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Composite Decking Handrail Outdoor Lighting Outdoor Living

Date post: 11-Sep-2021
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Composite Decking Handrail Outdoor Lighting Outdoor Living www.timbertechuk.co.uk Tel: 029 2070 5113 Fax: 029 2070 7544 Email: [email protected] TimberTech ® is available in the UK direct from stock.
Layout 1www.timbertechuk.co.uk Tel: 029 2070 5113
Fax: 029 2070 7544 Email: [email protected]
TimberTech® is available in the UK direct from stock.
• 1 length – 3.6m
• Screw fix only
VertiGrain • Grained surface
• Profile size – 25mm x 136mm
• 2 lengths - 3.6m & 4.8m (3.6m available in cedar and grey only)
• For a seamless finish – fix with CONCEALoc® Hidden Fastener System
• Alternatively screw fix with colour matched screws
Earthwood Evolutions™ • Grained with Hydrolock™ polymer sleeve for the ultimate in
scratch & fade resistance
• 6 colours, 2 collections – Natural Collection – slate, brownstone & brick Tropical Collection: teak, walnut & rosewood
• Profile size – 24mm x 136mm
• 1 length – 4.8m
• For a seamless finish – fix with CONCEALoc® Hidden Fastener System
• Alternatively screw fix with colour matched screws
Sample swatches not enough to allow you to fully appreciate the look? We can send you a 60cm long sample at a cost of £10 or a sample panel (3 boards wide x 45cm long) at a cost of £20. We will refund the cost of these additional samples when you place your order.
Please note: 25 year warranty relates to residential applications. All commercial applications have a 10 year warranty.
We hope the sample packs allow you to appreciate the quality of our products, and make a decision on the correct TimberTech deck boards for you.
Five reasons to choose TimberTech 16
Your dream deck – the process 17
The TimberTech deck range
VertiGrain grey deck with cedar Ornamental Handrail
Park Home decking that will last season aer season TimberTech is ideal for your holiday home deck. Whether you’re looking for caravan deck, mobile home deck or a deck for your log cabin, TimberTech has the beautiful, low-maintenance solution.  Leisure time is precious and not to be wasted on cleaning and treating a deck – with TimberTech this will never be an issue.
Our 25 year residential warranty gives you peace of mind, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you will never have to oil, paint or stain your deck again! Fiing TimberTech decking could be your best decision since purchasing your holiday home.
With a variety of deck board colour options and a choice of railing systems and colours, TimberTech offers you a flexible home from home solution. Unlike other systems in the marketplace, TimberTech decking does not creak and groan.
“We love the way the decking compliments our house and it gets many admiring looks from people visiting the Marina. It is a real investment in our future with no maintenance required which we felt important, especially in later years. TimberTech were a pleasure to deal with from the moment we called in their office on the off chance while on holiday in the area, right through to completion. A truly professional company in every way". Mr Cato, Essex
See the complete case study on Mr Cato’s park home transformation at www.timbertechuk.co.uk/holiday-home-decking
Safe, slip-resistant swimming pool & hot tub decking TimberTech is the perfect option for a swimming pool or hot tub surround. Our decking won’t rot, warp or splinter, and never needs painting, staining or sealing. Whether you’re building a new swimming pool deck, or replacing an old one, TimberTech’s wide range of options, colours and accessories allow you to create a one-of-a-kind dream deck with unlimited design possibilities. Best of all, our deck boards dramatically reduce heat build-up thanks to our reflective, inorganic colour pigments.
Beyond beauty, TimberTech also enhances the safety around your pool or spa. You’ll never have to worry about warped boards or splinters – and our swimming pool decks are far more slip resistant than wood due to our low water absorption rate (only 1.2%), almost all water stays on the surface, evaporating quickly, thus helping to inhibit the growth of mould and mildew. 
"As we rent out the villa in Gozo, Health and Safety is of primary concern. We selected TimberTech decking because of its slip resistant qualities. As well as being functional, I was also looking for a product with aesthetic appeal and again, TimberTech met my requirements. I am very pleased with the product, it has been in place for over four years, and looks as good as new.“ Nick Spiteri, Proprietor, My Gozo Villa
VertiGrain grey decking with coastal white RadianceRail and integrated handrail deck lights
Stunning garden decking for your outdoor spaces TimberTech garden decking is perfect for modern life, because it doesn’t need painting, sanding or sealing. In fact, all it needs to keep looking good is regular sweeping and a very occasional jet wash – leaving you time to enjoy your garden rather than working on it. 
As TimberTech is a composite, its unique blend of wood and polymer means that it won’t split, crack, warp or fade. It’s also algae and slip-resistant, plus it comes with a 25 year residential warranty, so you can be sure you’re choosing a deck that’s a long term investment for your garden. 
“I was adamant I did not want decking as friends had put me off with the slippy green mouldy sowood deck that they had. The upkeep was too much for us to handle but this decking is everything you said it was... and more. Thank you so much for your constant support and courtesy shown throughout the transaction. We will have no worries in recommending you to our envious friends once we move in and have that long awaited house warming!" Wanda and Peter, Manchester
Transform your roof terraces & balconies With TimberTech’s superb quality wood composite deck range you can transform your roof deck or balcony deck into a stylish and easily maintained living space.
TimberTech extends your living space with its clean, comfortable, splinter free surface. It has proven to be perfect for roof deck areas and balcony deck spaces, in fact many of our customers have told us how our products have totally transformed their living space.
TimberTech recently featured on TV’s Grand Designs. A TimberTech balcony was installed at the newly refurbished Tenby Lifeboat Station. Project manager Brendan O’Donovan explains: “We needed something durable for our sea facing balcony, especially given the marine environment where conditions can be particularly unforgiving. Normal wood decking would warp quickly and become weather-worn in no time at all. TimberTech was perfect for the job!” Brendan O’Donovan, Tenby Lifeboat Station
See the complete Grand Designs makeover video and case study at www.timbertechuk.co.uk
consider your deck application
VertiGrain grey decking
VertiGrain cedar decking installed on Tenby Lifeboat Station – As seen on Grand Designs!
Shape: more than just a rectangle Gone are the days when shape was restricted – choose from rectangular, square, round, curved, or an octagonal deck, to name but a few, your imagination is the limit.
Need inspiration? Visit www.timbertechuk.co.uk/deck-designer for some ideas.
“I had an awkward space to work with and thought I would have to resort to slabs until I spoke with TimbeTech’s Architect Phil who assured me that TimberTech decking was still an option. Phil helped guide me through my entire design requirements to create the perfect deck! “ Paul White, Sandbanks
Colour: to blend or contrast? From the blend of tropical hardwoods, to the warm tones of cedar, through to the contemporary light hues of our grey decking we have a colour to suit your requirements.
