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Corporate social responsibility, 2011

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Join us in making the world a better place for children and families in need.
  • 1. STRONG PARTNERSHIPS How to combine forces with cause organizations Presented by Steve Scranton, National Director, CSR World Vision

2. We Are World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. We Serve We serve close to 100 million people in nearly 100 countries around the world. World Vision serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. Building a better world for children since 1950 Who We Are 3. World Vision holds offices in nearly a hundred countries with unparalleled infrastructure and distribution capabilities Where We Work 4. and operates in strategic U.S. locations for domestic programs and product distributions. Where We Work 5. World Vision seeks to save lives and reduce suffering by delivering an urgent, efficient response when disaster strikes.The provision of supplies within the first few weeks can prevent disease, starvation, and exposure among the survivors.EMERGENCY RESPONSE saving lives when disaster strikes What We Do 6. World Visions water and sanitation program strategies, when implemented together and adopted by the community, can reduce mortality rates for children under age 5 by 70 to 80 percent .CLEAN WATER the first and best intervention What We Do 7. Adequate nutrition is one of the most basic needs to sustain life. Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood in many of the countries World Vision supports.AGRICULTURE&FOOD SECURITY ensuring life sustaining food resources What We Do 8. For children without access to health care, a preventable illness such as polio can impair for life and even a minor illness can turn fatal if left untreated .Through World Visions healthcare programs, moms receive quality prenatal care and proper nutritional training and children receive immunizations and regular check-ups to help keep them disease-free. PERSONAL HEALTHCARE saving and sustaining life What We Do 9. Education creates both choices and opportunities, allowing children and adults alike to break free from the burden of poverty .Education enhances the lives of individuals and provides a community with better-prepared workers, more involved citizens, a higher per capita income, and an overall improvement in the standard of living . EDUCATION gateway to improved quality of life What We Do 10. For most of the worlds poor families, simply having a hard work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit is not a ticket out of poverty. World Visions micro-loan program provides access to capital and business training to help individuals grow their own small business, improve their communities and better support their families. MICRO ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT creating businesses, jobs, and economic growth for the poor What We Do 11. Corporate Social Responsibility is a commitment to improve community well-being through discretionary business practices and contributions of corporate resources. Corporate Social Responsibility Kotler & Lee, 2005 12.

  • Core Business Benefits
  • Increased sales and market share
  • Strengthened brand positioning
  • Enhanced corporate image
  • Increased ability to attract, motivate and retain employees
  • Decreased operating costs
  • Increased appeal to investors and financial analysts

13. Our Corporate PartnersCompanies That Make a Difference In FY10, 41 corporations gave more than $1M annually in product donations;117 gave more than $100K More than 1,500 strong and active corporate relationships, including many Fortune 500 and transnational companies During fiscal years 05 through 10, mega gift-in-kind donors gave $1.9B in product donations to World Vision U.S. 14. Caregiver Kits Caregiver Kits are provided to family members and local volunteers around the world who are providing compassionate support to people living with AIDS. Without these kits, many of these courageous caregivers would lack the basic supplies they need to safely and effectively minister to the sick. Companies That Make a Difference 15. Companies That Make a Difference In addition to providing the supplies used in the kits,McKesson Medical Surgicalhad 1,200 national sales reps at a conference in Las Vegas fill 6,000 Caregiver Kits in 45 minutes. It totally changed the morale and atmosphere of the week. People had tears streaming down their faces; they were so impacted by what they were doing. Toby Capps Account Manager, McKesson No group too small Microsoftemployees gather in a conference room to assemble kits for a mid-week team-building activity . Its hard to find a company [that] supports helping othersI cant think of another company I would want to work for. Microsoft employee during a kit building event 16. Companies That Make a Difference Providing Shelter in Chile In early 2010, a devastating tsunami impacted hundreds of thousands following an 8.8 magnitude earthquake. A generous grant fromWalmartprovided 450 families with transitional homes that are earthquake proof, resistant to heavy rains and chilly winds, and insulated against low temperatures. 17. Companies That Make a Difference

