________________________________CIS 2149 Chapter 8 Lab1. Complete Activity 8-1 on pp. 339: Exploring Network and Sharing Center

Opened Network and Sharing Center

Made the network public.

Changed to Work Network

Full map displayed

2. Complete Activity 8-2 on pp. 341 - 342: Viewing Network Connections

Opened LAN connection properties

Opened configuration box

Opened advanced tab

Dipslayed driver details.

3. Complete Activity 8-3 on pp. 351 - 352: Viewing and Configuring IPv4

Viewed Network connection details

Displayed TCP/IPv4 properties

Opened TCP/IPv4 properties: gateway, ip, and dns

4. Complete Activity 8-4 on pp. 352: Using IPConfig and Netsh

Clicked ipconfig/all to show pc network information

Displayed netsh, interface, ipv4, show

Displayed show address, set address information.5. Complete Activity 8-6 on pp. 369 - 371: Sharing the Public Folder

Made changes to public folder sharing and turned off password requirement.

Created NetworkDoc document in shared folder.

Entered text into into NetworkDoc.

6. Complete Activity 8-7 on pp. 371 - 372: Credential Manager

Navigated to Local groups and Users, created new user and setup user name and password,

Added a Windows credential link7. Complete Activity 8-8 on pp. 376 - 378: Creating Shared Folders

Added WorkgroupUser to FileSharing

Created SimpleShare2 and AdvancedShare folders added to share read/write status

Gave permission to modify

8. Complete Activity 8-9 on pp. 378 - 379: Monitoring Shared Folders

Displayed SimpleShare2 folder properties

Viewed changed mode in the previous assignment, changes to modify accepted

Displayed networkDoc in public folder.9. Complete Activity 8-10 on pp. 400 - 401: Configuring Windows FirewallNote: Requires Internet access to Microsoft.com web site

Visited Microsoft.com

Logged drop packets

Selected Protocol type and port number10. Answer Case Project 8-3 on pp. 412: Configuring Windows Firewall Windows Firewall could be used and configure in the following ways:

When Joining a domain, Windows 7 configures firewall to allow the correct packets through for domain based communication.

Reducing the attack surface via: Inbound filtering, Outbound filtering, Firewall rules combined with IPSec rules, support for complex rules and logging.

The firewall should be configured for work or public if allowing visitors to connect to company wi-fi.

11. Answer Case Project 8-4 on pp. 412: Network AwarenessNetwork awareness in Windows 7 makes laptops more secure by __ The firewall should be configured for home, work or public depending on if the employee is at home, the office or offsite working.










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