What’s more we have handrail systems available to match or contrast your deck.
Need inspiration? Visit www.timbertechuk.co.uk and take a look at our gallery by colour for some ideas.
Would you like to see some more colour options? Call us on 029 2070 5113 before midday and your samples will be posted the same day* *Samples ordered on weekends will take longer.
Texture: from the look of wood to the look of premium tropical hardwood Our deck boards come in a variety of different textures, from the brushed linear look of edeck, to the grained natural look of VertiGrain, through to our premium range with a tropical or alternatively natural look, Earthwood Evolutions.
Board direction: mix it up a lile! TimberTech gives you the freedom to imagine – and build the deck of your dreams. Designing a deck that perfectly complements your style and lifestyle has never been easier. For the traditional look there is always the horizontal or vertical board direction to choose from, but for the more daring, how about considering a diagonal paern – or even a cask or herringbone? TimberTech boards provide endless design possibilities.
Need inspiration? Visit www.timbertechuk.co.uk/decking-design for some ideas.
Multiple levels: for multiple use We divide our internal space into purposeful rooms so why not apply the same rule to our outdoor living space? Incorporating a split level into you deck, or alternatively adding multiple levels provides you with the freedom to tailor the deck space to your own specific requirements:
Dining Area Add an upper dining area – a space of around 3m x 3m should be perfect for a table to seat 6.
Lounging Area Want some solitude away from the kids to catch up on the day’s news? Why not add a lounge area in a tucked away corner – and add a comfy sofa or a swing seat to while away the hours.
Why not take a look at our range of Alexander Rose and Apple Bee dining and lounge furniture online at www.greensquares.co.uk
We have everything you need for stylish outdoor entertaining, from bistro sets for breakfast in the sunshine to large tables for an al fresco supper with friends. We offer a fantastic range of different materials including viro, teak and granite garden furniture.
Earthwood Evolutions walnut with Apple Bee furniture
VertiGrain grey
Earthwood Evolutions
Hexagonal deck
Multiple levels: for multiple use Provide the children their own specific outdoor area. Warm underfoot, our splinter free, slip-resistant composite decking is perfect for the smallest... to the tallest of children. 
“I have travelled the length and breadth of the UK taking pictures of TimberTech decks and have been amazed by the different way families use their deck space! My favourite includes a multi-level deck which incorporated a long thin lower deck used as a run up to a basketball hoop for two teenage boys, to a slip-resistant toddler pool surround – the possibilities really are endless!” Alex Herbert, Photographer for TimberTech
Multiple levels: incorporating steps Fashion in some steps to make those alternate deck levels work in harmony!
We have designed everything from simple one step solutions, to 20 step stringers, through to spiral staircases. Call our sales consultants on 029 2070 5113 to talk through your design requirements.
Accentuate your deck: with decking accents Incorporating an accent such as detail around the steps, or adding a picture frame, can make all the difference to your design.
Picture frame: make your deck as prey as a picture! Single or Double? You can choose to incorporate a single picture frame, or alternatively, add a double picture frame (see illustrations)
Fool the eye: direction You can choose to add a picture frame in the same colour as your main deck area using the same board, but can make it stand out simply by using a different board direction across your entire deck. For example combine a Herringbone direction with double picture frame.
consider your deck
268 9
VertiGrain grey deck VertiGrain grey in Herringbone design with picture framing
Double picture framing
Single picture framing
Visit www.greensquares.co.uk for some fab, colourful outdoor beanbags for the children and pets too!
design options
Colour: to contrast Alternatively you can choose to make a feature by selecting two contrasting colours to accentuate your deck.
Our sales consultants have helped advise on thousands of decks and would be only too happy to assist you, call us on 029 2070 5113.
Need inspiration? Visit www.timbertechuk.co.uk/deck-designer to try out some colour combinations.
Visit www.greensquares.co.uk to help take your deck from day to night with our fabulous range of copper & stainless steel torches! – see page 39 for further details
Benches: sit back and enjoy the view Make the most of your decked space by using the vertical space, as well as the floor area to its optimum.
Incorporating a bench into your design is a great way to add to your deck!
Planters: raised beds and planters provide great detailing Whether a keen vegetable grower or a keen horticulturalist, adding a few raised beds and planters to your design will provide you with additional, usable space on your deck to grow your favourite plants or vegetables.
What’s more, being made from a composite material means you can be certain that over time, water will not rot the boards unlike sowood beds and planters.
Please note: We recommend use of a liner to contain soil and water.
consider your deck design options
10 11
Earthwood Evolutions tropical collection teak deck with walnut central pathway
VertiGrain redwood picture frame on split level cedar VertiGrain deck
Integrated bench on VertiGrain cedar deck with redwood picture framing
Integrated planter on VertiGrain chestnut deck
VertiGrain cedar planter
Colour matched screws Face fastening screws takes the guesswork out of which screw looks best or installs easiest – and delivers a colour- matched fastener option ideal for situations where hidden fasteners are not preferred. Our TOPLoc™ screws are designed to eliminate the ‘mushrooming’ effect caused by standard decking screws in composite decking materials. For a neater finish we recommend a 4mm pilot hole.
Outdoor Lighting: let there be light! Enjoy your deck into the evenings by integrating deck lights into your plans. TimberTech can provide you with a number of lighting options – from integrated deck lights; to handrail and step lighting, through to accent lighting for walls and posts. See page 32 for more details.
Browse our outdoor lighting selections at www.timbertechuk.co.uk/outdoor-lighting
Two fixing options: colour matched fixings or hidden fastening? For a seamless look use our hidden fastener system CONCEALoc®. This system allows the deck board to be the focus – not the fastener. The clip and the screw are powder coated stainless steel ensuring a long life.
CONCEALoc® lets you showcase and preserve the beauty of your new deck. The fasteners are designed for installation with our VertiGrain and Earthwood Evolutions grooved deck boards, ensuring a smooth surface and safe beautiful decking.
See our CONCEALoc® video at www.timbertechuk.co.uk/videos
Handrail solutions: edge your deck in style! TimberTech offer a range of complimentary and contrasting handrail solutions. Choose between the contemporary look of our Glass Balustrade System, the more edgy looking Cable Rail System – through to the more traditional colour matched Ornamental HandRail or RadianceRail systems. We provide you with the solutions to edge your deck in style! See page 26 for more details.
