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  • Cognos Report Studio

    Using Blocks, Classes, Conditional Styles, and Conditional Blocks

  • IntroductionYou may utilize blocks to add backgrounds such as a company logo or company color. Conditional formatting is useful to highlight importantinformation.

    Blocks Block

    A container where other objects are inserted Useful when the business wants to see their logo or company color in a report

    Conditional Styles Specifies conditions and styles for an object Useful when the business needs to easily identify key information

    Conditional Block A block used for conditional display, utilizing variables Useful when you have one report with multiple options: i.e. run all data, run specific data, run specific pages, etc

    Classes Specifies a class to apply to an object Useful when you have many objects that utilize the same format; may be reused on different objects within the report

  • Scenario

    The company requires that all reports contain their company color of green in the background

    A Block is needed

    The company needs to track the inventory for each Branch Each branch needs to be on its own page

    A page set is needed

    The company wants to highlight inventory based on the percent of change between the closing inventory and the opening inventory Classes and Conditional Styles are needed

    When the percent of change is negative, change the font to red When the percent of change is between 0 and 50%, change the font

    to orange When the percent of change is above 50%, use the default format

  • Step One

    Write the query, include a filter for the year

  • Step Two Set up the page

    Add a Block to the page

    Set block Size to 8.5in by 14in and Overflow to Content is not clipped

    Set the Color & Background

    Background Image

    Background Effects Requires that the size and overflow is set

    Allows borders, fill, shadows, and/or Images to be defined

    Background Color

    Foreground Color

    Uses a custom color

  • Step Two Continued

    Add a Crosstab object

    Build the Crosstab with Branch Code, Product Line, and Product to the rows, sorted by Branch Code

    Add Month to the top column and sort ascending by Month Number

    Add the opening inventory, quantity shipped, additions, closing inventory, unit cost, and % of Change to the second column section

    Section by Branch Code and Product Line

    In order for the report to page break by Branch Code add a Page Set : Add the Inventory Query and set Grouping & Sorting; sort by Branch Code and add Product Line to the Detail Sort List

  • Step ThreeAnytime you are using conditional styles, adding

    classes will be helpful. You might receive additional requirements where the same

    formatting that you have already used is needed on a

    different column or columns. Also, if you have applied the

    same format for multiple columns, then receive instructions

    to change the format, update the class and anywhere that the

    class has been utilized will be updated.

    Add Classes

    Open the View menu and select Classes

    Drag a Class to the Local Classes section

    Set the Class Properties

    Add a Label

    Set the Background Color

    Set the Foreground Color

    Set the Font

  • Step Four Add conditional styles to satisfy the requirement to change the font color based on the % of


    Select the % of Change column, including the total

    From the Properties - Crosstab Intersection, select Conditional Styles

    Click on the New Conditional Style icon and select New Conditional Style

    Select the % of Change data item from the list

    Change the Type of conditional style to Numeric Range

  • Step Four Continued Add a Conditional Style name

    Add the Range and Style

    Click on the New Value icon and enter a value


    Select a Style for the range by clicking on the menu for that range

    Click on the (Default) menu and scroll down to the Classes you defined at the beginning of step four

    Repeat for each range

  • Step Five Run Report to validate the format

  • New Requirement

    You receive a new requirement to allow the consumer to either run the entire report or to select the Branch Code and Product Line

    You will need to add a Conditional Block, variables, prompts, and a prompt page

  • Add Prompts and Conditional Blocks

    Navigate to the Inventory Query and add optional prompts for Branch Code and Product Line

    Navigate to the Report Page and add a Conditional Block just under the existing Crosstab We will add information to the Conditional Block after we set up the prompt page, including a variable

  • Add a Prompt Page and Define Prompts

    From the Page Explorer select Prompt Pages and add a Page from the Toolbox

    Open the page you just added and format the page

    Add a title to the page

    Add a value prompt for the Output Type

    Enter a Parameter name and click finish

    Set the Static Choices

    Add a String Variable

    Define the Properties

  • Formatting Prompt Page Continued

    Add a Conditional Block just under the Select Output Type Value Prompt

    Select the Conditional Block and set the Block Variable to str_Output Type variable

    Set the Current Block to Specific Branch/Product

    Add Value Prompts for the Branch Code and Product Line Go through the steps to create a new Query for each type

    Add a Cascade Source to each prompt for Pagetorun

    Test the prompt page to ensure it operates as expected

    When Entire Report is selected the report should start running

    When Specific Branch/Product is selected the prompts for

    Branch Code and Product Line should display

  • Finish Format of Report Output Page Open the Report Page

    Select the Conditional Block

    Set the Block Variable to str_Output Type

    Set the Current Block to Entire Report

    Drag the current crosstab report to the Conditional Block

    Copy the Crosstab, ommitting the Branch and Product sections

    Select the Conditional Block again and set the Current Block to Specific Branch/Product

  • Format the Specific Branch/Product Page

    Add a table to the block; 1 column, 4 rows

    Add a Layout Calculation for the Branch to row one and Product Line to row two

    Paste the Crosstab in row four

    Test the report by running for the Entire Report and by Specific Branch/Product to ensure the report is working properly

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