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Date post: 19-Jun-2015
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Overview of how the clk clk loyalty solution works with customer testimonials and real success examples.
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Powerful Cloud-Based Social Loyalty CRM
  • 1. Powerful Cloud-Based Social Loyalty CRM

2. An Innovative Turnkey SolutionClk Clk offers a social loyalty platform that can launch or supercharge anyloyalty program with seamless integration in ONE application. A fully customizable Customer Relationship Management System. Email and mobile technologies. Cutting edge loyalty programs that drive social media engagement. 3. How it Works By simply using existing card numbers, clk clk is the perfect compliment to wrap around existing loyalty programs to make them social. 1. START HERE! First, a customer joins a2. The customer is incented in3. The merchant immediately receives all business loyalty program. (It works as a the email to review his/her the reviews, and the positive reviews can card or card-less solution with any mobilepurchase and invite their be automatically posted to the business phone.) Then the customer makes a friends, thus becoming a brandsocial media pages. The merchant can transaction and both the customer and the ambassador. respond privately to the reviews and work merchant receive an email receipt. Theto retain any dissatisfied customers. customer also earns merchant loyalty dollars for spending cash! This program can wrap around a current loyalty program and make it social!The process repeats itself!5. Those referral friends receive a promotional 4. The customer is incented even more loyaltyvoucher, which drives them to visit the merchantdollars for becoming a brand ambassador byand make a purchase. When a voucher issimply inviting their friends on Facebook andredeemed, the referrer gets even more rewards!Twitter. 4. Transactional MarketingBusiness credits Transactionsdrive the marketingE-Enrollment 10 Credits* E-Receipt1 Credit*engine of our newE-Review 10 Credits*social based loyalty E-Referral10 Credits* E-Voucher10 Credits*program. Tools 5 Emails 1 Credit* 1 Mobile SMS 1 Credit** 1 Credit = $0.05 5. Customer RegistrationCustomerstartsregistration. 6. Customer RegistrationCustomerenters indetails. 7. Customer RegistrationCustomercan referfriends. 8. Customer RegistrationCustomerregistrationis complete. 9. The ER Suite : E-EnrollmentCustomer andyour businessreceivesconfirmation email. E-Enrollment: 10 Credits 10. The ER Suite : E-Receipt 1 of 2Customer makespurchase andimmediately receivesan emailed receipt.E-Receipt : 1 Credit 11. The ER Suite : E-Receipt 2 of 2Customer can viewupcoming eventsand invite friends.E-Receipt : 1 Credit 12. The ER Suite : E-Review 1 of 2Customer reviewstheir experience atthe business.E-Review : 10 Credits 13. The ER Suite : E-Review 2 of 2Customer can referfriends and share theirexperiences throughsocial media. E-Review : 10 Credits 14. The ER Suite: E-Review NoticeManagement reviewscustomers commentsand may choose torespond. E-Review : 10 Credits 15. The ER Suite: E-ReferralReferral receivesinvitation with optionalvoucher attached toredeem at the businesslocation. E-Referral : 10 Credits E-Voucher : 10 Credits 16. Business goes social with loyalty Sample Facebook PostsCustomer becomes abusiness brand advocateand shares with his/herfriends and followers onmultiple social networks. 17. The power of Word of Mouth using clk clk[This slide needs $10 Average Customer Transaction1,000 eReceipts =$10,000 Loyalty RevenueUpdating for310 Vouchers Redeemed =$ 3,100 Loyalty Revenue340 Referrals =$ 3,400 Loyalty RevenueAgencies.]Total$16,500 Loyalty Revenueclk clk price= $ 430 Loyalty CostProfit $16,070 Loyalty ProfitYoull connect with 110 more customers through instant feedback reviews that will help you improve operations and automatically post to your own social media sites.Youll increase sales by selling more food through 310 vouchers generated by customer loyalty.Youll increase your customer base by 340 from your current customers referrals.A $430 monthly investment will increase your traffic, move more product, increase your goodwill, improve your reputation, and reduce current marketing efforts and costs. Clk clk runs 24/7. Thats about 59 cents per hour! * Case Study from a high volume multiple location merchant. 18. The WorldCard : Overview 19. SOCIAL LOYALTY= MORE CUSTOMERS FOR YOUR CLIENTS