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Published in Russian in Izvestiya Akademii Nauk. Seriya Khimicheskaya, No. 12, pp. 2771—2800, December, 2004. 10665285/04/53122889 © 2004 Springer Science+Business Media, Inc. Contents of 2004 issues Issue 1, 2004 Reviews Version Engl./Russ. Ionic and coordination diene polymerization and Yu. B. Monakov and I. R. Mullagaliev 1 1 organic derivatives of main group metals Full Articles Nature of weak inter and intramolecular interactions in crystals. K. A. Lyssenko and M. Yu. Antipin 10 11 1. The F...O and F...H contacts in the crystal of 2trifluoroacetyl5trifluoromethylpyrrole Endofullerenes: size effects on structure and energy N. N. Breslavskaya, A. A. Levin, 18 19 and A. L. Buchachenko DFT calculation of benzoazacrown ethers and their V. G. Avakyan, S. P. Gromov, 24 25 complexes with calcium perchlorate A. I. Vedernikov, S. N. Dmitrieva, and M. V. Alfimov Rotational isomerism in alkylgermane molecules L. A. Leites, S. S. Bukalov, 33 34 (Alk = Bu n , nC 6 H 13 ) according to Raman A. V. Zabula, D. V. Lyubetskii, spectroscopy and quantumchemistry results I. V. Krylova, and M. P. Egorov Diffusion control of the Diels—Alder reaction V. D. Kiselev, E. A. Kashaeva, 45 45 rate at elevated pressures M. S. Shihab, L. N. Potapova, and G. G. Iskhakova Diels—Alder reaction between naphthalene and V. D. Kiselev, E. A. Kashaeva, 51 51 Nphenylmaleimide under mild conditions L. N. Potapova, and G. G. Iskhakova Energetics of intramolecular hydrogen bonds and conformations R. R. Shagidullin, A. V. Chernova, 55 55 of ωdiphenylphosphoryl and ωdiphenylthiophosphoryl S. A. Katsyuba, substituted aliphatic alcohol molecules L. V. Avvakumova, and Rif. R. Shagidullin Molecular recognition of organic guest vapor by solid V. V. Gorbatchuk, L. S. Savelyeva, 60 60 adamantylcalix[4]arene M. A. Ziganshin, I. S. Antipin, and V. A. Sidorov Intramolecular OTe and NTe coordination bonds S. M. Aldoshin, F. J. Berry, 66 66 in molecules of βtellurocyclohexenals A. V. Zakharov, I. D. Sadekov, and their nitrogen analogs B. B. Safoklov, V. V. Tkachev, G. V. Shilov, and V. I. Minkin Ruthenium(II) complexes with tetra15crown5phthalocyanine: Yu. G. Gorbunova, Yu. Yu. Enakieva, 74 74 synthesis and spectroscopic investigation S. G. Sakharov, and A. Yu. Tsivadze RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN International Edition Volume 53, Number 12, December, 2004
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Published in Russian in Izvestiya Akademii Nauk. Seriya Khimicheskaya, No. 12, pp. 2771—2800, December, 2004.

1066�5285/04/5312�2889 © 2004 Springer Science+Business Media, Inc.

Contents of 2004 issues

Issue 1, 2004




Ionic and coordination diene polymerization and Yu. B. Monakov and I. R. Mullagaliev 1 1organic derivatives of main group metals

Full Articles

Nature of weak inter� and intramolecular interactions in crystals. K. A. Lyssenko and M. Yu. Antipin 10 111. The F...O and F...H contacts in the crystalof 2�trifluoroacetyl�5�trifluoromethylpyrrole

Endofullerenes: size effects on structure and energy N. N. Breslavskaya, A. A. Levin, 18 19and A. L. Buchachenko

DFT calculation of benzoazacrown ethers and their V. G. Avakyan, S. P. Gromov, 24 25complexes with calcium perchlorate A. I. Vedernikov, S. N. Dmitrieva,

and M. V. Alfimov

Rotational isomerism in alkylgermane molecules L. A. Leites, S. S. Bukalov, 33 34(Alk = Bun, n�C6H13) according to Raman A. V. Zabula, D. V. Lyubetskii,spectroscopy and quantum�chemistry results I. V. Krylova, and M. P. Egorov

Diffusion control of the Diels—Alder reaction V. D. Kiselev, E. A. Kashaeva, 45 45rate at elevated pressures M. S. Shihab, L. N. Potapova,

and G. G. Iskhakova

Diels—Alder reaction between naphthalene and V. D. Kiselev, E. A. Kashaeva, 51 51N�phenylmaleimide under mild conditions L. N. Potapova, and

G. G. Iskhakova

Energetics of intramolecular hydrogen bonds and conformations R. R. Shagidullin, A. V. Chernova, 55 55of ω�diphenylphosphoryl� and ω�diphenylthiophosphoryl� S. A. Katsyuba,substituted aliphatic alcohol molecules L. V. Avvakumova, and

Rif. R. Shagidullin

Molecular recognition of organic guest vapor by solid V. V. Gorbatchuk, L. S. Savelyeva, 60 60adamantylcalix[4]arene M. A. Ziganshin, I. S. Antipin,

and V. A. Sidorov

Intramolecular O→Te and N→Te coordination bonds S. M. Aldoshin, F. J. Berry, 66 66in molecules of β�tellurocyclohexenals A. V. Zakharov, I. D. Sadekov,and their nitrogen analogs B. B. Safoklov, V. V. Tkachev,

G. V. Shilov, and V. I. Minkin

Ruthenium(II) complexes with tetra�15�crown�5�phthalocyanine: Yu. G. Gorbunova, Yu. Yu. Enakieva, 74 74synthesis and spectroscopic investigation S. G. Sakharov, and

A. Yu. Tsivadze

RUSSIAN CHEMICAL BULLETINInternational EditionVolume 53, Number 12, December, 2004

Page 2: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 20042890



Syntheses and crystal structures of supramolecular compounds T. V. Mit´kina, O. A. Gerasko, 80 80of tetranuclear ZrIV and HfIV aqua hydroxo complexes M. N. Sokolov, D. Yu. Naumov,with macrocyclic cavitand cucurbituril and V. P. Fedin

Syntheses and crystal structures of heterometallic complexes I. V. Kalinina, D. G. Samsonenko, 86 86[{Cu(en)2}2{Cu(en)2(NH3)}{M4Te4(CN)12}]•5H2O V. A. Nadolinnyi, J. Lipkowski,(M = Mo, W) and V. P. Fedin

Ribbed�functionalized iron(II) tris�dioximate clathrochelates Ya. Z. Voloshin, O. A. Varzatskii, 92 92with pendant fragments of various types: synthetic I. I. Vorontsov, M. Yu. Antipin,pathways, structures, and properties A. Yu. Lebedev, A. S. Belov,

and N. G. Strizhakova

Complexes of CuII, NiII, and CoII with 2�cyano�2�(1�oxyl� P. A. Petrov, G. V. Romanenko, 99 984,4,5,5�tetramethyl�4,5�dihydro�1H�imidazol�2�yl)� Yu. G. Shvedenkov,1�R�ethylenolates V. N. Ikorskii, V. I. Ovcharenko,

V. A. Reznikov, and R. Z. Sagdeev

Seven�membered metallocycle in the CuII complex P. A. Petrov, E. V. Tretyakov, 109 107with deprotonated 2�(2�hydroxy�3�nitrophenyl)� G. V. Romanenko,4,4,5,5�tetramethyl�4,5�dihydro�1H�imidazole� V. I. Ovcharenko,1�oxyl 3�oxide and R. Z. Sagdeev

Chemical assembly of a new heterometallic trimethyl� I. G. Fomina, A. A. Sidorov, 114 112acetate cluster with the Co6Ni2 core G. G. Aleksandrov, V. I. Zhilov,

V. N. Ikorskii, V. M. Novotortsev,and I. L. Eremenko

Unsymmetrical dinuclear cobalt and nickel I. G. Fomina, A. A. Sidorov, 118 116trimethylacetate complexes G. G. Aleksandrov, V. I. Zhilov,

V. N. Ikorskii, V. M. Novotortsev,I. L. Eremenko, and I. I. Moiseev

Extraction of technetium(VII) by calix[4]arene tetraketones I. S. Antipin, S. E. Solov´eva, 127 124and tetraesters from acidic and basic media I. I. Stoikov, I. S. Vershinina,

G. A. Pribylova, I. G. Tananaev,and B. F. Myasoedov

Synthesis and transformations of metallacycles. U. M. Dzhemilev, A. G. Ibragimov, 133 13032. Novel method for the synthesis of L. O. Khafizova, R. R. Gilyazev,cyclopentanols from aluminacyclopentanes and V. A. D´yakonov

Diphilic carbosilane dendrimers with different densities E. V. Getmanova, A. S. Tereshchenko, 137 134of the hydrophilic layer G. M. Ignat´eva,

E. A. Tatarinova,V. D. Myakushev, andA. M. Muzafarov

Phosphorylated azahomo[60]fullerene: synthesis I. P. Romanova, G. G. Yusupova, 144 140and electrochemical properties A. A. Nafikova, D. G. Yakhvarov,

O. A. Larionova, andO. G. Sinyashin

Water�soluble polyketones and esters as the main stable R. G. Bulgakov, E. Yu. Nevyadovskii, 148 144products of ozonolysis of fullerene С60 solutions A. S. Belyaeva, M. T. Golikova,

Z. I. Ushakova,Yu. G. Ponomareva,U. M. Dzhemilev,S. D. Razumovskii, andF. G. Valyamova

Page 3: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 2004 2891



Direct introduction of heterocyclic units into O. N. Chupakhin, G. L. Rusinov, 160 155porphyrin derivatives D. G. Beresnev, S. Sh. Bashirov,

M. G. P. M. S. Neves, andJ. A. S. Cavaleiro

Ring contraction in reactions of 3�benzoylquinoxalin�2�ones V. A. Mamedov, A. A. Kalinin, 164 159with 1,2�phenylenediamines. Quinoxaline�benzoimidazole A. T. Gubaidullin, A. V. Chernova,rearrangement I. A. Litvinov, Ya. A. Levin,

and R. R. Shagidullin

New mesoionic systems of the azolopyridine series. E. V. Babaev, V. B. Rybakov, 176 1701. Synthesis and structures of I. A. Orlova, A. A. Bush,thiazolo[3,2�a]pyridinium 2�thiolates K. V. Maerle, and A. F. Nasonov

Binuclear and polynuclear transition metal complexes N. E. Borisova, M. D. Reshetova, 181 174with macrocyclic ligands. 3. New polydentate and Yu. A. Ustynyukmacrocyclic ligands in reactions of 4�alkyl�2,6�diformylphenols with 1,2�diaminobenzenes

The chemoselective alkynylation of dihaloquinolines I. P. Beletskaya, G. V. Latyshev, 189 181by the Sonogashira—Hagihara reaction A. V. Tsvetkov, and

N. V. Lukashev

Reactions of phenylenedioxytrihalophosphoranes with arylacetylenes. V. F. Mironov, A. A. Shtyrlina, 194 1865. Regiochemistry of the reaction of 2,2,2�trichloro� A. T. Gubaidullin, A. V. Bogdanov,5�chlorocarbonylbenzo[d]�1,3,2�dioxaphosphole I. A. Litvinov, N. M. Azancheev,with phenylacetylene. Synthesis and three�dimensional Sh. K. Latypov, R. Z. Musin,structures of 6�alkylaminocarbonyl�2�oxo� and Yu. Ya. Efremov4�phenylbenzo[e]�1,2�oxaphosphorinine derivatives

Jacobsen�type enantioselective hydrolysis of aryl glycidyl ethers. A. A. Bredikhin, E. I. Strunskaya, 213 20331P NMR analysis of the enantiomeric composition V. G. Novikova,of oxiranes N. M. Azancheev,

D. R. Sharafutdinova,and Z. A. Bredikhina

Selective monoalkylation of phosphorus�substituted I. L. Odinets, O. I. Artyushin, 219 209CH acids with (bromomethyl)� and S. V. Lenevich, G. V. Bodrin,1,4�bis(bromomethyl)benzenes K. A. Lyssenko, I. V. Fedyanin,

P. V. Petrovskii, andT. A. Mastryukova

New method for the synthesis of α�chlorocinnamo� V. G. Nenajdenko, A. V. Shastin, 228 218nitriles I. V. Golubinskii, O. N. Lenkova,

and E. S. Balenkova

Synthesis and cycloaddition reactions of α�substituted V. E. Vahmistrov, N. P. Tsvetkov, 233 223acrolein dimethylhydrazones containing an acetal group A. B. Koldobsky, E. V. Vorontsov,

and V. N. Kalinin

Formation and reactions of substituted diazocyclo� I. P. Klimenko, Yu. V. Tomilov, 236 226propanes and cyclopropyldiazonium ions and O. M. Nefedov

Nucleophilic addition to acetylenes in superbasic catalytic L. A. Oparina, R. T. Tlegenov, 242 232systems. 12. Vinylation of lupinine T. G. Ermakova,

N. P. Kuznetsova,L. V. Kanitskaya, A. P. Tantsyrev,and B. A. Trofimov

Lipids and lipophilic components of Viburnum opulus A. R. Karimova, S. G. Yunusova, 245 235fruits during maturation E. G. Galkin, N. I. Fedorov,

and M. S. Yunusov

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Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 20042892

Brief Communications



Reaction of chloromercuriocobaltacarborane with derivatives I. A. Lobanova, O. M. Khitrova, 251 241of the undecaborate anion P. V. Petrovskii, and

V. I. Bregadze

Approaches to intramolecular sialylation. 3. Synthesis L. O. Kononov, N. N. Malysheva, 254 244of 2,4�dimethoxybenzyl ester of per�O�acetylated Y. Ito, and T. OgawaN�acetylneuraminic acid thioglycoside andits attempted oxidation with DDQin the presence of nucleophiles

Letters to the Editor

Reversible temperature�dependent structural transformations S. E. Nefedov 259 249of the Co3(OOCBut)6(NEt3)2 complex in crystalline state

Bis(O—Si)�chelate difluorobis{[N�(1�phenylethyl)acetamido]� E. P. Kramarova, S. A. Pogozhikh, 262 251methyl}silane: the first stable hexacoordinated silicon A. G. Shipov,compound with two C,O�chelating ligands Vad. V. Negrebetsky,

T. P. Nikolaeva, S. Yu. Bylikin,Yu. E. Ovchinnikov, andYu. I. Baukov

New method for the synthesis of ethyl β�nitrosoalkyl N. V. Zyk, A. Yu. Gavrilova, 264 253sulfates from olefins O. B. Bondarenko, and

