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CoreThoughts Full Screen Video Trends

Date post:19-Jul-2015
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  • Bigger is Better: How full-screen design and large videos are powering brands.

    The most successful brands connect with customers emotionally and experientially. More and more, a brands web presence can greatly optimize (or undermine) these engagements.

    In 2014driven by the ubiquity of higher user bandwidth and mobile devicesfull-screen design increasingly became prevalent on the web.

    Full-screen design became the industry standard for websites in 2014. Full-screen videos will be seen in 2015. Navicor is leading the way on both.

  • Responsive design, in which the interface changes depending on the screen size of the users device, essentially resurrected an older design protocol known as dynamic width. This in turn made full-screen design more and more possibleand popular. These larger, broader designs have elevated powerful, simple visual communication andwhen done properlyenhanced the emotional impact of brands that use them.

    Now, this trend is evolving into video, where large-format videos can help tell a brands story, simply and eectively, the moment a customer hits the site.

    Just as the advent of the television commercial in the 1950s dramatically upped the stakes from static print advertising, these videos are having the same eect on web-based

    communicationquickly and powerfully answering the question, Whats the one thing we want a customer to know about our brand?

    Bigger is Better: How full-screen design and large videos are powering brands.

    After a tour in the Marines, Dylan decided that art was slightly less dangerous. Hehas a diverse background in interactive, branding, and illustration, and brings a decade of interactive experience to The Navicor Group.

    Phil Storer brings over 10 years of digital marketing experience to The Navicor Group. Follow him on Twitter: @phil_storer

    See http://www.placactivity.com for Navicors latest full-screen video launch.

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