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Cluster Sharing

Date post: 06-Jan-2016
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Cluster Sharing. Wednesday 16 June 2010 e5 A closer look at ELABORATE. explain explore elaborate evaluate engage. ELABORATE. Capabilities Monitors progress Facilitates substantive conversation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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Wednesday 16 June 2010 e5 A closer look at ELABORATE ELABORATE
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Wednesday 16 June 2010

e5A closer look at


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explore elaborate



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Monitors progress Facilitates substantive conversation

Cultivates higher order thinking

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Lower-order thinking occurs when studentsare asked to receive or recite factualinformation or to employ rules andalgorithms through repetitive routines.Students are given pre specified knowledgeranging from simple facts and information

tomore complex concepts.Such knowledge is conveyed to studentsthrough a reading, worksheet, lecture orother direct instructional medium.

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Higher-order thinking requires students to manipulateinformation and ideas in ways that transform theirmeaning and implications. This transformation occurswhen students combine facts and ideas in order tosynthesise, generalise, explain, hypothesise or arrive

atsome conclusion or interpretation. Manipulatinginformation and ideas Through these processes allowsstudents to solve problems and discover new (for

them)meanings and understandings.

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A Taxonomy of Cognitive Objectives

Originally developed in the 1950s by BenjaminBloom and colleagues.

It is a means of expressing qualitativelydifferent kinds of thinking.

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This taxonomy continues to be one of the mostuniversally applied models.

It provides a way to organise thinking skills into

six levels, from the most basic to the morecomplex levels of thinking.

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Original Terms New Terms

Evaluation CreatingSynthesis EvaluatingAnalysis AnalysingApplication ApplyingComprehension UnderstandingKnowledge Remembering

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Primary: Choose those words from the Bloom’slist that students at your level wouldunderstand. Now highlight those words thatYOU have used in your teaching this term.

Secondary: There will be many students thatwould understand all of the words in theBloom’s list. Highlight those words that YOUhave used in your teaching this term.

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Substantive conversations can be aided by the

development of high-order questions.

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