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Converse Magazine Summer 2001

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Converse College's 2001 Summer Magazine
  • The Largest Reunionin Converse History


    EditorElizabeth B. Farmer 96

    Associate EditorEric Lawson

    Associate Editor - DevelopmentSuzanne White

    Associate Editor - AlumnaeBobbie Daniel 71

    Converse Club NewsElizabeth Simons

    Graphic DesignerAllison M. Walker

    Production AssistantDonna P. Gardner

    The Converse Bulletin is published three timesa year for alumnae and friends of ConverseCollege by the Office of Communications,Converse College, 580 East Main Street,Spartanburg, SC 29302-0006, (864) 596-9704.Converse College does not discriminate inadmissions or employment on the basis ofrace, color, sex, national or ethnic origin, age,sexual orientation, religion, or disability.Converse admits only women to undergraduateprograms and services in accordance with itshistorical mission.

    SUMMER 2001, Volume 113, No. 2Copyright 2001 by Converse College

    Cover Photography: Stephen Stinson

    Correction: In the Spring 01 issue of theBulletin, we reported that Converse Collegestudents had completed research for fourSCICU projects during summer 2000. Theactual number of SCICU projects completedby Converse students during that time is five.We regret the error.

    Cover Photo: Groundbreaking for theexpansion of the Milliken Fine Art Building,during Founders Day celebrations on April 19,2001 (from L to R) Shea Stellar 01, president ofthe Art Club and graphic design major;President Nancy Oliver Gray, Roger Millikenrepresenting his wife, Justine V.R. Nita Mil-liken; Mary Belser 69, chairman of the Devel-opment Committee and incoming chair-man of the Board of Trustees; and KurtZimmerli, chair of the Buildings and GroundsCommittee.

    Groundbreakingfor the

    Milliken Expansion

    6A New Tradition:

    Converse Bibs!


  • 2 A Message from the PresidentConverse Builds for the Future

    4 Commencement 2001

    6 Converse News

    10 A Farewell To Retiring Faculty

    12 Faculty & Student Accomplishments

    14 Reunion 2001

    16 Alumnae News

    18 Honor & Memorial Gifts

    20 Club EventsUpcoming Alumnae Events

    22 Life Events

    24 Class Notes

    C O N T E N T S

    Panamanian PresidentVisits Converse


    Commencement2001 4

    A Converse MysterySolved


  • Just as summer is alive with new life,Converse College is thriving with energy.Over the last few months, we unveiledan exciting $75 million capital campaign,broke ground for the expansion of theMilliken Fine Arts Building, awardeddegrees to the Class of 2001, and hostedthe largest alumnae reunion in theColleges history.

    The capital campaign, appropriatelytitled Building for the Future, is thedriving force for our new campusmaster plan. Through gifts given to thiscampaign, we will come closer to reach-ing our goal of being the college of choicefor women in the South. Much neededconstruction of new buildings and reno-vations of existing facilities are underwayas we work to provide our students withcontemporary learning resources.

    On the same day we announced thepublic phase of our campaign, we brokeground for the Justine V.R. NitaMilliken Wing of the Milliken Fine ArtsBuilding. The wing will provide an addi-tional 14,000 square feet to the existingbuilding, and will house lecture studios,a computer-aided design (CAD) lab,darkrooms for photography classes,faculty studios in lofts, an additionalart gallery, and a historic preservationroom. Construction is scheduled to becompleted by the spring of 2002.

    But the impact of this campaign ismuch more than the construction ofnew buildings. Our priority is to makean already strong Converse educationeven stronger. We have made tremendousstrides in this area with the establishmentof the Nisbet Honors Program, the expan-sion of the Chapman Study AbroadExperience, and the creation of 50 newendowed scholarships. We need to main-tain this momentum by establishingmore endowed scholarships, fundingadditional performance endowments

    Converse HonorsJulia Jones Daniels 53

    for OutstandingService as Chairman

    of the Board of Trustees,1999-2001

    Converse bids farewell to Julia JonesDaniels 53 of Raleigh, NC as chairmanof the Converse College Board ofTrustees. Julia served as chairman from1999 to 2001, and has been an activemember of the board since 1994. She isthe first graduate of Converse to serveas chairman.

