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Cost-Competitive Benzene, Toluene and Xylenes From Biomass

Date post:28-Dec-2015
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Cost-Competitive Benzene, Toluene and Xylenes From Biomass

1Anellotechs Value PropositionA low cost process for drop in green aromaticsNovember 20142Large consumer marketsPackagingAutomotiveApparel

Low Cost FeedstocksWood ChipsPalm WasteSugar Cane BagasseCorn StoverSimple ProcessOne ReactorEconomical CatalystMin. Added EnergyNo H2 AdditionDrop InBenzene, Toluene, Xylenes (BTX)

Key ChemicalsPETPSPCPUNylon

Base AromaticsDesired Green ProductsKey End Use Markets

Non-Food Biomass

2 Anellotech Benefits for BTX Supply ChainCost advantaged vs. petroleum-derived

Green chemistry-based

Feedstock diversity (biomass vs. crude oil)

No reliance on RINs, mandates for commercial viability

Base AromaticsDesired Green ProductsKey End Use MarketsNon-Food Biomass Anellotech OriginsTechnology breakthrough from Huber research group at University of Massachusetts, Amherst (25 peer reviewed publications)

Anellotech holds exclusive global rights to Catalytic Fast PyrolysisTM technology

U.S. patents granted, more pending in U.S., international

100% strategic partner funded major multinational chemical, technology providers and other companies in the aromatics supply chain

November 20143

Pyroprobe (mg)4 Conversion Chemistry in One Reactor5Anellotech Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis Process CFP ProcessTMCFP Process FeaturesBiomass conversion to BTX in one fluidized bed reactorAnellotech proprietary catalysts based on zeolitesDesired reactions make aromaticsUndesired reactions make coke that is burned for process energyDrying &GrindingCatalystRegeneratorSteam forelectricityCompressorCO, CO2 to processing or combustorCatalyticFluidized BedReactorSeparation TrainCatalystSeparatorCatalyst recycle loopGas Recycle LoopBTX PurificationWaterC9+ AromaticsBTXNovember 20145Use a Variety of Scientific Tools to Optimize Catalytic Fast PyrolysisTheoreticalChemistryIntrinsic Kinetics and Chemistry of PyrolysisComputationalFluid DynamicsConceptual Process Design (Downstream separation)Analytical ChemistryCatalytic Fast PyrolysisCatalysisFluidizationTransportPhenomena(heat/mass transfer)Spectroscopy66

Dr. Charles SorensenVP, R&D25+ years process engineering, catalysis, R&DCorning, Exxon MobilDr. Scott HanDirector, Catalysis25+ years catalysis, R&DMobil, Rohm & Haas, MidoriDr. Dennis McCulloughBusiness Dev. ConsultantFormer President Badger Licensing (Exxon-Shaw JV)Shaw Group, ABB Lummus, Bechtel, EastmanDr. George W. Huber Board of DirectorsInventor CFP Technology, Co-founderProfessor, University of Wisconsin-MadisonDr. Fred PesaBoard of DirectorsFormer R&D Head, BP USAExpert in fluid bed catalysisDr. Ed WolynicBoard of DirectorsFormer Engelhard CTO and Group VP Strategic TechnologiesFormer UOP VP R&D

A-7Leadership TeamHighly experienced in chemicals, catalysis and businessMr. David SudolskyPresident & CEO25+ Years Business Management, LeadershipDura Pharma, Booz-Allen, Union Carbide

Dr. Erick GamasDirector, Engineering25+ years fluid bed engineering, R&DUOP, AblemarleNovember 2014Anellotechs Pearl River, NY FacilitiesRoom for ExpansionNovember 20148

8Anellotech Development Strategy9U Massachusetts Intellectual Property EstateAnellotech Catalyst DevelopmentAnellotech Process DevelopmentAnellotech Pilot/Demo Plant Testing & Scale-UpCommercial Scale PlantsAnellotech IPNovember 2014Dec. 2013: Kg.-scale BTX Production CapabilityOn-line, On-Schedule9Anellotech Process CommercializationScoping and Development Units:fluid bedfixed bedoperationalPilot UnitDecember 2013Demonstration Unit:2016First Commercial Plant2019 - 2020Second Commercial Plant2021 - 2022

10Large BTX Market PotentialValue $1200/ton vs. $600/ton for fuelsNovember 2014113 of the 5 largest commodity petrochemicals..USD, billionBenzeneTolueneXylene

Polystyrene, RubberPolycarbonate, Epoxy, PhenolicsNylonDetergentsPolyurethanePET films and resins

Talk to AnellotechNew partners in aromatics supply chain

Commercial plant co-location partners

Feedstock providersWoody biomassStoverBagasseEnergy crops

November 201412401 North Middletown Road, Bldg. 170APearl River, NY 10965t: USA 917-664-4540dsudolsky@anellotech.com13

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