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Companys Profiles From Bali to serve Indonesia Slide 2 HOME Welcome to PT. TJUATJA UTAMA We are Indonesian transportation and distribution company built to deliver service excellence and supply chain solution across Indonesia. Over time we have learned and made a lot of improvement to create an innovative and cost-effective transportation system to serve our customer better in order to meet or exceed their expectation by consistently providing a SAFE FAST and RELIABLE transportation service. Slide 3 ABOUT US Its started in the small city of Bali island, located in the west Bali province named Negara, Mr. I Ketut Tjuatja Tjinta Negara (1941-2009) began his transportation business in 1963 with one truck, delivering crops and local products from Bali island to Java island along the years. His keen interest in the business made him started an auto parts and mechanical shops in 1966 under the name UD. Selecta Motor used to support his trucking business on maintenance. Since then it was also the name used to address his transportation business too. To complete the business cycle, therefore in 2008 Mr. I Ketut Tjuatja Agus Sukantha, B.bus the youngest son of Mr. I Ketut Tjuatja Tjinta Negara started a small distribution company named CV. Dewata Manunggal Jaya in Denpasar-Bali selling consumers goods. And by 2012 it becomes one of the biggest users of UD. Selecta Motor Transport in delivering consumers goods from Java island to Bali island. With all families support, Mr. I Ketut Tjuatja Agus Sukantha, B.bus took another steps a head to transform the deceased father transportation business with a new name and management therefore on May 3rd, 2012, PT. TJUATJA UTAMA was established. The name TJUATJA is used to honor his deceased father and UTAMA means number one or in other words means Great Father. PT. TJUATJA UTAMA is now expanding, growing and continuously delivering sophisticated transportation and supply chain services to a wide range of leading business name across Indonesia. Slide 4 VISION Our vision is to become leading transportation company that contribute beneficial values to our customers, country and societies. Slide 5 MISSION Providing low cost and effective transportation system by adopting the right technology and training to help us actualize persistent quality and excellence services to wide range of customers and delivering wide range of products across Indonesia. Slide 6 PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OPEN CONTAINERDIMENTIONWEIGHT MEDIUM RIGID LONGP 8.5M x L 2.6M x T 2.6 M17000 KG MEDIUM RIGID SUPER LONGP 11.5M x L 2.6M x T 2.6 M20000 KG HEAVY RIGID LONGP 8.5M x L 2.6M x T 2.6 M27000 KG HEAVY RIGID SUPER LONGP 10.5M x L 2.6M x T 2.6 M30000 KG WING BOXDIMENTIONWEIGHT MEDIUM RIGID LONGP 7.5M x L 2.6M x T 2.6M20000 KG HEAVY RIGID SUPER LONGP 9.7M x L 2.6M x T 2.6M30000 KG TRAILERDIMENTIONWEIGHT FLAT TOP 40 FEETP 12M x L 2.5M56000 KG Slide 7 DESTINATION ETA FROM DENPASAR ETA FROM SURABAYA ETA FROM JAKARTA MATARAM1 DAY3 DAYS5 DAYS DENPASAR1 DAY2 DAYS4 DAYS SURABAYA2 DAYS1 DAY3 DAYS MALANG2 DAYS1 DAY3 DAYS PANDAAN2 DAYS1 DAY3 DAYS GRESIK2 DAYS1 DAY3 DAYS PAMEKASAN2 DAYS1 DAY3 DAYS MADIUN2 DAYS1 DAY3 DAYS SEMARANG3 DAYS1 DAY2 DAYS SOLO3 DAYS1 DAY2 DAYS BANDUNG5 DAYS2 DAYS1 DAY JABODETABEK5 DAYS2 DAYS1 DAY Slide 8 OUR CLIENTS PT. LG ELECTRONICS INDONESIA (2012-PRESENT SUBCON PT. DPT) PT. NIAGA BAHAGIA (2012-PRESENT) PT. TRI BANYAN TIRTA (2012-PRESENT) PT. TIRTAMAS LESTARI (2012-PRESENT) PT. MIKATASA AGUNG (2012-PRESENT) PT. ATLANTIC BIRURAYA (2012-PRESENT) PT. INDOMARCO PRISMATAMA (2012-PRESENT) PT. CIRCLEK INDONESIA UTAMA (2012-PRESENT) PT. SENTRAL MULTIRASA UTAMA (2011-PRESENT) PT. SUMBER ALFARIA TRIJAYA (2009-PRESENT) PT. SUMBER BENING LESTARI (2008-PRESENT) CV. DEWATA MANUNGGAL JAYA (2008-PRESENT) PT. BALI OMEGA (2007-PRESENT) PT. COCA COLA AMATIL INDONESIA (2007-PRESENT SUBCON PT. DPT) PT. CANNING INDONESIAN PRODUCTS (1993-PRESENT) PT. SUZUKI INDOMOBIL MOTOR (1990-PRESENT SUBCON PT. CSBI) PT. BALI MAYA PERMAI (1980-2008) Slide 9 WORKING WITH US We are growing transportation company happy to encourage energetic, talented and motivated individuals to be part of our team. We are offering career opportunity and training support to build a strong individual and professionals. Adopting an Equal Opportunity Employment that makes us free from discrimination of gender, ages, color, race and religion. Those are the reasons as to why we are the best place to work for. So why wait, visit us and email: [email protected] Slide 10 GALLERY Slide 11 Slide 12 Slide 13 Slide 14 Slide 15 Slide 16 Slide 17 Slide 18 Slide 19 Slide 20 CONTACT US How to contact PT. TJUATJA UTAMA General Enquiries For general enquiries please contact: PT. TJUATJA UTAMA Transport Head Office: Postal address Jalan Raya Gatot Subroto Barat No.168 Krobokan Kaja Kuta Utara Badung Bali Ph. (+62361) 438161 Fax. (+62361) 427918 [email protected] [email protected] New Business Enquiries If you have new business enquiry, contact: I Ketut Tjuatja Agus Sukantha, B.bus. Director Ph. (+62361) 438161 Ext. 102 Mobile (+62) 87861188668 [email protected] Working at PT. TJUATJA UTAMA To find out about working for PT. TJUATJAUTAMA please: E-mail: [email protected]@tjuatjautama.com Slide 21 LICENCES TDP: 220214900001 SIUP: 03/22-02/PK/I/2013 NPWP: 31.523.105.0-908.000 SPPKP: PEM-00801/WPJ.17/KP.0803/2013 Slide 22 BANK DETAILS BANK NAME: BANK CENTRAL ASIA ACCOUNT HOLDER: PT. TJUATJA UTAMA ACCOUNT NUMBER: 6115-659999 Slide 23

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