    During her term as chairman, Julialed Converse through campus enhance-ments including the construction ofthe Sally Abney Rose Physical ActivityComplex and Weisiger Center, ground-breaking for the expansion of MillikenArt Building, and renewal of WilsonHall made possible by Mary HelenDalton 46. Julias leadership also carriedConverse into the public phase of theCampaign for Converse: Building for theFuture, which was announced in April.She took a keen interest in Conversestudents, serving as a role model andinteracting with them at every opportu-nity. She also reached out to alumnae,encouraging them to support their almamater by recruiting students and provid-ing financial support.

    As an active community memberand volunteer, Julia has received numer-ous awards and recognitions for herservice. Most recently, she was namedDistinguished Woman of North Carolinaby the lieutenant governor. Julia is mar-ried to Frank A. Daniels, Jr., past presi-dent and publisher of the Raleigh Newsand Observer. They have two children,Frank A. Daniels, III, and Julia GrahamDaniels Nowell.

    for the Petrie School of Music, and estab-lishing funds for faculty and staff devel-opment so that we can recruit and retainthe best faculty and staff.

    As we build for the future here on theConverse campus, the Class of 2001 hasalready taken steps for their futurebeyond college. With pride, we awarded157 degrees during commencement ex-ercises in May to students who are goingon to graduate and professional schoolsor beginning their first jobs. Harriet Smith

    Converse Builds for


  • From the President

    Mary Belser, President Gray, and Julia Daniels on Founders Day

    ONeill 78, a member of the Conversefamily who now serves as a Justice for theTexas State Supreme Court, delivered thecommencement address. In her address,she encouraged the graduates to test theirlimits. If you dont live life on the edge,she said, youll never see the view.

    Converse is indeed a special place. Weare truly proud of our rich heritage andtradition, and it is with enthusiasm thatwe look to the future. As we do so, weask each of you to join us in building for

    the future of Converse. Whether yourefer a prospective student and bringher to see the campus, help establish aninternship for a student, make a specialgift, or attend a Converse alumnae eventin your area, join us in this effort tosecure the future for new generationsof Converse students.

    Nancy Gray

    Converse WelcomesMary Rainey Belser 69

    as Chairman ofthe Board of Trustees

    Mary Rainey Belser 69 of Colum-bia, SC took the helm as Conversesnew chairman of the Board of Trust-ees this July. She has been a memberof the board since 1995. Mary becamechair of the development committeeof the board in 1997, and in 1998co-chaired the Johnson Challengeeffort with Bill Barnet. Her dedicatedleadership continued following thesuccessful completion of the chal-lenge when she agreed to serve asco-chair of The Campaign for Con-verse: Building for the Future.

    As an active member of thecommunity, Mary serves on theboard of directors for the SouthCarolina Governors School for theArts and Humanities, located inGreenville, SC, and as chairman ofthe schools Foundation Board. Shealso currently serves on the board ofSouth Carolina Independent Collegesand Universities, is a past chairmanof the board for Heathwood HallEpiscopal School, and past boardmember for The Columbia Museumof Art. In 1994, Mary received theCommunity Service Award fromConverse College. She is married toClinch H. Belser, Jr., attorney withBelser & Belser, P.A. They have threechildren, Duncan, Freeman, andCallie.


    the Future

  • Its no secret that a Converse College degree has served as the ticketto success for many graduates. Converse alumnae are a very successfulgroup and include a Pulitzer Prize winning novelist, a Broadwayperformer, a Deputy Crew Commander with NASA, a Supreme CourtJustice for the state of Texas, and a Fulbright Scholar - just to name afew. And now it is time for the Class of 2001 to take their rightful placeamong this impressive group.

    Even as they walked across the stage to accept their degree, manyof the graduates had jobs waiting for them, taking the next step of theirlifes journey. Just a few examples:

    an Industrial Engineer and a Process Improvement Manager atMilliken & Co.

    five commissions as Lieutenants in the U.S. Army (one of who isentering flight school and will be an Aviation Officer)

    a high-level position with Nissan in Japan the Touring Director for the Missoula Childrens Theatre in

    Montana, which tours the United States and Canada. the Director of Individual Giving at Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival a Financial Analyst with the Naval Audit Service a marketing/sales associate for The Greenville Lions Professional

    Soccer Team a loan officer for Citizens First Trust mortgage company the campaign manager for SC Attorney General an Applications Programmer/Systems Analyst for Liberty

    Insurance Services a member of the Human Resources staff at UCI Medical Affiliates

    Many other graduates will continue theireducation, following the Converse tradition ofacceptance into such premier programs as:

    the masters program in vocalperformance at the New EnglandConservatory

    a masters program in public healthat Emory University

    law school at St. Thomas University the School of Pharmacy a

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