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Connotate 2012 Big Data Survey

Date post:15-Jul-2015
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Connotate 2012 Big Data Attitudes and Perceptions SurveyPrepared by Connotate, Inc.October 1, 2012

Connotate, Inc. 2012Are you involved in managing your organization's data aggregation operations and/or budget?Question #1

Connotate, Inc. 20122

30.8 %

How many employees does your organization have?Question #2

Connotate, Inc. 20123

9086115208What is your organizations annual budget on Web data collection and monitoring? Question #3

Connotate, Inc. 20124What industry are you in?Question #4

Connotate, Inc. 20125

1812133213134059414663146Which statement below fits your definition of Big Data best?Question #5

Connotate, Inc. 20126

2264575381532Based on your definition above, what is the greatest challenge Big Data presents to enterprises?Question #6

Connotate, Inc. 20127

41.8 %21.3 %10.4 %12.3 %8.1 %6.1 %Which of the following tools and methodologies does your company uses to address Big Data?Question #7

Connotate, Inc. 20128

3342623924217093177505121What type of Big Data does your company use to power its initiative?Question #8

Connotate, Inc. 20129What effect does Big Data have on the Cloud?Question #9

Connotate, Inc. 201210

27012963874230What are the goals of your Big Data initiative? Question #10

Connotate, Inc. 201211

2261983653205811763661How does your company collect Web-based data and content?Question #11

Connotate, Inc. 201212

17221723322Does your organization currently leverage Big Data for enterprise operations or plan to in the near future?Question #12

Connotate, Inc. 201213Why did your company decide to move forward with a Big Data initiative or project?Question #13

Connotate, Inc. 201214

130136368813029Do you consider your Big Data project a success?Question #14

Connotate, Inc. 201215

Connotate, Inc. 201216For more information about this survey or to learn about the Connotate, contact us at:

Phone: 732.296.8844Website: www.connotate.comEmail: [email protected]

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