"Immensely impressed with the glass balustrade system and deck and would highly recommend TimberTech to a friend." Harry Wight, Inverness
Finishing touches: its all in the detail... Those all important finishing touches really do make all the difference! Look at some of the detailing on the designs below – they help turn a good looking deck into a great looking deck!
consider your deck fixing options
consider your deck framing options
12 13
Earthwood Evolutions tropical collection teak deck VertiGrain cedar design with redwood inset VertiGrain cedar deck with redwood picture framing
VertiGrain cedar bench with redwood picture edging
TOPLoc™ colour matched screws VertiGrain grey deck with glass balustrading system
installation by the deck experts
At TimberTech, we don’t just sell decking, we offer our customers a full service – from advice on designing your dream deck right through to installing and accessorising it with greensquares outdoor living products. 
Our professional decking installers – Neil and Dyfed – have over 35 years experience of working with wood, so you can be confident your decking installation will be taken care of by truly professional people. They are employed by us, so we are confident that they know our products inside out. Neil and Dyfed have installed every type of TimberTech product in all kinds of homes across the country, from balconies on luxury penthouses in Sandbanks to decking around residential swimming pools in the Wirral. They are the most experienced TimberTech deck installers out there! 
Whether you want a simple deck with lighting or a more complex arrangement with steps, a balcony or glass balustrades, our installers will take the hassle out of planning. As our products are low maintenance once installed, all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the end result.
...with our free 3D design service If you’re planning to revamp your outdoor living space, the choices can be overwhelming, with dozens of products and finishes and colours to choose from. That’s where our 3D design service comes in handy.
With this in mind, we now offer a complete service to our customers, helping you to design your perfect deck, choose the right products to suit your style and lifestyle, and we can even help you install it too. 
The 3D design service, will help you to visualize exactly what your decked area will look like. Working with our designer you can try out different designs, products and colour schemes until you find your dream deck. 
So if you’re thinking of transforming your leisure time with a TimberTech deck, here’s a four-step guide to creating your ideal deck:
Give us a call on 029 2070 5113. Our sales consultants will then talk you through the product options and decking colours to see what suits you.
Either send us some rough measurements of the area that you want to revamp or upload a rough outline of your plans to our website.
Next, you can liaise with our team to transform your ideas into your dream deck. Using 3D deck design soware, they’ll produce electronic drawings so you can see exactly what your new deck will look like.
Once you’re happy with the design and you’re ready to go ahead, you can even take advantage of our installation service, making the whole process completely hassle-free. Now all you need to do is get ready for some serious relaxation on your new deck.
design your own dream deck...
To find out more about our TimberTech decking installers, contact a sales consultant on 029 2070 5113 to talk about your requirements.
VertiGrain grey deck with coastal white RadianceRail and integrated handrail deck lights
TimberTech’s design solution
3 Easy stages Stage 1: Select your deck boards : choose from 3 types – edeck , VertiGrain or Earthwood Evolutions. View our comparison chart below to compare the ranges at a glance.
Stage 2: Send us your plan/sketch: By email to [email protected] or call us on 029 2070 5113 to speak with a sales consultant. Alternatively, send us a plan or sketch via our 3D Design Service at www.timbertechuk.co.uk/3d-design-service
Comparison Chart
Stage 3: We can then provide you with a comprehensive quotation which will include fastening recommendations and any other additional items you might require. Along with your quotation, we can also provide you with a 3D virtual image of your proposed deck.
Remember to inform us of any other requirements you may have when you buy decking, such as lighting, handrail, glass balustrade or our installation service.
Low maintenance compared to wood decking TimberTech composite decking resists sun and water damage and maintains its colour and beauty for years. You don’t need to paint, stain or seal it – a burden required each year with traditional wood decking. Furthermore, because it resists weathering and warping, you won't need to replace roing or uneven boards. This saves you time and money over the life of your composite deck. Caring for TimberTech is easy and it will keep looking new, year on year. 
TimberTech resists heat and fade Whichever TimberTech colour you choose, it will stay rich, vibrant and naturally beautiful for years to come – with virtually no maintenance. Your composite deck will also stay cool to the touch – even on the hoest summer days the UK can offer. The highly reflective colour pigments we use in our composite decking help keep it cooler.
Safety TimberTech offers products which exceed the Disabilities Act standards in the USA for slip-resistant walking surfaces, and unlike traditional wood, TimberTech is splinter-free, so you can relax and kick off your shoes. TimberTech's deck surface is slip-resistant, making it ideal for pool decks and spa surrounds, while the 3mm gap between boards reduces the chance of high heels geing stuck or lile fingers being trapped. 
Durability Traditional timber decks can be beautiful – but not for long. Traditional UK wet springs, warm summers and cold winters quickly take their toll, leaving your timber deck splintered and warped. Our composite decking is made from a patented process that results in superior, consistent, low-maintenance material. We're so confident of its durability that we back it with a limited 25-year residential warranty. 
Increases the value of your home TimberTech not only adds value to your lifestyle, it also adds value to your home. When you add a TimberTech composite deck – or use it to replace a timber deck – you will recoup much of your investment when you sell your home. Remodelling Magazine’s 2007 Cost Vs. Value Report estimates a national average of nearly 80% returns on investment for deck additions*. In some areas, the return is close to 100%. To maximise your return, use a non-rectangle design, and make your deck an extension of your living space. 
*Based on a 4.9m x 6.1m deck set in simple linear paern; using pressure treated joists supported by 100x100mm posts anchored to concrete piers; built-in bench and planter of the same decking material; stairs, assuming three steps; complete railing using a matching system made of the same composite as the decking material.
your dream deck the process
5 reasons to choose TimberTech
16 17
Composite decking laid bare: see how easy it is to re-board with TimberTech wwww.timbertechuk.co.uk/videos
Below le: before transformation: sowood decking and railing at Watermark Holiday Homes.
Below right: aer transformation: VertiGrain grey deck with coastal white RadianceRail at Watermark Holiday Homes. See the case study at www.timbertechuk.co.uk/case-studies
Tropical Teak Walnut Rosewood
Natural Slate Brownstone Brick
400mm for loads up to 490kg/m2
Grooved Edge
Ungrooved Edge
Width: 136mm Thickness: 25mm Lengths: 3.6m* and 4.8m *Cedar and grey only
Cedar Grey Redwood
500mm for loads up to 490kg/m2
CONCEALoc® hidden fastener system or TOPLoc™colour matched deck screws >50%
25 year residential 10 year commercial
Cedar Grey
TOPLoc™ colour matched deck screws
TimberTech composite decking is scientifically proven to outperform timber and all other wood composite decking products.
edeck composite decking is a slip resistant alternative to timber decking. It does not rot, warp or splinter, never needs staining or sealing so it’s environmentally friendly too! 
