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Commuter Solutions for UW Health Employees

Date post:16-Mar-2016
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Comprehensive summary of commuting options for UW Health Employees.

    For UW Health Employees

  • Find Answers to Transportation Questions

    UW Transportation Services Webpage www.wisc.edu/trans

    Unit Transportation Coordinator [email protected] (608) 263-7943

    Transportation Services Customer Service Counters American Family Childrens Hospital WARF Office Welcome Center

    UW Commuter Solutions Team [email protected]

  • What are My Transportation Options?

    Madison Metro Bus Pass Convenient and complimentary

    Walk or Bike Healthy for you and the community at large

    Carpool Share the driving and the costs

    State Vanpool Leave the driving to others

    Park and Ride Bike or Bus to Campus

    Purchase Annual Permit Various options available, $495 - $1085 annually

  • Madison Metro Bus Pass

    Complimentary Bus Pass Available for UWHC Employees only (contract

    employees arent eligible)

    Metro Service to the UW Hospital Routes 2, 9, 11, 28, 38, 44, and 80 Use Metro/Campus Park and Ride Lots

    Campus Research Park ($205/year) Metro North Transfer Point Metro Dutch Mill (Hwy 12/18 at Hwy 51) Metro Sherman Plaza (Sherman and

    Northport) Metro American Center (E. Park Blvd.)

  • Bike or Walk

    City and Campus Bicycling Resources Madison Bike Webpage

    Campus Bike Webpage www.wisc.edu/trans, click UW Commuter


    Campus Walking Webpage www.wisc.edu/trans, click UW Commuter


    See what current bike commuters have to say: Connect by Bike video

  • Carpool

    Join with co-workers and carpool to work

    Share the driving responsibilities Share the cost of gas, parking For help joining or starting a carpool:

    266-RIDE or www.rideshareetc.org (City of Madison Rideshare)

    263-2076 or www.wisc.edu/trans, click UW Commuter Solutions

    Concerned about family emergencies? UW offers an emergency ride home to those

    who walk, bike, bus, vanpool, or carpool to campus.

  • State Vanpool

    The State Vanpool Office 266-7665 www.doa.state.wi.us/deo/vpriders.asp

    Leave the driving to others Share the cost of driving and parking Leave vehicle maintenance to others Easy biweekly payroll deductions Concerned about family emergencies?

    UW offers an emergency ride home to those who walk, bike, bus, vanpool, or carpool to campus

  • Services offered by UW Commuter Solutions

    Route Planning Assistance Complete this online form and UW Commuter

    Solutions will find the best bike, bus, or pedestrian route for you.

    Car/Vanpool Coordination Help finding a pool to join or creating a new


    Emergency Ride Home Free cab ride home in case of an emergency

    Flex Parking Convenient hourly parking for occasional

    parking needs

    Community Car Car Sharing Program

  • Available Lots if You Choose to Drive

    Select from a number of campus lots Lots closest to the UW Hospital include 59,

    60, 64, 76, 79, 82, 85, 95, and 131 Assignments will be based upon space

    availability Click on the Lot Availability link on the UW

    Transportation Services website for a list of lots with space available. Consider adding one of these lots to your parking application

    Rates vary by designated level Level 1: $495/year Level 2: $745/year Level 3: $1085/year

    (2010-2011 Rates)

  • Campus Parking

    Temporary Permits Daily Monthly

    Annual Permits Moped/Motor scooter Motorcycle Park & Ride Flex Permit Baselot UW Disabled

  • Campus Parking

    Temporary Parking $6/half day, $10/day (2010-2011) Lots 60 and 76 depending on availability

    All Day Permits AM/PM Permits Monthly Permits

    Metered stalls available in various locations

  • Campus Parking

    Moped/Motor Scooter Parking Permits are required on all mopeds and motor

    scooters Moped/motor scooter policy is available online

    at www.wisc.edu/trans

    Stalls located near the UW Hospital and Pharmacy

  • Campus Parking

    Motorcycle Permits Stalls in lots near the UW Hospital

    60, 66, 79, 82, 95, & 128

    A motorcycle permit is valid for any motorcycle stall in any lot

  • Campus Parking

    Park and Ride Permits Park and Ride lots managed by

    Transportation Services Research Park, $205/year

    Madison Metro Lots http://www.ci.madison.wi.us/metro

    Create your own Park and Ride Park at a friends and bus to work together!

  • Campus Parking

    Flex Permits Flex lots near the UW Hospital

    59, 60, 64, 76, 79, 82, 85, and 95

    Pay as you park option for full time employees who walk, bike, bus, car/vanpool the majority of the time. Intended for parking two or fewer days per week (otherwise it is less economical than buying a baselot permit).

    Minimum of $3, $0.75/hour up to the daily maximum of $6.

  • Campus Parking

    Annual Baselot (Sept. 1 August 31) Campus Lots/Ramps near the UW Hospital

    59, 60, 64, 76, 79, 82, 85, 95, and 131

    Payment Options Cash Check Credit Card Post-tax payroll deduction Pre-tax payroll deduction Cost is pro-rated based on the date of sale

  • Permit Rates

    Temporary Daily Full Day $10.00 Half Day $6.00

    Temporary Monthly $75 (Levels 1, 2) Temporary Monthly $110 (Level 3) Meters $1.25/hour Annual Permit Rates

    Rates range from $495 to $1085 All rates and policies are available at


  • Steps to Apply for Parking

    First time applicants: Go to the Health Sciences Transportation Website

    and complete the Parking Request Form

    Returning applicants: Go to www.wisc.edu/trans Hover over Permit Customers Click Apply/Update Parking Enter your UW NetID and Password Follow the instructions on the Permits Application


    For assistance, contact the Health Sciences Unit Transportation Coordinator

    263-7943 [email protected]

  • Steps to Apply for Parking

    Obtain a NetID Contact your Unit Transportation Coordinator

    at 263-7943 or email [email protected]

    Provide your full name and birth date

    Activate your NetID online at my.wisc.edu/portal/index.jsp Click Activate your NetID Follow the online instructions for setting up

    your NetID and password Remember your NetID and password

    Youll need these to access the permit application system to apply for or accept parking

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