N. S. Zefirov

Information 266 255

Issue 2, 2004

Full Articles

Crystal structures and excimer fluorescence of anisoyl� A. G. Mirochnik, B. V. Bukvetskii, 291 279benzoylmethanatoboron and dianisoylmethanato� E. V. Fedorenko, andboron difluorides V. E. Karasev

Cryosynthesis, structure, and spectroscopic properties M. I. Shilina, R. V. Bakharev, 297 284of aluminum chloride—cobalt(II) chloride G. M. Kuramshina, andcomplexes: experiment and calculations V. V. Smirnov

The N—H and O—H bond dissociation energies V. T. Varlamov 306 293in 4�hydroxydiphenylamine and its phenoxyland aminyl radicals

Triplet states of humic acids studied by laser O. N. Chaikovskaya, P. P. Levin, 313 300flash photolysis using different excitation N. B. Sul´timova, I. V. Sokolova,wavelengths and A. V. Kuz´min

Kinetics of oxidation of an arabinogalactan from larch I. M. Borisov, E. N. Shirokova, 318 305(Larix sibirica L.) in an aqueous medium R. Kh. Mudarisova,in the presence of hydrogen peroxide R. R. Muslukhov, Yu. S. Zimin,

S. A. Medvedeva, G. A. Tolstikov,and Yu. B. Monakov

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Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 2004 2893



Effect of the method used for crystal structure formation V. G. Vasil´ev, O. I. Shchegolikhina, 325 312on the rheological behavior of organocyclo� Yu. A. Pozdnyakova,tetrasiloxane in the plastically crystalline state E. G. Belenova, and

E. V. Matukhina

Coordination ability of zinc(II) porphyrins with respect N. Sh. Lebedeva, N. A. Pavlycheva, 330 317to electron�donating ligands. Influence A. I. Vyugin, O. I. Davydova,of the structure and solvation effects and S. P. Yakubov

Binuclear and polynuclear transition metal complexes E. A. Katayev, M. D. Reshetova, 335 322with macrocyclic ligands. 4. New polydentate and Yu. A. Ustynyukazomethine ligands based on 2,5�diformylpyrroleand 2,6�diformylpyridine

Binuclear and polynuclear transition metal complexes N. E. Borisova, Yu. A. Ustynyuk, 340 326with macrocyclic ligands. 5. Novel complexes M. D. Reshetova,of asymmetric polydentate macrocyclic G. G. Aleksandrov,Schiff bases. Step�by�step synthesis I. L. Eremenko, and I. I. Moiseev

New approach to the suppression of phthalocyanine A. L. Lyubimtsev and I. E. Nifant´ev 346 332aggregation: synthesis of cobalt phthalocyaninecomplexes containing intramolecular bridgesbased on 2,7�disubstituted 9,9�bis(2,3�dicyano�phenoxymethyl)fluorenes and studyof their physical and catalytic properties

Reactions of cage�like copper/sodium organosil� N. V. Sergienko, E. S. Trankina, 351 337oxanes with CuCl2 V. I. Pavlov, A. A. Zhdanov,

K. A. Lyssenko, M. Yu. Antipin,and E. I. Akhmet´eva

Synthesis of a carbosilane dendrimer E. A. Vodop´yanov, E. A. Tatarinova, 358 344with the functional inner shell E. A. Rebrov, and

A. M. Muzafarov

Palladium�catalyzed reactions of arylboron D. N. Korolev and N. A. Bumagin 364 350compounds with carboxylic acid chlorides

Synthesis of (azidomethyl)phenylboronic acids A. Yu. Fedorov, A. A. Shchepalov, 370 356A. V. Bol´shakov, A. S. Shavyrin,Yu. A. Kurskii, J.�P. Finet,and S. V. Zelentsov

Synthesis and study of "nonuniform" E. N. Rasadkina, P. V. Slitikov, 376 362naphthylenephosphacyclophanes M. S. Mel´nik, and

E. E. Nifant´ev

Synthesis of 3�alkylamino�3�(2�hydroxyaryl)�1�poly� V. Ya. Sosnovskikh and B. I. Usachev 383 369fluoroalkylprop�2�en�1�ones and 2�polyfluoro�alkyl�4H�chromen�4�imines

An AB + D → ABCD approach to the construction O. V. Gulyakevich, P. V. Kurman, 393 378of the 8�azasteroid skeleton by [3+3] cyclo� A. L. Mikhal´chuk, andcondensation of 3,4�dihydroisoquinolines A. A. Akhremwith ethyl 2�oxocyclopentanecarboxylateas a new annelation reaction for a seriesof cyclic Schiff bases

Synthesis of formyl derivatives of benzodiazacrown O. A. Fedorova, A. I. Vedernikov, 396 381ethers and benzocryptands I. E. Baronova,

O. V. Eshcheulova,E. A. Fedorchuk, K. Gloe,and S. P. Gromov

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Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 20042894



peri�Naphthylenediamines. 38. Naphthalene V. A. Ozeryanskii, V. I. Sorokin, 404 388and acenaphthene "proton sponges" and A. F. Pozharskiiwith +M substituents in ortho positionswith respect to peri�dimethylamino groups

Synthesis of monothiooxamides I. V. Zavarzin, V. N. Yarovenko, 415 398E. I. Chernoburova, andM. M. Krayushkin

Synthesis of aryl perfluoroalkyl sulfides A. M. Sipyagin, V. S. Enshov, 420 402from aromatic disulfides S. A. Kashtanov, V. A. Potemkin,

J. S. Thrasher, and A. Waterfeld

Reaction of α,β�unsaturated trifluoromethyl V. G. Nenajdenko, S. V. Druzhinin, 435 416ketones with cyclic enamines and E. S. Balenkova

Synthesis of (+)�drim�9(11)�en�8α�ol from sclareol P. F. Vlad, A. N. Aricu, 443 423and A. G. Chokyrlan

Polar steroidal compounds from the Far�Eastern A. A. Kicha, N. V. Ivanchina, 447 427starfish Lethasterias nanimensis chelifera A. I. Kalinovskii, P. S. Dmitrenok,

S. O. Kainara, D. L. Aminin,I. G. Agafonova, and V. A. Stonik

Artificial ribonucleases. 5. Synthesis and ribonuclease I. L. Kuznetsova, N. S. Zhdan, 455 435activity of tripeptides composed of amino acids M. A. Zenkova, V. V. Vlassov,involved in catalytic centers of natural ribonucleases and V. N. Sil´nikov

Detection of point mutations using pyrene�labeled N. N. Dioubankova, A. D. Malakhov, 463 443DNA probes D. A. Stetsenko, and

V. A. Korshun

Brief Communications

Synthesis of diiodo� and triiodoanilines by iodination S. Z. Vatsadze, I. D. Titanyuk, 471 450of aniline with potassium dichloroiodate A. V. Chernikov, and N. V. Zykand preparation of 1,3,5�triiodobenzene

Synthesis of diphenylacetylenes containing donor C. H. González�Rojas, 474 452and acceptor substituents with 4´�formyl� Yu. F. Oprunenko,4�methoxydiphenylacetylene as an example and R. G. E. Morales

Synthesis of monothiooxamides of the thiazole series I. V. Zavarzin, V. N. Yarovenko, 476 454and M. M. Krayushkin

Reactions of monothiooxamides with I. V. Zavarzin, V. N. Yarovenko, 478 456О�methylhydroxylamine E. I. Chernoburova,

M. A. Shchetinina,and M. M. Krayushkin

Letters to the Editor

Formation of dibenzenevanadium by the reaction of M. N. Bochkarev, M. E. Burin, 481 459dysprosium diiodide with vanadocene in benzene and V. K. Cherkasov

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Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 2004 2895



Synthesis and structure of antiferromagnetic dinuclear A. A. Sidorov, I. G. Fomina, 483 460iron(II) pivalate with a Chinese�lantern�like structure G. G. Aleksandrov,

Yu. V. Rakitin,V. M. Novotortsev, V. N. Ikorskii,M. A. Kiskin, and I. L. Eremenko

Issue 3, 2004


Thienopyrimidines: synthesis, properties, V. P. Litvinov 487 463and biological activity

Synthesis and reactivity of monothiooxamides M. M. Krayushkin, V. N. Yarovenko, 517 491and thiohydrazides of oxamic acids and I. V. Zavarzin

Full Articles

Study of the formation and stability of the Pd and A. Yu. Stakheev, O. P. Tkachenko, 528 502Pt metallic nanoparticles on carbon support G. I. Kapustin, N. S. Telegina,

G. N. Baeva, T. R. Brueva,K. V. Klementiev, W. Grunert,and L. M. Kustov

Selective oxidation of CO in excess hydrogen N. Ya. Usachev, I. A. Gorevaya, 538 512on copper—cerium�containing catalysts E. P. Belanova, A. V. Kazakov,

O. K. Atal´yan, andV. V. Kharlamov

New type of ring�chain tautomerism. Direct M. V. Zlokazov, A. V. Lozanova, 547 521evidence from 1H NMR spectroscopy and V. V. Veselovsky

Stereochemical nonrigidity of (O—Ge)�chelate A. N. Shumsky, S. N. Tandura, 551 525bis[(2�oxo�1�hexahydroazepinyl)methyl]di� B. I. Ugrak, Vad. V. Negrebetsky,chlorogermane: substantiation Yu. I. Baukov,of the dissociative mechanism and S. P. Kolesnikovof chelating ligand exchange

Synthesis and spectroscopic study of hexadecaalkyl� V. E. Pushkarev, A. V. Ivanov, 554 528substituted rare�earth diphthalocyanines I. V. Zhukov, E. V. Shulishov,

and Yu. V. Tomilov

Solvent�free palladium�catalyzed addition V. P. Ananikov and I. P. Beletskaya 561 534of diaryl dichalcogenides to alkynes

Pentanitro� and pentanitronitroso�2,4,6,8,10,12�hexa� O. A. Luk´yanov and N. I. Shlykova 566 539azaisowurtzitanes

Reactions of 4�methylidenedioxolan�2�ones I. Yu. Titov, N. B. Chernysheva, 569 542with 2�methyltryptamines. Synthesis A. A. Bogolyubov, V. V. Semenov,of core analogs of aurantioclavine V. G. Nenajdenko,

and E. S. Balenkova

Cross�condensation of derivatives of cyanoacetic acid A. M. Shestopalov, S. G. Zlotin, 573 546and carbonyl compounds. 2. One�pot synthesis A. A. Shestopalov,of substituted 2�amino�7�methyl�5�oxo�4,5�di� V. Yu. Mortikov,hydropyrano[4,3�b]pyrans in ethanol and L. A. Rodinovskayaand ionic liquid [bmim][PF6]

Page 8: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 20042896



Nitropyrazoles. 11. Isomeric 1�methyl�3(5)�nitropyrazole� I. L. Dalinger, A. A. Zaitsev, 580 5534�carbonitriles in nucleophilic substitution reactions. T. K. Shkineva,Comparative reactivity of the nitro group and S. A. Shevelevin positions 3 and 5 of the pyrazole ring

Regiospecificity of nucleophilic substitution A. M. Starosotnikov, A. V. Lobach, 584 557in 4,6�dinitro�1�phenyl�1H�indazole V. V. Kachala, and S. A. Shevelev

Studies on substitution of nitro groups O. Yu. Sapozhnikov, M. D. Dutov, 588 561in 1,3,5�trinitrobenzene M. A. Korolev, V. V. Kachala,with NH�azoles V. I. Kadentsev, and

S. A. Shevelev

Synthesis of secondary and tertiary aminofurazans A. B. Sheremetev, V. G. Andrianov, 596 569E. V. Mantseva, E. V. Shatunova,N. S. Aleksandrova, I. L. Yudin,D. E. Dmitriev, B. B. Averkiev,and M. Yu. Antipin

Organometallic synthesis in the furazan series. A. B. Sheremetev, E. A. Ivanova, 615 5874. Reactions of azofurazans E. V. Shatunova, D. E. Dmitriev,with organolithium compounds and N. E. Kuz´mina

Synthesis of 4�aminoisoxazole�3�carboxamides using V. P. Kislyi, E. B. Danilova, 622 594base�promoted nitrosation of N�substituted E. P. Zakharov,cyanoacetamides and V. V. Semenov

Sodium bis(2�methoxyethoxy)aluminum hydride A. A. Zubarev, V. K. Zav´yalova, 626 597in reactions with 3�cyano�6�methylpyridine� and V. P. Litvinov2(1H )�thione and 3�cyano�6�methyl�(4,6�dimethyl)�2�methylthiopyridines

Regioselective C�alkylation of alkyl 4�hydroxy� M. M. Krayushkin, V. Z. Shirinian, 631 6022�methylthiophene�3�carboxylates D. M. Nikalin, and A. A. Shimkinwith α�halo ketones

Reactions of β�aminopropionic acid N´�acyl� G. A. Smirnov, E. P. Sizova, 635 606hydrazides with carbonyl compounds and O. A. Luk´yanov

1,2�Bis(methylamino)ethane�1,2�diol dihydro� V. Yu. Petukhova, N. N. Makhova, 641 612chloride as a new precursor of V. P. Ananikov, Yu. A. Strelenko,1,2,1´,2´�tetramethyl�3,3´�bidiaziridine and I. V. Fedyanin

Reactions of CH�acids with α,β�unsaturated G. V. Kryshtal, G. M. Zhdankina, 647 618aldehydes in ionic liquids I. V. Astakhova, and S. G. Zlotin

Synthesis of derivatives of prenylacetic acids by reactions G. V. Kryshtal, G. M. Zhdankina, 652 622of alkyl malonate, cyanoacetate, and acetoacetate and S. G. Zlotinwith alkylating reagents in ionic liquids

Stereoselective synthesis of analogs of natural isoprenoids S. G. Zlotin, G. V. Kryshtal, 659 629based on the reaction of alkyl 4�dialkoxyphosphoryl� G. M. Zhdankina, P. A. Belyakov,3�methylbut�2�enoates with aldehydes in ionic liquids and E. P. Serebryakovand in an imidazolium salt—benzene system

Synthesis of alkyl (α�phenylthioalkenyl) ketones N. Ya. Grigorieva and P. G. Tsiklauri 665 635containing a (Z )�trisubstituted olefinic fragment

Generation and trapping of cyclopropyldiazonium Yu. V. Tomilov, 671 640and diazocyclopropane in the nitrosation G. P. Okonnishnikova,of cyclopropylamine with alkyl nitrites E. V. Shulishov, and