  • Assembled 350 Caregiver and 300 School Tools Kits in 2009, and another School Tools event is scheduled for December
  • Donated $4,193 raised by publicly auctioning a chance to swap jobs with NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip
  • Best Western guests can personally support children in need through their Rewards program or by sponsoring their own child through the Best Western Web site
  • The Worlds Largest Hotel Chain
  • Building The Worlds Largest Family
  • Hundreds of Best Western properties are each supporting a child living in poverty through monthly sponsorship donations
  • Best Western Rewards members may apply their points toward tangible items that help even more children

18. Companies That Make a Difference In their first four years, P&Gs Children's Safe Drinking Water program has delivered1.63 billion liters of clean drinking waterthrough organizations including World Vision.

  • Product Distribution
  • More than 4,000 children die each day in developing countries because of a lack of clean drinking water
  • PUR kills bacteria and viruses, removes parasitesand makes muddy water look and taste pristine
  • World Vision distributes PUR packets to those in need in developing countries directly, through Caregiver Kits, and in emergency relief situations

19. Companies That Make a Difference Community Events World Vision worked withTargetteam members to stuff and distribute school supply-filled backpacks at a Back-to-School Carnival event benefiting children from local shelters in New York Citys South Bronx. Later, Target staff also assisted area teachers with selecting free classroom supplies from World Visions Teacher Resource Center. They experienced first-hand the impact of their corporate grants and how the teachers value receiving the much-needed supplies. Doing a project as a team and giving back to others as a team makes us feel like a million dollars. Nikki MontgomeryExecutive Team Leader, Target 20. Companies That Make a Difference

  • Bringing Technology to the Developing World
  • NetHope is a nonprofit IT consortium of leading international NGOs serving tens of millions of end beneficiaries each year in 150+ countries
  • World Vision is one of 27 nonprofit members

Now more than ever, nonprofits face tighter budgets. Investing in technology to improve the speed and efficiency of humanitarian and conservation aid in the developing world is critical, but its tough for organizations to go it alone Bringing top technology leaderstogether to tackle common problemsand collaborate to share resources across their combined efforts will make everyones investments go farther. William Brindley, NetHope CEO and Executive Director 21. Companies That Make a Difference

  • A Healthy Community for All
  • Provided funds for international disaster response after the China earthquake, Myanmar cyclone, and the recent Taiwan typhoon
  • Workplace Giving / Matching Gifts
  • Sponsor of Team World Vision at the Chicago Marathon

22. Companies That Make a Difference

  • Project Zambi
  • Special Edition FurReal Friends plush baby African elephant toy
  • Created by Hasbro employees
  • A minimum of $500,000 from Zambis worldwide sales will go to the Project Zambi fund to improve the lives of children orphaned by AIDS living in Zambia

23. Companies That Make a Difference

  • Pearson Education
  • Significant inventory donor since 2003
  • Proceeds from Rock Bottom Remainders tour helped fund Early Childhood Development Learning Spaces in Haitihttp:// rockbottomremainders.com
  • WeGiveBooks.org campaigns generate 15,000 childrens books for Haitihttp://www.wegivebooks.org/

24. Companies That Make a Difference

  • TOMS Shoes
  • Supplies millions of pairs of shoes to World Vision for children in almost 20 countries
  • Shoe distributions integrated into our health and education strategies
  • Paying all shipping costs
  • TOMS staff visiting WV Honduras to distribute shoes
  • TOMS and retail partners giving shoes in the United States
  • TOMS expanding international sales

25. Companies That Make a Difference

  • Hearts for Hearts Girls
  • Line of multicultural dolls delivering a socially conscious message
  • Launched in Chicago in November with a distribution at George Armstrong International Studies school and through local World Vision partner agencies
  • Dolls available in select Target and Toys R Us stores and online at Target.com, TRS.com and Amazon.com
  • Proceeds for every doll sold will benefit World Vision programs for girls and women in the communities of the dolls origin


  • Whats Next?
  • Look at your companys core business and mission
  • Look at your geographic reach (sourcing, sales, operations, new business development)
  • Look at ways to engage your employees,customers, and suppliers
  • Find a partner that understandsyour needs
  • Start innovating

27. Find a strong partner, build a better world

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