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Date post: 02-Nov-2014
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Stages of How I Produced My Contents Page
Page 1: Contents Page

Stages of How I Produced My Contents Page

Page 2: Contents Page

I added the mast head to my contents page first, making it easier to work around it.

Page 3: Contents Page

I then added my images and brought the masthead over the image, this filled the right hand side of the page and set up the three columns.

Page 4: Contents Page

I then added headings, I used capitals to make it stand out more to the audience, I sectioned the headings down the left hand column and also made a section for text underneath the images.

Page 5: Contents Page

I then filled the space provided underneath the headings with what is included in my magazine, this was in much smaller text and looked very filled.

Page 6: Contents Page

I then added text into the editorial and made it personal my adding a signature, I also added page numbers in bold and added it to the images as well, so it would be easier for the audience to locate something they want to read.

Page 7: Contents Page

I added a subscribe box in the bottom left hand corner to lure the audience in, and also added a flasher to the image that is related to the one on the cover, this adds colour to the images and lets the reader know what stories go with what image.