O. M. Nefedov

Page 9: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 2004 2897



Addition of acetylacetone and ethyl acetoacetate to V. A. Dorokhov and A. V. Komkov 676 645carbodiimides promoted by nickel acetylacetonate

Synthesis of peroxide compounds by the BF3�catalyzed A. O. Terent´ev, A. V. Kutkin, 681 650reaction of acetals and enol ethers with H2O2 M. M. Platonov, I. I. Vorontsov,

M. Yu. Antipin, Yu. N. Ogibin,and G. I. Nikishin

Electrosynthesis of adipic acid by undivided cell electrolysis B. V. Lyalin and V. A. Petrosyan 688 657

Lipase�mediated deracemization of secondary 1�phenyl� A. L. Vlasyuk, G. D. Gamalevich, 693 661substituted propargylic alcohols of different topology A. V. Ignatenko,

E. P. Serebryakov, andM. I. Struchkova

Reduction of steroidal ketones with amine—boranes A. E. Leontjev, L. L. Vasiljeva, 703 670and K. K. Pivnitsky

An improved procedure for the synthesis of N�bromoacetyl� L. M. Likhosherstov, O. S. Novikova, 709 676β�glycopyranosylamines, derivatives of mono� A. O. Zheltova, and V. N. Shibaevand disaccharides

Brief Communications

Novel route to N�alkyl� and N,N´�dialkylhydrazines N. E. Agafonov, A. V. Dudin, 714 681by high�pressure alkylation of azines and A. A. Preobrazhenskii

Conversion of N�acetylneuraminic acid glycosyl chloride A. M. Shpirt, L. O. Kononov, 717 684into dibenzyl glycosyl phosphate: O�glycosylation V. I. Torgov,in the absence of a promoter and V. N. Shibaev

Letters to the Editor

Synthesis of first spiropyrans and spirooxazines based M. M. Krayushkin, V. Z. Shirinian, 720 687on thieno[3,2�b]pyrroles and D. M. Nikalin

Destructive nitration of bis(3�nitrofurazan�4�yl) disulfide A. B. Sheremetev 722 689

One�step synthesis of substituted 4,8�dihydro� A. A. Shestopalov, 724 690yrano[3,2�b]pyran�4�ones L. A. Rodinovskaya,

A. M. Shestopalov, andV. P. Litvinov

Issue 4, 2004

Full Articles

Geometric parameters of transition states of radical abstraction E. T. Denisov, A. F. Shestakov, 727 693reactions with C...H...C reaction center T. G. Denisova, and

N. S. Emel´yanova

Specific features of the resonant electron attachment R. V. Khatymov, M. V. Muftakhov, 738 703to the chlorodibenzo�p�dioxin molecules P. V. Schukin, and V. A. Mazunov

New intermolecular interaction potential for simulation Yu. G. Bushuev and S. V. Davletbaeva 742 707of water and aqueous solutions in a wide rangeof state parameters

Page 10: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 20042898



Effects of H/D�isotope substitution and temperature on E. V. Ivanov, E. Yu. Lebedeva, 751 716the volume characteristics of tetra�n�butylammonium V. K. Abrosimov, andbromide dissolved in methanol and its D�isotopomers N. G. Ivanova

Effect of hydrogen bonding of solvent on the thermodynamic S. F. Ledenkov, V. A. Sharnin, 758 723stability of cadmium ethylenediamine complexes and G. V. Chistyakova

Magnetic properties of bridged azido complexes Yu. V. Rakitin and V. T. Kalinnikov 766 731

Molecular structures and ESR spectra of copper(II) complexes G. M. Larin, V. F. Shul´gin, 775 740with 2�hydroxypropiophenone acyldihydrazones A. N. Gusev, and A. N. Chernega

Determination of composition and instability constants I. A. Antipova, S. A. Mukha, 780 744of maltol complexes with iron(III) ions and S. A. Medvedeva

Spectral studies of bridged bisindenylmetallocenes and products O. N. Babkina, O. M. Chukanova, 785 749of their reactions with polymethylalumoxane E. E. Faingol´d, andin toluene and dichloromethane in the visible region N. M. Bravaya

Complexes of lanthanide ions with dibenzodioxa� V. I. Pavlovsky, O. V. Kulikov, 791 755tetraazamacrocyclic ligands N. V. Rusakova, S. А. Andronati,

and Yu. V. Korovin

Comparison of electrochemical behavior of exohedral T. V. Magdesieva, V. V. Bashilov, 795 759palladium complexes with [60]� and [70]�fullerenes D. N. Kravchuk, F. M. Dolgushin,and metallocene ligands K. P. Butin, and V. I. Sokolov

Kinetics of oxidation of fullerene C60 A. V. Antipin, N. M. Shishlov, 800 764with dimethyldioxirane S. A. Grabovskii, and

N. N. Kabal´nova

Hydrolysis of 1,2�disubstituted imidazolines S. O. Bondareva, V. V. Lisitskii, 803 767in aqueous media N. I. Yakovtseva, and

Yu. I. Murinov

Reactivity of the carbocation generated in the photolysis T. D. Nekipelova, I. I. Levina, 808 772of 1,2,2,4,6�pentamethyl�1,2�dihydroquinoline P. P. Levin, and V. A. Kuzmintoward azide ion

Complexing and catalytic properties of easily available chiral V. N. Tsarev, A. A. Kabro, 814 778iminophosphite based on biphenyl�2,2´�diol S. K. Moiseev, V. N. Kalinin,

O. G. Bondarev, V. A. Davankov,and K. N. Gavrilov

Reactions of nitrosoarenes containing electron�withdrawing S. T. Orlova, T. A. Stromnova, 819 783substituents with coordinated CO. Synthesis and structure D. N. Kazyul´kin, L. I. Boganova,of complexes Pd2(OAc)2(p�ClC6H4N[p�ClC6H3NO])2 D. I. Kochubei,and Pd2(OAc)2(о�ClC6H4N[о�ClC6H3NO])2 and B. N. Novgorodov

Reactions of benzonitrile with diiodides of neodymium, T. V. Balashova, G. V. Khoroshenkov, 825 789dysprosium, and thulium D. M. Kusyaev, I. L. Eremenko,

G. G. Aleksandrov, G. K. Fukin,and M. N. Bochkarev

Synthesis of versatile intermediates of the ferrocene series: N. S. Khrushcheva and V. I. Sokolov 830 794reductive amination of ferrocenecarbaldehyde

2,3�Diferrocenylcyclopropenone in the reaction E. I. Klimova, T. Klimova, 834 798with organomagnesium compounds L. Ruiz Ramirez,

J. M. Mendez Stivalet,S. Hernandez Ortega, andM. Martínez García

Page 11: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 2004 2899



Synthesis and molecular structure of 2,4,8a�triaryl� Le Tuan Anh, K. B. Polyanskii, 842 8066�methylperhydro[1,3,2]dioxaborini� A. N. Andresyuk,no[5,4�c]pyridines A. T. Soldatenkov,

Zh. A. Mamyrbekova,L. N. Kuleshova, andV. N. Khrustalev

Purines, pyrimidines, and related fused systems. V. V. Goryunenko, A. V. Gulevskaya, 846 81021. Oxidative amination of 3�chloro�6,8�dimethyl� and A. F. Pozharskiipyrimido[4,5�c]pyridazine�5,7(6H,8H )�dione

Synthesis and transformations of 3�(1H�pyrrol�1�yl)� E. A. Kaigorodova, A. A. Osipova, 853 817thieno[2,3�b]pyridines L. D. Konyushkin, and

G. D. Krapivin

Intramolecular Diels—Alder reaction of 4�(N�furfuryl)amino� F. I. Zubkov, E. V. Nikitina, 860 824but�1�enes. New approach to the synthesis K. F. Turchin, A. A. Safronova,of 6,8a�epoxyoctahydroisoquinoline (3�aza�11�oxatricyclo� R. S. Borisov,[,6]undec�9�ene) derivatives and A. V. Varlamov

Synthesis and hydrolytic cleavage of 1�aryl�5�cyano� A. S. Ivanov, N. Z. Tugusheva, 873 8376�(2�dimethylaminovinyl)�4�oxo(thioxo)� L. M. Alekseeva, and1,4�dihydropyrimidines V. G. Granik

Synthesis and thermal transformations of 5�nitro� O. B. Ryabova, V. A. Makarov, 882 846pyrimidin�4�yl dialkyldithiocarbamates V. V. Chernyshev, and

V. G. Granik

Formation of substituted pyrazolines in the reaction of Yu. G. Gololobov, O. A. Linchenko, 889 853C,N�diphenylnitrilimine with a zwitterion derived from Yu. G. Trishin, P. V. Petrovskii,triisopropylphosphine and ethyl 2�cyanoacrylate and S. A. Starikova

Synthesis of 3�alkyl�1,4�dihydrocyclopenta[b]indoles: I. V. Taidakov, I. E. Nifant´ev, 897 860unexpected formation of dimeric compounds M. Yu. Talanova, and

K. A. Lyssenko

Reactions of isoquinoline derivatives with pyridinium S. P. Gromov and M. V. Fomina 901 864salts yielding 4�naphthylpyridines

Regioisomerism in the Ritter reaction. 1. Synthesis Yu. V. Shklyaev, R. R. Ismagilov, 906 869of 3,3,5,6,7�, 3,3,6,7,8�, 3,3,5,7,8�, and Yu. S. Rozhkova, A. A. Fatykhov,3,3,5,6,8�pentamethyl�3,4�dihydroisoquinolines I. B. Abdrakhmanov, andfrom 1,2,3� and 1,2,4�trimethylbenzenes A. G. Tolstikov

New aspects of the aldol condensation of acetylpyridines S. Z. Vatsadze, V. N. Nuriev, 911 874with aromatic aldehydes I. F. Leshcheva, and N. V. Zyk

Unusual oxidative dehydration of vic�[alkyl(aryl)thio]� P. G. Kislitsyn, F. A. Kucherov, 916 879substituted aromatic (heteroaromatic) carboxamides L. N. Chukhrov, S. G. Zlotin,

Z. A. Starikova, andF. M. Dolgushin

Phosphorus�substituted carbothioamides V. A. Kozlov, I. L. Odinets, 925 887K. A. Lyssenko, S. G. Churusova,S. V. Yarovenko, P. V. Petrovskii,and T. A. Mastryukova

Page 12: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 20042900



Asymmetric synthesis of (R)�S�(1,2,4�triazol�3�yl)cysteines A. S. Saghiyan, A. V. Geolchanyan, 932 894by nucleophilic addition of triazolethiols to a NiII L. L. Manasyan,complex with a chiral dehydroalanine Schiff base G. M. Mkrtchyan,

N. R. Martirosyan,S. A. Dadayan, T. V. Kochickyan,V. S. Harutyunyan,A. A. Avetisyan, V. I. Tararov,V. I. Maleev, and Yu. N. Belokon´

Brief Communications

Synthesis of alkoxystannanes by reactions of O�(organylstannyl) N. V. Komarov, N. A. Ryzhkova, 936 898carbamates with alcohols and A. A. Andreev

Synthesis and properties of optically active A. A. Simenel, Yu. V. Kuzmenko, 939 901ferrocenylethylindazoles M. M. Ilyin, V. V. Gumenyuk,

L. V. Snegur, andYu. S. Nekrasov

Letters to the Editor

Liquid�crystalline complex of EuIII β�diketonate A. A. Knyazev, V. S. Lobkov, 942 904with 5,5´�di(heptadecyl)�2,2´�bipyridine and Yu. G. Galyametdinov

New concepts of the structures of 11�vertex carba� E. G. Kononova, L. A. Leites, 944 905closo�boranes based on the data of vibrational S. S. Bukalov, A. V. Zabula,spectroscopy and quantum�chemical calculations I. V. Pisareva, V. E. Konoplev,

and I. T. Chizhevsky

Issue 5, 2004


Cyclopropylidenes, bicyclopropylidenes, and vinylcarbenes — A. de Meijere, H. Schill, 947 907some modes of formation and preparative applications S. I. Kozhushkov, R. Walsh,

E. M. Müller, and H. Grubmüller

Complexes of carbene analogs with Lewis bases: matrix S. E. Boganov, V. I. Faustov, 960 920IR spectroscopy and quantum�chemical studies M. P. Egorov, and O. M. Nefedov

Divalent silicon, germanium, and tin compounds N. N. Zemlyanskii, I. V. Borisova, 980 939with element—heteroatom bonds M. S. Nechaev, V. N. Khrustalev,

V. V. Lunin, M. Yu. Antipin,and Yu. A. Ustynyuk

Metallocene carbene chemistry G. Erker, G. Kehr, and R. Fröhlich 1007 965

Phosphasila�, phosphagerma�, and phosphaarsaallenes J. Escudié, H. Ranaivonjatovo, 1020 977—P=C=E (E = Si, Ge, As) and arsa� M. Bouslikhane, Y. El Harouch,and diarsaallenes —As=C=E´ (E´ = C, As) L. Baiget, and G. Cretiu Nemes

Catalytic olefination of carbonyl compounds. A new V. G. Nenajdenko, 1034 991versatile method for the synthesis of alkenes V. N. Korotchenko, A. V. Shastin,

and E. S. Balenkova

Page 13: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 2004 2901



Alkylation of carboxylic acid derivatives with O. G. Kulinkovich 1065 1022dialkoxytitanacyclopropane reagents

Full Articles

Azomethine ylides derived from dichlorocarbene and I. V. Voznyi, M. S. Novikov, 1087 1044O�acylsalicylaldehyde anils in the synthesis A. F. Khlebnikov, andof 2,5�epoxy�2,3,4,5�tetrahydro� R. R. Kostikov1,4�benzoxazepin�2�ones and 2�aminoethanols

Reaction of difluorocarbene with 2H�azirines: A. F. Khlebnikov, M. S. Novikov, 1092 1049generation and transformations of strained and A. A. Amerazomethine ylides — aziriniodifluoromethanides

3∆�1,2,3,4�Disilagermastannetene: the first V. Ya. Lee, K. Takanashi, 1102 1058cyclic germastannene M. Nakamoto, and A. Sekiguchi

Unusual reactions of isolable dialkylgermylene H. Masuda, T. Iwamoto, 1105 1061and �stannylene with galvinoxyl radical C. Kabuto, and M. Kira

Tetrasilyl�substituted cyclobutadiene dianion A. Sekiguchi, T. Matsuo, M. Tanaka, 1109 1065dilithium salt: synthesis and structure H. Watanabe, and M. Nakamoto

