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Corporate rewards david gould more than just rewards

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David GouldManaging Director...more than just rewards

Creating successful programmes




What isyour vision?

Plans are nothing; planning is everything- Dwight D. EisenhowerProject TimescalesDefine a base collection of milestones, working collaboratively through each stage to keep your project on track and manage expectations.


Project Timescales

6Results & ROIAll components of the programme need to be put in place at the outset to track performance.7Results & ROIDashboard reporting

Surveys & feedback

Programme specific KPIs

8Making it work

EngagementOne of the challenges is ensuring that the programme captures the attention of the target audience for the full duration. Add images10CommunicationFrom a high impact launch to consistent, regular, stimulating communications, the aim is to stimulate individuals to engage with the programme. Add images11Online

Change images12Offline

Change images13Events

Change images14Gamification

Change images15

Hold your nerveSticking to the principles of the programme is vital for embedding it into an organisation so that it becomes part and parcel of daily life.Spend more time planning at the outset to ensure successful execution!

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