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Competency Framework 1

Date post: 06-Apr-2018
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Auckland City behavioural competency framework Find out more:  phone 09 379 2020 or visit www.aucklandcity .govt.nz 0.5 x
Page 1: Competency Framework 1

8/3/2019 Competency Framework 1

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Auckland City behavioural

competency framework

Find out more: phone 09 379 2020or visit www.aucklandcity.govt.nz

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Page 2: Competency Framework 1

8/3/2019 Competency Framework 1

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Auckland City behavioural competency framework 1

Introduction  2

What are competencies? 2

Why do we need a competency

framework for the whole organisation? 2

Use of behavioural competencies  3

Using the framework  4

The GREAT culture model 5

Giving a voice to everyone 6

  Valuing others’ perspectives

Consultation, engagementand participation

Realising our potential 8

Growth through learning 8

Managing change 9

Enhancing our reputation 10

Supporting Auckland City 10

Innovative problem solving 11

Customer service 12

Communication 13

Acting collaboratively 14

Building relationships 14

Collaboration 15

Taking accountability 16

Being accountable 16

Achievement focused 17

Strategic focus 18



Page 3: Competency Framework 1

8/3/2019 Competency Framework 1

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2 Auckland City behavioural competency framework

To achieve our vision for Auckland to become ‘a sophisticated, growing andvibrant international city with a soul’ we need to take a journey from beinga good organisation to becoming a great organisation. Part of being a greatorganisation is about having great people with the skills, knowledge and

behaviours needed to meet the objectives of our organisation.The purpose of this framework is to describe the generic skills, knowledge and behaviours thatare essential for Auckland City employees to perform their jobs successfully and in line with ourGREAT culture model and A to G leadership model.

What are competencies?

Competencies represent clusters of behaviours, skills, abilities and knowledge that are requiredto be successful in a job. This framework describes broad competencies for employees acrossAuckland City. The competencies are anchored by the GREAT culture model and have beendeveloped from behaviours described in our culture and A to G leadership models. Therefore,the behaviours are not specific to a particular job. We have described different levels of behaviour for each competency.

These levels will differ for the various roles within the organisation.

Why do we need a competency framework for the whole organisation?

Good to great – To make the journey from a good organisation to a great organisation weneed a consistent set of competencies across Auckland City to ensure we are all moving inthe same direction.

Consistent leadership – Our A to G 360 feedback tool provides leaders with feedback on thebehaviours important for a leader at Auckland City. By ensuring the behaviours we measure ourleaders against are represented in our competency framework, we build clarity from recruitmentthrough development about what is important for Auckland City leadership.


Page 4: Competency Framework 1

8/3/2019 Competency Framework 1

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Auckland City behavioural competency framework 3

Competencies act as a key link between major people processes and are used to:

Attract and select the best employees based on the behaviours that are key to successin the job and in Auckland City.

Align performance development by measuring performance against the behaviours that

are important for the individual performing the role and are consistent with our culture.

Ensure learning and development is focused, which assists employees to learn and growwith a focus on what is important to them and to the organisation.

Support our journey from good to great. By using competencies in every area of our peopleprocesses we are all supporting our organisation to move from being a good organisation tobecoming a truly great one.

The common link: competencies form the common link between core people processes.(Diagram adapted from the Alberta Public Service Model.)

Reward andrecognition


Attractionand selection

OrganisationGREAT culture



Learning and


CompetenciesConsistentlanguage and


Use of behavioural competencies

Page 5: Competency Framework 1

8/3/2019 Competency Framework 1

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4 Auckland City behavioural competency framework

The framework is divided into the five elements of the GREAT culturemodel. Beneath each element, competencies are described and, within eachcompetency, there are three levels and associated behaviours. The levels arecumulative, in other words, behaviours in the previous level are generally

prerequisites of the next level up.

Different jobs have different requirements; therefore, competencies and associated levels thatare essential for one job will differ from another. Typically, level 3 behaviours described in thisframework are relevant for senior management positions and level 2 behaviours will be morerelevant to team leader, section manager and specialist positions. Behaviours from our A to Gleadership model are incorporated into levels 2 and 3 of each competency. Aspects of level 1will be relevant to all jobs across the organisation and incorporate behaviours from ourGREAT culture model.

Using the framework

Page 6: Competency Framework 1

8/3/2019 Competency Framework 1

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Auckland City behavioural competency framework 5

The GREAT culture model

Elements and competencies

The GREAT culture model provides the anchor for thirteen identifiedcompetencies. Each competency sits under the relevant culture element.