Reactions of [Re(NO)2(PR3)2][BArF4] complexes C. M. Frech, A. Llamazares, 1116 1072

with phenylacetylene M. Alfonso, H. W. Schmalle,and H. Berke

Brief Communications

Mononuclear rearrangement of difurazanyltriazenes S. D. Shaposhnikov, 1121 1077S. F. Mel´nikova,and I. V. Tselinsky

Unusual reaction of iodofurazans A. B. Sheremetev and 1124 1079with nucleophilic reagents Yu. L. Shamshina

Metal complexes as phase transfer catalysts Yu. N. Belokon´, M. A. Moskalenko, 1126 1081in the synthesis of O�acetylmandelonitrile A. A. Petrosyan, V. I. Maleev,

T. F. Savel´eva, S. Ch. Gagieva,D. L. Usanov, I. L. Malfanov,N. S. Ikonnikov, A. G. Bulychev,and A. S. Saghiyan

Letters to the Editor

3�(Difluoro�λ3�iodanyl)�4�methylfurazan: the first A. B. Sheremetev, D. E. Dmitriev, 1130 1085representative of (difluoro�λ3�iodanyl)azoles and S. M. Konkina

Synthesis of 1,3,5�trinitrosobenzene O. R. Klyuchnikov and 1133 1087F. G. Khairutdinov

Ionic structure of the bischelate dichlorosilane stabilized E. P. Kramarova, A. A. Korlyukov, 1135 1089by O→Si coordination, the product of reaction S. Yu. Bylikin, A. G. Shipov,of N�methyl�N�trimethylsilylacetamide Yu. I. Baukov,with (ClCH2)2SiCl2 and D. Kost

Page 14: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 20042902

Issue 6, 2004




Cyclization of 2�halobenzoyl chlorides with dinucleo� E. V. Nosova, G. N. Lipunova, 1137 1091philes as a versatile approach to fused heterocycles and V. N. Charushin

Full Articles

Stabilization of [2.2]paracyclophane anion I. V. Fedyanin, K. A. Lyssenko, 1153 1106as a result of transannular interaction Z. A. Starikova, and

M. Yu. Antipin

Structure and stability of closo�hexaboranes R. M. Minyaev, V. I. Minkin, 1159 1112and their heteroanalogs T. N. Gribanova, and

A. G. Starikov

Photochemical transformation of polyphenylacetylene L. I. Tkachenko, A. P. Lisitskaya, 1168 1121O. S. Roshchupkina,V. A. Smirnov, andS. M. Aldoshin

Synthetic receptors based on calix[4]arene functionalized I. I. Stoikov, L. I. Gafiullina, 1172 1125at the lower rim in molecular recognition of D. Sh. Ibragimova, I. S. Antipin,dicarboxylic, α�hydroxycarboxylic, and α�amino acids and A. I. Konovalov

Synthesis of per�O�(carboxymethyl)calix[4]pyrogallols S. N. Pod´yachev, A. R. Mustafina, 1181 1134and their complexation with some alkaline metal A. H. Koppehele, M. Grüner,and lanthanide ions W. D. Habicher, B. I. Buzykin,

and А. I. Konovalov

Synthesis and ESR spectra of [4,6�di�tert�butyl� A. I. Poddel´sky, G. A. Abakumov, 1189 1142N�(2,6�diisopropylphenyl)�o�iminobenzo� M. P. Bubnov, V. K. Cherkasov,semiquinonato]thallium(I) and L. G. Abakumova

New palladium nanoclusters. Synthesis, structure, I. P. Stolyarov, Yu. V. Gaugash, 1194 1147and catalytic properties G. N. Kryukova, D. I. Kochubei,

M. N. Vargaftik, andI. I. Moiseev

Homo� and heterometallic trinuclear nickel(II) G. G. Aleksandrov, I. G. Fomina, 1200 1153and cobalt(II) pivalate complexes A. A. Sidorov, T. B. Mikhailova,

V. I. Zhilov, V. N. Ikorskii,V. M. Novotortsev,I. L. Eremenko, and I. I. Moiseev

Dinuclear and polynuclear transition metal complexes V. V. Roznyatovskii, N. E. Borisova, 1208 1161with macrocyclic ligands. 6. New dinuclear M. D. Reshetova,copper(II) complexes with macrocyclic Schiff bases Yu. A. Ustynyuk,derived from 4�tert�butyl�2,6�diformylphenol G. G. Aleksandrov,

I. L. Eremenko, and I. I. Moiseev

Synthesis and structure of the first ribbed�functionalized Ya. Z. Voloshin, A. S. Belov, 1218 1171quinoxaline clathrochelate: design of cage complexes A. Yu. Lebedev, O. A. Varzatskii,for efficient intercalation into DNA structure M. Yu. Antipin, Z. A. Starikova,

and T. E. Kron

Page 15: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 2004 2903



Lithiacarboranes and 1,2,4�triazine 4�oxides: O. N. Chupakhin, A. M. Prokhorov, 1223 1175SN

H reactions and ring transformations D. N. Kozhevnikov, V. L. Rusinov,I. A. Glukhov, Z. A. Starikova,V. A. Ol´shevskaya, V. N. Kalinin,and M. Yu. Antipin

New synthesis of 1,4�benzothiazepin�5�ones M. A. Mironov, M. N. Ivantsova, 1232 1183M. I. Tokareva, andV. S. Mokrushin

5,6,7,8�Tetrafluoro�4�hydroxycoumarin derivatives Ya. V. Burgart, K. V. Shcherbakov, 1237 1188in reactions with o�phenylenediamine V. I. Saloutin, and

O. N. Chupakhin

tert�Amino effect in heterocyclic chemistry. Synthesis E. V. D´yachenko, T. V. Glukhareva, 1240 1191of hydrogenated spiro derivatives of quinolines E. F. Nikolaenko, A. V. Tkachev,

and Yu. Yu. Morzherin

Reactions of 1,3,3�trimethyl�3,4�dihydroisoquino� V. Ya. Sosnovskikh, B. I. Usachev, 1248 1199lines with polyhaloalkanonitriles and Yu. V. Shklyaev

Kinetic resolution of heterocyclic amines by reaction V. P. Krasnov, G. L. Levit, 1253 1203with optically active acid chlorides. The effect M. A. Korolyova,of reaction conditions on the diastereoselectivity I. M. Bukrina,of acylation of (±)�3�methyl�2,3�dihydro� L. Sh. Sadretdinova,4H�1,4�benzoxazine I. N. Andreeva, V. N. Charushin,

and O. N. Chupakhin

Synthesis of thieno[2,3�d]pyrimidine and quinazo� I. V. Zavarzin, N. G. Smirnova, 1257 1207line derivatives from monothiooxamides E. I. Chernoburova,

V. N. Yarovenko, andM. M. Krayushkin

Reactions of alkyl 2�benzylidene�2�polyfluoro� M. V. Pryadeina, Ya. V. Burgart, 1261 1210acylacetates with N,N�dinucleophiles M. I. Kodess, V. I. Saloutin,

and O. N. Chupakhin

New method for the annelation of the pyridine V. N. Charushin, A. M. Boguslavsky, 1267 1216fragment to azines M. G. Ponizovsky, M. I. Kodess,

A. N. Chekhlov, Sh. G. Mkoyan,and S. M. Aldoshin

Mono� and diadducts and bicyclic adducts in reactions P. A. Slepukhin, G. L. Rusinov, 1272 1221of 2,3�dicyano�1�ethylpyrazinium cation V. N. Charushin, V. I. Filyakova,with C� and O�nucleophiles N. S. Karpenko, D. B. Krivolapov,

and I. A. Litvinov

Annelation of the thiazole ring to 1,2,4�triazines N. N. Mochul´skaya, A. A. Andreiko, 1279 1228by tandem AN—AN or SN

H—SNH reactions M. I. Kodess, E. B. Vasil´eva,

V. I. Filyakova, A. T. Gubaidullin,I. A. Litvinov, O. G. Sinyashin,G. G. Aleksandrov, andV. N. Charushin

Direct diastereoselective introduction of l�menthol G. V. Zyryanov, V. L. Rusinov, 1290 1238residue into 1,2,4�triazin�5(4H )�one O. N. Chupakhin, V. P. Krasnov,

G. L. Levit, M. I. Kodess,and T. S. Shtukina

Chloromethyl�, dichloromethyl�, and trichloromethyl� D. N. Kozhevnikov, N. N. Kataeva, 1295 12431,2,4�triazines and their 4�oxides: method V. L. Rusinov, andfor the synthesis and tele�substitution O. N. Chupakhinreactions with C�nucleophiles

Page 16: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 20042904



Esters of 4,5�dihydro�1H�imidazole�1�oxyl� E. V. Tretyakov, G. V. Romanenko, 1301 12483�oxide�carboximidic acid Yu. G. Shvedenkov,

V. I. Ovcharenko,and R. Z. Sagdeev

Synthesis and heteroelectrocyclization of unsym� Yu. Yu. Morzherin, Yu. O. Subbotina, 1305 1252metrically substituted diazomalonamides Yu. I. Nein, M. Yu. Kolobov,

and V. A. Bakulev

Reactions of 5�dialkylamino�1,2,3�thiadiazole�4�carbaldehydes T. V. Glukhareva, Yu. Yu. Morzherin, 1311 1258with amines as a method for the synthesis L. V. Dyudya, K. V. Malysheva,of 1,2,3�triazole�4�carbothioamides A. V. Tkachev, A. Padva,

and V. A. Bakulev

1,3�Dipolar cycloaddition of diazomethane and diazocyclopropane E. V. Guseva, N. V. Volchkov, 1318 1265to 2�fluoro�3�methylbutadiene and thermal transformations E. V. Shulishov, Yu. V. Tomilov,of fluorine�containing vinylpyrazolines and vinylcyclopropanes and O. M. Nefedov

New unsymmetrical salen�type ligand from enantiomerically I. A. Dvornikova, L. L. Frolova, 1323 1270pure 2�hydroxypinan�3�one A. V. Churakov, and A. V. Kuchin

Synthesis of stereoisomeric 4�(2�methylindolin�1�yl)� and V. P. Krasnov, A. Yu. Vigorov, 1327 12744�(2�methylindol�1�yl) derivatives of glutamic acid I. A. Nizova, A. N. Grishakov,

N. G. Evstigneeva, andM. I. Kodess

Study of the effect of the nature of the side chain in esters V. P. Krasnov, E. A. Zhdanova, 1331 1278of α�amino acids on the diastereoselectivity N. Z. Solieva,of condensation with 5(4H )�oxazolone in the synthesis L. Sh. Sadretdinova,of dipeptides with N�terminal N�acetylphenylalanine I. M. Bukrina, A. M. Demin,

G. L. Levit, M. A. Ezhikova,and M. I. Kodess

Virtual screening of organic molecule databases. Design I. G. Tikhonova, I. I. Baskin, 1335 1282of focused libraries of potential ligands of NMDA V. A. Palyulin,and AMPA receptors and N. S. Zefirov

Brief Communications

Unusual selective allylation of norbornadiene E. M. Evstigneeva, O. S. Manulik, 1345 1292in the presence of palladium nanoclusters V. R. Flid, I. P. Stolyarov,

N. Yu. Kozitsyna,M. N. Vargaftik, andI. I. Moiseev

A novel heterocyclic system — dihydro�2H�1,5,2,4�dioxadiazine. O. V. Anikin, D. L. Lipilin, 1349 12952,4�Dimethyldihydro�2H�1,5,2,4�dioxadiazine P. A. Belyakov, V. Yu. Ryabtsev,hydrochloride: synthesis and NMR study and V. A. Tartakovsky

The first example of direct heterylation of calixpyrrole O. N. Chupakhin, G. L. Rusinov, 1351 1297N. A. Itsikson, andD. G. Beresnev

Synthesis of 5�aminothiazolo[4,5�b]pyridine�2�carboxamides I. V. Zavarzin, N. G. Smirnova, 1353 1299V. N. Yarovenko, andM. M. Krayushkin

Page 17: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 2004 2905

Letters to the Editor



Unusual transformation of a fluoroalkyl�containing O. P. Krasnykh, N. S. Karpenko, 1355 1301β�aminovinyl ketone V. I. Filyakova, and

V. N. Charushin

Issue 7, 2004


Photonics of supramolecular nanostructures M. V. Alfimov 1357 1303

High pressure and supramolecular systems E. V. Boldyreva 1369 1315

Controlled assembly of covalent and supramolecular D. Alcor, J.�F. Allemand, I. Aujard, 1379 1325chemical modules: from engineering of complex J.�B. Baudin, C. Benbrahim,structures to high�performance chromatography S. Charier, E. Cogné�Laage,

V. Croquette, A. Estevez Torres,F. Ferrage, L. Jullien,A. Kononov, A. Lemarchand,H. Lemarchand, and O. Ruel

Catalysis of nucleophilic substitution reactions L. Ya. Zakharova, 1385 1331in supramolecular systems A. B. Mirgorodskaya,

E. P. Zhil´tsova,L. A. Kudryavtseva, andA. I. Konovalov

Phosphorus macrocycles and cryptands I. Bauer, W. D. Habicher, 1402 1348I. S. Antipin, and O. G. Sinyashin

New methodology for the synthesis of benzoazacrown S. P. Gromov, S. N. Dmitrieva, 1417 1362ethers by transformation of the macrocycle A. I. Vedernikov, andof benzocrown ethers M. V. Churakova

The interaction of helical polypeptides B. Bechinger 1428 1373with biological model membranes

Full Articles

Structure–property modeling of metal binders V. P. Solov´eva and A. A. Varnek 1434 1380using molecular fragments

Modeling of self�organization processes in crystal�forming systems. G. D. Ilyushin 1446 1392Structural mechanism of self�assembly of zirconosilicateNa2ZrSi2O7 from suprapolyhedral clusters

Accumulation of host—guest ion complexes with different A. Chaumont, N. Galand, 1459 1404counterions at the water—supercritical CO2 interface: R. Schurhammer,a molecular dynamics study P. Vayssière, and G. Wipff

The use of a lyotropic liquid�crystalline medium and residual V. V. Klochkov, B. I. Khairutdinov, 1466 1411dipolar coupling constants for determination of the spatial A. V. Klochkov, M. S. Tagirov,structure of thiacalix[4]arenes in solutions C. M. Thiele, S. Berger,

I. S. Vershinina, I. I. Stoikov,I. S. Antipin, and A. I. Konovalov

Page 18: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 20042906



On the origin of the dynamic Stokes shift of Laurdan M. Seidel, J. Jethwa, 1471 1416molecules in lipid membranes and P. Vöhringer

