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Clipsal House Electrical Plan Home Automation Checklist

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Energy Control Save money on your power bills with our essential energy management solutionsStunning New Pure White 250V Clipsal SaturnTMAustralias best electricians are only a click away.New Slimline ImpressTM Push-Button SwitchesThe latest evolution in switchingIssue 09Over 100 electrical solutions for your new home or renovationClipsal LightingCheck out our great new lighting rangeR.R.P. $8.75100 pages of everything electricalEssential Checklist Issue 09 2Save moneyAdding electrical products, like an extra power point, during the planning stage can be relatively inexpensive. However, once the walls are up it's a lot messier and more expensive.Save the environmentPlan to include electrical products like dimmers, motion sensors, energy efficient lighting, timers and ceiling fans, and youll save money by reducing your energy bills. As an added bonus, youll also reduce CO2 emissions, which is great for the environment.Future proongDont put up with ugly cords and power cables across rooms and along corridors! Pre-wiring your home with data cabling or providing plenty of power points makes good sense. With the cabling in place you can add new services whenever you like, such as Pay TV in multiple rooms or have every computer in the house access one printer. Thats why its called future proong.Work through your Checklist Planner to complete all the electrical solutions for your home.Great rewards for a little planning.Youll love itBeyond just switching lights on and off, your electrical installation can improve your lifestyle. Lighting can create moods, control can take over routine tasks, security systems can give you peace of mind, and entertainment units can be integrated into home theatre systems. Take the time to explore what is affordable and possible in your home, and you will be pleasantly surprised.Security and safetyYou cant put a price on your familys safety! Which is why, its smart to invest in electrical products that help keep everyone in your home safe and secure. Clipsal has a wide range of products that give you that added peace of mind, such as surge arrestors,which help protect your home appliances and expensive audio equipment, as well as Infrascans to scare off burglars. And lets not forget the famous Clipsal safety switch which reduces the risk of your family being in harms way of a life threatening electric shock or re.3 clipsal.com3clipsal.comDo you need another Project Planner?If your copy of the Checklist Planner is missing or you require another Project Planner simply call 1300 66 99 25 and we will arrange for one to be sent directly to you.SAVING ENERGY MAKES MORE CENTS. SAVING ENERGY MAKES MORE CENTS. SAVING ENERGY MAKES MORE CENTS. SAVING ENERGY MAKES MORE CENTS. SAVING ENERGY MAKES MORE CENTS. SAVING ENERGY MAKES MORE CENTS. SAVING ENERGY$5Saving energy in and around the home makes more cents, literally. And come on lets face it, who doesnt want to save a few extra bucks whenever possible. With Clipsals Essential Checklist, helping to reduce your energy bills is easy.More than a magazine, the Checklist is an essential tool when itcomestoeverythingelectricalforyourhome,helpingyoutofndtheright solutionsthatarebestforyou.Whetherbuildingorrenovating,theChecklist highlightshundredsofinnovativeproductsforeveryareaofyourhome,inside and out. It also educates you on what products ofer energy efcient solutions from thecleveruseofmotionsensorsandceilingsweepfanstoClipsalsnewrange ofenergysavingdownlights,dimmerswitchesandthefamousCent-a-Meter altogether products that are designed to enhance your lifestyle and help you to cut back on your energy usage. Withtherightproductsandadviceyoucaneasilyreduce yourannualpowerbillby15%.Youllnoticethediference.Teenvironment will notice the diference. Its a win, win situation for everyone. So, take the frst step towards leading a more energy efcient lifestyle and buy Clipsal. Afer all, saving energy makes more cents!20% of Australias greenhouse gas emissions come from our homes Its not just cars and factories that are responsible forproducinggreenhousegases.Youmightbe surprisedtolearnthattheaverageAustralian householdproduces12,000kgsofallgreenhouse gas emissions annually that makes up a massive 20%ofthecountriestotalemissions.Andthe rapid rate at which we are constantly adding new technologiestoourhomesthisnumberonly continues to grow and grow.Cut your electrical use by 15%, reduce your energy bill by $270It is even more staggering to know that in Australia wespendaround$1,800onenergybills.Witha littleefort,eachhouseholdcancuttheirenergy costs,simplybyinstigatinga15%reductionin theirtotalenergyuse.Tiscansavetheaverage household$270ayearandprevent1,500kgsof greenhousegasesfromenteringtheatmosphere. FurthermorewithClipsalsinnovativerangeof productsandthehelpoftheEssentialChecklist making a 15% reduction to your electricity use is very easy to do. Small changes create a big