Giving a voice to everyone • Valuing others perspectives• Consultation, engagement

and participation

Realising our potential

Taking accountability

Acting collaboratively

Enhancing our reputation

Working as one

organisation to be

a ‘sophisticated,

growing and vibrantinternational city

with a soul’

• Growth through learning• Managing change

• Supporting Auckland City• Innovative problem solving• Customer service• Communication

• Building relationships• Collaboration

• Being accountable• Achievement focus• Strategic focus

Page 7: Competency Framework 1

8/3/2019 Competency Framework 1

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6 Auckland City behavioural competency framework

 Valuing others’ perspectives:

Works hard to understand others’ points of view, values differentperspectives and uses others’ diverse strengths.

Level 1:

• listens non-judgmentally to others’ opinions and contributions regardless of whetherthey agree with them

• deals with differences in people’s styles, opinions, backgrounds and beliefs in ways thatleave them feeling respected and valued

• treats everyone with dignity, fairness and respect regardless of background and position

Level 2:

• supports the organisation’s commitment to encouraging balanced lifestyles andfamily-friendly work practices

• builds teams that include and value diversity and different views• supports fair treatment and opportunity for all• includes the diverse views and strengths of others in the workplace

• promotes and encourages the emotional and physical well-being of all team members

Level 3:

• appreciates and leverages the capabilities, insights and ideas of all individuals,regardless of background

• adapts leadership style to effectively work with individuals of diverse style, ability,motivation and views

• builds a workplace culture that includes and values diversity

Giving a voice to everyone

Page 8: Competency Framework 1

8/3/2019 Competency Framework 1

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Auckland City behavioural competency framework 7

Level 1:

• understands and appreciates the diversity of the organisation and its community• keeps up to date with decisions affecting the organisation, the community and stakeholders• listens with an open mind to the ideas and input of all relevant parties• understands how own actions may impact on others

• understands the need to engage with affected stakeholders before any decision is made• understands Auckland City’s consultation policies (internal and external)

Level 2:

• effectively plans for consultation and decision making• effectively identifies and engages affected stakeholders• uses effective communication channels to inform the organisation,

community and stakeholders about projects that are likely to impact them

• proactively seeks relevant stakeholders for their opinions and contributions• listens objectively to stakeholder input, and uses it to inform decision-making• applies appropriate research methods to gather community and stakeholders’ views• monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of the consultation process and raises

awareness of possible issues early on with the appropriate people• actively pursues opportunities to maintain and develop relationships with stakeholders

Level 3:

• shares and encourages others to share knowledge and learning from pastconsultation processes

• effectively identifies key areas of risk arising from consultation• actively engages organisational stakeholders involved in key projects,

initiatives or programmes of work• ensures effective consultation processes and plans are implemented• ensures Auckland City strives for best practice, by encouraging employees

to evaluate the effectiveness of our consultation• ensures consultation outcomes are used appropriately in decision-making

Consultation, engagement and participation:

Engages with the community, residents, ratepayers and other stakeholdersto seek their input into Auckland City’s decision-making.

Giving a voice to everyone

Page 9: Competency Framework 1

8/3/2019 Competency Framework 1

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8 Auckland City behavioural competency framework

Level 1:

• is actively committed to growing and developing their potential to makea real difference in all they do

• looks for opportunities to push and stretch self • is open to motivational and corrective feedback from others to develop both

their confidence and competence• learns from mistakes by reflecting on how they occurred and how they could

be prevented in the future• assimilates new learning and applies to job in a timely manner

Level 2:

• actively identifies new areas for learning for self and others• supports others in their learning and development to be the best they can be

• regularly creates and takes advantage of learning opportunities• delivers powerful motivational feedback to others honestly and constructively

to develop their confidence• delivers powerful corrective feedback to others honestly and constructively

to develop their competence• puts time and effort into building and sustaining the talent of their people

through coaching them to improve their performance• ensures direct reports have a current performance and development plan that

they own and work on regularly

Level 3:

• focuses on developing the collective capability of their team to meet the challengesset by the organisation, for the good of the city

• delegates effectively by allocating decision making and/or task responsibility toappropriate others to maximise the organisation’s and individual’s effectiveness

• consistently uses appropriate methods and interpersonal style to develop, coach,motivate and guide team towards successful completion of objectives

Realising our potential

Growth through learning:

Actively seeks opportunities to grow and develop self and others throughlearning and reflection so that we reach our collective potential.