Influence of intermolecular hydrogen bonding on magnetic I. G. Fomina, A. A. Sidorov, 1477 1422properties of mononuclear cobalt and nickel pivalates G. G. Aleksandrov,with amidine ligands T. B. Mikhailova,

E. V. Pakhmutova,V. M. Novotortsev, V. N. Ikorskii,and I. L. Eremenko

Synthesis and reactivity of chiral pentavalent J.�P. Finet and A. Yu. Fedorov 1488 1432bismuth derivatives

Supramolecular organization of the crystals of allylsulfide Ya. Z. Voloshin, O. A. Varzatskii, 1496 1439clathrochelate: influence of the nature of solvate Z. A. Starikova, M. Yu. Antipin,molecules A. Yu. Lebedev, and A. S. Belov

Synthesis and structure of supramolecular polyoxo� N. V. Izarova, M. N. Sokolov, 1503 1445thiometalate nanocluster containing 52 metal E. Cadot, J. Marrot,atoms [{Mo3S4(H2O)5}4(γ�SiW10O36)4]16– F. Secheresse, and V. P. Fedin

New dinuclear palladium complex with M. O. Talismanova, A. A. Sidorov, 1507 1449a Chinese�lantern structure G. G. Aleksandrov,

Yu. F. Oprunenko,I. L. Eremenko, and I. I. Moiseev

Outer�sphere interactions between octahedral chiral A. R. Mustafina, V. V. Skripacheva, 1511 1453cobalt(III) complexes and water�soluble V. P. Gubskaya, M. Grüner,calixarenes S. E. Solov´eva, I. S. Antipin,

E. Kh. Kazakova, A. I. Konovalov,and W. D. Habicher

Aggregation behavior and catalytic activity of systems based I. S. Ryzhkina, T. N. Pashirova, 1520 1462on calix[4]resorcinarene derivatives and surfactants. Ya. A. Filippova,1. Mixed micellization of aminomethylated L. A. Kudryavtseva,calix[4]resorcinarenes with cetyltrimethylammonium A. P. Timosheva, V. P. Arkhipov,bromide in aqueous dimethylformamide Z. Sh. Idiyatullin, E. V. Popova,

A. R. Burilov, and A. I. Konovalov

Aggregation of amphiphilic aminomethylated I. S. Ryzhkina, K. M. Enikeev, 1528 1470calix[4]resorcinarenes and the nonionic A. P. Timosheva, T. N. Pashirova,surfactant Triton�X�100 in organic solvents S. S. Lukashenko,

L. A. Kudryavtseva, andA. I. Konovalov

Effect of the size of calixarene macrocycle M. A. Ziganshin, A. V. Yakimov, 1536 1478on the thermodynamic parameters A. I. Konovalov, I. S. Antipin,of formation of inclusion compounds and V. V. Gorbatchukin guest vapor—solid host systems

Ionic recognition by thiacalixarenes: binding of alkali and S. Bouhroum, F. Arnaud�Neu, 1544 1486heavy metal ions by thiacalix[4]arene�bis�crown[n] ethers Z. Asfari, and J. Vicens

Crown�containing butadienyl dyes. 5. Structure E. N. Ushakov, S. P. Gromov, 1549 1491and photoisomerization of a butadienyl dye L. G. Kuz´mina, A. I. Vedernikov,containing a 15�crown�5 fragment V. G. Avakyan, J. A. K. Howard,

and M. V. Alfimov

Catalytic effect of supramolecular system based on cationic F. G. Valeeva, A. V. Zakharov, 1563 1504surfactant and monopodands in nucleophilic M. A. Voronin, L. Ya. Zakharova,substitution of phosphorus esters L. A. Kudryavtseva,

O. G. Isaikina, A. A. Kalinin,and V. A. Mamedov

Page 19: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 2004 2907



Diversity of interstrand π—π stacking motifs in the double V. Maurizot, J.�M. Léger, 1572 1512helices of pyridinedicarboxamide oligomers P.Guionneau, and I. Huc

Membrane transport of dicarboxylic and α�hydroxy carboxylic I. I. Stoikov, N. A. Fitseva, 1577 1517acids induced by α�amino phosphonates L. R. Akhmetzyanova,

L. I. Gafiullina, I. S. Antipin,V. F. Zheltukhin,A. I. Devyaterikova,V. A. Al´fonsov, andA. I. Konovalov

Issue 8, 2004

Full Articles

Modeling of structure—property relationships for hydrocarbons M. I. Skvortsova, K. S. Fedyaev, 1587 1527involving the basis topological descriptors V. A. Palyulin, and N. S. Zefirov

Monte�Carlo model of the diffusion�limited reaction kinetics G. A. Vinogradov and P. P. Levin 1596 1536in microheterogeneous media. Comparison withthe experimental plots of the forward and backward electronphototransfer kinetics on the pore diameter in silica gel

Reduced parabolic model for radical addition reactions E. T. Denisov 1602 1542

N—H bond dissociation energies in N,N´�diphenyl� V. T. Varlamov and B. E. Krisyuk 1609 15491,4�phenylenediamine and its aminyl radical

Catalytic properties of the thermoactivated schungite rock I. G. Lugovskaya, S. I. Anufrieva, 1615 1555N. V. Golubtsov, andA. V. Krylova

Tensimetric investigation of the CrCl3—Cl2 system L. N. Zelenina, Z. I. Semenova, 1621 1561in the temperature range of 600—1200 K V. A. Titov, and T. P. Chusova

On the variation in the composition of zeolite NaA crystals N. N. Feoktistova and V. A. Ryzhikov 1625 1565

Thermodynamics of CO2 adsorption on zeolite NaX A. L. Pulin and A. A. Fomkin 1630 1570in wide intervals of pressures and temperatures

Enthalpies of formation of amidyl free radicals Yu. D. Orlov, V. V. Turovtsev, 1635 1574I. V. Stepnikov, A. N. Kizin,and Yu. A. Lebedev

Enthalpies of solution of n�alkanes in mixtures of MeCN with D. V. Batov 1640 1578alkan�1�ols at 298.15 K. Relations between the thermodynamicproperties of binary and ternary systems

Effect of the potential of an external electron donor on C2H2 T. A. Bazhenova, N. V. Bardina, 1646 1583reduction catalyzed by the nitrogenase active center G. N. Petrova, and(FeMoco) isolated from the enzyme M. A. Borovinskaya

Reaction of substituted iron phthalocyanines with dioxygen T. M. Fedorova, S. S. Topol´, 1655 1592in acidic medium. 1. Oxidation of iron V. M. Derkacheva,5,5´,5´´,5´´´�tetra(tert�butyl)�3,3´,3´´,3´´´�tetra� E. A. Luk´yanets, and(phenylthio)phthalocyanine O. L. Kaliya

Structures of hexanuclear molybdenum chalcocyanide S. G. Kozlova, S. P. Gabuda, 1661 1598complexes: electronic absorption spectra K. A. Brylev, Yu. V. Mironov,and DFT calculation and V. E. Fedorov

Page 20: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 20042908



Two�color photoionization spectroscopy S. Yu. Ketkov, H. L. Selzle, 1667 1604of jet�cooled nickelocene E. W. Schlag, S. N. Titova,

and L. V. Kalakutskaya

4�Dimethylaminochalcone as fluorescent probe: S. K. Gularyan, O. M. Sarkisov, 1670 1607effect of the medium polarity on relaxation G. E. Dobretsov,processes in the excited state V. Yu. Svetlichnyi, F. E. Gostev,

and S. A. Antipin

Photoconductive organic materials N. A. Davidenko, N. A. Derevyanko, 1674 1611for the near�IR radiation range A. A. Ishchenko,

N. G. Kuvshinsky, A. V. Kulinich,O. Ya. Neiland, andM. V. Plotniece

Nucleophilic addition of bifunctional sulfimidosulfides A. V. Makarycheva�Mikhailova, 1681 1618to platinum(IV)�coordinated nitriles S. I. Selivanov, N. A. Bokach,

V. Yu. Kukushkin, P. F. Kelly,and A. J. L. Pombeiro

Fullerides: heterometallic superconductors with composition B. M. Bulychev, R. A. Lunin, 1686 1623M2M´C60 (M = K, Rb; M´ = Yb, Lu, Sc) V. A. Kul´bachinskii,

R. V. Shpanchenko,and V. I. Privalov

Thermal and BF3•Et2O�catalyzed cleavage of 1�hydrohexafluoro� A. Yu. Volkonskii, 1693 1629isobutenyloxytrimethylsilane. Perfluoromethacrolein, E. M. Kagramanova,its isomers, dimers, and homopolymers E. I. Mysov, and N. E. Mysova

Synthesis of annelated derivatives of tetrafluoro�10H�imidazo� S. A. Amitina, I. V. El´tsov, 1700 1636[1,2�b][1,2]benzooxazin�10�one and 2�pentafluorophenyl� T. V. Rybalova,pyrazine 1,4�dioxide by condensation of alicyclic Yu. V. Gatilov,2�hydroxyamino oximes with pentafluorophenylglyoxal and I. A. Grigor´ev

Reaction of 2�methoxy�1,3,2�dioxaphospho� V. F. Mironov, L. M. Burnaeva, 1704 1640rino[4,5�b]pyridin�4(4H )�one I. A. Litvinov, Yu. Yu. Kotorova,with hexafluoroacetone A. B. Dobrynin, R. Z. Musin,

and I. V. Konovalova

Substituted and fused spiro[benzo�2�azepine� A. V. Varlamov, D. G. Grudinin, 1711 16473,1´�cyclohexanes] A. I. Chernyshev, A. N. Levov,

I. Yu. Lobanov, R. S. Borisov,and F. I. Zubkov

Multicomponent heterocyclization of hydrazine, S. R. Khafizova, V. R. Akhmetova, 1717 1652hydrogen sulfide, and formaldehyde T. V. Tyumkina, L. M. Khalilov,

R. V. Kunakova, andU. M. Dzhemilev

Synthesis of substituted 1�thia�3�aza�4λ5�phospha� M. A. Pudovik, S. A. Terent´eva, 1722 1657cyclohex�2�ene N. A. Khailova, R. Z. Musin,

N. M. Azancheev, O. N. Kataeva,I. A. Litvinov, A. B. Dobrynin,and A. N. Pudovik

Stereochemistry of addition of disulfonium N. E. Shevchenko, V. G. Nenajdenko, 1726 1660dications to alkenes V. M. Muzalevskii, and

E. S. Balenkova

Liquid�phase oxidation of sulfides by an aluminum (and titanium) V. A. Dodonov, E. A. Zaburdaeva, 1729 1663tert�butoxide—tert�butyl hydroperoxide system and L. P. Stepovik

Page 21: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 2004 2909



New oxidative transformations of alkenes and alkynes M. S. Yusubov, G. A. Zholobova, 1735 1669under the action of diacetoxyiodobenzene I. L. Filimonova, and Ki�Whan Chi

Synthesis and specific features of mesomorphic behavior O. V. Zemtsova and K. N. Zheleznov 1743 1676of new polysubstituted triphenylenes

Selective cross�coupling of 1�ethynyl�4�iodobenzenes A. I. Kovalev, K. Takeuchi, M. Asai, 1749 1682with activated arylacetylenes M. Ueda, and A. L. Rusanov

Oxidative transformation of 1,3�dioxacycloalkanes A. R. Abdrakhmanova, 1755 1688induced by chlorine dioxide N. N. Kabal´nova, L. Z. Rol´nik,

G. G. Yagafarova, andV. V. Shereshovets

Brief Communications

Thermochemistry of heteroatomic compounds. 19. Enthalpies V. V. Ovchinnikov, L. I. Lapteva, 1761 1693of combustion and formation for alkylphosphines and M. G. Kireevin different phase states

Chemoselective synthesis of dialkyl 2�(tert�butylamino)� S. Asghari, M. Zaty, 1763 16956�methyl�5�trifluoroacetyl�4Н�pyran�3,4�dicarboxylates and S. Safiri

Alkaloids of Arundo donax L. 15. A new dimeric indole V. U. Khuzhaev, I. Zh. Zhalolov, 1765 1697alkaloid arundarine from the roots of Arundo donax L. M. G. Levkovich, S. F. Aripova,

and A. S. Shashkov

Letters to the Editor

Chemiluminescence during thermolysis of fullerene C60 R. G. Bulgakov, E. Yu. Nevyadovskii, 1768 1700derivatives containing reactive oxygen A. S. Belyaeva, M. T. Golikova,

Yu. G. Ponomareva,S. D. Razumovskii,and U. M. Dzhemilev

Synthesis and structure of dinuclear trimethylacetate complex Co2(µ� Z. P. Zubreichuk, T. O. Denisova, 1770 1701OH2)(µ�OOCBut)2(OOCBut)2[NH2CH(CHMe2)COOMe]4 V. A. Knizhnikov, andcontaining coordinated molecules of valine methyl ester S. E. Nefedov

Chapman rearrangement in the synthesis of aromatic polyamides V. F. Burdukovskii, D. M. Mognonov, 1773 1703S. R. Allayarov, S. O. Botoeva,and Zh. P. Mazurevskaya

Synthesis of new polymers containing carbanions Yu. G. Gololobov, O. A. Linchenko, 1774 1704in the backbone chain N. G. Senchenya,

P. V. Petrovskii,and I. A. Garbuzova

Synthesis of 2�aroylmethyl�2�polyfluoroalkylchroman�4�ones V. Ya. Sosnovskikh, B. I. Usachev, 1776 1705and A. Yu. Sizov

Issue 9, 2004


Conformational rigidity and flexibility of the paracyclophane Z. A. Starikova, I. V. Fedyanin, 1779 1707skeleton in substituted [2.2]paracyclophanes and M. Yu. Antipin

From transition metals to organocatalysis P. Ko ovský and A. V. Malkov 1806 1733

Page 22: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 20042910



Polymers containing phenylquinoxaline rings M. Bruma, E. Hamciuc, I. Sava, 1813 1739and N. M. Belomoina

Advances in fullerene chemistry I. V. Stankevich and V. I. Sokolov 1824 1749

New reactions of γ�halocarbanions: underestimated М. Barbasiewicz, M. Judka, 1846 1771reactive intermediates in organic synthesis and M. Makosza

Asymmetric Baeyer—Villiger oxidation: control T. Katsuki 1859 1784of stereoelectronic demand

Boron and gadolinium neutron capture therapy C. Salt, A. J. Lennox, M. Takagaki, 1871 1795J. A. Maguire, andN. S. Hosmane

