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Date post:14-Jan-2015
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Michelle Metzger of Waggener Edstrom presentations from "Thriving and Surviving in Uncertain Times: Digital Marketing Techniques for Non-Profits" in Dallas, TX
  • 1. The Evolving Influence Model Building Community in the Digital Age Thriving and Surviving in Uncertain Times: Practical Digital Marketing Techniques for Nonprofits April 17, 2009

2. The United Nations Stands Up Against Poverty 3. United Nations: Stand Up, Speak OutWE CASE STUDY: NEED The United Nations (UN) engaged Waggener Edstrom Worldwide (WE) to provide global digital strategy, social media counsel and public relations consultancy in support of the UN Millennium Campaign's "Stand Up and Speak Out" event on October 16-17, 2007. The UN needed to create awareness and generate interestfor an event designed to highlight and reinforce the pledge made by governments from 189 countries to the Millennium Development Goals, specifically to work toward the eradication of poverty worldwide by 2015. APPROACH Global scope demanded an innovative approach to unifyingaudiences across the world via their individual Internet engagement points. Given the variety of mediums and 30-day timeline, WE drafted an integrated communications plan, vested in top social media opportunities, that was strategically and quickly executed. 4. Approach

  • Generate awareness about the 2015 Millenium Development Goals
  • Build online community, direct people
  • to register at the campaign Web site.
  • http://www.standagainstpoverty.org
  • Break the Guinness World Record for largest single online advocacy event

5. Approach

    • Search Engine Optimization & Keyword Placement Counsel
    • Blogger Engagement
    • Digital Press Releases
    • Online Video
    • Social Network Coordination & Promotion
    • WE Global Agency Resource Involvement

6. SEO: Google Ads Stand Up Against Poverty Stand Up and end extreme poverty. www.StandAgainstPoverty.org 7. Blogger Engagement 8. Digital Press Releases 9. Online Video: YouTube 10. Online Video: Ustream.TV 11. Social Media: Twitter 12. Social Media: Twitter 13. Social Media: LinkedIn 14. WE Stood Up! San Francisco, CA Seattle, WA New York, NY Portland, OR Austin, TX 15. Video Case Study: UN Stand Up, Speak Out 16. The United Nations Stands Up Against PovertyWE CASE STUDY:

  • Within30days WE
  • Targeted more than343influentials via three digital press releases
  • Incorporated aggressive SEO that increased impressions and clicks by20%
  • Conducted blogger outreach that resulted in at least338blog posts
  • Executed a Twitter viral campaign that reached1,000followers with 25,000 network
  • Contacted850people via LinkedIn
  • Garnered more than9,500views on YouTube and UStream.TV
  • Inspired680people at14WE offices worldwide to participate in the event

17. How Do I Get Started?

    • Begin with digital in mind, weave through entire plan
    • Build community, trust those within it
    • Give up some control, some of your best content will come from others
    • Publish across platforms
    • Define the Ask
    • Measure campaign success, not just statistics
    • Dont O.D.

18. Sarah Russ Vice President and General Manager Austin Waggener Edstrom Worldwide 1 512 527 7019[email_address]

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