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Costumes - Male & Female

Date post: 27-Jul-2015
Author: crazylidz
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Female singer-Performace outfit choice

Page 4: Costumes - Male & Female

Why this style??In hip hop and R&B music video’s, the female is also wearing skimpy, revealing outfits. This has been set to increase the look of a sex object towards males in the video, or even to appeal to the opposite sex when watching the video.

The style tends to be based on black with a little colour. In the outfits I’ve chosen, the colour will be silver. The silver will come across through the jewellery and gems on the top (depending on the top).

In the more relaxed and casual scenes, it’ll be best to wear everyday clothes to match the surrounding area. But even though it’s going to be a casual scene, the female still has to look appealing, that mean either through her actions or what she’s wear (style or colour). In these shots the female isn’t doing a lot of moving, so by using a red top, this applies to being a sex object as a female.

Page 5: Costumes - Male & Female

Male Rapper – performance, narrative and stage outfits

Page 6: Costumes - Male & Female

This is the bedroom outfit, it represents being relaxed, chilled and completely comfortable.

This will be the busking outfit. We chose this because the snapback represents rappers, the gray jumper makes him seem more fuller on top and tones down the colour being used, plus the dark jeans are to look casual but stylish at the say time whilst blending in with the crowd to seem like a normal person but wants to know get noticed.

This is the stage outfit that will be worn when her performs in front of a crowd. We haven’t decided on either a black top that makes him look rough or a white top that shows off his figure more. The jeans are to represent to the crowd of fans that are more than likely wearing jeans and the snapback represents the rap music.