Full Articles

Oligomers of C20H8 polyhedral molecule: a computer simulation A. L. Chistyakov and I. V. Stankevich 1889 1813

Hydrogen bonding in ε�caprolactam dimer: a quantum�chemical study I. A. Garbuzova and B. V. Lokshin 1894 1818

Thermal dissociation of iron carbonyls during growth of iron whiskers V. N. Babin, Yu. A. Belousov, 1903 1826I. V. Dobryakova,Yu. S. Nekrasov, V. G. Syrkin,and A. A. Uel´skii

Synthesis of intercalation compounds of molybdenum disulfide A. S. Golub, V. I. Zaikovskii, 1914 1837with nitrogen�containing organic molecules N. D. Lenenko, M. Danot,and study of their microstructure and Yu. N. Novikov

Synthesis, molecular and crystal structures, and characteristic A. A. Korlyukov, K. A. Lyssenko, 1924 1846features of electronic structures of salicylamide�based M. Yu. Antipin, A. G. Shipov,B,Si�containing chelates O. A. Zamyshlyaeva,

E. P. Kramarova,Vad. V. Negrebetsky,S. A. Pogozhikh,Yu. E. Ovchinnikov, andYu. I. Baukov

Gas�phase electronic absorption spectroscopy of substituted S. Yu. Ketkov, G. A. Domrachev, 1932 1854bis(η6�benzene)chromium derivatives: Rydberg A. M. Ob´edkov, A. Yu. Vasil´kov,transitions in bis(η6�anisole)chromium L. P. Yur´eva, andand bis(η6�2,6�dimethylpyridine)chromium C. P. Mehnert

Synthesis and characterization of complexes η5,η5�(CO)3Mn(C5H4— T. Yu. Orlova, Yu. S. Nekrasov, 1938 1860C5H4)(CO)2Fe�η1,η5�C5H4Mn(CO)3 and P. V. Petrovskii, andµ�(C≡C)[C5H4(CO)2Fe�η1,η5�C5H4Mn(CO)3]2 M. G. Ezernitskaya

Synthesis of substituted 1�acyl�1´�biphenylylferrocenes. Crystal M. V. Makarov, V. P. Dyadchenko, 1942 1864structures of 4�bromo�4´�ferrocenylbiphenyl and K. Yu. Suponitskii,1�(4´�cyanobiphenyl�4�yl)�1´�((S)�3�methylpentanoyl)ferrocene D. A. Lemenovskii, and

M. Yu. Antipin

Arene complexes [(η�C5H5)M(η�C6R6)]2+ (M = Rh, Ir) D. A. Loginov, M. M. Vinogradov, 1949 1871Z. A. Starikova, P. V. Petrovskii,and A. R. Kudinov

Formation of closo�rhodacarboranes containing η2,η3�(СН2=СНС5Н6) A. V. Safronov, M. N. Sokolova, 1954 1875ligand in the reaction of µ�dichloro�bis[(η4�norbornadiene)rhodium] E. V. Vorontsov, P. V. Petrovskii,with nido�dicarbaundecaborates [K][nido�7�R1�8�R2�7,8�C2B9H10] I. G. Barakovskaya, and

I. T. Chizhevsky

Page 23: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 2004 2911



Structures of cationic metallacarborane complexes A. R. Kudinov, M. I. Rybinskaya, 1958 1879[(η�9�Me2S�7,8�C2B9H10)Ni(µ�Cp)Ni(η�9�Me2S�7,8�C2B9H10)]+ D. S. Perekalin,and [Cp*Ru(Me2S�C2B9H10)RuCp*]+ V. I. Meshcheryakov,

Yu. A. Zhuravlev, P. V. Petrovskii,A. A. Korlyukov,D. G. Golovanov,and K. A. Lyssenko

Unique stereochemistry of 3�borabicyclo[3.3.1]nonane M. E. Gurskii, K. A. Lyssenko, 1963 1884derivatives A. L. Karionova, P. A. Belyakov,

T. V. Potapova, M. Yu. Antipin,and Yu. N. Bubnov

Self�organised poly[(ethynediyl)(arylene)(ethynediyl)� W. E. Douglas, L. G. Klapshina, 1978 1897silylene]/N�ethylcarbazole/polyphenylsilsesquioxane A. S. Kuzhelev, W. Peng,hybrid nanomaterials: photoconductivity and electro� and V. V. Semenovoptic response at telecommunication wavelengths

Synthesis of new stereoregular 2,4,6,8�tetraphenyl� N. N. Makarova, I. M. Petrova, 1983 1902cyclotetrasiloxanes with mesogenic groups P. V. Petrovskii,and the influence of spatial isomerism A. V. Kaznacheev, L. M. Volkova,on the phase state of individual isomers M. A. Shcherbina,and their mixtures N. P. Bessonova, S. N. Chvalun,

and Yu. K. Godovskii

Intermolecular rearrangement of cobalt phenylsiloxanes A. N. Bilyachenko, B. G. Zavin, 1993 1912E. S. Shubina, A. M. Filin,and M. M. Levitskii

Arbuzov rearrangement in the 1,3,2�oxazaphos� A. E. Shipov, G. K. Genkina, 1996 1915phinane series P. V. Petrovskii, and

T. A. Mastryukova

Acid�base and complexation properties of gem�diphosphonic L. P. Loginova, I. V. Levin, 2000 1919and gem�diphosphinic acids in aqueous solutions A. G. Matveeva, S. A. Pisareva,and micellar media of surfactants and E. E. Nifant´ev

New trigonal tris(phosphine oxides) S. A. Pisareva, P. V. Petrovskii, 2008 1926K. A. Lyssenko, M. Yu. Antipin,and E. E. Nifant´ev

Silicon�induced diastereoselectivity of the catalyzed G. N. Molchanova, T. M. Shcherbina, 2013 1930phosphorylation of 1�(perfluoroalkyl)� P. V. Petrovskii,ω�(trialkylsilyl)alkan�1�ols I. Yu. Kudryavtsev, and

L. S. Zakharov

Synthesis and properties of 10�hydroxy�10�oxo� I. I. Ponomarev, Yu. Yu. Rybkin, 2020 193710H�10λ5�phenoxaphosphine�2,8�dicarboxylic E. I. Goryunov, P. V. Petrovskii,acid and related polybenzoimidazoles and K. A. Lyssenko

A first P,N�bidentate phosphite with a chiral ketimine fragment. V. N. Tsarev, S. E. Lyubimov, 2025 1942Catalytic properties of its RhI and PdII complexes S. V. Zheglov, A. A. Shiryaev,in comparison with those of phosphine analogs V. A. Davankov, and

K. N. Gavrilov

Grafted interpenetrating polymeric systems based L. I. Makarova, N. V. Sergienko, 2029 1946on cross�linked siloxaneurethanes O. G. Nikol´skii,

V. A. Martirosov,and O. T. Gritsenko

Synthesis and characterization of new poly[phenyl� E. Hamciuc, C. Hamciuc, M. Bruma, 2035 1952quinoxaline(ether)imides] and N. M. Belomoina

Page 24: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 20042912



Synthesis of poly(arylene ether ketones) D. S. Sharapov, V. V. Shaposhnikova, 2041 1958with terminal phenolic groups S. N. Salazkin, I. A. Mamedova,

L. V. Dubrovina,I. V. Blagodatskikh,and T. A. Babushkina

Rhodium(I)�catalyzed polymerization P. Mastrorilli, C. F. Nobile, 2045 1962of fluorenylacetylenes G. P. Suranna, R. Grisorio,

D. Acierno, and E. Amendola

Stable radical adducts of diisopropylphosphoryl radicals with B. L. Tumanskii, R. G. Gasanov, 2051 1968fullerene complexes (η2�C60)Os(CO)(PPh3)2(CNBut) M. V. Tsikalova, A. V. Usatov,and (η2�C70)Os(CO)(PPh3)2(CNBut) E. V. Martynova, and

Yu. N. Novikov

Formation, properties, and thermal decomposition G. A. Domrachev, Yu. A. Shevelev, 2056 1973of bisarene chromium(I) and molybdenum(I) V. K. Cherkasov, G. V. Markin,fullerides G. K. Fukin, S. Ya. Khorshev,

B. S. Kaverin, andV. L. Karnatchevich

Heterocyclization of 2�chloro�1�cyano�1�diethoxy� A. F. Shidlovskii, A. S. Peregudov, 2060 1977phosphoryl�2�trifluoromethylethylene and B. B. Averkiev, M. Yu. Antipin,2�chloro�2�chlorodifluoromethyl�1�cyano� and N. D. Chkanikov1�diethoxyphosphorylethylene

Synthesis and structures of substituted 5,6�dihydro� P. G. Morozov, S. V. Kurbatov, 2071 1987spiro(benz[4,5]imidazo[1,2�c]quinazoline� F. M. Dolgushin, M. Yu. Antipin,6,3´�indolin)�2´�ones and L. P. Olekhnovich

Synthesis and structures of spiro�σ�complexes based P. G. Morozov, S. V. Kurbatov, 2075 1990on 2�(2�benzylaminophenyl)�5,6�dimethyl� F. M. Dolgushin, M. Yu. Antipin,benzimidazole and L. P. Olekhnovich

Synthesis of dendrimers with terminal formyl groups N. M. Loim and E. S. Kelbyscheva 2080 1995

Letters to the Editor

Synthesis of cationic ruthenium diphosphine complexes D. N. Cheredilin, F. M. Dolgushin, 2086 2000with nido�dicarbaundecaborate anions. Molecular E. V. Balagurova,structure of [RuCl(dppe)2]+[7,8�nido�C2B9H12]– I. A. Godovikov,

and I. T. Chizhevsky

Synthesis of slipped µ�indenyl triple�decker complexes E. V. Mutseneck, P. V. Petrovskii, 2090 2003containing (C4Me4)Co and (C5Me5)Ru fragments and A. R. Kudinov

Synthesis of Schiff bases and benzylamino derivatives I. B. Sivaev, V. I. Bragin, 2092 2004containing [1�B10H9NH3]– anion V. I. Bregadze, N. A. Votinova,

and S. Sjöberg

Issue 10, 2004


Structural chemistry of complexes with an encapsulated metal ion. Ya. Z. Voloshin and M. Yu. Antipin 2097 2009α�Dioximate, oximehydrazonate, and dihydrazonate clathrochelates

Page 25: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 2004 2913

Full Articles



Molecular structure and decomposition mechanism S. L. Khursan and V. L. Antonovsky 2109 2021of peracetic acid esters AcOOR (R = Me, But)

Thermodynamic characteristics of thermal dissociation Z. I. Semenova, V. A. Titov, 2117 2028of platinum tetrachloride and T. P. Chusova

Thermodynamic characteristics of thermal dissociation Z. I. Semenova, T. P. Chusova, 2121 2032of platinum trichloride and A. A. Titov

Magnetic properties of a dinuclear complex Yu. V. Rakitin, V. M. Novotortsev, 2124 2035(2,3�Me2C5H3N)2Fe2(µ�OOCCMe3)4 V. N. Ikorskii, andwith "China lantern" structure I. L. Eremenko

New cyano�bridged complexes based on tetrahedral Yu. V. Mironov, O. A. Efremova, 2129 2040rhenium chalcocyanide clusters, Cu2+ cations, S. F. Solodovnikov,and polydentate amines N. G. Naumov, W. S. Sheldrick,

A. Perrin, and V. E. Fedorov

Cluster cyanide�bridged heterometallic coordination polymers: I. V. Kalinina, D. G. Samsonenko, 2135 2045synthesis and crystal structures of compounds A. V. Gerasimenko, and[{Cu2(dien)2(CN)}2{Mo4Te4(CN)12}]•14.5H2O and V. P. Fedin(H3O)3K[{Mn(H2O)2}2{Mn(H2O)2(NO3)}4�{W4Te4(CN)12}2]•8H2O

Magnesium and calcium complexes with two diimine I. L. Fedushkin, A. A. Skatova, 2142 2051radical�anion ligands. Molecular structure V. A. Chudakova,of the Ca complex with 1,2�bis[(2,6�diisopropyl� V. K. Cherkasov, S. Dechert,phenyl)imino]acenaphthene and H. Schumann

New electroluminescent materials based M. G. Kaplunov, I. K. Yakushchenko, 2148 2056on chelate zinc complexes S. S. Krasnikova, S. N. Shamaev,

A. P. Pivovarov, and O. N. Efimov

Lutetium complexes with tetraphenylethylene dianion. D. M. Roitershtein, M. E. Minyaev, 2152 2060Synthesis and structure K. A. Lyssenko, P. A. Belyakov,

and M. Yu. Antipin

Extracoordination sensitivity of tetraphenylporphyrin L. P. Maslov, V. D. Rumyantseva, 2162 2069complexes to gaseous ammonia S. B. Lobanova,

A. I. Belogorokhov,and S. P. Kobeleva

Time�on stream behavior of Pd�, Co�, and Mn�zeolite K. I. Slovetskaya 2168 2075catalysts supported on metal blocksin high�temperature methane oxidation

Enantioselective hydrogenation of ethyl 4�chloro� E. V. Starodubtseva, 2172 20793�oxobutyrate in solutions of organic salts M. G. Vinogradov, V. A. Pavlov,with recycling of the catalyst Ru�BINAP L. S. Gorshkova,

and V. A. Ferapontov

Heterometallic hafnocene(+4) aluminum hydride complex A. I. Sizov, T. M. Zvukova, 2175 2082[(η5�C5H5)2Hf(H)(µ2�H)Al(H)Br(µ2�OC4H9)]2 A. A. Gorkovskii, Z. A. Starikova,

and B. M. Bulychev

Neodymium and dysprosium diiodides in the synthesis M. N. Bochkarev and M. E. Burin 2179 2086of vanadocene and cobaltocene

On the regioselectivity of alkylation of the (trimethylsilyl)� D. P. Krut´ko, M. V. Borzov, 2182 2089tetramethylcyclopentadienide anion. A new approach and E. N. Vekslerto the synthesis of 1,2,3,4�tetramethylfulvene

Page 26: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 20042914



Metathesis of hex�1�ene in ionic liquids catalyzed by WCl6 A. V. Vasnev, A. A. Greish, 2187 2094and L. M. Kustov

1,3�Cycloaddition of the nickel meso�cyanooctaethyl� Yu. V. Morozova, Z. A. Starikova, 2192 2098porphyrin N�oxide complex to olefins. Molecular B. I. Maksimov, D. V. Yashunskii,and crystal structure of a double cycloaddition and G. V. Ponomarevproduct to 2,5�norbornadiene

