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  • Conference Tracks

    Conference Keynote The Future of Portals

    Robert Picciano General Manager, Lotus Software and WebSphere Portal Software " Portal, The Heart of Exceptional Web Experiences" Larry Bowden Vice President, IBM Portals and Mashups WebSphere Portal Administration - Technical deep dive into portal administration topics including deployment topologies, performance, security, implementation and maintenance optimizations.

    WebSphere Portal Basics Entry level technical overview of IBM WebSphere Portal and Lotus technologies, including product architecture, components, capabilities, integration and deployment approaches. What's New in WebSphere Portal Technical view of new features and enhancements to IBM WebSphere Portal and Lotus products. WebSphere Portal Development Technical deep dive into portal development topics including tools, Web 2.0 and standards support, services integration, and best practices.

    Business Impact Summit In the opening session and the dedicated business impact track, you'll learn how to make your portal a better business success. This track is for the non-technical portal audience whose job is to maximize the business value of their portal implementation. Customer Case Studies and Industry Solutions Detailed presentations of customer solutions, including Project Goals and Analysis, Industry Specific Approaches, Implementation and Governance Techniques, and Best Practices.

  • Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions Birds-of-a-Feather sessions are hosted, interactive sessions bringing together communities and individuals with similar interests. These sessions are intended to complement the conference technical breakout sessions and provide an informal and open forum setting for small groups to share ideas and experiences. Technical Roundtable Discussion Sessions - For many attendees, one of the conference highlights is the opportunity to participate in topic-based discussions with fellow attendees and customers, IBM Business partners and product team experts. To facilitate this, the conference is organizing a set of new Technical Round Table discussion sessions to be held throughout the week. New! - Portal Technical Zone - A new program introduced this year will be held each afternoon, providing an open forum setting to discuss technical strategy questions with IBM Portal Product and Services Architects.

    Meet the Architects - Panel Discussion Panel forum format specifically tailored for this conference. A question and answer panel discussion with IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Software Group technology Technical Leads and Product Architects. Track Content sessions: As of September 9, 2009 This information is subject to change. See the abstracts for these sessions below. WebSphere Portal Administration Includes these session titles: A01 IBM WebSphere Portal: Operational Architectures and Procedures A02 Integration of Search Service(s) in WebSphere Portal A03 Successfully Managing Your Lotus Web Content Management Solution A04 Hands-On Lab: Hands on Administrating WebSphere Portal 6.1 A05 Migration to WebSphere Portal v6.1 from previous releases A06 Hands-On Lab: Customize your security environment with WebSphere Portal A07 Hands-On Lab: Managing Virtual Portals and Multiple Directories with WebSphere Portal 6.1 and VMM A08 High Availability Designs and Implementation with WebSphere Portal A09 Understanding and Applying Portal Analytics with WebSphere Portal 6.1 A10 Implementing WebSphere Portal on System z with High Availability A11 WebSphere Portal 6.1 - Performance Fundamentals and Best Practices A12 Hands-On Lab: WebSphere Portal Performance Analysis & Troubleshooting A13 Virtualizing Portal A14 Tooling Innovation from the IBM Portal Lab: Split-Second for Portal Performance Troubleshooting A15 End-To-End caching solution for WebSphere Portal and Lotus Web Content Management A16 Hands On Lab: Staging to production in WebSphere Portal A17 Automation Best Practices for Managing Portal Administrative Changes with the Rational Automation Framework for WebSphere Portal Framework for WebSphere Portal A18 Stop the Scripting and Manage Portal Deployments with Phurnace Software A19 Using External Security Managers with WebSphere Portal 6.1: Single sign-on concepts and considerations A20 Using WebSphere Virtual Enterprise with WebSphere Portal

  • A21 Using Coremetrics for Portal Web Analytics A22 Using Webtrends for Tracking and Reporting: IBM WebSphere Portal Version 6.1 integration A23 Sogeti and WebSphere Portal A24 Vamosa and WebSphere Portal

