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Cognos Dashboard Creation Business Intelligence. What is a Dashboard? A dashboard is a collection of...

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Cognos Dashboard CreationBusiness Intelligence1What is a Dashboard?A dashboard is a collection of information in one place.An effective dashboard is a collection of reports that highlight meaningful information that can be acted upon.High level summaries that easily allow access to underlying detail.Graphs that summarize large data sets efficiently.Visual indicators that draw attention to key facts.2Why make a Dashboard?Ease of useOne centralized location for usersSimplifies navigationCan be included in a PortalTime savingsVisual indicators highlight items needing further attentionUsers can be saved from running reports needlessly

3How to Create a DashboardPlan your designThink about reports that would be usefulThink how the data would best be presentedThink about the visual layoutHow will the dashboard be viewedGrouping related data together makes for a logical layoutWrite the dashboard as any other report. It just takes more care arranging multiple report objects on one page.Write your supporting drill through reports and setup your drill through definitions the dashboard.(optional) Create a new portal page to display the dashboard in its own tab.

4ExampleFor my example we will use this audit dashboard

ExampleThis dashboard is meant to highlight report usage over time.It will be displayed in a portal tab so sizing is important.I want to organize it so related items are near each other.Each chart has a drill through to a full scale version with additional drill throughs for more detailEach graph is 200 x 200 pixels in a 3 by 2 table.Report GroupingUser GroupingExample

The report in report studio. A 3 by 2 table with 6 chart objects of various chart types.7Creating a Portal Tab

Click on New Page.

After naming, select the number of columns.

Add portal elements.

Check View the page and hit finish.Enter a title.

Cognos Viewer allows viewing reportsCreating a Portal TabYou now have this portal tab. You just have to define the settings of each element.

Cognos Navigator

Tile is entered here, if left blank Cognos Navigator is displayed.Channel name allows reports to be opened in the Cognos viewer.Select the folder you want to display when the page loads.

Cognos ViewerTile is entered here, if left blank the report name is displayed.Standard Report options.

Channel name that matches what was entered in Cognos navigatorPortal size only accepts the unit pixels.

RSS ViewerThe RSS View just needs an RSS url to display.

Final Product

Html objectConclusionWe have created an effective dashboard portal using a few simple objects.A report with 6 graphs in a 3 by 2 table.A portal page with 3 standard portal componentsCognos NavigatorCognos ViewerRSS Viewer

With a little planning a very complex looking dashboard is relatively simple to create.14

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