Aesthetically pleasing, edeck has a consistent appearance and unlike other products available in the market place, edeck has no colour shade variation. edeck resists fade and is guaranteed to look good year aer year, it is also a fantastic way to provide a modern, clean contemporary look, adding value to any home. 
When you purchase edeck you can be assured that the product and its associated features have been tried and tested and finely tuned over many years. This means that it is not affected by:
• Large variations in expansion and contraction
• Bowing, cupping and twisting
• Mould and mildew growth (provided the deck receives an annual jet wash)
• Unlike some other decking products edeck provides a solid, dense and stable surface
Made from premium quality recycled hardwood and a proportion of recycled polymer resin, edeck uses a quality source of recycled material, that helps to sustain the environment, whilst not compromising product quality and performance. 
Hardwood fibres are sourced from flooring and furniture manufacturers, whilst a known, clean and consistent grade of recycled polymer mixed with virgin polymer is used in the production of the final product.
Features • Brushed surface
• Boards are 136mm wide x 24mm thick
• Boards are 3.6m long
• Boards are face-fixed in the traditional manner
• Use our trademarked TOPLoc™ colour matched screws for a more subtle finish
• Colour matched fascia for trimming around deck edges, stair risers etc.
"TimberTech decking is the best, I am 100% satisfied and would recommend it to a friend, I am really pleased with my new deck." Mr Warley, Swansea
edeck cedar
VertiGrain decking combines the look and beauty of a hardwood deck with the low-maintenance and durability of composite decking. 
Our most popular board, VertiGrain has a beautiful grained surface. Although it looks just like a traditional timber deck, you won’t have any of the time-consuming maintenance that goes hand-in-hand with hardwood and sowood decking. Unlike the fake-looking V paern grain you get with lots of composite decks, VertiGrain has a natural texture that perfectly imitates traditional timber decking. 
What’s more, when choosing VertiGrain you can use our special CONCEALoc® hidden fastener system which means that the fixings are completely invisible.
VertiGrain decking is available in two profile types - grooved or ungrooved. The grooved edged option allows the use of CONCEALoc® so you can take advantage of the hidden fastener system. The ungrooved boards are face fixed in the traditional manner using TOPLoc™ colour matched deck screws. Ungrooved boards are also used for deck edging and on steps.
Features • Grained surface
• Boards are 136mm wide x 25mm thick
• Two profiles: grooved and ungrooved
• Grooved boards are 3.6m long (cedar and grey only) and 4.8m long (all colours). Ungrooved boards are available in 4.8m lengths only.
• Grooved boards allow the use of CONCEALoc® hidden fastener system.
• Colour matched fascia available for trimming around deck edges and for stair risers etc
"Adding TimberTech has given a whole new feel to the garden with its graceful curves and a pleasing colour which harmonises with our brickwork. The installation service was excellent and my wife and I are really pleased with the impact of the new material, which improves our garden, dramatically reduces future maintenance as well as undoubtedly adding value to the whole property." Ian Ferguson, Sandbanks
hidden fastener system
VertiGrain grey deck with glass balustrading
Earthwood Evolutions decking takes scratch, stain and fade resistance to an entirely new level.  The deck board is finished with a protective sleeve which features TimberTech's exclusive HyrdoLock™ technology, making it practically impervious to the elements and to everyday accidents. As proof of this, Earthwood Evolutions decking comes with a 25-year Fade and Stain Warranty to give you total peace of mind. 
Earthwood Evolutions Tropical Collection has the appearance of premium tropical wood decking, including:
• A warm, natural hardwood style
• Authentic variegated colour
Specially formulated using advanced colour pigmentation to replicate tropical hardwood colour and grain variations, Earthwood Evolutions Tropical Collection mimics the look and feel of real tropical hardwood. Unlike traditional hardwoods, this decking never requires treatment. Time and exposure will only serve to enhance the natural colour of the deck. 
The warm, rich colours and authentic natural grain of the Tropical Collection offer you the look of the world’s most treasured exotic tropical hardwoods without cuing any trees down. TimberTech’s trademarked grained surface recreates the subtle beauty found only in nature. 
Whilst Earthwood Evolutions Natural Collection:
• Features bold, darker colours
• Grained surface
• Available in 3 colours: slate, brownstone and brick
Earthwood Evolutions Natural Collection is the ultimate in long-lasting, low maintenance decking. It looks warm and natural (just like wood), has natural earthy tones, but is scratch, stain and fade resistant – it even comes with a 25-year warranty. Perfect for modern busy lives, leaving your precious leisure time for the important business of relaxing.
Earthwood Evolutions deck boards are available in two profiles. The grooved edged option allows the use of CONCEALoc®, our hidden fastener system which means almost no visible fixings. Meanwhile, the ungrooved profile boards are face fixed in the traditional manner using TOPLoc™ colour matched deck screws.
Features • Grained surface with Hydrolock™ polymer sleeve for the ultimate
in scratch and fade resistance
• Hydrolock™ technology ensures fantastic wipe clean surface
• Hardwood aesthetics with revolutionary performance
• Two profiles: grooved and ungrooved
• 6 colours, 2 collections
• Boards are 136mm wide x 24mm thick
• Boards are 4.8m long
“I love this decking. Aer a party with lots of people, there wasn’t even a slight scratch on it. The morning aer, we just gave it a quick wash and it looked as good as new." Melanie Smith, Bury
Earthwood Evolutions™
composite decking
Earthwood Evolutions tropical collection teak deck with walnut central pathway
hidden fastener system
With hidden fastening and visible beauty, Floorizon’s unique tongue and grooved fixing system makes it the natural choice for balconies and elevated decks. 
Floorizon offers a smooth, beautiful surface that brings the comfort of an indoor flooring surface to the outdoors and provides a seamless transition of interior to exterior. There are no exposed screws and the grained surface ensures a deck built with Floorizon will be safe and desirable.
Floorizon tongue and grooved deck boards are ideal for steel or timber frame balconies and elevated decks. The boards require 300mm ground clearance for ventilation and weep holes are located along the length of the “tongue” to allow rainwater to drain. Floorizon is fastened through the “groove” section of the board hiding the screws when the next board is installed, providing a fastener free surface. On steel frame balconies, Floorizon can be fastened directly onto the steel avoiding the need for any wood joists.