    WebSphere Portal Basics Includes these session titles: B01 WebShere Portal JumpStart B02 Lotus Quickr Overview and Architecture, Lotus Quickr Overview and Futures B03 Amplify Your ROI: Getting things done Quickly and Economically with Enterprise Mashups B04 WebSphere Portal Personalization Overview B05 Managing the Portal Deployment Project: Best Practices B06 WebSphere Portal Personalization Overview Leveraging the power of Integrating Personalization and Lotus Web Content Management B07 WebSphere Portal 6.1 Security Overview B08 Leveraging IBM Lotus Forms with WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Portal to Enable Business Process Automation B10 Effective Portal Governance B11 Hands-On Lab: Lotus Web Content Management Lab A La Carte B12 Lotus Quickr Services for WebSphere Portal- Application Development and Customization Best Practices B13 Lipstick on a Pig Bringing Mainframe Applications to the Web via a Portal! B14 WebSphere Portal Accelerator Usage and Operation: Extending the Reach of your Portal B15 Best Practices for Implementing the New Rich Text Editor (Ephox's EditLive!) in Lotus Web Content Management B16 Integrating WebSphere Portal, WebSphere Commerce and Lotus Web Content Management solutions using the IBM SOA Reference Architecture WebSphere Portal Development Includes these session titles: D01 Development Frameworks for Newbies D02 Getting Started with WebSphere Potlet Factory: Rapidly Construct Rich, Web 2.0 Style Applications for IBM WebSphere Portal D03 Understanding and using the Portal Client Side Programming Model D04 Leveraging new Portal Standards WSRP 2.0 and JSR 286 with WebSphere Portal 6.1 D05 Best Practices for Creating WebSphere Portal Portlets with WebSphere Portlet Factory D06 Rapidly Create Widgets for Use on IBM Mashup Center and WebSphere Portal D07 WebSphere Portal Theme Development - Implementing an Engaging Enterprise User Experience D08 Davalen's Practical Advice from the Field: Maximizing the implementation value of Portlet Factory D09 Portal programming model update: Running portlet frameworks on WebSphere Portal and new APIs in WebSphere Portal 6.1 D10 Developing Widgets: Concepts and Guidelines

  • D11 Showcasing Web 2.0 features for Portal Application Development with IBM(R) Rational(R) Application Developer Portal Toolkit D12 IBM WebSphere Portal and Flex D13 The Portal Web 2.0 Theme and Client Side Performance Best Practices D14 Building an SOA Business Process Portal - Integrating WebSphere Process Server with WebSphere Portal D15 Hands-On Lab: Process, Portal and Forms - Putting it All Together! D16 Hands-On Lab: Creating Portlets with WebSphere Portlet Factory! D17 Leveraging the Power of HTML Pages Support and WebSphere Portal v6.1 D18 Best Practices: Designing Application Architectures for WebSphere Portal D19 Hands On Lab: XTreme Theming for Portal 6.1: Creating your own iTheme D20 Hands-On Lab: Using RAD to develop and publish portlets on WebSphere Portal What's New in WebSphere Portal Includes these session titles: N01 What's New in WebSphere Portal V6.1.x N02 Whats New in Lotus Forms N03 IBM Lotus Web Content Management 6.1 - What's New? N04 Want Portal Fast? Do it with PortalNOW! N05 Portal By The Hour: Leveraging Amazon Web Services With IBM WebSphere Portal Solutions N06 Whats New with the Mobile Portal Accelerator 6.1? N07 Collaboration using Content Standards N08 IBM Mashup Center: A technical deep-dive N09 Tightly Integrate Cognos Data in WebSphere Portal Applications with IBM Dashboard Accelerator N10 New IBM Industry Toolboxes for WebSphere Portal N11 Sametime 8 - Unified Communication and Collaboration for WebSphere Portal N12 WebSphere Portal page builder features - empowering the user! N13 User Experience Optimization Initiative: Automating Web Analytics in WebSphere Portal N14 WebSphere Portal Version 6.1 Enable for z/OS Technical Overview N15 New Social Software to Drive Portal Adoption N16 What is new in WebSphere Application Server 7.0 and how to use it with WebSphere Portal 6.1.x N17 Extending the Reach of your Portal with OmniFind Enterprise Search 8.5 N18 Agile BPM: Dont just tell me, show me! N19 Hands On Lab: Cloud Computing Lab - Deploying WebSphere Portal Server with Lotus Web Content Management on Amazon Web Services N20 Leveraging FileNet for Content and Collaboration N21 Hands-On Lab: Getting the most out of Lotus Collaboration and Social Software in Portal N22 Making the Right Connections: Value, Methods & Best Practices for integrating Lotus Connections 2.5 and WebSphere Portal 6.1 Business Impact Sessions to be Announced: V01 Come see the vision of a world class collaboration Portal today! V02 The Real Scoop on why WebSphere Portal is #1 V03 Creating the Roadmap for Success for Your Portal V04 Developing a Portal Vision

  • V05 How to Successfully Justify and Deploy Portal & Social Software in Your Organization V06 You are what you market: Leveraging new rules of marketing V07 Getting Smart with Retail Portals to Address the Accelerated Shift in Buyer Behavior

    V08 Building a Portal Delivery Roadmap: Paths to Success V09 Extend the Business Value of Your Solution with Lotus Forms: Best Practices V10 Delivering Your Portal Solutions to Mobile Audiences:

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