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Date post: 12-Apr-2017
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Secure the digital mission. Optimize analytics and intelligence with agile, real-time management. Federal Solutions COMMERCE DEFENSE ENERGY INTELLIGENCE TRANSPORT
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Secure the digital mission. Optimize analytics and intelligence with agile, real-time management.


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The stakes couldn’t be higher


Delivering the network infrastructure for NGA East, the second largest U.S. federal campus

*Testimony before the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, U.S. House of Representatives, 4.22.15

“A strong cybersecurity program is critical to ensuring mission success. Given the evolving threat landscape, it is imperative that we do everything in our power to ensure the security of government information and networks.”

— Tony Scott, Chief Information Officer, U.S. Office of Management and Budget*

Public agencies are tasked with maintaining the safety and liberty of their citizens. To protect and preserve these rights, accurate

information and instant communication are mission-critical. The data center and building infrastructure you recommend must deliver airtight security, rock-solid availability and cost-efficient productivity that enable public officials to make smart strategic decisions in real time.

While each branch of the United States federal government follows a unique mission, mandates and standards, they share a handful of core challenges. Whether it’s a civilian, defense or intelligence agency, budgets are tight, deadlines are rigorous and expectations are high. Complexity is a given, compliance is scrutinized and cybersecurity is mandatory.

In other words, when a country’s national interests are on the line, mistakes and shortfalls simply aren’t an option.

When the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) needed a secure cabling infrastructure to support the $1.46 billion construction of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) East campus, project leaders sought out CommScope. At 2.4 million square feet, the campus is rivaled in size only by the Pentagon. As its integrated design-bid-build (IDBB) partner, CommScope worked with NGA and the prime contractor staff to create a customized zone cabling solution using a combination of:

• TeraSPEED® singlemode and LazrSPEED® OM3 fiber cabling• Category 6 F/UTP copper cabling• QWIK-II™ SC and keyed LC connectors• Preterminated fiber and copper assemblies

The comprehensive solution met all mandatory security requirements, offering support for 8,500 personnel with room to expand by another 25 percent. Most important, in April 2011, CommScope completed the entire initiative—design, deployment, testing and commissioning—a full six months ahead of schedule.

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For more information, visit commscope.com

Isn’t there an easier way?Yes, there is. It’s called the CommScope Federal Solutions Team, a specialized unit

comprising experts with decades of military, intelligence and civilian service within a

variety of U.S. agencies. We understand the complex pressures of federal initiatives,

the flexibility required to adapt as objectives evolve, and the long-term perspective and

commitment needed to ensure total success.

The Federal Solutions Team actively engages with integrators serving all branches of

the U.S. government, providing turnkey network infrastructure solutions that help

you design, deploy, modernize and maintain secure infrastructure and infrastructure

management solutions.

This expert team is backed by CommScope, one of the world’s foremost wired and

wireless network infrastructure providers. CommScope engineers guided the arrival

of coaxial, twisted-pair and fiber-optic cabling technology. We’ve written the industry

standards for every major network evolution. We’re pioneering robust, agile data center

solutions. Decades of real-world technical experience and an agile global supply chain

with boots on the ground in more than 100 countries offer you practical, actionable

insights you can draw on to make smarter business decisions.


Starkey Mortgage slashes energy costs by 70 percent using Redwood® intelligent lightingAfter purchasing a new corporate headquarters in Plano, Texas, fast-growing Starkey Mortgage aimed to create a corporate environment that excelled in every possible energy efficiency. The mortgage lender wanted a cool futuristic space that successfully blended disparate conventional building systems into a single, cost-effective platform. The company’s long-standing relationship with CommScope made the Redwood Building Intelligence Platform the ideal solution. Starkey also installed Uniprise® Category 6A cabling for its voice and data network. The results?

• A 70 percent reduction in monthly lighting-related energy expenses over its prior facility• Low-voltage system installed almost exclusively in-house with fully integrated HVAC• Showcased in Starkey’s corporate headquarters tour to generate new business• The system will significantly trim operational overhead over its lifespan

“There were just too many pluses for us,” explained Dirk Norrell, Starkey’s telecommunications and facilities manager. “Between the vastly improved energy efficiency, the chance for integration with our HVAC system, and the enhanced value it brings to the property, it became clear that CommScope offered the most cost-effective option.”

A legacy of irreplaceable expertise

CommScope was instrumental in creating:

• The first data centers• The first wireless networks• The first intelligent buildings• The first cable TV infrastructure

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For more information, visit commscope.com

Deliver on your contractThe agencies comprising the United States government are exceptionally diverse. The wide variety of global, national, state and local entities—each with its own culture, jargon, politics, economies and legislation—means there is no one-size-fits-all solution. To support such diversity, we offer client-specific solutions for three types of core government customers.

Civilian federal agenciesThe structured cabling solutions LazrSPEED, TeraSPEED and GigaSPEED® enable civilian agencies like the departments of Energy, Transportation and Commerce to invest in critical infrastructure initiatives and achieve greater operational efficiencies that positively impact local communities and businesses across the country.