NMR spectra and isotope analysis of hexaethyl� V. A. Roznyatovskii, 2196 2102distannane V. V. Roznyatovskii,

and Yu. A. Ustynyuk

Solid�state chlorodecarboxylation of mono� and G. I. Nikishin, L. L. Sokova, 2200 2105dicarboxylic acids with the Pb(OAc)4—MCl A. O. Chizhov,system V. D. Makhaev,

and N. I. Kapustina

Effect of cationic surfactants on limonene oxidation L. M. Pisarenko, V. G. Kondratovich, 2205 2110and O. T. Kasaikina

Reactions of poly(methyl methacrylate) radicals with some V. A. Dodonov, Yu. L. Kuznetsova, 2209 2114p�quinones in the presence of tri�n�butylboron M. A. Lopatin, andin methyl methacrylate polymerization A. A. Skatova

New efficient boron�containing initiators of methyl S. Yu. Erdyakov, O. A. Mel´nik, 2215 2120methacrylate radical polymerization M. E. Gurskii, A. V. Ignatenko,

and Ya. S. Vygodskii

Use of allylic boranes in organic syntheses. Synthesis I. V. Zhun and A. V. Ignatenko 2221 2126of an analog of the alkaloid flustrabromine

Synthesis and mass spectrometric study D. Yu. Larkin, A. P. Pleshkova, 2224 2129of α,ω�diallylpermethyloligosilanes E. G. Kononova,

N. A. Chernyavskaya,and A. I. Chernyavskii

Synthesis and some properties of silanes and siloxanes A. E. Shamaev, A. V. Ignatenko, 2229 2133with 5,5,6,6,7,7,7�heptafluoro�4,4�bis(trifluoro� and S. P. Krukovskymethyl)heptyl substituents

Chemistry of N,N�bis(silyloxy)enamines. 7. Quaternization A. V. Lesiv, S. L. Ioffe, 2233 2137of tertiary amines and nitrogen�containing heterocycles Yu. A. Strelenko,by N,N�bis(silyloxy)enamines and V. M. Danilenko

A novel method for the oxidation of thiophenes. Synthesis V. G. Nenajdenko, A. M. Moiseev, 2241 2144of thiophene 1,1�dioxides containing electron� and E. S. Balenkovawithdrawing substituents

Structure and photochromism of 2�(N�acyl�N�aryl� A. D. Dubonosov, V. P. Rybalkin, 2248 2151aminomethylene)benzo[b]thiophen�3(2Н )�ones Ya. Yu. Vorob´eva, V. A. Bren´,

V. I. Minkin, S. M. Aldoshin,V. V. Tkachev,and A. V. Tsukanov

Reactions of 1,2�ethanedithiol and 2�mercaptoethanol N. G. Khusainova, O. A. Mostovaya, 2253 2156with unsaturated derivatives of four�coordinate E. A. Berdnikov, Yu. Ya. Efremov,phosphorus acids D. R. Sharafutdinova,

and R. A. Cherkasov

Unusual formation of hydroperoxides in the reactions I. V. Kostyuchenko, 2257 2160of substituted spiro[pyrazolinecyclopropanes] G. P. Okonnishnikova,

E. V. Shulishov,and Yu. V. Tomilov

Page 27: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 2004 2915



Synthesis of novel dibenzo�2,6,9�triazabicyclo[3.3.1]nonanes L. Yu. Ukhin and L. G. Kuz´mina 2262 2165from o�tosylamino� and o�mesylaminobenzaldehydes

New materials based on tubular nanodimensional structures. I. I. Stoikov, D. Sh. Ibragimova, 2269 21721. Synthesis, structural studies and determination I. S. Antipin, A. I. Konovalov,of interproton distances in solutions of functionalized T. A. Gadiev, B. I. Khairutdinov,thiacalix[4]arenes according to NMR spectroscopic F. Kh. Karataeva,data (NOESY) and V. V. Klochkov

Formation and structures of 2,5�di�tert�butyl� G. A. Abakumov, N. N. Vavilina, 2276 2179cyclopentadienone dimers L. N. Zakharov, Yu. A. Kurskii,

V. I. Nevodchikov,and A. S. Shavyrin

Oxidation of phenols with chlorine dioxide I. M. Ganiev, E. S. Ganieva, 2281 2184and N. N. Kabal´nova

Synthesis and reactivity of 2�polyfluoroalkylchromene� B. I. Usachev, M. A. Shafeev, 2285 21884(4H )�thiones and V. Ya. Sosnovskikh

Synthesis of novel derivatives of 2�(azolyl� O. S. Eltsov, V. S. Mokrushin, 2293 2196imino)thiazoline and A. V. Tkachev

Synthesis of anthrathiopyrantriones by heterocyclization I. D. Ivanchikova and 2303 2205of alkynoyl derivatives of chloroanthraquinones M. S. Shvartsberg

New 1,2,4�triazine�containing podands: synthesis O. N. Chupakhin, G. L. Rusinov, 2308 2210and properties N. A. Itsikson, D. G. Beresnev,

O. V. Fedorova,and I. G. Ovchinnikova

Fluorine�containing pyrido[1,2�a]quinazolin�6�ones E. V. Nosova, G. N. Lipunova, 2314 2216M. I. Kodess, P. V. Vasil´eva,and V. N. Charushin

Synthesis of derivatives of 4�amino�2�trifluoro� L. S. Vasil´ev, F. E. Surzhikov, 2319 2221methylnicotinic acid and V. A. Dorokhov

Oxidation of ascorbic acid in the presence of phthalo� E. G. Petrova, S. A. Borisenkova, 2322 2224cyanine metal complexes. Chemical aspects and O. L. Kaliyaof catalytic therapy of cancer. 2. Catalysis by cobaltoctacarboxyphthalocyanine. Reaction products

Brief Communications

NMR study of mono� and dilithium derivatives of alkyl P. A. Chugunov, N. A. Troitskii, 2327 2229and arylstannanes K. S. Nosov, M. P. Egorov,

and O. M. Nefedov

Effect of acetonitrile on the catalytic decomposition G. V. Nizova, Yu. N. Kozlov, 2330 2231of hydrogen peroxide by vanadium ions and G. B. Shul´pinand conjugated oxidation of alkanes

New method of synthesis of 1,1�bis(trialkylsilyl)� and A. V. Lalov, K. S. Nosov, 2334 2234bis(trialkylgermyl)germacyclopenta�2,4�dienes M. P. Egorov, and O. M. Nefedov

Synthesis of 1,2,3,4�tetrachlorohexafluorobutane N. M. Karimova, A. A. Glazkov, 2336 2236A. V. Ignatenko,and N. E. Mysova

Synthesis of 3,4�bis(2,5�dimethyl�3�thienyl)furan� S. V. Shorunov, F. M. Stoyanovich, 2338 22382,5�dione from mucobromic acid and M. M. Krayushkin

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Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 20042916



Synthesis of 5�alkyl�4�polyfluoroacylpyrrole� O. P. Krasnykh, N. S. Karpenko, 2340 22402,3(1H )�diones and V. I. Filyakova

Single�step synthesis of substituted 7�amino� A. A. Shestopalov, 2342 2242pyrano[2,3�d]pyrimidines L. A. Rodinovskaya,

A. M. Shestopalov,and V. P. Litvinov

A simple synthesis of (±)�2,6�dimethylocta� V. V. Veselovsky, A. V. Lozanova, 2345 22455(Z ),7�diene�4�ol and its attractant R. R. Khairetdinov, N. V. Vendilo,activity for the bark beetle Ips typographus and K. V. Lebedeva

Letters to the Editor

Radical Ph3C• as activator of chemiluminescence R. G. Bulgakov, S. P. Kuleshov, 2348 2248in the oxidation of Bui

3Al with oxygen Z. S. Kinzyabaeva,in toluene and R. R. Vafin

Reaction of O�phenylchloromethylthiophosphonyl R. Kh. Bagautdinova, N. A. Khailova, 2350 2249isothiocyanate with dicyanomethane R. M. Kamalov, G. A. Chmutova,

M. A. Pudovik, and A. N. Pudovik

SOCl2� and POCl3�activated β�chloroselenenation N. V. Zyk, E. K. Beloglazkina, 2352 2250of alkenes and R. L. Antipin

One�step synthesis of 3�cyano�6�methyl�4�thienyl� A. A. Shestopalov, A. V. Gromova, 2353 22525,6,7,8�tetrahydro[1,6]naphthyridine� L. A. Rodinovskaya,2(1H )�thiones and annelated heterocyclic K. G. Nikishin, V. P. Litvinov,systems on their basis and A. M. Shestopalov

New class of pincer ligands: phosphite esters of 1,3�di� V. I. Sokolov and L. A. Bulygina 2355 2253(hydroxy)arenes in cyclopalladation reaction

Issue 11, 2004


Spintronics and spintronics materials V. A. Ivanov, T. G. Aminov, 2357 2255V. M. Novotortsev,and V. T. Kalinnikov

Spin transitions in non�classical systems V. I. Ovcharenko, K. Yu. Maryunina, 2406 2304S. V. Fokin, E. V. Tretyakov,G. V. Romanenko,and V. N. Ikorskii

Functional models of [Fe—S] nitrosyl proteins N. A. Sanina and S. M. Aldoshin 2428 2326

Polymeric rhodium�containing catalysts in olefin E. V. Slivinskii 2449 2346hydroformylation and N. V. Kolesnichenko

Problems of producing motor fuels from alternative A. Ya. Rozovskii and G. I. Lin 2455 2352raw materials

Non�ozone�depleting hydrofluorocarbons G. F. Tereshchenko 2467 2364and V. G. Barabanov

Page 29: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 2004 2917

Full Articles



Spin density distribution in paramagnetic I. A. Abronin, N. N. Breslavskaya, 2475 2372azafullerene V. A. Rakitina,

and A. L. Buchachenko

Jahn—Teller effect in trigonal µ�oxoclusters Yu. V. Rakitin, V. T. Kalinnikov, 2478 2375and V. M. Novotortsev

Kinetics of photoreduction of 9,10�phenanthrene� M. P. Shurygina, S. A. Chesnokov, 2485 2381quinone in the presence of amines and M. A. Lopatin, V. K. Cherkasov,polymethylbenzenes and G. A. Abakumov

Diels—Alder reaction volumes in the solid state V. D. Kiselev, G. G. Iskhakova, 2490 2386and solution E. A. Kashaeva, L. N. Potapova,

and A. I. Konovalov

Synthesis of silver nanoparticles in mesoporous I. V. Kolesnik, A. A. Eliseev, 2496 2391high�aluminum aluminosilicate matrices A. V. Garshev, A. V. Lukashin,

and Yu. D. Tret´yakov

Simple route to secondary amides of phosphorylacetic O. I. Artyushin, E. V. Sharova, 2499 2394acids and their use for extraction and sorption I. L. Odinets, S. V. Lenevich,of actinides from nitric acid solutions V. P. Morgalyuk, I. G. Tananaev,

G. V. Pribylova,G. V. Myasoedova,T. A. Mastryukova,and B. F. Myasoedov

Polynuclear iron(III) pivalates M. A. Kiskin, I. G. Fomina, 2508 2403A. A. Sidorov, G. G. Aleksandrov,O. Yu. Proshenkina,Zh. V. Dobrokhotova,V. N. Ikorskii,Yu. G. Shvedenkov,V. M. Novotortsev,I. L. Eremenko, and I. I. Moiseev

Inclusion of nickel(II) and copper(II) complexes T. V. Mit´kina, D. Yu. Naumov, 2519 2414with aliphatic polyamines in cucurbit[8]uril O. A. Gerasko, F. M. Dolgushin,

C. Vicent, R. Llusar,M. N. Sokolov, and V. P. Fedin

Spectral properties and structures of supramolecular V. B. Nazarov, V. G. Avakyan, 2525 2420complexes of naphthylpyridine S. P. Gromov, M. V. Fomina,with β�cyclodextrin T. G. Vershinnikova,

and M. V. Alfimov

Monolayers and Langmuir—Blodgett films V. V. Arslanov, Yu. G. Gorbunova, 2532 2426of crown�substituted phthalocyanines S. L. Selektor, L. S. Sheinina,

O. G. Tselykh, Yu. Yu. Enakieva,and A. Yu. Tsivadze

Hydrogenation of carbon dioxide in the presence N. V. Kolesnichenko, N. N. Ezhova, 2542 2436of rhodium catalysts E. V. Kremleva,

and E. V. Slivinskii

(Alk�1�ynyl)organylthiocarbenes: generation K. N. Shavrin, V. D. Gvozdev, 2546 2440and reactions with olefins I. Yu. Pinus, I. P. Dotsenko,

and O. M. Nefedov

Page 30: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 20042918



Electrochemical synthesis of halogen derivatives D. A. Rudakov, V. L. Shirokii, 2554 2448of bis(1,2�dicarbollyl)cobalt(III) V. A. Knizhnikov, A. V. Bazhanov,

E. I. Vecher, N. A. Maier,V. I. Potkin, A. N. Ryabtsev,P. V. Petrovskii, I. B. Sivaev,V. I. Bregadze,and I. L. Eremenko

Electrochemical synthesis of geminal Yu. N. Ogibin, A. I. Ilovaisky, 2558 2452azidonitro compounds V. M. Merkulova,

and G. I. Nikishin

Carboxylation of styrene in the N(C4H9)4Br—heptane A. L. Lapidus, O. L. Eliseev, 2564 2458system N. N. Stepin,

and T. N. Bondarenko

Fused polycyclic nitrogen�containing heterocycles. V. A. Mamedov, I. Z. Nurkhametova, 2568 246211. 4�Hydroxy�3,5�diphenyl�2�phenylimino� S. K. Kotovskaya,thiazolidines as new key compounds in A. T. Gubaidullin,the synthesis of thiazolo[3,4�a]quinoxaline Ya. A. Levin, I. A. Litvinov,derivatives and V. N. Charushin

Synthesis and structures of pyridoannelated V. A. Tartakovsky, I. E. Filatov, 2577 24711,2,3,4�tetrazine 1,3�dioxides A. M. Churakov, S. L. Ioffe,

Yu. A. Strelenko, V. S. Kuz´min,G. L. Rusinov,and K. I. Pashkevich

Synthesis of fluoroalkyl�containing 1,2,3�triketone O. G. Khudina, V. I. Saloutin, 2584 24782�hetarylhydrazones and their reactions and O. N. Chupakhinwith hydrazines