Features • Grained Surface
• Two colour options: cedar and grey
• No gaps between boards
• Wider boards provide more surface coverage and less joist requirement as Floorizon spans 600mm between joists
• The most economical hidden fastener system on the market – just one screw per joist passing
• No visible screws
"We have a modern waterfront flat with a balcony and the grey finish looks really great with the stainless steel and glass balustrade.“ Sco Haines, Swansea
floorizon tongue & groove decking
EasyFix for Balconies & Roof Terraces TimberTech’s Easy Fix shoes are designed for use with floating decks – particularly on roof terraces and concrete or paved surfaces.
Features • Essential deck accessories manufactured from black rubber
available in 10mm or 38mm
• Deck can float – no need to mechanically fix to substrate with resultant danger of piercing weatherproof membrane
• Easily levelled using EasyFix 3mm thick packers (2 supplied with each EasyFix Shoe)
• Improved drainage on slab as deck joists are elevated
• Removes chance of timber joists siing in standing water
• Effective acoustic barrier – useful if you have living accommodation under the decked area
• Easy to install – just push fit to timber deck joists
• Space at 400mm along joists at 400mm centres
Joist Screws Joist screws are available for frame construction in 90mm and 140mm lengths, in packs of 100.
TOPLoc™ Composite Decking Screws  Face fastening screws take the guesswork out of which screw looks best or installs easiest – and delivers a colour- matched fastener. Our TOPLoc™ screws are designed to eliminate the ‘mushrooming’ effect caused by standard decking screws in composite decking materials. 
• Ideal for step risers and around deck edges
• Two surface paern options on one fascia board – grained and brushed
• Actual dimensions: 3.6m length x 300mm wide x 14mm thick
• 25 year residential warranty
Corte Clean®
Although TimberTech products are low-maintenance, we recommend periodic cleaning to help maintain the beauty of the product. Corte Clean® is available to purchase call 029 2070 5113.
Other accessories available – visit www.timbertechuk.co.uk
Typical deck installation on a mastic asphalt roof using TimberTech EasyFix shoes. *For information on TimberTech Roof Tiles please contact TimberTech.
Floorizon cedar balcony
If you want a sleek, contemporary look for your outdoor space, you’ll love our glass balustrade systems. Following the ultra-modern trend for high quality stainless steel coupled with glass, our systems are a popular choice everywhere from beachside homes to chic city apartments. 
The clean lines look great combined with any TimberTech deck. The glass panels are perfect if you’re short on space, creating a transparent barrier that doesn’t block light. Our balustrade products are made from the best marine-grade, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, with toughened 10mm glass. The high quality cast stainless steel base plate cover supplied with each post conceals the fixings. Inferior systems use a thinner pressed material which easily dents.
Features: • The system is modular and therefore very easy to design
and install
• Posts and railings made from satin polished (brushed) marine grade 316 stainless steel
• 10mm toughened glass
• Base plate cover supplied with each post conceals the fixings
• Maximum post centres are 1500mm.
• System allows glass panels up to 1200mm wide to be fixed into our glass clamps with no need to drill the glass panels.
• Glass panels between 1200 and 1400mm require 4 drill holes (12mm diameter) for added security.
• Conforms to BS 6399- 1:1996 loading standard*
*where applicable to glass balustrading.
As well as the all-important quality and style, here are three more reasons to buy our glass balustrade systems:
We make the process simple Our glass balustrade systems couldn’t be easier to buy. All you need to do is take a few measurements and we’ll take care of the rest. Either give us a call, or upload your plan onto our free 3D design service and we will show you how the glass balustrade looks and complements the TimberTech deck. If the project goes ahead we then supply a plan drawing with dimensions and detailing the design for final approval – making the whole process simple and fast. 
Choice and flexibility While lots of glass balustrade systems come in fixed heights and designs, TimberTech gives flexibility. Choose a system with a top rail for a more traditional look, or go without one for a completely seamless view. We can install the glass balustrade system at heights anywhere between 900mm (for systems installed at ground level) and 2 metres (for privacy screens – shot blasted and tinted glass is available). We even offer gates if required. Note, decks 600mm or more above ground level require an 1100mm high handrail (if work is subject to building regulations).
Straightforward pricing  Our glass balustrade systems are priced per linear metre* and there are no extra hidden costs. We give you a free plan of how your system will look before you buy it. To make the whole process even more straightforward we have an installation service provided by our team of experienced installers. Some pre-planning is required before glass balustrade can be fixed so please contact us before you start to build your deck. 
*Based on average 1.2m post centres 
“From our first visit to your showroom to the initial site visit and through to installation and completion, the service we received from all the TimberTech people was exemplary - thoughtful, helpful, friendly yet totally professional. We liked what we saw in the showroom and online but what we got (grey, diagonally set decking with steel and glass balustrade) exceeded our expectations! Many thanks to TimberTech (whom we regularly recommend to all who admire our beautiful decking)." Hywel and Barbie Owens, Porthcawl
glass balustrade system
26 27
Glass balustrading – with top rail
Our cable railing system brings modern stainless steel handrail trends direct to your outdoor living space. This contemporary system looks great everywhere from waterfront balconies to family gardens, and its simple, unobtrusive stainless steel design allows you to create a barrier without spoiling your views. 
The simplicity of this system means that it looks great with any of our decking products, but if you like the modern look, it’s an especially good partner for Earthwood Evolutions Natural Collection in slate. 
The super stylish nature of the system doesn’t mean we’ve compromised on quality. Made from marine-grade 316 stainless steel, our handrail products are corrosion-resistant and built to last. The high quality cast stainless steel base plate cover supplied with each post conceals the fixings. Inferior systems use a thinner material which easily dents. What’s more, all threaded holes in our posts and handrails are flow drilled, providing a far stronger fixing than drilling and tapping as taps can wear loose over time.
Features: • The system is modular and therefore very easy to design
and install
• Posts and railings made from satin polished (brushed) marine grade 316 stainless steel
• Strong 48mm diameter posts
• Base plate cover supplied with each post conceals the fixings
• Maximum post centres are 1500mm.
• Conforms to BS 6399- 1:1996 loading standard*
*where applicable to glass balustrading.
Cable railing the easy way  Buying a cable railing system from us couldn’t be simpler. You won’t need to deal with complicated calculations and trade speak. Just take some basic measurements then either call us to talk about what you need, or upload your plan to our free 3D design service and we will contact you.
Choose your height  Many cable railing systems come in fixed heights, but TimberTech’s system can be installed at heights anywhere between 900mm (for systems installed at ground level) and 1100mm (building regulations height). 
