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Coating of polymeric substrates

Date post: 31-Dec-2016
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Page 1: Coating of polymeric substrates

silicon partial alkoxide, an alumi­num alkoxide, an aluminum par­tial alkoxide, a tin partial alkox­ide, and mixtures thereof, andsaid catalytic material comprisesa conductive compound, said non­metallic substrate selected fromthe group consisting of a ceramicsubstrate, a glass substrate, aglass/ceramic substrate, a carbidesubstrate, a nitride substrate, anoxide substrate, a phosphide sub­strate, and mixtures thereof,wherein the precursor composi­tion is capable of forming an ad­hesive-enhancing film and uponformation the adhesive-enhanc­ing film is made catalytic by thecatalytic material; forming a cat­alytic adhesion enhancing film byheating and decomposing the pre-

cursor composition; and formingan outer plate on the catalytic ad­hesion-enhancing film.

SPRAY APPLICATION •CON......... COATINGSU.S. Patent 5,871,822. Feb. 16, 1999T.G. Lepsche and J.M. Henz,assignors to Honeywell Inc.,Minneapolis

A low-volume low-pressure(LVLP) method of applying a con­formal coating to an electronic as­sembly comprising providingmeans to support and move theelectronic assembly at a predeter­mined velocity; atomizing the con­formal coating at a predeterminedpressure, the conformal coatingbeing comprised of a resin and asolvent solution in a substantially

fluid form, without having to beheated to become a fluid, prior tothe conformal coating being atom­ized; spraying the atomized con­formal coating over the electronicassembly at a predetermined lowvolume and a predetermined lowpressure to provide a uniformthickness of the conformal coatingover the electronic assembly; andcuring the electronic assembly toevaporate the solvent and leave acured conformal coating, which iscomprised substantially of theresin.

coanNG OF POLYMIlUCSUIIS'IRATUU.S. Patent 5,871,823. Feb. 16, 1999C. Anders et ai., assignors to HueisAG, Marl. Gt>rmany

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Page 2: Coating of polymeric substrates

A process for producing a hydro­philic coating on a polymer sub­strate comprising activating thepolymer substrate by exposure tomonochromatic, continuous UVradiation in the presence of oxy­gen and of a wavelength sufficientto provide hydroperoxide groupson the substrate; immersing theactivated substrate in a solutionof at least one hydrophilic group­containing vinyl monomer; andsubjecting the immersed, acti­vated substrate to monochro­matic, continuous UV radiation ofa wavelength sufficient to dissoci­ate the hydroperoxide groups andinduce graft copolymerization ofthe vinyl monomer onto the sub­strate.

COAnNG COMPOsrnoNU.S. Patent 5,872,165. Feb. 16, 1999P.K. Oberg et al., assignors to BASFCorp" Southfield, Mich.A coating composition comprisinga crosslinkable principal resinand a combination of ultravioletlight absorbing compounds.

POWDER COAnNG COMPOSITIONU.S. Patent 5,872,192. Feb. 16, 1999A. Kaplan et al., assignors to EMS­Inventa AG, Zurich, Switzerland

A method for making a thermo­settng powder coating composi­tion comprising preparing an ac­rylate copolymer containingether-bound epoxy groups; coex­truding at a temperature between60 and 140'C the acrylate copoly­mer with an aliphatic and/or cy-

doaliphatic polybasic acid and/ora polyol-modified anhydride of apolybasic acid and/or an amor­phous or semicrystalline carboxy­functional copolyester resinand/or a carboxy-functional acrylicresin, and optionally, fillers and/orpigments and/or additives; coolingthe extrudate; and thereafter,grinding the cooled extrudate to agrain size of less than 90 ~m.

COAnNG COMPOSmONCONTAINING CARBAMATEU.S. Patent 5,872,195. Feb. 16, 1999M.L. Green and J. W. Rehfuss,assignors to BASF Corp., Southfield,Mich.A curable coating composition of apolymer resin comprising activehydrogen-containing functional

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