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Communications for a changing world July 2015

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BNP Paribas B.Com 2015

Communications for a changing worldJuly 2015

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BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #Youve asked us to introduce Brunswick.

Were a communications firm focused on business critical communications.


The World TurnedUpside Down

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #

A new environment

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #We all know that digital has fundamentally changed the rules of the game2

A profound loss of trust

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #But it is the combination of digital and the anger post crisis which has transformed the balance of power between the governing and the governed with profound implications for those of us who represent traditional centres of economic as well as political power3

Whose sideare you on?

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #The gap between the haves and have nots has been widened at least that is the perception. Business is no longer seen as a force for good and the media even the top end media, politicians and regulators have sensed the shift in mood and are terrified of being caught on the wrong side of the argument4

Are you with the 1%?

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #They are all conscious that they are being asked to take sides5

...or the 99%

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #

The new normal

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #For us one of the key developments has been the revolution in the world of communications7

90%2.1 billion57%39%of the worlds data has been created in the last two yearsactive social media accountsof consumer traffic by 2015of B2B buyers identified that they share info graphics on social media frequently

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #These numbers tell their own story

Technology is increasingly disrupting this landscape and we have chosen to embrace this new normal. 90% of the worlds data has been created in the last two yearsWe are all finding more dynamic way of consuming itSocial media is having a profound impact on the reputational landscape with 2.1 billion having active social media accountsThe rising power of video: CISCO expect video to account for 57% of consumer traffic by 2015A greater emphasis on visual content: In 2014, 39% of B2B buyers identified that they share info graphics on social media frequently (Demand Gen Reports 2014 Content Preferences Survey)

The environmental, reputational and communication challenges our clients face are becoming more complex.

And the language we use in this new normal is increasingly important.8

44% of global internet users spend over one hour per day on social platforms(Source: Global WebIndex, January 2014)

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #We all know how important the internet is now but we still only have 24 hours in the day and we have to sleep for some of them or at least most of us do. The time on the internet is clearly coming at the expense of something else9

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #For much of my career the print media has been the main source of news for most people, particularly professional or business people who need to stay informed to be taking seriously . But that is no longer the case10


BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #The Sun newspaper, still the biggest selling daily in Europe, once was seen so important politically that Tony Blair travelled to Australia to emet Rupert Murcodch the proprietor at this home to end more than a decade of hostility between the paper and the Labour Party. Yet it is questionable now if any paper has that clout. Between 2005 and 2015 the circulation of the Sun newspaper, Britains biggest selling tabloid fell by 46.5% from 3.38m to 1.8m


The new normalShare of device traffic on a typical workdayLate night(12am-7am)Early morning(7am-10am)Daytime(10am-5pm)Early evening(5pm-8pm)Prime(8pm-12am)Mobiles brighten the commutePCs dominate working hoursTablets popular at night

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #Where once people consumed a wholesome diet of news through their daily paper and evening news broadcasts now they snack eating bite sized chunks of news during the day 12

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #Huffington PostThe internet has made it easier to create new news media all of them seeking to address the new consumption habits of the rising social media generationTo add

GawkerTo add

BuzzfeedTo add

QuartzTo add

Mediapart To add

MashableTo add


In the US, 22% of readers accessed their news last week via Huffpost compared with 12% via the New York Times.Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism June 16, 2015

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #Some of them have already succeeded in overtaking traditional newspapers 14

Appealing to the lowest common denominator?I was a journalist at the Financial Times. Whenever you work at a newspaper, particularly a newspaper with high standards, you're struck by the gap between the story that appears in the paper the next day and what the journalist who wrote that story will tell you about it after deadline. The version they tell over a drink is much more interestinglegally riskier, sometimes more trivial, and sometimes it fits less neatly into the institution's narrative. Usually it's a lot truer. The very fact that a journalist will ask another journalist who has a story in the paper, "So what really happened?"now, just think about that question. It's a powerful question. It's the essence of all meaningful gossip.Nick Denton

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #Are we seeking though a race to the bottom in journalistic standards? Denton a former journalist on the Financial Times supposedly the high table of journalism is an unshamed believer that what the public wants the public should get. Manti Te'o had a fake girlfriend. Rob Ford smoked crack. Brett Favre texted photos of his junk to a young woman. That these and countless other onetime secrets are now public knowledge is thanks to Nick Denton, the founder and owner of a network of news-and-gossip websites called Gawker Media.


From the Oxford English DictionaryLISTICLESyllabification: listiclePronunciation: /listk()l/Definition of listicle in English: nounAn article on the Internet presented in the form of a numbered or bullet-pointed list: a recent BuzzFeed listicle called 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity has attracted more than 13 million views

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #The new media have spawned a plethora of new forms and a new vocabulary16

Rise of citizen journalism

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #It has also lowered the barrier for entry to journalism. With a smartphone anyone can be a journalist. 17

Or are their grounds for hope?The standard unit of production in traditional journalism is an 800 word article it turns out what people want online is shorter stuff that is focused and creative and meant for social and the longer stuff2-3000 words: these are the things people read.Kevin Delaney Editor in Chief Quartz

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #Not everyone believes that people just want trivia. One of the newcomers is Quartz a business publication that believes that the people do want to read thoughtful well researched journalism and have been hoovering up reporters from quality publications. Their originality stems from a belief in using big data and analytics to identify the themes and trends that are going to resonate with their readership18

Traditional media must either adapt Janine Gibson, former editor-in-chief of The Guardians website, soon to be UK editor Buzzfeed: For someone with a print background, youre accustomed to the fact that if it gets into the paper youre going to find an audienceIts entirely the other way around as a digital journalist. The realization that [the audience is] not going to just come and read it has been transformative.

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #But for established media, the search for a viable business model goes on: The Guardian is one of the best read publications on the web and its enthusiastic embrace of the web has enabled it to expand its readership massively in North America where its progressive perspective is not often heard in a Conservative American media world but it has yet to find a way to make money ut Guardian and Observer narrow losses.The hard lesson which many journalists are learning to their cost is most of what newspapers have traditionally regarded as newsworthy is a turn off to most readers, and they are havingt to learn fast that in this new world the consumer is king and no longer wants to pay good money to have someone elses idea of what is good for them rammed down their throat.Guardian News & Media reports loss of 30.6m in year to end of March, with print income stable and digital revenues up 24%.


News outlet brands are migrating to web

BRUNSWICK | 2015 | #It is true that media brands do have a strength and while print is dying out readership is migrating to the web20

Newspaper ad revenue is less than half of what it was a decade agoand despite the erection of pay walls by some publications, barely 10% of consumers are currently paying for their newsBUT.20052015

BRUNSWICK | 2015 |

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