Simple pricing system  Unlike many suppliers, our system is priced per linear metre (based on average 1.2m post centres). There are no extra hidden costs so the price you get initially is the price you will pay. If you want to see what your installation will look like before you buy, we can provide you with a free design plan. 
To make the process even easier, we offer an installation service. Our experienced installers can complete the job for you, while you relax and plan how you’re going to while away the hours in your new-look outdoor space. 
Whether you simply need to replace your current railing or you want to completely revamp your garden, TimberTech is the one-stop shop for designing your dream outdoor space.
“I chose the cable rail system as my style is very modern. It feels strong and really good quality – and looks great too!” Paul Stevenson, Chester
cable rail system
Cable rail system on Earthwood Evolutions Tropical Collection walnut deck
28 29
TimberTech's Ornamental Handrail System provides timeless beauty with the look and feel of real wood. Incorporating the same low-maintenance qualities as our decking products, TimberTech Ornamental handrail system is formulated using only hardwood and pure polymer to create a dense, strong, moisture resistant Handrail system that never requires staining, painting or oiling. 
So when fiing a new handrail system or replacing a roing wooden handrail, or a hollow PVC handrail system that bows, flexes and creaks, why not choose the luxurious look and feel of natural timber decking and handrail, but without the maintenance?  TimberTech’s handrail system is available in colours to match or contrast, plus add integrated handrail deck lights to complete the look.
TimberTech products are a lot more versatile than just decks and railing systems – other recent projects have also included gates, porches, and balconies, so call us and we can help with all your outdoor needs.
Ornamental Handrail RadianceRail®
30 31
TimberTech deck boards
• Full handrail range includes post covers, caps and skirts so your entire deck can be constructed using low maintenance TimberTech
• Supplied in 2.4m kits with separate solid square baluster kit
• Post covers in 1.2m or 3.6m lengths, simply slide over 90 x 90mm timber posts
• 3.6m baluster available to create 1100mm high handrails (to meet with Building Regulations for deck surfaces over 600m high)
• 25 year residential warranty
“I couldn’t be more satisfied with my handrail and deck and give it 10 out of 10 for performance!" Mr Pollard, Lancashire
RadianceRail® is TimberTech’s most popular composite railing system. It’s manufactured from the same high quality material as TimberTech deckboards, with an additional PVC co extruded surface, creating a dense, strong, moisture resistant composite railing that never requires staining, painting or oiling. The architectural styling, detailed accessories and ease of installation puts RadianceRail in a class of its own! 
So when fiing a new handrail system or replacing a roing wooden handrail, or a hollow PVC handrail system that bows, flexes and creaks, why not choose the streamlined look and feel of our contemporary RadianceRail System. Available in two colours, Coastal White or Classic Black to contrast with our range of deck boards, plus add integrated handrail deck lights to complete the look.
Features • No exposed brackets or screws are visible creating sleek,
smooth lines
• Full handrail system includes post covers, caps and skirts
• System supplied in 2.4m kits with a rail height of 1.07m
• Post covers in 3.6m lengths simply cut to length and slide over timber posts
• 25 year residential warranty
"Just to say that a few tradesmen and some people we know have passed by and were very impressed with the deck and Radiance Rail. It does really look stunning. I am quite delighted." Claudine Bloom, Isle of Lewis
RedwoodGrey Coastal WhiteClassic BlackCedar
Colours available
Colours available
TimberTech deck lights are stylish and contemporary and offer beautiful, low-level illumination for your deck and outdoor areas. Our gorgeous deck lights are brilliant when it comes to defining decks, paths, steps and driveways. All of the Timbertech deck lights are completely safe to walk on even in bare feet as the LEDs do not generate heat. 
Select from a range of five colours to set the mood in your garden. These deck lights work superbly in conjunction with our decking to provide subtle, ambient outdoor lighting. 
Arguably the most professional, long lasting and reliable LED deck lights available today, your landscapes and lighting projects will be enhanced by our cuing edge LED deck light products.
deck lights handrail deck lights
Handrail deck lights in coastal white RadianceRail on VertiGrain cedar deck
LED deck lights on VertiGrain cedar deck
LED deck lights mounted in Earthwood Evolutions tropical collection walnut deck
32 33
Features • Choose from 5 colours – White, Blue, Green, Amber or Red
• Clear lens (for beam of light) or frosted lens (for diffused light)
• Supplied as a single light or in kits of 4, 8 or 10 lights including cable and power supply
• Manufactured using marine grade 316 stainless steel - rather than inferior 304 grade which tends to tarnish and corrode
• Long life LED’s sourced from Japan
• System runs at 24v, as opposed to 12v – allowing you to power more deck lights (although still low voltage) - up to 100m away from the power supply where many 12V systems struggle over 25m. Furthermore there is no drop in light brightness as you move away from the power source
• LED fiings are IP67 rated and fully encapsulated so deck lights can be submerged in water
• Connectors are certified at IP67 grade so are reliable and moisture proof
• Power supplies are certified at IP54 grade
• Deck lights can be operated remotely via an on/off key fob
• 5 year warranty
Enjoy your deck day and night with the addition of these integrated handrail lights. This handrail system is designed to complement and enhance a TimberTech deck. 
Specifically designed for use with our Ornamental Railing system and our RadianceRail system, this low voltage LED energy efficient outdoor deck lighting system is the perfect complement to any TimberTech deck. Fancy integrating some discreet lights into your deck? Or adding some colour to your garden at night? Just browse our outdoor deck lighting range. 
Features • For use with TimberTech’s Ornamental Railing
System and TimberTech’s Radiance Rail System
• Low Voltage LED lighting system
• Deck light system designed by deck experts
• 5 year residential warranty
• To complete the Handrail Deck Light range, a 150 wa transformer, high quality cable, wire connectors and guides are available
A typical installation using up to 15 lights will require 1 transformer and 1 roll of cable (30m), 2 packs of wire connectors and 2 packs of wire guides. 
“I went for post lights and riser lights and they look fantastic. I love that my garden glows at night – we’re spending so much more time outdoors in the evenings.” Rebecca Andrade, Basingstoke 
Post Light These lights generate a subtle, inviting glow around any TimberTech RadianceRail or Ornamental Rail systems. Post caps sold separately. 
Riser Light Outdoor deck lighting that gives off so illumination for safety on steps or stairs. Available in architectural bronze.