Passive optical network (PON) offerings, Redwood building intelligence, imVision® intelligent infrastructure management and ION®-E unified wireless infrastructure help stimulate economic prosperity, fuel job growth, develop new communities and generate more taxable revenue.

The intelligence communityEnterprise solutions like our Data Center on Demand™ family of purpose-built data centers, iTRACS® data center infrastructure management (DCIM) platform and imVision help government agencies keep Americans safe and our data secure. Redwood, ION-E, iTRACS and PON solutions address the opportunity to engage in sustainable (GREEN/LEED) initiatives that drive down energy costs while enhancing operational efficiencies and minimizing the environmental impact.

The Department of Defense (DoD)In the theater of war, smarter, faster technology can mean the difference between life and death, victory and defeat. Actionable, real-time situational awareness saves lives. High-security, protected solutions like ION-E, purpose-built Data Center on Demand, iTRACS, PON and structured cabling enable agencies to rapidly access, accurately assess and quickly share strategic and tactical information in support of the modern warfighter.


Core capabilities

• Proven track record on complex, high-profile, high-value projects

• Proactive clearance on sensitive projects (DoD)

• Expert local, regional and global field sales teams

• Convenient regional executive briefing centers

• Agility in design, testing, deployment and support

• U.S. and overseas manufacturing offers a global supply chain for efficient logistics

• EPON-approved by the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC)


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For more information, visit commscope.com 5

Data Center on Demand (SCIF-certifiable)Data Center on Demand represents the apex of our enterprise portfolio: a family of purpose-built prefabricated modular data centers that offers dramatic, game-changing advantages over brick-and-mortar facilities. Our modular data center portfolio provides engineering freedom (build what you want); scalable capacity on demand (expand at will); and exceptional energy-saving efficiency via SmartAir™ intelligent cooling that delivers an average partial PUE as low as 1.03-1.06.

Redwood Building Intelligence PlatformRedwood is one of the most advanced LED lighting systems on the market. Lights are deployed over low-voltage cabling with high-density sensors that collect massive quantities of real-time data on temperature, light and motion to dramatically reduce power

consumption. Even more significant is the opportunity to optimize building design and office space based on traffic pattern data gathered from the Redwood sensor network.

iTRACS data center infrastructure management (DCIM)The iTRACS DCIM platform offers holistic, end-to-end command and control over your entire physical ecosystem. Manage your infrastructure with complete visibility to optimize capacity, availability and efficiency across both IT and facilities. Benefit from a single point of management, 2D and 3D visualization and an open platform architecture that easily connects to other systems—enriching your overall DCIM coverage and optimizing the use of your existing investments.

Designed for simplicity, efficiency and secure capacity Whether you need to securely increase bandwidth, maximize capacity, boost performance, reduce energy consumption or simplify a deployment, CommScope is the infrastructure partner of choice.

University of Montana consolidates 23 data centers into one ultra-efficient powerhouseFacing an aging IT infrastructure with constant heat and power issues from 23 data center locations, the IT team at UoM needed to deploy quickly and consolidate space to maximize research opportunities while improving performance and energy efficiency with comprehensive redundancy. Compared to its previous infrastructure, after implementing the 16-rack variation of Data Center on Demand (DCoD) with no HVAC, UoM achieved:• An 80 percent reduction in energy costs• A 99 percent reduction in the water bill• A 73 percent reduction in PUE

“DCoD stood head and shoulders above the rest,” said Tony Jablonski, assistant chief information officer. Efficiency was off the charts. Deployment was fast. Pricing was right. We were wasting $45k per year in water usage with our old data center. You can run this solution with virtually a garden hose. Despite a brutal winter where temperatures reached 15 below zero, DCoD handled it beautifully. There were no issues at all. Now I can sleep at night. I don’t worry anymore—I know we’re covered.”

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For more information, visit commscope.com6

Wired, wireless or converged: you decide

Structured cabling solutionsOur proven SYSTIMAX® and Uniprise connectivity solutions include GigaSPEED Category 6 and 6A copper cabling systems, LazrSPEED OM3 and OM4 multimode fibers and TeraSPEED zero water peak singlemode fibers. Preterminated options allow customization when rapid installation is needed. Additional security is provided with shielded copper and keyed fiber options. Outside plant solutions are also available for campus and base applications.

Intelligent infrastructure solutionsAccessed via an easy-to-use Web-based interface, the imVision automated infrastructure management (AIM) platform combines intelligent hardware and software to provide exceptional insight and real-time control over the entire physical connectivity layer—cabling, patching, switch ports and end devices.

In-building wireless systems (IBW)Our Andrew® portfolio of wireless solutions represents the pinnacle of quality coverage and capacity—from precise DAS systems to our groundbreaking ION-E unified wireless infrastructure.

