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Classy Camper

Date post: 04-Jun-2018
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12/22/13 Cl assy Camper  been-seen.com/tr av el -bl og/w heels-we-like/classy-camper 1/5 Classy Camper Pictured abo v e is the latest i nnov ation in classy folding campers for chic nomads . Do the ov erlapping cur v es and peaks of the design remind you o f anything? If yo u picked the Sydney Opera House as the design inspirati on behind this camper, y ou're absolutely right. Belgian designer A x el Ent ho v en  modeled the c amper, fitti ngly called Opera, after the unique aesthetic o f Australia' s most rec ognizable building. Below is photo o f the O pera as a pro toty pe.

8/13/2019 Classy Camper

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/classy-camper 1/5

8/13/2019 Classy Camper

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12/22/13 Classy Camper  

been-seen.com/travel-blog/wheels-we-like/classy-camper 2/5

Though it folds out to become a mini-masterpiec e of canv as and stainless steel, Opera starts out as a

compact, 4-wheel trailer that hooks up to y our car.

Don't be dec eived by the co mmon trailer shape – it's when you pull up to yo ur campgro und that the real

fun begins. Opera is not like an ordinary camper. Comparing it to one would be like say ing attending the

actual oper a is the same as catching a mov ie matinee. Once y ou set up the camper (it's electric and takes

only 5 minutes to unfold at the press of a button, no messing with tent poles here), Opera offers yo u

absolute lux ury in a classic tent setting. Adv ertising copy bills Opera as "Y our Suite in Nature," and the

description is accurate.

8/13/2019 Classy Camper

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12/22/13 Classy Camper  

been-seen.com/travel-blog/wheels-we-like/classy-camper 3/5

Though it only measures an economical 7 meters once ex panded (around 23 feet for us non-Europe ans),

Opera is packed with moder n amenities not usually found in pop up c ampers.

The floors are teak, the interior walls are high-grade cotto n, and the finishings are done up in oak, co rian,

and stainless steel for a c ontemporary , rich feel. The lighting is entirely LED.

8/13/2019 Classy Camper

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8/13/2019 Classy Camper

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12/22/13 Classy Camper  

been-seen.com/travel-blog/wheels-we-like/classy-camper 5/5

Of course, such luxury doesn't co me cheap. Ac cording to their website, the current price for a bespoke

Opera is €27 ,680. The €340 deliver y fee isn't included. They 're working on creating a more affordably 

priced v ersion of Opera, hopefully to be on the market in the fall of 201 1. If you do dec ide to purchase one,

the company has published

a guide to classy c ampgrounds exc lusive ly for Opera owners. For ev ery one else, there's a short Y ouTube

 v ideo abo ut the Opera that's go od for a daydream. Watch it below. MT