2 lenses and 5 deck light colour options
Post light Riser light
Our greensquares products have been handpicked to exclusively enhance your TimberTech deck and help you achieve your ultimate outdoor living space. Here is a selection of the products available at www.greensquares.co.uk - browse to see the full range.
greensquares range of garden lighting helps you to extend your summer evenings outdoors, whether you want to illuminate your walls, decks or paths or if you simply want a stylish freestanding lamp. Browse through our beautiful hand-craed Infinity range, the more traditional Victorian-style lanterns or the ultra-modern stainless steel garden lights.
Luxury wall lights Our range of luxury wall lights have everything from antique- style lanterns to ultra-modern cubes, so you’ll definitely find something to suit your landscape.
If you’re looking for designer wall lights, look no further than greensquares. Our range of lights have been chosen for their design and quality – each and every one not only looks great, they are also made from high quality materials, so they’ll stand the test of time.
For designer lights, take a look at our Infinity range – each light is individually handmade from laminated glass for an exquisite finish that you won’t find on the high street. For funky wall lights, check out the ultra-modern stainless steel range that have a contemporary look that’s perfect for modern outdoor spaces.
Take the Rome wall light... ...more modern Rome than ancient Rome. A mixture of aluminium and stainless steel, its metallic look and textured design make it a must for the modern garden. The addition of an integrated PIR will help provide safety and security. All this plus a 3 year warranty.
Or the Amsterdam wall lantern... ...a traditional lantern shape with a modern design, finished in stainless steel and white frosted glass. A wall lamp for all seasons, it’ll look just as good lighting up a snowy night as it will on a balmy summer evening. All this plus a 3 year warranty.
“A quality product from a company who care about good design and crasmanship.” Elizabeth Carr, Boston Spa
garden lights
Amsterdam wall lantern Barcelona lantern light on Earthwood Evolutions tropical collection walnut deck
Visit www.greensquares.co.uk to order garden lights, or call our sales consultants on 029 2070 5113
34 35
Free-standing garden lamps With a variety of beautiful designs to choose from, our freestanding garden lamps help bring your interior style out into the garden. They don’t need any special fixings – just plug them in and light up your life.
Take the Ibiza globe light... ...this light has all the hippy charm of the Balearic island, with its circular design and black patina or silver finish. The small white globe light in the centre gives your garden an ethereal glow. This plug and play garden light is as funky and trendy as the island itself. Available in Black or Silver. Guaranteed for 3 years.
“I love my Madrid Lamp Light, it blends in so well with the lamp I have in my lounge. It creates a seamless look and feel from the interior, running through to my garden deck as well. The delivery was prey quick too.” Ms Benne, Oxford
Floor mounted lights Our floor-mounted lights are a great way to illuminate paths, decking or patios. From tall traditional lanterns to sleek LED lights, there are lots of ways to light up your outdoor evenings.
Take the Infinity cube post light... ...the beauty’s in the simplicity of this gorgeous hand-craed low-voltage garden light. Made from laminated glass mounted onto a Solid Iroko hardwood column, the Infinity Cube Post Light combines the latest LED technology with natural materials for the stylish way to spend your outdoor evenings. Guaranteed for 3 years.
garden lights
Madrid lamp light (barley shade)
Visit www.greensquares.co.uk to order garden lights, or call our sales consultants on 029 2070 5113
36 37
greensquares range of garden oil torches give your garden the sort of cosy glow you only get from real flames. Based on traditional oil lamps but brought bang up to date with modern designs, their dancing flames give your garden a gorgeous glow.
Post oil torches These garden oil torches are stunning. Tall, sleek and slender, these torches provide an elegant way to illuminate your evenings.
Our post oil torches couldn’t be simpler to use. Either drive the post straight into the ground, or order one of our bases to keep them upright on decks or patios. They are easy to fill, have an anti-spill safety mechanism and will burn for up to eight hours. That’s not to mention the intimate, warm atmosphere that you’ll get in your outdoor space – the sort of ambience you only get from real flames.
Post oil torches are becoming a must-have garden accessory, so invest in one that’s super stylish and will stay looking fantastic for many years to come.
Take the Etna torch... ...a sleek garden oil burner with a modern finish. We can just see a row of these illuminating a starry, balmy Sicilian night – but it’ll be equally at home anywhere from Shetland to Southampton. This quality garden oil burner is manufactured from solid copper or brushed stainless steel and will burn up to 12 hours. Hardwood Martia post. All this plus a 2 year warranty.
Or the Tambora torch... ...inspired by the Olympic torch, the Tambora has a classic shape and wide flame. Two sizes and finishes are available and the different sizes look great spread around your garden for a magical night-time glow. Hardwood Martia post. Granite base available for decks and patios. Burns for 12 hours, and comes with a 2 year warranty.
“The Etna torches purchased through greensquares are a fantastic product for anyone looking to make a dramatic mood lighting statement. I'd definitely recommend this high quality product.” Ma Schofield, Northampton
oil torches
Tambora torch (stainless steel) Etna torches
Visit www.greensquares.co.uk to order oil torches, or call our sales consultants on 029 2070 5113
38 39
Table oil torches Whether you’re barbequing with family and friends or enjoying a late night tipple for two, the glow of these garden oil torches bring an instant intimate and warm atmosphere to your table.
Take the Copenhagen oil lamp... ...the Copenhagen oil lamp looks great on your outdoor dining table, its flame casting a cosy glow that’s perfect for evenings outdoors. Available in stainless steel or copper, this lamp will burn for 8 hours. Guaranteed for 2 years.
oil torches
Krakatoa table lamp Thera torch (red slate)
Visit www.greensquares.co.uk to order oil torches, or call our sales consultants on 029 2070 5113
40 41
Copenhagen oil lamp
Free-Standing oil torches Stylish oil-fuelled torches that look great anywhere in your garden, from terraces or decking to patios or paths. Their flickering flames create a gentle ambient light that looks great in any outdoor space.
Take the Thera torch... ...tall and impressive, just like its Greek namesake, the Thera is a bold addition to your garden. Made from untreated natural slate and with our ‘wide flame’ design, it makes a striking centrepiece for any outdoor space. This quality garden oil torch is available in red or grey slate, and will burn for up to 4 hours. All this plus a two year warranty.
“What a fantastic pair of garden torches! I originally ordered the grey slate - but swapped to the red slate as the grey had sold out. Delighted that this happened - the red slate is fantastic - and I’m so pleased I got this colour. The torches look awesome “. Nick Rutherford, Surrey
From beanbags to benches, greensquares garden furniture range has something to suit you – whatever you use your garden for.
If you've invested time in geing your garden just the way you like it, you'll want to make the most of every minute in your outdoor space. That's why we've hunted all across Europe to bring you the very best furniture, including well known garden furniture brand Alexander Rose.
