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Date post:11-Jun-2020
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  • ■ A8系列


    Corporation Strength

    Global Layout

  • 3

  • Perfect Management System

    ■ A8系列

     Since 1998, JAC has passed ISO 9002quality management system, ISO 10012 measure system, IS014001 environmental

    management system, IS010015 training management system and GJB9001A National Army Standard Quality System.

     In the overseas, JAC has passed the USA, ITALY, AUSTRALIA and RUSSIA GOST, GCC homologation ,and won the entry

    permit in most of the countries around the world.

  • World Advanced Verification Methods

    ■ A8系列

    AVL Comprehensive performance bench test The engine bench test

    Cell system high and low temperature and vibration testing laboratory

    EMC lab Suspension K&C test

    Vehicle Environment Lab Vehicle VOC test

    DCT gear-box Comprehensive performance bench test

  • Four-high’s Tests

    ■ A8系列

    Frigid area (high coldness) Plateau (high altitude) High temperature High humidity

  • ■ A8系列

    High Speed Ring Road Test

    Washboard Road Test

    Tests Under Mixed Road Conditions

  • Passenger Vehicles

    ■ MPV-M5

    ■ A-class-J4

    ■ MPV-M3

    ■ C-class-A60

    ■ MPV-M4

    ■ MPV-M6

  • Passenger Vehicles


    ■ SUV-S5

    ■ SUV-S3

    S3 has won the compact SUV

    sales champion in 2015、

    2016 with the total sales

    breakthrough of more than

    500,000 units


    ■ SUV-S7

    ■ Van-V1

  • Light-duty Trucks

    ■ X 200

    ■ Frison Pick-up

    ■ N Series

    (Narrow cab)

    ■ N Series

    (Wide cab)

    ■ N Series

    (Double cab)

  • Medium Trucks

    ■ 4×2 Truck Crane

    ■ 4 × 2 Dumper ■ 4×2 Cargo

    ■ 4×2 Oil Tanker

  • Heavy-duty Trucks

    ■ 4×2 随车吊

    ■ 4×2 载货车

    ■ 4×2 Tractor

    ■ 6×4 Mixer

    ■ 6×4 Dumper

    ■ 6×4 Cargo

    ■ 8×4 Dumper

    ■ 6×4 Tractor

    ■ 8×4 Cargo

    ■ 8×4 Mixer

  • Coaches

    ■GT Series

    ■ Star Bus Series

    ■A6 Series

    ■Star Bus Series

    ■ BRT Bus Series

    ■ LK 10D Series

    ■ BEST Series

    ■School Bus Series ■ A8 Series

    ■ Community Bus Series

  • New- energy Vehicles

    ■ A8系列

    ■ iev-5

    ■ iev-6e

    Right now, JAC new energy business has covered passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, multifunctional commercial vehicles and coaches with the accumulative sales of more than 40 thousand units.

    ■ i5

    ■ i3

    ■ Electric Van ■ iev-4

    ■ iev 7

    ■ iev-6E

  • New-energy Vehicles

    ■ A8系列

    ■ EV Long-distance Bus

    ■ Range-Extended Bus

    ■ Hybrid Bus

    ■ EV Bus

    ■ EV Light Bus

  • 26

  • ■ A8系列


    Corporation Strength

    Global Layout

  • Export Performance



    14719 26678








    2016.1-4 2017.1-4


    Whole Chinese Vehicle export JAC export

    From Jan. to Apr. of 2017, JAC exports nearly 26678 units to overseas markets, with a year-on-year growth rate of

    81.25%, while the industry growth rate is 29.02%. JAC ranks No 3 regarding all kinds of vehicles in total export , ranks No 1 regarding SUV export.

  • Global Layout

    ■ A8系列

    Europe & Latin America

  • Global Layout

    ■ A8系列

    Europe & Latin America

  • ■ A8系列


    Global Layout

  • ■ A8系列

    Asia & The gulf country

    Global Layout

  • ■ A8系列

    Asia & The gulf country

    Global Layout

  • World-wide JAC

    ■ A8系列

    International Auto Show

  • World-wide JAC

    ■ A8系列

    International Auto Show

  • ■ A8系列

    World-wide JAC

  • Trustworthy JAC

    ■ A8系列

    JAC and Venezuela reach 5239 units in Heavy Duty Trucks Purchase Contract

    Delivery Ceremony of JAC 5239 Heavy Duty Trucks Exported to Venezuela

  • JAC Vehicles of Chinese Government Donates to Afghanistan

    Procurement of the Joint peacekeeping force in Afghanistan

    Procurement of People’s Liberation Army General Armament Department

    JAC Vehicles of Chinese Government Donates to Azerbaijian

    Procurement of United Nations

    Trustworthy JAC

  • ■ A8系列

    Pepsi group purchase DHL group purchase Procurement of Police Cars

    Trustworthy JAC

  • ■ A8系列

    JAC--Navistar Engine and Truck Partnership

    JAC Set Up Kenya Joint Venture Company

    Review of Marketing Events

  • ■ A8系列

    Review of Marketing Events

    JAC signed the Joint Venture Cooperation agreement with Volkswagen JAC signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement with NEXTEV

  • JAC launched in The United Arab Emirates

    JAC fleet customers delivery ceremony in Hong Kong

    Review of Marketing Events

    JAC passenger vehicles launched in Mexico

  • ■ A8系列

    Review of Marketing Events-Iran

    Cumulative sales volume of JAC cars in Iran has exceeded 88,943 units, among wich , the population of JAC SUV is 46604 units, ranks No 1 in SUV segament market.

    JAC's launching ceremony in Iran

  • ■ A8系列

    Review of Marketing Events-Kazakhstan

    Premier Li Keqiang and Kazakhstan vice-premier Sa Ginta Jef witness the launching ceremony of JAC KD project in Kazakhstan. This is the only manufatory project within the belt and the road project between China and KAZ.

    JAC Kazakhstan 4S shop opening ceremony

  • ■ A8系列

    JAC Algeria KD plant signing ceremony means that JAC will have its 19th overseas KD plant, which will also be JAC first commercial vehicles KD plant in Africa.

    Review of Marketing Events-Algeria

    JAC Light-duty trucks keep No 1 for many years in Algeria. The cumulative volume of JAC light duty truck reaches to 41226 units in Algeria.

  • ■ A8系列

    JAC and Venezuela reach 5239 units in Heavy Duty Trucks Purchase Contract

    The cumulative export from JAC to Venezuela has reached to 8019 units and the total export amount is $424 million. The market share of JAC heavy-duty trucks keep first in Venezuela.The cumulative volume of heavy duty truck in Venezuela is 6000 units.

    Review of Marketing Events-Venezuela

  • Future Prospects

    ■ A8系列

    Aiming to become a world-class brand, JAC is ready to enhance its superiority in technology、manufacturing、 brand image and sales network through rapid development. JAC is dedicated to developing and producing safe, environmentally friendly, economical and energy-saving vehicles on the basis of sustained brand progress and cost improvement.

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