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Cognos TM1. Satya Mobile: +91-8095001166 Email:[email protected] Skype:[email protected] TM1 Architecture. +91-8095001166. [email protected] TM1 Architecture. TM1 Admin Server TM1 Server TM1 Client Step 1. TM1 Servers register with the Admin Server. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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  • TM1 ArchitectureTM1 Admin Server TM1 ServerTM1 Client

    Step 1. TM1 Servers register with the Admin Server.Step 2. TM1 clients contact the Admin Server and receive information about the TM1 Servers that are available.Step 3. After determining which servers are available, TM1 clients establish connections with TM1 Servers.

    The Admin Server maintains the following information about each TM1 Server

    Server nameIP addressProtocolPort number

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  • TM1 ArchitectureTM1 Is distributed, client-server architecture that consists of the TM1 Server and clients

    TM1 Clients

    TM1 Perspectives TM1 Architect TM1 Client (limited version of TM1 Perspectives) TM1 Web client

    In client Server environment, corporate data resides on remote servers, which authorized clients can access.

    All clients communicate with a remote server using the TCP/IP network protocol.

    When the TM1 server starts, the server registers itself with an Admin Server that is running on a specified Admin Host. TM1 clients reference the Admin Server to determine which TM1 servers are available on the [email protected]+91-8095001166

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  • [email protected]+91-8095001166TM1 Architecture An Admin Server must be running before a TM1 server can start.

    You have specified an Admin Host in the Tm1s.cfg file or the server command line, the TM1 server will attempt to connect toan Admin Server on that host.

    If you have not specified an Admin Host, the TM1 server attempts to connect to an Admin Server on the local machine.

    The Admin Server becomes aware of TM1 servers on the network by listening for notification from the servers.

    TM1 server sends notification of its presence at a regular interval called the "heartbeat interval," which is 60 seconds by default.

    When the Admin Server detects the TM1server, that server becomes registered and available to clients on the network.

    If the Admin Server does not detect the presence of a registered TM1 server over a period equal to three times (180 Seconds) the heartbeat interval, that TM1 server is removed from the list of servers available on the network.

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  • Data [email protected]+91-8095001166The data directory contains the cubes, dimensions, and system information that are loaded into memory when a TM1 server is started. When you access a server from any TM1 client, TM1 reads data from that server's data directory.

    TM1 saves the data back to the data directory when any of the following occur:

    TM1 server is shut down. An administrator right-clicks a server icon in Server Explorer and choose Save Data from the pop-up menu. This directs TM1 to save the changes to the selected server. An administrator chooses File, Save Data All in Server Explorer. This directs TM1 to save the changes to all the connected servers, if you have the proper authority. A user saves the batch updates.

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  • [email protected]+91-8095001166TM1 User InterfacesTM1 Architect TM1 Perspectives Cube ViewerSubset EditorTM1 WebTurboIntegrator TM1 Architect

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  • [email protected]+91-8095001166TM1 ToolsTM1 TurboIntegrator TurboIntegrator lets you design a process that recognizes the data structure of the source and transforms it into the appropriate structure TM1 needs. Once the TI process is designed, you can re-run it or schedule it to be used when importing data from a dynamic source

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  • [email protected]+91-8095001166TM1 ToolsTM1 Perspectives This is TM1's Excel Add-in client application. In TM1 Perspective, you can create, manage, and edit TM1 databases and related objects.

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  • [email protected]+91-8095001166TM1 ToolsSubset Editor

    Elements paneDisplays a hierarchical representation of all elements in the subset you are currently viewing.Properties paneDisplays the properties of the elements selected in the Elements pane of the Subset Editor. When you select a consolidated element, this pane displays the names, types, and weights of all children of the consolidated element.

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  • [email protected]+91-8095001166TM1 ComponentsApplicationsCubes Dimensions Replications Processes Chores

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  • TM1 ComponentsApplications: A TM1 application is a collection of other TM1 objects and files organized into logical, job-specific groupings. Excel files or cube views that are published to the Web are listed in the Applications folder as well as URLs and other file types. Security can be managed on who will have access to the files.

    Cubes:Multidimensional databases that must be made up of at least 2 dimensions. Data is entered into a cube. Multiple cubes make up a model. You can expand each cube to view all the dimensions that make up that cube.

    Dimensions: They are listed independently of the cubes so that developers can reuse and edit them quickly and easily.

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  • [email protected]+91-8095001166Replications: A process that copies cubes from one server to another, and may also have TM1 synchronize the updates among the copied cubes either at specific time intervals or on demand.

    Processes: Lets developers use Turbo Integrator to import data into cubes from data sources including ASCII files, ODBC, and other cubes.

    Chores: Batches of processes may be assigned a schedule on which to run.TM1 Components

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