Bean bags Our beanbags are the ultimate way to relax out of doors – strong and durable these bean bags really are something else. We’ve got beanbags in loads of bright colours and lots of different styles – relaxing has never been this much fun.
Take the Big Hug Solo... ...small but perfectly formed, the water resistant Big Hug Solo beanbag is the perfect seat for one, whether you’re relaxing with a beer or gazing at the stars. If you’re feeling sociable, get one for a friend too – with 17 colours to choose from, there’s a beanbag for everyone. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
Garden benches A garden staple, so why not do it in style? Choose from hardwood, woven or stone benches that really enhance your outdoor space.
Take the Oxford bench.... ... the smaller of our Oxford stone benches, this makes the perfect perch for two. With its classic design, it won’t go out of fashion, and made from cast stone, it will stand the test of time. Our stone benches are handcraed to order but worth the wait.
“We bought this stunning arc bench as we were looking for a timeless piece that didn’t require any maintenance and this fits the bill perfectly. We are very pleased with our purchase and the delivery was no problem at all.” Ryan Hawkins, Cardiff
garden furniture
Visit www.greensquares.co.uk to order furniture, or call our sales consultants on 029 2070 5113
42 43
Dining furniture Everything you need for stylish outdoor eating, from bistro sets for breakfast in the sunshine to large tables for an alfresco supper with friends. We have a fantastic range of different materials including viro, teak and granite furniture.
Take the San Marino dining set from Alexander Rose ... ...with a woven finish in natural red pine, this garden dining set by Alexander Rose brings a bit of laid back, Southeast Asian beachside style to your outdoor space. The round table comes with a glass top, and you can choose from four or six armchairs with either a square or curved top. This weather resistant set which also incorporates Virofibers technology is guaranteed for 3 years.
Lounge furniture Bring your lounge style outside with a range of super stylish sofas, chairs and tables.
Take the Maxime love seat set... ...an elegant cream garden furniture set for the more sophisticated. We would get this out if the in-laws were popping round for cucumber sandwiches.  This lounge furniture set includes the following: - love seat, lounge chair, coffee table, side table and footstool. 3 year warranty.
“As we are always hosting parties in our garden we wanted a larger table but with comfort. The Alexander Rose San Marino dining set has been wonderful and really done the job! The chairs are ideal for an all day siing.” Mrs Gail Thompson, Kent
garden furniture
Maxime love seat lounge set by Apple Bee
La Crosse love seat lounge set by Apple Bee
We also sell a range of garden loungers, swing seats and garden huts. Visit www.greensquares.co.uk to order furniture, or call our sales consultants on 029 2070 5113
44 45
Traditional stone pots and planters The essential garden accessory, our garden pots and planters come in many shapes and sizes, these traditional stone pieces are beautifully handcraed, and won’t date with time.
This range is typical of our philosophy, made by people who really care about their cra, each one is created with design in mind, so you’re geing a product that not only looks fantastic, but will also stand the test of time. Available in four colours, our stone garden pots and planters can be selected in a tone that matches your garden look.
Handcraed to order, but worth the wait... Our cast stone products are worth waiting for. Each item is moulded individually and takes a few weeks to cure, so not only are you geing something that looks great, you’re also geing a product that’s made with crasmanship and quality in mind.
garden pots
Tulip vase Cranborne Blenheim planter
Visit www.greensquares.co.uk to order pots, or call our sales consultants on 029 2070 5113
46 47
Versailles vase
Take the Versailles vase... ... with a handcraed finish and its foliage design, this traditional stone vase is influenced by the classic French architecture of the Château de Versailles. Made using traditional methods of stone casting, each vase takes three weeks to produce, so you can guarantee you are geing quality crasmanship every time. 3 Year Warranty.
Or the Tulip vase... ...contemporary and eye-catching, this vase doubles up as garden art. Its ribbed paern creates beautiful light and shadow and its tulip shape blends in perfectly with plants and flowers.  Made from cast stone, it’s built to last – the ultimate modern classic.  All stone pots come with a 3 Year Warranty.
A cool and contemporary range of planters Should you desire more of a contemporary planter for your outdoor living space, greensquares offers a range of innovative, high quality, design led planters.
In a world of mass produced identikit products, it’s reassuring to know that through the application of a unique Advanced Composite (AC) formulation, comes a range of pots and planters designed and made in Britain, of outstanding quality and strength. With influences from Europe, Asia and America this range of planters really is something special. UV stable, fully frost-proof and virtually unbreakable these planters are ideal for your outdoor living space. So have fun with these funky shapes in bright, bold colours with or without plants!
Take the Marilyn... ... this elegant planter is as classic and curvy as its iconic namesake! A celebration of classic curves, the Marilyn is so versatile in its use - add one either side of your front door to extend an inviting welcome, or add a few on your deck to help section off an area and make a real style statement while dining al-fresco. This pot is available in a range of sizes, finishes and colours.
Or Spin... ...this avant-garde pot has been designed to cleverly create the illusion of movement through regular circular ribbing and complex reflections. The designers have certainly achieved the desired effect - the circular delights of this pot have had us all at greensquares in quite a spin! Available in a range of three sizes and a variety of colours and finishes, the Spin really is something special.
Or Sphere... ...a planter ball with the handmade look, feel and texture of real ceramics , but with none of the disadvantages. Lightweight, waterproof, frostproof, UV stable, almost unbreakable and available in a variety of colours and finishes, now you can safely specify ceramics for your outdoor living space.
garden pots
Visit www.greensquares.co.uk to order pots, or call our sales consultants on 029 2070 5113
Or the York bird bath... ... there’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of birdsong. Aract some feathered friends to your garden with this gorgeous, handcraed stone bird bath – looks great alongside our York Sundial Stand.  Our cast stone products are worth waiting for. Each item is moulded individually and takes a few weeks to set, so not only are you geing something that looks great, you’re also geing a product that’s made with crasmanship and quality in mind. Complete with 3 Year Warranty.
We have a range of handcraed decorative features designed to suit every style of garden.
Take the Cranborne Hampton sundial stand.... ...the quality and crasmanship of this cast stone sundial stand is simply stunning. Its square edges and curved lines give it a sculptural look, so it’s beautiful as well as practical. To complete the look of this sundial stand why not add a 16 inch lead sundial or an 18 inch brass sundial. Available in a choice of four local stone colours including Bath Stone And York Stone. All handcraed stone decorative features come with a 3 Year Warranty.
garden features
Visit www.greensquares.co.uk to order garden features, or call our sales consultants on 029 2070 5113
We also sell a range of other outdoor living products visit our site for further details