Synthesis and study of the properties E. A. Tatarinova, E. A. Rebrov, 2591 2484of the homologous series of poly� V. D. Myakushev, I. B. Meshkov,allylcarbosilane dendrimers and N. V. Demchenko, A. V. Bystrova,their nonfunctional analogs O. V. Lebedeva,

and A. M. Muzafarov

Determination of pair interaction parameters A. A. Shcherbina, V. K. Gerasimov, 2601 2494for multicomponent polymer blends and A. E. Chalykh

New polysilalkylenes: synthesis and E. Sh. Finkelshtein, N. V. Ushakov, 2604 2497gas�separation properties E. G. Krasheninnikov,

and Yu. P. Yampolskii

A biospecific polymeric carrier for polypeptide L. I. Valuev, G. A. Sytov, 2611 2504drugs I. L. Valuev, M. V. Ul´yanova,

L.V. Vanchugova, N. A. Platé

Solvolysis of allylic prostaglandin mesylates: M. A. Lapitskaya, P. M. Demin, 2617 2510moderate 1,3�syn�stereoselectivity G. V. Zatonsky,

and K. K. Pivnitsky

Chemistry of naphthazarin derivatives. 12. Synthesis A. Ya. Yakubovskaya, N. D. Pokhilo, 2626 2519and investigation of prototropic tautomerism V. P. Glazunov, V. Ph. Anufriev,of 3�(alk�1�enyl)�2�hydroxynaphthazarins and G. B. Elyakov

A new steroidal glycoside phrygioside A and E. V. Levina, A. I. Kalinovskii, 2634 2526its aglycone from the starfish P. V. Andriyashchenko,Hippasteria phrygiana P. S. Dmitrenok,

E. V. Evtushenko,and V. A. Stonik

Page 31: Contents (PDF)

Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 2004 2919



Absolute configuration of side chains of poly� N. V. Ivanchina, A. A. Kicha, 2639 2530hydroxylated steroidal compounds A. I. Kalinovsky, and V. A. Stonikfrom starfish Henricia derjugini

Metabolites of the marine fungus O. F. Smetanina, T. A. Kuznetsova, 2643 2534Humicola fuscoatra A. V. Gerasimenko,KMM 4629 A. I. Kalinovskii, M. V. Pivkin,

P. C. Dmitrenok,and G. B. Elyakov

Brief Communications

A novel method for the synthesis of dichloroalkenes V. G. Nenajdenko, A. V. Shastin, 2647 2538V. M. Muzalevskii,and E. S. Balenkova

A new synthesis of (Z,E )�undec�5�enoic acids, V. I. Bykov, A. R. Goletiani, 2650 2540the sex pheromone of the varied carpet T. A. Butenko,beetle Anthrenus verbasci and E. Sh. Finkelshtein

Letters to the Editor

Unusual reaction of resorcinol or methylresorcinol A. R. Burilov, A. S. Gazizov, 2653 2543with 2�dimethylamino�1,1�dimethylpropanal Yu. M. Volodina, R. M. Kamalov,

M. A. Pudovik, W. D. Habicher,and A. I. Konovalov

A new approach to the synthesis of calix[4]resorcin� A. R. Burilov, Yu. M. Volodina, 2655 2544arenes with phosphorylmethyl substituents I. R. Knyazeva, M. A. Pudovik,at the lower rim of the molecule W. D. Habicher,

and A. I. Konovalov

Issue 12, 2004


The chemistry of carbonyl clusters of transition metals S. P. Tunik 2657 2547containing labile and hemilabile ligands. Synthesis,reactivity, and prospects for application

Full Articles

Thermodynamics of ion exchange of H+ by Na+ or G. N. Altshuler, E. V. Ostapova, 2670 2560NH4

+ on ion�exchange resins based L. A. Sapozhnikova,on C�tetramethylcalix[4]resorcinarene and O. G. Altshuler

Aggregation properties of water�soluble metal phthalo� N. Sh. Lebedeva 2674 2564cyanines: effect of ionic strength of solution

Molecular dynamics of ≡SiOC•О radicals "grafted" onto V. I. Pergushov, E. V. Rastol´tseva, 2684 2573the Aerosil surface in adsorption layers of carbon dioxide and M. Ya. Mel´nikov

Labeled avidin bound to water�soluble nanocrystals Z. Lin, X. Su, Y. Wan, H. Zhang, 2690 2579by electrostatic interactions Y. Mu, B. Yang, and Q. Jin

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Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 20042920



Spectroscopic study of suspensions of single�wall carbon A. G. Ryabenko, L. S. Fokeeva, 2695 2584nanotubes in polyaniline solutions and T. V. Dorofeevain N�methylpyrrolidone in UV—Vis—NIR regions

1H and 13C NMR spectra of some A. A. Panasenko, E. C. Gorincioi, 2700 2589drimanic sesquiterpenoids A. N. Aricu, E. A. Barcari,

K. Deleanu, and P. F. Vlad

Determination of the orientation distribution function A. Kh. Vorob´ev and N. A. Chumakova 2706 2595of anisotropic paramagnetic species fromthe angular dependence of the ESR spectra

Triboluminescence of lanthanide acetylacetonates R. G. Bulgakov, S. P. Kuleshov, 2712 2602A. N. Zuzlov, and R. R. Vafin

Optical spectra and kinetic characteristics of radicals I. P. Pozdnyakov, Yu. A. Sosedova, 2715 2605formed upon the photolysis of aqueous V. F. Plyusnin, V. P. Grivin,solutions of a FeOHaq

2+ complex and phenol D. Yu. Vorob´ev,and N. M. Bazhin

Oxidation of CO in microchannels of ceramic membranes M. V. Tsodikov, N. I. Laguntsov, 2723 2613modified with oxide catalytic coatings M. I. Magsumov,

P. V. Spiridonov,O. V. Bukhtenko,T. N. Zhdanova,and V. V. Teplyakov

Synthesis and sorption properties of new hybrid Yu. G. Yatluk, D. V. Eremin, 2730 2620chelating sorbents with β�alanine L. K. Neudachina,functional groups and Yu. A. Skorik

Reactions of ytterbium(II) bis(indenyl) complex (C9H7)2Yb(thf)2 A. A. Trifonov, E. A. Fedorova, 2736 2626with 2,2´�bipyridine and 1,4�bis(2,6�diisopropylphenyl)� G. K. Fukin, V. N. Ikorskii,1,4�diazabuta�1,3�diene. Structures and properties of Yu. A. Kurskii, S. Dechert,(C9H7)2Yb(bipy) and (C9H7)2Yb(2,6�Pri

2C6H3NCHCHN� H. Schumann,C6H3Pri

2�2,6) complexes and M. N. Bochkarev

Protonation of magnesium and sodium complexes containing I. L. Fedushkin, V. A. Chudakova, 2744 2634dianionic diimine ligands. Molecular structures of G. K. Fukin, S. Dechert,1,2�bis{(2,6�diisopropylphenyl)imino}acenaphthene M. Hummert, and H. Schumann(dpp�BIAN), [(dph�BIAN)H2(Et2O)], and[(dpp�BIAN)HNa(Et2O)]

Reactions of (dpp�BIAN)Mg(thf)3 complex (dpp�BIAN I. L. Fedushkin, A. A. Skatova, 2751 2641is 1,2�bis{(2,6�diisopropylphenyl)imino}ace� A. N. Lukoyanov,naphthene) with halogen�containing reagents V. A. Chudakova, S. Dechert,

M. Hummert, and H. Schumann

New dinuclear fluorine�containing bis(salicylidene)imine S. Ch. Gagieva, T. A. Sukhova, 2763 2652titanium complex: synthesis and catalytic properties D. B. Savinov, N. M. Bravaya,in polymerization of ethylene and propylene Yu. N. Belokon´,

and B. M. Bulychev

Synthesis and structure of tris(4�ferrocenylphenyl)bor� M. V. Makarov, V. P. Dyadchenko, 2768 2657oxine and its utility in cross�coupling reaction and M. Yu. Antipin

Reaction of 1�hydrohexafluoroisobutenyloxytrime� A. Yu. Volkonskii, 2774 2663thylsilane with fluoride ion sources. E. M. Kagramanova,2,2,2´,2´�Tetrakis(trifluoromethyl)divinyl ether E. I. Mysov, and N. E. Mysova

Isolation and characterization of tautomeric forms V. V. Sorokin, A. P. Kriven´ko, 2782 2670of 2,4�diacetyl�3�(o�R�aryl)�5�hydroxy� and A. K. Ramazanov5�methylcyclohexanones

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Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 2004 2921



Characterization of reactions of fullerene C60 with bromine. P. A. Troshin, E. Kemnitz, 2787 2675Crystal structures of bromofullerenes C60Br6, C60Br6•CS2, and S. I. TroyanovC60Br8•CHBr3•2Br2 and C60Br24•C6H4Cl2•Br2

Electrochemical synthesis of carbonyl� and phosphoryl� V. V. Yanilkin, V. P. Gubskaya, 2793 2681containing methano[60]fullerenes N. V. Nastapova,

L. Sh. Berezhnaya, I. E. Ismaev,Yu. Ya. Efremov,and I. A. Nuretdinov

Cyclization of 1�hydroxy�2�(oxoalkynyl)anthra� M. A. Mzhelskaya, I. D. Ivanchikova, 2798 2686quinones N. E. Polyakov, A. A. Moroz,

and M. S. Shvartsberg

Regio� and stereochemical features of the reactions S. Z. Vatsadze, M. L. Kostochka, 2805 2693of 1,2,5�trimethylpiperidin�4�one with chalcone V. P. Lezina, V. G. Vinokurov,

and N. V. Zyk

Phosphorylation of 3�hydroxy� and 5,7�dihydroxy� T. V. Dudakova, M. P. Koroteev, 2810 2698flavones with hexaethylphosphorous triamide K. A. Lyssenko, M. Yu. Antipin,

and E. E. Nifant´ev

Study of regioselectivity of intramolecular cyclization F. I. Zubkov, E. V. Boltukhina, 2816 2703of N�(m�R�phenyl)� and N�(α�naphthyl)�2�allyl� E. V. Nikitina, and A. V. Varlamov(methallyl)�6�carboxy�4�oxo�3�aza�10�oxa�tricyclo[,5]dec�8�enes

On the reduction of 1�aryl�2�oxo�1,2,3,6�tetra� S. Yu. Ryabova, 2830 2715hydro[1,4]diazepino[6,5�b]indole 4�oxides E. Yu. Khmel´nitskaya,

N. A. Rastorgueva,N. B. Grigor´ev, and V. G. Granik

The first example of the synthesis of 1�aminoindole V. M. Lyubchanskaya, S. A. Savina, 2834 2719derivatives by the Nenitzescu reaction L. M. Alekseeva, A. S. Shashkov,

V. V. Chernyshev,and V. G. Granik

Sydnonimines as exogenous NO donors E. Yu. Khmel´nitskaya, V. I. Levina, 2840 2725L. A. Trukhacheva,N. B. Grigoriev, V. N. Kalinin,I. A. Cherepanov, S. N. Lebedev,and V. G. Granik

Reactions of 2�aryl�4�arylidene�4H�oxazol�5�ones V. A. Chebanov, S. M. Desenko, 2845 2730with 3�amino�1,2,4�triazole, 5�aminotetrazole, S. A. Kuzmenko, V. A. Borovskoy,and 2�aminobenzimidazole V. I. Musatov,

and Yu. V. Sadchikova

Synthesis of isomeric 3�phenyl�5�(pyridylmethylene)� A. G. Majouga, E. K. Beloglazkina, 2850 27342�thiohydantoins and their S�methylated derivatives. S. Z. Vatsadze, N. A. Frolova,Molecular and crystal structures of (5Z )�3�phenyl� and N. V. Zyk5�(pyridin�2�ylmethylene)�2�thiohydantoin and(5Z )�2�methylthio�3�phenyl�5�(pyridin�2�yl�methylene)�3,5�dihydro�4H�imidazol�4�one

Synthesis and properties of pyrimido[4,5�a]� S. Yu. Kukushkin, P. Yu. Ivanov, 2856 2740and pyrido[4,3�a]carbazole derivatives L. M. Alekseeva, K. I. Kobrakov,

and V. G. Granik

Convenient synthesis of drimenol and its K. I. Kuchkova, A. N. Aricu, 2862 2745oxidation with selenium dioxide I. P. Dragalin, and P. F. Vlad

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Russ.Chem.Bull., Int.Ed., Vol. 53, No. 12, December, 20042922



A novel convenient approach to the synthesis V. G. Nenajdenko, E. P. Zakurdaev, 2866 2749of 2�substituted analogs of ornithine E. V. Prusov,and homolysine and E. S. Balenkova

Brief Communications

Binding of ferrocene by cyclic trimeric perfluoro� I. A. Tikhonova, F. M. Dolgushin, 2871 2754o�phenylenemercury. Synthesis and K. I. Tugashov, P. V. Petrovskii,structure of the first double�decker M. Yu. Antipin,sandwich complex of a sandwich and V. B. Shur

Diatomic phenols as nucleophilic components T. V. Demeshchik, L. L. Troitskaya, 2874 2756in the carbonylation of the chelated and V. I. SokolovC,N�palladacycle of the ferrocene series

Synthesis of 2�amino�4�arylamino�6�benzo[b]fu� Kh. S. Shikhaliev, M. M. Liberman, 2876 2758ran�2�yl�1,3,5�triazines and D. V. Kryl´skii

Synthesis of substituted benzoxazinylthieno[2,3�b]pyridines E. A. Kaigorodova, L. D. Konyushkin, 2878 2759by the reaction of (3�cyanopyridin�2�ylthio)acetic acids A. A. Osipova, E. A. Gavrilova,or their amides with o�aminophenyl(diphenyl)carbinol E. V. Gromachevskaya,

and G. D. Krapivin

Reaction of 4,4´�dimethyldiphenyl ether with phosphorus I. I. Ponomarev, Yu. Yu. Rybkin, 2881 2762trichloride in the presence of anhydrous aluminum E. I. Goryunov, P. V. Petrovskii,chloride and K. A. Lyssenko

Letters to the Editor

Сondition for an adsorption hysteresis loop to appear Yu. K. Tovbin 2884 2766in narrow cylindrical pores

Degenerate rearrangement of 9,10�dimethyl�9�(cis�1�methyl� V. A. Bushmelev, A. M. Genaev, 2886 2767prop�1�enyl)phenanthrenium cation. First example and V. G. Shubinfor the 1,2�vinyl shift in the persistent carbocation

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