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Competency based recruitment

Date post: 17-Jan-2015
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Competency Based Recruitment
Page 1: Competency based recruitment

Competency Based Recruitment

Page 2: Competency based recruitment


Page 4: Competency based recruitment

The Recruitment Process Vacancy

Concerned dept sends MRF to HR

HR advertises and gets resumes for desired


HR sends CVs to HOD for scrutiny

Page 5: Competency based recruitment

Selected resumes are called for interview

After various interviews, selected candidate is given the offer letter

Page 6: Competency based recruitment

Hiring the right person is importantLoss of productivity

Frustration for coworkers and managers

Career derailment for employee

Countless hours of performance counseling and in the end resignation/termination

Page 7: Competency based recruitment

One method to ensure that the right person is selected for the right job is Competency Based Recruitment

It focuses on identifying those candidates that can evidence those behaviourally defined characteristics which underpin successful performance in the role you are seeking to fill

Page 8: Competency based recruitment

What is competency?

An underlying characteristic of a person in that may be a motive, a trait, a skill, an aspect of one’s self-image or social role, or a body of knowledge which he or she uses

Page 9: Competency based recruitment

Knowledge + Skills +Attitude +Personal Characteristics



Page 10: Competency based recruitment

Types of Competencies Competencies

Technical Knowledge Behavior


Critical to What candidates success know & how they think

Page 11: Competency based recruitment

Competencies…Lets make a list!

Page 12: Competency based recruitment

HOW? Position Description

Discussions with Dept Heads, Managers, Supervisors


Focus groups

Make a list and classify according to category

Page 13: Competency based recruitment

An Example-Programmer AnalystDesigns applications, significant subsystems,

and/or complete individual programsIdentifies alternative implementations or

strategies and weigh the impact of eachMust be able to work as a member of the teamExperienced in C++ Capable of learning new ideas quickly able to develop software of the highest

quality in a high pressure envt with other team members

Able to meet deadlinesExperienced with complex modules/systems

Page 14: Competency based recruitment

Designs applications, significant subsystems, and/or complete individual programs

Identifies alternative implementations or strategies and weigh the impact of each

Must be able to work as a member of the team

Experienced in C++ Capable of learning new ideas quickly Able to develop software of the highest

quality in a high pressure envt with other team members

Able to meet deadlinesExperienced with complex modules/systems


Page 16: Competency based recruitment

A Conventional InterviewQuestions are not designed systematically and

not properly structured

Seldom equipped with formal guidelines regarding system of rating/scoring the interview

No standard format, therefore process of interviewing can go in any direction

Low reliability and validity

Susceptible to bias & subjectivity

Page 17: Competency based recruitment

The minute he walked in…he just looked like a manager

Handshake…he is not confident

He smiles too much…for his own good

I know…gut feeling…I can tell

He is taller than me

Page 18: Competency based recruitment

Competency Based InterviewA behavioural-based interviewing process

designed to provide employers with specific data that allows them to predict future job related behaviour

Questions will evolve around personal experiences of the applicant and practical work related questions designed around specific and pre-determined competencies

Standard scoring system which refers to behaviour indicator

Page 19: Competency based recruitment

The CBT will be conducted as follows…

IntroductionsBrief discussion of jobCompetency based interviewingValidation of technical/functional skills where

necessaryInterviewee’s opportunity to ask questionsClose out

Page 20: Competency based recruitment

The STAR Approach

Situation in which you were involved

Task you needed to accomplish

Actions you took

Results you achieved

Page 21: Competency based recruitment

Competency Based Interviews precludes notions

is based on the assumption that “Past Behavior is an indicator of Future Behavior”

Decisions are made on facts

Structured, job specific, focused on concrete and intangible competencies

Page 22: Competency based recruitment

Example-HR ManagerCompetency-ability to recruit & interview

candidates Q-Describe a time when you had a position

open for an unreasonably long period of time Q-Tell me about a time when you hired

someone who later didn’t work outCompetency-ability to develop &

maintain up to date job descriptions Q-Describe your responsibilities Q-Tell me about a time when you had

difficulty developing a job description

Page 23: Competency based recruitment

Common mistakes avoided…Halo or Horns effect



First impressions

Primacy & Recency approach



Page 24: Competency based recruitment

Comp. Based Int. enables you to…Identify skills & characteristics needed to

succeed in a specific work environmentIsolate competencies required for a given jobEarmark relevant experiences necessary to

have acquired these competenciesClarify what candidates have learned from

their experiencesDetermine whether candidates can explain

what they have learned on a given job & work environment

Page 25: Competency based recruitment

Other methods of CBRWork Sample Tasks

Group Discussions


Application Form

Page 26: Competency based recruitment

However…No diversity-same mindsets

Some positions require too much emphasis on technical skills

Page 27: Competency based recruitment

To sum up…It is essential to get the right man into the

right jobCost of an unsuccessful expense is one

organization cant affordCompetencies can be developed; it is

important to assess the learning abilityGives the organization a tool to evaluate

known quantities and see them in a different light, and evaluate their ability to make effective contribution to the organization

Page 28: Competency based recruitment

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