Page 10: Competency Framework 1

8/3/2019 Competency Framework 1

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Auckland City behavioural competency framework 9

Level 1:

• responds positively to change initiatives• contributes constructively to organisational change issues• accepts change as part of the business process• sees the growth and development opportunities afforded through change

Level 2:

• actively seeks information and monitors change impacts at team level• builds people’s capacity for responding positively to and dealing with

organisational change initiatives• encourages others to seek opportunities for different and innovative

approaches to addressing problems and opportunities

Level 3:

• uses positive communication to inspire others of the need to change• facilitates the implementation and acceptance of change within the workplace• initiates and drives change initiatives throughout the organisation• ensures change initiatives are aligned with the organisation’s vision• measures the impact of change initiatives at the organisation level

Managing change:

Is open and responsive to change initiatives and understandschange as integral to both individual and organisation development.(Changes include people, process, place and technology.)

Realising our potential

Page 11: Competency Framework 1

8/3/2019 Competency Framework 1

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10 Auckland City behavioural competency framework

Supporting Auckland City:

Is passionate about working for Auckland City. Communicates theorganisation’s vision with pride and behaves in ways that are consistent

with the desired culture.

Level 1:

• knows what the vision is and actively promotes Auckland’s vision to our customers,citizens and stakeholders

• talks with pride about working at Auckland City, even when others challengethem or talk disparagingly about the organisation

• models behaviours that are consistent with our direction and are focusedon delivering service to our customers

Level 2:

• encourages team members to be positive about Auckland and the organisation’sfuture direction, and constructively challenges them when they are not

• ensures that procedures, policies and systems reflect the organisation’s culture and vision• ensures new team members are provided with appropriate opportunities to learn about

the organisation, its vision and culture• influences the consistent application of organisation-aligned behaviours within

their teams and groups

Level 3:

• communicates their passion for our organisation’s vision in ways that leave others feelingexcited and positive about Auckland and its future

• sells concepts or vision of the future using a range of tactics and appropriate inspirationallanguage that generates energy and commitment toward achieving the vision

• manages the political and organisational interface in ways that support and furtherthe organisation’s objectives

• cultivates the development of a great culture by keeping the organisation’s visionand desired culture at the forefront of decision making and action

Enhancing our reputation

Page 12: Competency Framework 1

8/3/2019 Competency Framework 1

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Auckland City behavioural competency framework 11

Level 1:

• recognises problems and issues as they arise• breaks a problem down to manageable parts and looks for patterns to understand causes• seeks relevant information about the problem and draws sound inferences from

the information gathered

• looks for innovative ways and opportunities to do own job better

Level 2:

• looks for innovative ways to achieve solutions that use all relevant facts,and balances needs of customers, stakeholders and the organisation

• develops innovative ways that create value for the organisation by criticallyanalysing issues from different perspectives

• looks for opportunities to improve team/group activities and results, and contributes

to implementation• proactively shares information and knowledge with others across groups to

encourage innovation• questions ‘why’ and encourages new ways of working to advance

Auckland City’s success

Level 3:

• takes a holistic approach to problem solving, considering the wider context

and environment in which Auckland City operates to turn potential problemsinto opportunities• facilitates innovative ideas from others• is able to envisage how potential ideas may play out and which of them will

create value for the organisation• is able to promote and market innovative ideas

Innovative problem solving:

Works to understand problems and issues and seeks innovative waysto solve problems and make improvements.

Enhancing our reputation

Page 13: Competency Framework 1

8/3/2019 Competency Framework 1

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12 Auckland City behavioural competency framework

Customer service:

Understands and anticipates the needs of our customers and worksto satisfy those needs by always doing what we say we will.

