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    GROUP November 1, 2018

  • Agenda

    • BICC Updates - Kelsie Newberry

    ○ Resources

    ○ Cognos Trainings

    ○ Offboarding BI Checklist

    ○ Who to Contact

    • Updated process for graduation candidates - Leslie Rody

    • Consolidated Report of Registered Students Walkthrough

    - Leslie Rody

    • Finance & HCM Reporting - Monique Rawles

    • Data Module Demo - Sabrina Tanner

    • Q&A

  • Cognos User Group Steering Committee

    • Sue Wilder

    • Monique Rawles

    • Leslie Rody

    • Sabrina Tanner

    • Fiona Guo

    • Katie Hendryx

    • Kelsie Newberry

  • Cognos Resources

    ● Cognos Resources Page

    ● Upcoming Cognos Tool Trainings

    ● COG 301 - Cognos Analytics Authoring Lite

    ● COG 401 - Cognos Analytics Authoring

    ● Cognos & Tableau Offboarding Checklist

    ● Published to the BICC website

    ● To be used before a staff member departs position

    ● Not only beneficial for supervisors

    https://reporting.itap.purdue.edu/cognos/bi/?perspective=generic_iframe&id=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cucHVyZHVlLmVkdS9iaWNjL2V4dGVybmFsL2NvZ25vcy1yZXNvdXJjZXMuaHRtbA%3D%3D&url=https://www.purdue.edu/bicc/external/cognos-resources.html&title=Resources https://www.purdue.edu/bicc/community/cognos-and-tableau-offboarding-checklist.php




    Data Questions/Issues:

    Data-related questions/issues should first be

    directed to your supervisor.


    [email protected]

    * * First sentence in the body of email * *


    Student Data Questions/Issues:

    Data-related questions/issues should first be

    directed to your supervisor.


    [email protected]

    BICC Reporting Tool Questions/Issues:

    Cognos tool issues


    [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]

  • Undergraduate candidate reporting

    Apply to Graduate

    ● Undergraduate students at PWL and TSW

    ● Apply to graduate for a specific term and degree

    ● Up to 2 terms early but as late as October 23rd for Fall 2018

    graduation. (updated by Registrar)

    ● Academic Outcome Table ○ [STATUS] in (‘PN’, ‘SO’, ‘AP’) ○ [Graduation_Academic_Period] = Academic Period the student plans

    to graduate. ● Current Standard report that will bring back a simple list of candidates

    (with the above parameters in prompts) ○ “Pending and Awarded Degrees” ○ Student - PWL >> Standard Content >> Students >> Degrees

  • Consolidated Report of Registered Students

    First Prompt Page

    The first page of the consolidated report of Registered Students prompts for your student population.

    Caution The PUID filter will allow ONLY the 9 digit PUID number up to 1000 PUID’s. This report will throw an error if you exceed

    the 1000 limit.

  • Consolidated Report of Registered Students

    Prompt Page 2

    The second page of the consolidated report of Registered Students prompts for your student

    information – What kind of information would you like to receive about the students you

    have filtered.


    Caution This report returns students who are/were registered in courses for the term you select. This will

    not bring back active/enrolled non-registered students.


    Each list of students will have a column labeled

    “Confidentiality” – If this is set to “Y” then this

    student has elected not to receive any

    communication or have their information shared.

    Please pay close attention to this – These students

    are highlighted in Yellow.

  • Finance Reporting and Transformation Project

    ● FI Data Mart folder changes

    ● Standard Folder Structure

    ● Prompt Page


    Released in July-September 2018

    ▪ Statement of Financial Activity

    ▪ Transaction Listing (including Scheduled


    ▪ Parked Documents

    ▪ Account Balance Listing (including

    Scheduled view)

    ▪ Statement of Payroll Charges

    ▪ Master Data Report

    ▪ Concur Reports

    ▪ Recurring and Non-Recurring Transfers

    Commitment Item Hierarchy

    ▪ Open PO/Commitment Report

    ▪ Spend by Vendor

    ▪ Cost Share Report

    ▪ Animal Transactions for Grants and Sponsored


    ▪ Grant Attribute Type Active Report

    ▪ Questionable Transaction Report

    ▪ Sponsored Program Reporting Units: Academic

    & DP

    ▪ Awarded Proposals and Submitted Proposals

    ▪ Grants on NTP

    ▪ Grants Overdrafts

    ▪ Expired/Expiring Accounts with Any Balance

    ▪ Overdraft

    ▪ Cost Distribution Verification with Account



    Requesting Enhancements

    Step 1: Access the Report Requests SharePoint site

    Step 2: Click All Report Request to see if the request has already been

    submitted by another employee

    (Note: Filter on Report Name to narrow down the list of requests)

    Step 3: Click Submit a Request to submit a new enhancement request

    Step 4: In the Request Type field, select Change/Enhancement to Existing

    Standard Report

    Step 5: Complete the form and click Submit


  • HCM Reporting - January 2019

    ● Review current fields and identify new fields

    ● Review current report and identify new reports based on

    process changes

    ● Reports are identified as Go-Live, Month-End, Quarter-End or


  • Data Module

    Simple-Use Demo

    Sabrina Tanner

  • Data Module Simple-Use Demo

    ● Cognos 11 New Features Overview PowerPoint, how-to

    videos & articles – BICC Cognos Authors Links & Resources

    ● What is a data module?

    ● When might I want to use a data module?

    – Data not in existing package

    – Population is unique or difficult to define

    – Frequently referenced populations



    ● Data modules is a web-based data modeling feature that can fuse together many sources of data (e.g. packages, uploaded files, data sets, other data modules)

    ● In a simple use, you can include many sources without performing any data modeling, for the purpose of having many data sources available to a report author

    ● In a complex use, you can join data sources, and/or create custom calculations and filters

  • Data Module Simple-Use Demo

    ● Today’s Task:

    – Create a data module using an uploaded file & package

    – Use this data module in a report

    ● Steps

    1. Upload File

    2. Open new data module & select sources

    3. Explore join options

    4. Test the module & save

    5. Run report using data module

  • Scenario

    ● Have a list of engineering students ready to transition to

    major (T2M) this term

    ● Need to get these student’s GPA for the term in which

    they are T2M candidates

    ● Population not definable within existing package

    ● File contains unique fields (1st & 2nd choice schools)

  • Summary

    ● What is a data module?

    ✓ A data source created by fusing together multiple data sources

    ● When might I want to use one?

    ✓ Data not in existing packages

    ✓ Frequently referenced populations

    ✓ You decide!

    ● How can I make a simple data module?

    ✓ Upload File

    ✓ Open new data module & select sources

    ✓ Explore join options

    ✓ Test the module & save

    ✓ Run report using the data module

  • Community

    Feedback Questions?


    Sue Wilder

    Monique Rawles

    Leslie Rody

    Sabrina Tanner

    Katie Hendryx

    Kelsie Newberry

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