Passive optical networks (PON)Compared to traditional network architectures, PON can boost network performance by up to 50 percent. Using CWDM, FTTx PON improves performance while reducing initial-build and day-two operating costs. This makes it ideal for supporting triple-play architectures (data, video and voice). PON networks are inherently digitally secure and can be easily physically secured as well. GPON and EPON variations are also available.

CommScope helps Aviat Networks blanket Papua New Guinea with robust wireless service Based in Santa Clara, California, Aviat Networks has installed roughly 750,000 microwave networking solutions in more than 100 countries over the past 50 years. When Aviat needed an innovative deployment strategy to deploy a high-capacity backbone network on the top of 11,634-foot Mt. Otto, they partnered with CommScope. Andrew HSX-series microwave antennas were air-lifted via helicopter to the mountain’s peak.

• Massive capacity optimization was achieved by transmitting over eight channels in both vertical and horizontal polarizations using XPIC functionality with link distances of up to 56 miles

• Excellent propagation conditions, XPIC, adaptive modulation and an all-Ethernet architecture allowed a huge capacity of up to 4 Gbps

• Spatial diversity configurations with two antennas were used at each end of the link to compensate for the curvature of the Earth

• Exceptional antenna reliability means Aviat expects zero return visits for the next decade

• Spectrum reuse: Antennas employ high-quality radiation pattern envelopes for side lobe suppression that maximize available spectrum

• Power: Solar panels and on-site generators provider the necessary power

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For more information, visit commscope.com 7

The right technologies for your strategyThe award-winning CommScope portfolio of enterprise solutions covers a wide variety of infrastructure applications and venues. Compare the offerings below to decide which solution is ideal for your business.

Benefits Applications Environments

RedwoodBuilding Intelligence Platform.

• Dramatic energy cost-savings on cooling and lighting

• Integrates many facility systems• Optimizes how space is used• Low-voltage cabling minimizes installation expenses• High-density sensors capture light, motion and heat

• Indoor lighting• Space and occupancy analytics• Workspace optimization

• Buildings and facilities (space and lighting)

• Campus networks (space and lighting)

• Data centers (lighting)

Data Center on DemandPurpose-built prefabricated modular data centers.

• Avg. partial PUE of 1.03-1.06• On-demand capacity• Design freedom• Broad equipment variety• SCIF certifiable• Exceptional energy savings

• Data security, storage, transport and analysis

• Disaster recovery• Remote office support• Mobile computing• Distributed networks• Temporary installations

• Campus networks• Oil and gas sites• Military bases• Financial services• Remotely managed

telecom sites

IBW/ION-EUnified wireless infrastructure.

• Frequency agnostic • Runs over an IT network • Economical Category 6A and fiber cable• Supports a multicarrier environment

• In-building wireless• Wi-Fi and security camera coverage

extension via UAP

• Data centers• High-rise buildings• Shopping malls• Museums/casinos• Military bases• Hospitals

imVisionIntelligent, automated infrastructure management.

• Physical layer insight and control• Efficiently improve uptime• Reduce maintenance costs • Compliance with auditing mandates and


• Secure, central physical layer and device tracking

• Asset management (MAC)• Manage data center, building and

campus OSP connectivity from a single platform

• Data centers• Intelligent buildings• Outside plant fiber• Campus networks

PON (EPON/GPON)End-to-end FTTx architectures for transmitting voice, data and video.

• Reduces CapEx for cabling, Ethernet switches, cooling, power and backup power equipment

• Converges all network elements onto singlemode optical fiber

• Creates central point of control; core and desktop are the only active components

• Reduce OpEx for power, software licenses and cooling

• 128-bit AES encryption

• Voice, data and video systems run over a single network

• DAS systems can use spare optical fibers in PON cabling

• Run Wi-Fi access points over PON• Eliminate IDFs and pathway size/


• Intelligent buildings• Military bases• Campus networks• Large facilities

Preterminated cablingProven SYSTIMAX and Uniprise connectivity.

• Copper and fiber options• Reduces labor and installation time • No waste or excess materials• Higher density reduces space by 50%• Factory terminated and tested for

quality performance and system assurance

• Moves, adds and changes• Data center SAN and IP network• Suitable for traditional 3-Tier or

spine/leaf architecture

• Buildings and facilities• Data centers

iTRACS DCIMCommand and control over entire physical ecosystem.

• Holistic 2D and 3D network visibility make the DC a strategic mission advantage

• View and manage all interconnected assets, power, connectivity and physical resources in near-real time

• Optimizes capacity, availability, efficiency• Open platform easily connects to other systems

• Capacity planning• Manage operations, assets, changes

(MAC), connectivity, space, availability and capacity

• Deep-dive analytics can help identify and resolve a broad range of data center issues

• Data centers

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www.commscope.comVisit our website or contact your local CommScope representative for more information.

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At the heart of CommScope’s global expertise and resources is its PartnerPRO Network—one of the world’s most robust partner networks. Featuring more than 2,200 active partners in 88 countries, the PartnerPro Network consists of consultants, integrators, installers, distributors and alliance partners trained and certified by CommScope to deliver the company’s broad range of building and data center infrastructure solutions.

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