Level 1:

• understands who their customers are• interacts with all customers in a way that demonstrates genuine concern and respect• assists with all customer queries accurately and promptly• demonstrates commitment to the resolution of customer requests

• keeps customers informed of processes and procedures• provides customers with sufficient information to allow them to make choices

about solutions• models behaviour consistent with Auckland City customer service ethic

Level 2:

• works with customer to fully understand their needs and requirements and tailors solutions• is proactive in identifying opportunities to add value in all aspects of customer interaction

• strives to develop innovative ways to improve customer service• seeks and acts on feedback from customer groups• demonstrates an understanding of longer-term customer needs and how these

needs can be met• encourages others to reflect group and organisational approach to customer service• maintains two-way communication with customers

Level 3:

• encourages a service ethic, which values customers by providing choice,access and value

• works with internal and external stakeholders in ways that positively growthe organisation’s reputation and influence in the community

• leads a customer-centered approach to decision making• ensures processes and policies are aligned to organisation’s customer service strategy• ensures customer focused outcomes are an integral part in group and

organisational strategies• differentiates service based on the different needs of customer groups

Enhancing our reputation

Page 14: Competency Framework 1

8/3/2019 Competency Framework 1

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Auckland City behavioural competency framework 13


Clearly and confidently communicates and presents information in waysthat are appropriate to the audience.

Level 1:

• communicate clearly using a variety of channels• writes clearly and concisely and applies ‘get it write’ principles• uses plain language whenever communicating• clearly communicate the reasons behind the decisions they or the organisation makes

• actively listens to hear what others have to say• uses relevant verbal and non verbal cues to check for understanding

Level 2:

• communicates verbally and in writing with people inside and outside theorganisation in ways that create positive connections

• written communication provides evidence of clearly articulated thinkingand well reasoned arguments leading to relevant recommendations

• demonstrates commitment and belief in the message they deliver• confidently presents information to team and other groups across the organisation• facilitates meetings and groups in a way that encourages others’ participation• works to achieve buy-in from others by taking the time to clearly

communicate ideas to them

Level 3:

• confidently, articulately and persuasively presents information and argumentsin a range of forums, eg team meetings, executive team, council committees

• expresses thoughts, feelings and ideas effectively in both one-on-oneand group situations (includes appropriate nonverbal communication)

• presents ideas clearly when given time for preparation (including use of visual aids);clearly expresses ideas in memos, letters and reports that have the appropriateorganisation and structure, correct grammar and language

Enhancing our reputation

Page 15: Competency Framework 1

8/3/2019 Competency Framework 1

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14 Auckland City behavioural competency framework

Building relationships:

Develops and maintains honest and productive relationships by gettingto know and working with others’ strengths.

Level 1:

• takes the time to get to know fellow team members and colleagues• is approachable, open, non-defensive and transparent in their dealings with others• builds appropriate rapport, maintains open and honest discussions with customers,

colleagues and stakeholders

• addresses issues directly and constructively with others rather than talkingabout them behind their backs

• recognises the importance of networking and building relationships in theachievement of day to day work

Level 2:

• spends time getting to know and staying connected with team membersto ensure they feel valued

• demonstrates genuine interest in what team members are working on,the progress they make and any difficulties they may experience

• proactively works to build and maintain relationships and networks bothinternally and externally to share knowledge and achieve business goals

• is aware when their actions upset or cause offence and take action to addressthe situation empathetically

• takes responsibility for proactively repairing dysfunctional or damagedrelationships with others

Level 3:• builds trust by interacting with others in ways that instill confidence in their

intentions and those of the organisation• actively seeks out and acts on opportunities to partner with peers to champion

initiatives in support of organisational goals and objectives• assists others to build relationships and networks

Acting collaboratively

Page 16: Competency Framework 1

8/3/2019 Competency Framework 1

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Auckland City behavioural competency framework 15


Achieves organisational objectives through working together, freelysharing knowledge and using others’ strengths.

Level 1:

• works seamlessly together with others to deliver on organisational objectives• shares relevant knowledge and information with others• engages in transparent robust debate to ensure all points of view are thoroughly

discussed and tested

• shares credit with others rather than taking the glory for themselves

Level 2:

• proactively seeks others’ contributions and leverages others’ strengths and expertiseto achieve organisational objectives

• encourages others to willingly share knowledge and information• role models collaborative behaviour in the way they work with external people

regardless of peoples’ position or group

• role models collaborative behaviour in the way they work with internalpeople regardless of peoples’ position

• identifies the organisational implications of the work they are involved in and signals early tothose who could have an interest that they want and welcome their involvement

• makes it easy for others to work with them and their team

Level 3:

• encourages people to work together collaboratively and constructivelychallenges those who don’t

• establishes processes that encourage and foster collaborative working withinand across groups

• creates an environment and culture of openness, trust and knowledge sharing• identifies opportunities and takes action to build strategic relationships

between own group and other areas, teams, groups, divisions or organisationsto help achieve organisational goals

Acting collaboratively

Page 17: Competency Framework 1

8/3/2019 Competency Framework 1

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16 Auckland City behavioural competency framework

Being accountable:

Takes responsibility and accountability for the delivery of the work theyare involved in, and maintains integrity and ethical standards.