diferenceWebelievethatbyworkingtogether,wecan startactivelybuildagreenerAustralia.Any smallcontributionyoumakewillhaveapositive contributionforourfuture.Ifeveryhousehold weretoreducetheirenergyuseby15%thenit would also prevent a staggering 16.8 billion tonnes ofgreenhousegasemissionsfromenteringthe atmosphere. Tis equivalent to taking 3.36 million cars of the road permanently.Support Clipsal, support change Asyearsgoby,theefectsofglobalwarmingare becoming more and more evident. It is time for us to act, as individuals and by working together.AtClipsalourcommitmenttotheenvironment isdemonstratedinthevastrangeofenergy efcientsolutionsandinnovativeproductswe ofertoenhanceyourhomeandsaveyoumoney. Suchproductsareevidentthroughouttheentire Essential Checklist. Tink about your impactItstimetostopandthinkabouttheimpactwere havingontheenvironmenteverytimeweleave unnecessarylightsonorkeeptheTVonstandby mode all day. Instead consider installing automated timersandsensorsandspeaktoyourelectrician aboutthebeneftsofhavingaCent-a-Meterin your home. AsyouworkyourwaythroughtheChecklist, think about what changes you can start initiating throughoutyourhome,justbyinstallingafew basicproducts.Andrememberthatbybuying Clipsal,youareproductivelybeingmoreenergy efcient and supporting positive change.BysupportingClipsal,youarealreadymaking a diference.CONTENTS9 clipsal.com40 SafetyLIGHTING42 CFL Downlights44 Low Voltage Halogen Downlights46 LEDs47 Exterior Lights48 Synergi SolutionsWHATS YOUR STYLE?52 Colour and FinishTHE RANGE54 Clipsal Saturn 250V Range57 Impress Push-Button Selection58 2000 Series 59 Classic C2000 Series60 Slimline SC2000 Series61 Eclipse SL2000 Series62 Metal Plate Range63 Heritage Range64 Modena 800 Series66 Strato 800 Series67 Moduline68 Colour Selection Chart54102416CLIPSAL SATURNClipsal Saturn 250V enables you to match wall switches and power points throughout the home.ENTRANCEControlling your entire homes lighting from inside the front door.BEDROOMLulling you to sleep with the knowledge that youre saving energy.KITCHENYour kitchen is an everyday room - every day of the week.7 clipsal.comTECHNOLOGY TO ENHANCE YOUR LIFESTYLE69Living Technology71Home Networking Solutions73Defne Your Lifestyle74Luxurious Living75Impressive Technology76Serving You More79Create the Perfect Harmony80Home Control that Makes Cents82Now Tere are Wiser Homes84Te Core of a Wiser HomeTECHNOLOGY RANGES86 C-Touch Colour Touch Screens87 MKII B&W Touch Screens88 DLT Range89 Saturn Range90 Modena Range91 Neo Range92 Refection Range93 Standard Range94 How to Make it Happen97 Display Centres98 Index42ROOM SOLUTIONS10 Entrance and Home Security12 Family Room16 Kitchen20 Home Teatre24 Bedroom26 Bathroom30 Laundry32 Study34 Garage and Shed36 OutdoorsHOME THEATREYour theatre room can be part of your everyday life.57Impress Push-ButtonClipsal leading the way with evolutionary push- button switchesLIGHTINGOur brightest ideas give great savings.Energy ManagementFind the right solutions throughout your Essential Checklist.20Essential Checklist Issue 09 8WeLcomeTakecontrol!TeEssentialChecklistforEverything Electricaltakesyouonatourofyournew home or renovation before it is built. Inside, youwillfndsmartideasandelectrical productsforyourhome.Itcomeswitha handy Project Planner that you can take to your Clipspec Consultant (refer to page 96) orelectricalcontractor,andworkthrough yourideas.Yourconsultantwillalsoofer someadviceandfurthersuggestionsthat willhelpyoucustomiseyourhometobest suit your lifestyle.With a little planning, you can meet all your electrical requirements without blowing the budget.TisChecklistandProjectPlanner will help you fnd exactly what you need for every room in your home. It will also ensure youll enjoy your home for years to come.Step 1 >TearoutyourProjectPlanner from the front of this book.Step 2 >Readpages52-68anddecide yourpreferencesonstylesandcolours. Page68hasacolourchartsoyoucansee all the colours available for each style. Step3>Read through pages 10-47, taking youthroughalltheelectricalsolutionsfor everyroominyourhome.Recordyour productpreferencesintheProjectPlanner asyougo,includingstyleandcolour preferences.How to use your Essential Checklist and Project PlannerStep 4 >Readthroughpages69-93to discoverthevarioushomenetworking andcontroloptions.Recordyourhome networkingandcontrolpreferences (C-Bus,StarServe,LexComHome)in your Project Planner.Step 5 >TakeyourProjectPlanner toyourClipspecConsultant,licensed electricalcontractor,builderordesign professional.(Seeclipsal.comforalistof licensed electrical contractors near you.)Published ByClipsal Communications23 East Street, Brompton SA 5007Consumer Hotline 1300 66 99 25Art Direction Tim ColemanDesign Delvene TolbertCopy Editor Jodie Hansen> Is your Planner already torn out?IftheProjectPlannerhasalreadybeen removedfromthismagazine,simplycall 1300 66 99 25 and we will arrange for a new Planner to be sent to you straight away.Clipsals 2009 edition of the Essential Checklist delivers you hundreds of electrical product solutions for your ho

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