Level 1:

• accepts ownership for finishing what they start and delivering what they say they will• uses own and others’ time productively, is always prepared and keeps people

up to date with progress• honours commitments to deadlines and timeframes

• negotiates realistic timeframes for delivery• acts ethically and with integrity in everything they do• constructively challenges others who talk about people behind their backs• takes responsibility for own health, safety and well-being• maintains own well-being to ensure they are healthy and productive

Level 2:

• takes fiscal responsibility seriously and ensures the best value is deliveredto customers and citizens

• takes an organisation view to put the interests of the organisation first,ahead of their own and their team’s interests

• holds others accountable for delivering on their promises and commitments• acknowledges personal responsibility for outcomes, even when not all elements

are within their direct control• constructively deals with non-performance and manages it in ways that deliver

benefit to the organisation• understands own strengths and limitations as well as their impact on others

Level 3:

• conducts interactions with peers, senior management and stakeholders in apolitically astute way

• demonstrates prudent financial stewardship in the way they manage their business• publicly supports organisational decisions and initiatives, even if they hold a differing

view, whilst debating the decision• demonstrates evidence of having taken into account the needs of future generations

in the way they create strategy, plan and execute

Taking accountability

Page 18: Competency Framework 1

8/3/2019 Competency Framework 1

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Auckland City behavioural competency framework 17

Achievement focused:

Focuses on the job at hand by prioritising, setting objectives and consistentlyworking to achieve results in line with the organisation’s goals.

Level 1:

• plans and organises work and time effectively• demonstrates the ability to work effectively on a range of tasks or projects at one time• able to work well on own and as an effective part of a team to deliver results• action-focused in all they do and constructively overcomes obstacles to deliver to

agreed expectations• delivers outcomes consistent with the results expected from their position• takes time to celebrate the achievements and successes of those they work closely with and

those in other teams

Level 2:

• sets challenging objectives for self and others in line with the organisation’s direction• constructively removes obstacles that get in the way of others achieving their agreed objectives• takes responsible risks to achieve results consistent with the organisation’s strategic direction• provides evidence that shows they consider a range of risk related options when recommending

a course of action• constructively challenges people who hide behind processes as a means of avoiding making

decisions and delivering results• manages resources and people effectively to deliver results• recognises the importance of delivering on agreed outcomes and goes out of their way to

reward excellence• uses appropriate measurement methods to monitor progress toward objective achievement• recognises and celebrates team accomplishments and successes

Level 3:

• tenaciously works to meet or exceed goals while deriving satisfaction from the process of achievement and continuous improvement

• obtains information and identifies key issues and relationships relevant to achievement of long-range objectives

• commits to a course of action to accomplish a long-range objective after having developedalternatives based on logical assumptions, facts, available resources, constraints andorganisational values

• manages people and resources consistent with organisational objectives• proactively negotiates access to resources outside own domain when necessary

Taking accountability

Page 19: Competency Framework 1

8/3/2019 Competency Framework 1

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18 Auckland City behavioural competency framework

Strategic focus:

Takes a “big picture” view of what the organisation is striving to achieveand ensuring that what they do contributes to our vision for the future

Level 1:

• understands the importance of making decisions that address the immediate issue as well asconsidering the bigger picture

• appreciates the need for long-term strategies for the organisation and community in order todeliver on LTCCP

• keeps up to date with current issues and future trends

Level 2:

• anticipates future consequences and trends and their likely impact on the organisation• seeks and shares relevant information to help strategic planning and thinking• contributes to business planning by taking into consideration the wider organisation context• translates the organisational vision into purposeful goals and objectives for others

Level 3:

• ensures others understand how what they do fits with our organisation’s vision,our key strategic challenge(s) and our journey from good to great

• engages others in forward looking processes to identify appropriate opportunitiesand challenges around organisational direction

• provides an organisation-wide and future-focused view to developing strategies• ensures strategies and strategic plans are aligned and performance monitored

accordingly with LTCCP

Taking accountability

Page 20: Competency Framework 1

8/3/2019 Competency Framework 1

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Auckland City behavioural competency framework 19


Page 21: Competency Framework 1

8/3/2019 Competency Framework 1

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20 Auckland City behavioural competency framework


Page 22: Competency Framework 1

8/3/2019 Competency Framework 1

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